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Cute but not comfy

27 Jun, 2022
I think these short run a little small. Not flattering at all im afraid.  read more »


03 Jan, 2022
came in handy for my holiday treats read more »


03 Jan, 2022
i love it read more »


20 Jul, 2021
It is contact paper, wasn't sure.  But I like the tile and it's blue and white.  Very nice. Can't wait to put it on. read more »


20 Jul, 2021
I bought this item for my grandfurbaby LULU.  She really liked it.  Now she can go shopping with her momma.  She's so cute!! read more »

Not sure

20 Jul, 2021
I'm not sure about this.  Kinda flimsy. The outlet part doesn't hold the plug in place.  Really thinking of sending it back.  Not pleased with it. Sorry. read more »

Door stopper

20 Jul, 2021
Now this is cool.  It small enough where you can't see it's there.  Just the right size to cover the little hole I made. read more »

perfect fit!

20 Jul, 2021
Really like this trash can.  it's out of the way, small, compact, easy to use.  It's perfect. TY for opportunity to make the purchase. read more »


10 Jul, 2021
great for Candy apply making, barbecue sticks fruit kebobs and much much more uses. read more »


10 Jul, 2021
This donut puzzle is fun to put together.  A little challenging at times but overall fun for the family. read more »


10 Jul, 2021
This is awesome. perfect for my cookie decorating. works well.  easy to use, easy to clean. read more »


10 Jul, 2021
I like this stencils for sign paining and scrapbooking. easy to use, easy to clean.  Love the different sizes. read more »

It's ok

10 Jul, 2021
I'm not really liking this cell phone stand. It doesn't work with my tablet.  And I don't really need it for my cell phone.  Not that please.  Might just send it back. Sorry... read more »

So Pretty

10 Jul, 2021
These seamless underwear no show bikini briefs are really nice and soft.  I really like the way the feel on my bum. read more »


10 Jul, 2021
Like the 2 colors. and the self adhesive stickiness is a plus.   read more »


10 Jul, 2021
Like this color,  read more »


10 Jul, 2021
I have ordered several of these and I really like them.  They don't leak most of the time.  and the icing tips are a bonues.  read more »

Love this

10 Jul, 2021
I really love that I can make my own popsicles or cakesicles. Very unique item. Easy to use. Easy to clean.     read more »

it does it

29 Jun, 2021
I like the vaccination card holder. Was able to put my card in with ease.  The only thing was I had to snip off the top so that it fits in my wallet.  Other than that it works like a charm. read more »

Let's go fly a kite

27 Jun, 2021
Came with 2 kites and the string and tail.  Good for big and little kis, easy to fly.  Great to bond with my son. read more »

Love em

26 Jun, 2021
I love how wide the brushes are.  They work very well with what I needed them for.  Thank you for the opportunity to make the purchase.. read more »

Not happy

26 Jun, 2021
I use this piping bags for the last two days. Like every other bag has a hole in it.  The icing is either gushing out of the coupler area or the bag has a tear near the bottom.  I don't... read more »

It's good

26 Jun, 2021
The stencil templates have 3 sizes but still bigger than for what I was going to use them.  But it will work well when I have a bigger project to use them.  read more »

My niece says, I like your blanky!

19 Jun, 2021
This blanket is so soft. I'm really glad I bought it.  My niece is gonna love it. It is so soft just like her.  She's 3 years old.  Thank you for the opportunity for the purchas... read more »

Cute and convenient

16 Jun, 2021
Love these little boxes. Big enough for sample cookies. Perfect!!! read more »


16 Jun, 2021
These little boxes are really cute. It's easy and convenient to assemble.   read more »

It works.

16 Jun, 2021
Thank you for the opportunity to purchase this item. Love that it doesn't have a smell. It really works for these little critters to attach themselves to. I liked it so much, I had to share with o... read more »

I canceled my order at this time.

16 Jun, 2021
I canceled the order for now. Nsf. My apologies.  read more »


14 Jun, 2021
This item was a gift for some little girls that love to color and play. Now they get to use their imagination and make this castle into their very own creation. Thank you for the opportunity to make t... read more »

OMG the best think ever

13 Jun, 2021
I really like the combo.  it took some getting use to by the cat.  But I think she has the hang of it now.  No more drinking from Doggie bowl. Thank you so much for the opportunity to b... read more »

It was what I wanted

05 Jun, 2021
It was what I wanted but then I can't get it off to retill.  Not pleased with this item. Sorry read more »

4 gallon trash bags

05 Jun, 2021
They are ok. I don't fill all the way and when I went to tied the drawstring together it tore.  I'm not that pleased with them.  I wouldn't order them again. Sorry/ read more »


05 Jun, 2021
I cancelled this order read more »

This works

05 Jun, 2021
I like that you can write on them.  They work well with what I needed them for.  At first I wasn't sure but they are great . read more »

