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08 Nov, 2021
these panties are super comfortable and fit great! read more »

shade tent

14 Jul, 2021
this is great!  I actually got it for my dog.  so she doesn't have to sit in the hot sun when we go to lake or beach.  she likes it a lot. perfect size and travel friendly!  read more »

nail art

29 May, 2021
these are a lot of fun  easy to use! read more »


29 May, 2021
it's small and handy! read more »


21 Apr, 2021
These rings are more just for fun.  Not real silver.  They run super small.  So great pinky or ring finger rings or for kids.  They are cute and I like them even if they are sma... read more »

Laptop stand

20 Apr, 2021
This works perfect.  I have a small desk and it allows me to have my laptop screen sitting up at the same height as my other monitor.  Much easier to work now! read more »

Ankle weights

02 Apr, 2021
These ankle weights are comfortable and made out of good durable material.  Easy to use! read more »

Wireless adapter

26 Mar, 2021
I might not understand how to use this, so I cannot give an accurate review for this product.  Still learning to use it   read more »

Foot peel

26 Mar, 2021
These are kind of fun and work fairly well.   read more »


13 Mar, 2021
My kids absolutely love these! read more »

Stretch belt

13 Mar, 2021
These are easy to use.  Comfortable and great to make those slightly baggy jeans fit better read more »

Toy Car

13 Mar, 2021
This car is fun! It charged real fast and is a blast to use and the animals like to chase it around! Quite entertaining! read more »

Spray deodorant

20 Feb, 2021
Have only used it 3 times.  The spray bottle sprays fine and it's not a super strong scent.  Seems to work pretty well! read more »

Pimple Patches

17 Feb, 2021
I didn't realize there was 3 pks in one package! Excited! These work great! Glad I got them! read more »

Belly Band

09 Jan, 2021
This is a gift for a friend who is pregnant.  read more »

Point remover

03 Jan, 2021
Although it does what it is supposed to do... it is a little large and bulky.  read more »

Pet Brush

03 Jan, 2021
This brush works well with a hairy breed pet. Not so well for my cat or dog.  I ended up giving it to my sister who has a Husky.  It works great! And she loves the fact you push the button a... read more »

Eat buds

19 Dec, 2020
Look like airpods. Small and shape like them.  Not sure how long they last on a charge.  Haven't let them die.  Good deal.  read more »

Eat buds

19 Dec, 2020
These work great.  Good price. Pretty good sound.  read more »

So handy

19 Dec, 2020
Love this little drill.  Helps so much to get my nails formed and those tricky areas.  read more »


19 Dec, 2020
I have to wait to see how they work.  But they appear to be good quality. Hope my son likes them.  read more »

Love these

19 Dec, 2020
They are great! Very durable.  I love the handy little oven mitts! Everything is the quality I hoped it would be.  read more »


19 Dec, 2020
Received them pretty fast.  They were partly charged.  I tried them out and they paired easily with my phone.  The side quality is better than I expected.  Good deal for the price&... read more »


26 Nov, 2020
Still have not received them read more »


23 Nov, 2020
This is a great bracelet.  Exactly as shown.  Received it fast and in nice packaging.  read more »


07 Nov, 2020
This is a gift.  It was delivered fast,  and from outward appearance looks just as described. Can pay results when gift is opened,  but it seems like a basic just for fun toy  &... read more »

Heel Cushions

05 Nov, 2020
Received these three other day.  Not a day to soon. Started a job where I'm on my feet a lot. Had some pain in my heel.  This cushion helps and feels a bit better.  Hope it is durab... read more »

LED clock

04 Nov, 2020
This is the coolest clock! It tells time in military time or regular time,  tells the date,  temperature and has an alarm clock setting! It comes with a remote as well! Love my new clock!! read more »


01 Nov, 2020
This is a very handy device.  Heloed me transfer lots of photos from my phone!   read more »

Resistance bands

25 Oct, 2020
Great variety and very sturdy.  They are easier to use than the flat bands.  These are resistant tubing.  So far so good.  read more »


25 Oct, 2020
I wish this extended taller, however it is good and sturdy and perfect for my phone.  I haven't tried it with my go pro yet.  read more »

Magnetic lashes

17 Oct, 2020
There are 3 different types of pages.   There is 2 liquid eyeliners.  They work great! I love them! read more »

Ring light

09 Oct, 2020
It was for my daughter who loves doing videos and random photos.  She loves it and says it works well. It has an adjustable range of height that is super handy!  read more »

Hemp cream, pain relief

25 Sep, 2020
this doesn't smell as great as the typical Hemp lotions I normally get.  But it does smell alright.  It's not too great/ouly either.  I put some in my arm that was sore,  a... read more »

Nail stickers

25 Sep, 2020
the product arrived in a short time.  The sticker/ decals are all very cute.  So far they are pretty easy to put on! I like them a lot!  read more »


13 Apr, 2020
Omg! This I'd my new favorite handy tool! I have used it for 3 different projects already.  Perfect size.  The hammer is good, not to bulky fit jobs that a big hammer would make harder t... read more »

Precision set

13 Apr, 2020
Didn't pay attention that it was for phone stuff.  But it I'd magnetic and has a variety of attachments that look like they would be definitely helpful in fixing a phone.  I wish... read more »

Telescope straw

12 Apr, 2020
These are awesome.  They come with a cleaner for them, sturdy too and portable for your keychain. Great buy! Been using mine since the day I got em!! read more »

Cute and fun

01 Feb, 2020
These are cute and help with keeping charging cord protected when connected to phone. The only issue is, they definitely should be used for iPhone cables. Some other charging cables might work, like s... read more »

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