Freesooth Car Garbage Can,Waterproof Car Trash Can with Flip Open Lid and Storage Pockets Collapsible Car Garbage Bag
Price: $18.99
4.91 / 5   (35 Reviews)


great for storage

10 Aug, 2022
this is an awesome product to have in your car. I dont use it as garbage bag. I use it as storage for water bottles because it keeps the bottle cool. read more »

Car garage can

08 Apr, 2022
What can I say every car needs one or two especially if u have kids works great but I do need another one.. read more »


06 Nov, 2021
Freesooth Car Garbage Can,Waterproof Car Trash Can with Flip Open Lid and Storage Pockets Collapsible Car Garbage Bag . #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored   Everone needs one of these in thi... read more »

Perfect for Car

02 Oct, 2021
Great product, Great quality. Perfect for collecting trash in cars. This product works just as advertised. Would definitely buy again. This is a nice looking trash collector and is definitely recommen... read more »

Excellent quality.

20 Aug, 2021
love the material, strong. love the zipper, make it easy to put trash bags on and off. read more »

Just what I needed

18 Aug, 2021
My daughter used to just throw all her trash anywhere and everywhere inside my car on the ground on the seat and in seat pockets. So now that I have this it's easier for her to throw all... read more »

Super handful

08 Aug, 2021
This is good for my family, have alot of kids and everytime we travel they always make a big mess on the car, but this time no more messy car coz this car garbage can is the one that I need. It doesn&... read more »

Great quality

02 Aug, 2021
Awesome quality and very nice design, my kids love to use it! read more »

Great trash can for your car!

25 Jul, 2021
This is a great trash can for your car! It has enough room to put as much ass needed before emptying it. read more »

perfect fit!

20 Jul, 2021
Really like this trash can.  it's out of the way, small, compact, easy to use.  It's perfect. TY for opportunity to make the purchase. read more »

It’s alright.

19 Jul, 2021
The container itself is nice, well built. The only issue I have with it is that it doesn’t hold ice long because the top is basically wide open, it does have a little thing you can put on top of... read more »

Finally a clean car

18 Jul, 2021
The problem with more vehicle garbage cans is that they're gimmicky and spill easily.  Thats not the case with this ingenious rubbish bin - the opening is tight and keeps the trash from falli... read more »

loved it

18 Jul, 2021
This car trash can is the best one I ever had. We attach it in the back of the console and let the trash can be in the back. Anyone can reach it from the front or the back. Awesome find. read more »


14 Jul, 2021
Looks neat read more »

Just what I needed

14 Jul, 2021
I got tired of the kids throwing their wrappers on the floor of my car. This solved that problem.  I can't imagine not having it now!     #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #... read more »


10 Jul, 2021
Great quality.  Tightens to fit on seat. Decent size. read more »

Car Happiness!

10 Jul, 2021
Perfect to help keep car clean plus hang's on the seat so neat and up out of the way lol. read more »

Just what I was looking for!

07 Jul, 2021
Needed a trash can for the car to give an easy place to put scraps and drink bottles etc.  This is perfect-- waterproof inside with a lid you can leave fully open, or flip forward so there is jus... read more »

I absolutely LOVE THIS!

06 Jul, 2021
My kids  now keep my car trash free and I don’t have to gripe about cleaning up after themselves. I’m in love!  read more »

Super awesome

06 Jul, 2021
So I used this as a cooler today as it was 96 degrees out today. I place a small plastic bag in it put my a couple sodas and water on it. Omgosh it worked great. I was able to grab out thru the hole w... read more »


04 Jul, 2021
Got it for my mom's car. Works great. read more »

How awesome is this!!!

26 Jun, 2021
I was using a regular small 3 gallon trash can in the back floor board of my car but it keeps tumping over everytime I turn my car or a kid kicks it over. All the trash would fall out. The old trash c... read more »

5 star

23 Jun, 2021
Sturdy, well sewn, the lid has a big hole that can easily fit a water bottle, the material is tick and it's pretty big in size. I hang it behind the passenger seat so I can easily reach it even wh... read more »

Keepn it Clean

21 Jun, 2021
I love this thing, way more durable than other products that I've tried. I love that it has the side pockets to kind of help keep everything organized. Def. would buy this again. read more »

keeps my van tidy

11 Jun, 2021
This trash can helps to keep my vehicle tidy. My daughter has allergies and this gives her somewhere to dispose of her used tissues and keep them from ending up all over the floor. It is easy to clean... read more »

Worth every penny

11 Jun, 2021
I wish that I could know about this product before. It helps to keep the car clean and so much easy to use. read more »

Perfect for Summer Travel

02 Jun, 2021
This car garbage can is perfect for summer travel.  It comes with storage pockets and has a flip open top for containment.  It fits nicely in the car and doesn't take up a lot of room.&n... read more »

perfect for all my vehicles

02 Jun, 2021
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Freesooth Car Garbage Can This Waterproof trash can is just the right size for any vehicle. It has pockets on the outside for essential items while having a... read more »


01 Jun, 2021
I like it but you can't put a bag in it sadly but it's pretty easy to whip clean. The inside is like a cooler read more »

Great Litter Bag for Vehicle

01 Jun, 2021
This is a 2 gallon litter bag for your vehicle. It is made of durable Oxford cloth and is lined with a waterproof liner. The dimensions are 8.5 x 5.5 x 11.5 inches. The top zips on. It has mesh pocket... read more »

I love this bag!

29 May, 2021
So I am always in need of a garbage bag in my car, the floor boards look like a dump. This waterproof car garbage bag cannot flip over, dump out or tear appart! I love it! It  hooks onto the back... read more »

Nice and sturdy

28 May, 2021
Large than my old one. Zipper to close the top flap and it Velcro's behind it to stay open. The top hole has a cord in it to stay small but expand when needed. Secures nice to the headrest of my v... read more »


22 Nov, 2018
I love this thing i got 2 of them. one for my car and one for my moms. they are very sturdy and very [email protected]! i would highly recommend to buy! read more »

pretty nice garbage can for small areas

20 Nov, 2018
Pretty nice garbage can for small areas and in the car. It doesn't tip over easily and is much better than a common plastic bag. read more »

Freesooth Car Garbage Can

15 Nov, 2018
I got this garbage can for my sister-in-law.  It's a big  thing in our families that no one litters and unless you want your car to look like a trash can, you have to have a trash can in... read more »

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