Very nice

05 Jun, 2021
Love the look.  I really like Kraft paper boxes and paper.  Perfect size for what I needed them for.   read more »

Cutest Sprinkler ever

05 Jun, 2021
This is the cutest sprinkler ever.  It does what it's suppose to do. read more »


11 May, 2021
Came in yesterday.  Thank you. They are very handy. Will put them to good use. Sturdy,  will hold at least a dozen cookies. read more »

Rolling rolling rolling

09 May, 2021
This little cart is the coolest. This is my 2nd cart. I really like this one. It's bigger and has a handle. 2 ???? up!!! read more »

Sprinkle Sprinkle

05 May, 2021
This is a fun way to water the plants. Which is why I bought it.  To give my mom a little laugh.  Works really well,  Thank you for the opportunity to make this purchase. read more »

running shorts

15 Apr, 2021
Just received item yesterday, have not had the chance of trying them out. But thank you for the opportunity to make the purchase. read more »

it flys

15 Apr, 2021
This is the coolest toy we've gotten in a long while.  It was fun to play with. Really enjoyed time spent with my 25 year old son. read more »

Love my bins

09 Apr, 2021
Keeps the refrigerator, freezer, countertops, kitchen cabinet or pantry neatly organized with these freezer organizer bin. They are just the right size to fit on the shelf and especially sturdy.... read more »

Cleaning dish cloths

09 Apr, 2021
Just opened the package.  I really like them. Cleans counters  read more »

Rolling rolling rolling

25 Mar, 2021
Love this rolling pin. It's stainless steel so it doesn't stick to the dough. Its perfect for adjusting the thickness. I'd recommend this product.   read more »

Meat thermometer

24 Mar, 2021
It does what it says it does. It's great. Been wanting this for awhile.  Thank for the opportunity to make this purchase.  read more »

Plus size V neck top

06 Mar, 2021
Really love my top.  It's very soft and comfy.  Just LOVE it!! read more »


01 Feb, 2021
I have taken Cinnamon Supplements before. But I really like this one.  Helps keep my blood sugar in check.   read more »

Its the BOMB

01 Feb, 2021
Liked the size and it was easy to use.  Love it.!! read more »


08 Nov, 2020
They work great. What a difference from wearing behind the ears. read more »

they work

08 Nov, 2020
just recieved them but they work great.  I like the feel. look forward to using them soon. read more »

Ice Ice Baby

21 Oct, 2020
Just received them.  I love the different shapes.  This will definitely work for me.  Thank you read more »

Chin Strap

15 Oct, 2020
Just received it.  Have been wearing it at night.  Well see what I look like in a few weeks.. read more »

Colored Pencil Set

15 Oct, 2020
Received them yesterday.  They are a fantastic set of colored pencil.  Smooth drawing. read more »

Proofing Basket

15 Oct, 2020
Hi just received the basket set.  I can't wait to make Sourdough and Artisan Breads.  So looking forward to it. Thank you so much for the opportunity to make this purchase. I'v... read more »

Wynnie likes!!

12 Oct, 2020
She really enjoyed playing with it. But the darn think wouldn't stay up.  The suction didn't work very well on the floor.  Best thing is to have a standard bottom without the suction... read more »


02 Oct, 2020
They look good.  Can't wait to use them. read more »


28 Sep, 2020
I still haven't received this item.  So not really much to say about it at this time. read more »

Easy to use

28 Sep, 2020
Much better than regular flossing.  Easy to use.  And you get so many.   read more »

I got this

28 Sep, 2020
I'm so glad they came.  I really like this charging cord.  It charges really fast.   read more »

Just what I wanted

28 Sep, 2020
It's perfect.  It's small yet holds all my things I need at an instants.  Great bag to carr. read more »


22 Sep, 2020
Im sorry but I cancelled the item before shipperd by amazon read more »

very pleased

21 Sep, 2020
Works great.  You can see the difference.  Love it. read more »

Weight Loss---Boom Chacalala

21 Sep, 2020
Love how you see the difference.  Love this product.  Would definitely purchase again. read more »

Sun Shade

15 Sep, 2020
I'm sorry not that crazy about it.  It doesn't fit my windshield.  It's too big. I'll have to gift it away. read more »

Cat Bowls

15 Sep, 2020
It took some getting use but now she has the hang of it.   Thank you for the opportunity to make the purchase.   Much appreciated. read more »

Hair Straightener Brush for men

15 Sep, 2020
I gave my boyfriend as a gift and he is really enjoying it.  He uses it for his beard.  What a difference it makes.   Thank you so much for the opportunity to make this purchase.... read more »

strainers are good

28 Aug, 2020
They are ok, the suction cup doesn't stay in place. but It still works. read more »

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