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Aug, 2017

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18 Aug, 2021
Make moving my mouse around easily after my desk took some beating. Came fast and unfold without any problems.  read more »

Not Pleased

18 Aug, 2021
Mainly upset because I have to fork out more money to buy glue to put the back (that comes in the order) on the charms. So, can't even be used until I get glue, and that if Iget glue. May end up j... read more »


04 Jul, 2021
Got it for my mom's car. Works great. read more »


19 Jun, 2021
great to make mold in.  read more »


31 May, 2021
Use each bag to pack personal stuff. Makes my pocketbook so much neater.  read more »

Life Saver

29 May, 2021
Saw a friend have these and asked where she got it and just ordered. These are great and save up so much space and make the area nice. Love the USB sockets. The wireless top is a nice design but not g... read more »


28 May, 2021
Got so my class can have something fun to do on their last day of school. Look at the package and got everything pictures and everything look so cute.  read more »


05 Sep, 2019
These stickers are really beautiful. They are sticky, so they stick well to the surface applied to. There are alot to choose from. I like that they is a sticky for pretty much everything I do, so I lo... read more »

Great Product.

01 Sep, 2019
Even though its advertise towards kids, I order for myself so I can have a more secured lunch box for work. My new job only gives us 30 minutes lunch break, so bringing my own food is the best solutio... read more »


29 Aug, 2019
Really does what it is design to do. Really help with my breathing after only after a short time using it. Love that its light weight and small, so I travel with most places I go and can place it in m... read more »


20 Aug, 2019
Does exactly what it is suppose to do. Love that its portable so I can take it to work or out with friends when I want to drink. Light weight and very easy to clean. Just hope they design these to be... read more »

Didn't Work

13 Aug, 2019
Sent back because th buckle didn't stay clamp together. Sadly was hoping this would work to use when I travel and for my office. read more »

Love It.

30 Jul, 2019
Will be using it for college to hold my homework or printout from teacher. Folder came as shown, so very beautiful. I love the design. Love all the pockets, so definitely see myself being able to use... read more »

So easy to set up!

16 Jul, 2019
I have a Siberian Husky, she will forever shed. This helps so much from fur flying everywhere. It's so easy to set up in the SUV too!. Easy to clean as well read more »


15 Jul, 2019
These are great and does what it was design to do. Adhensive sticker are strong. Still holder well with my removing a replacing of my codes on my wall and on my bedside table I use to charge my iPhone... read more »

It's so cute!!

12 Jul, 2019
Gave this for my friends baby shower!! She loved it. Its bigger than I thought but it's a really cute when hunged up.  read more »

Had To Cancel

30 Jun, 2019
Sadly had to cancel order, device will not fit my watch. Can't really give an honest opinon.  read more »

Didnt Get

21 Jun, 2019
The delivery company never delivery to my house. Left it in lobby and someone took it. Got a refund. So don't know how the item would work. But due to bad decision on who they ship with, I am not... read more »

So very convenient!!

19 Jun, 2019
I can bring this on long walks! My husky Mya gets very thirsty in the summer so this helped her out and after a long walk I keep treats in the other one. I reccomend this product to all dog owners! read more »

Love These.

16 Jun, 2019
These work great and or a life saver. Now after work I can neatly hand up my bags and little sweater/jacket I wore to work. Easy to install and is sturdy. I still have to find where I will be placing... read more »

Love It.

13 Jun, 2019
This little device provide so much extra space and offer more charging outlet. I love the side bar because I can store extra wires. This device offers an easily solution for me for quickly charging my... read more »

Nephew Loves It!!!!

14 Apr, 2019
Got it for my nephew so he can stop taking my cell phone and adding his kids music on it. It work as describe. Easy to set up and operate for a 4 year old old. Like that it has a huge storage space, s... read more »

Love It.

08 Apr, 2019
The device as describe. The headset soung great.Loud and great base, two important things I look for in a headset.  read more »


08 Apr, 2019
The device as describe. Charges my Switch fast. Also portable, so I can charge when on the go. read more »

LOVE These

02 Apr, 2019
My second pack and they great like my first pack. Love the design and love how smooth the pen writes.  read more »

Love It.

30 Mar, 2019
Gave the clandar to my mom for her fridge. I kept the marker (lol) since i already have a white board. Marker are bright and write well. Love that they are fine print so I can write alot on my board.... read more »

Dont Know

25 Oct, 2018
Never recieved the item. read more »


25 Oct, 2018
Work greats. Easy to install and operate, Design well and durable.  read more »


20 May, 2018
Love it, Goes with alot of my clothes. Fits perfectly. Super soft and comfortable. Hope they make them in more colors. Could use a white one as well.  read more »


10 May, 2018
Performs perfectly. All sockets works. Product is a space saver.  read more »


12 Mar, 2018
These are not lighing speed at all. Takes 2 hours max to fully charge my phone 6s Plus and longer to charge an Ipad.  Also doesn't sync to my laptop.  read more »

Okay, But Not The Best

12 Mar, 2018
Maybe a defect or not. But this is not strong enough to hold an Ipad as picture show. I have it tighten to the max, and it still falls down. My Ipad even fell out of it. Thankfully I have a screen pro... read more »


06 Mar, 2018
These are great. Get alot in one buy, still don't know what I am gonna do with the rest (lol). But came as shown is photos. The pocket are very durable. It holds alot of papers in one folder. I te... read more »

A Big Miss

27 Jan, 2018
Sadly this doesn't work with my Iphone 6s plus.Tried many times and still no luck getting it to connect with my cell.  read more »


07 Jan, 2018
Stars speaks for themselves. These does what they are design to do. Purpose was to free up my laptop USB slots, so I purchase these. Love that each have two USB slots and that you get two chargers, so... read more »


09 Dec, 2017
Always wanted one of these, since I saw  them. Finally have one now. Came fast and as shown. Super soft and comfortable. I use it when I am laying back in my recliner, watching tv shows on my PS4... read more »

Its Okay

30 Nov, 2017
Really was hoping to enjoy this, but ended up getting very frustrated. Turning this thing on is a pain in the butt and will make you very frustrated. I find myself wrestlying with it for 5 minutes bef... read more »

Wish These Could Have Worked!

11 Nov, 2017
Sadly this was a hit and miss. A hit, because these are the designs I like in my sweatpants. They are keep you very warm. A miss because a size Large was small, even though I sized up from my no... read more »

Lovely Case

08 Nov, 2017
Beautiful and lovely case. Fits my Iphone 6S Plus perfectly. The color is vibrant and beautiful. Easy to put on and take off. Hoping to see more colors from the company.  read more »


17 Oct, 2017
Just recieved the bottle today and fell in love instantly. Came as shown. Beautiful design. Kept my drink cool the whole day. Was asked where it can be purcahse. Happy it didnt have a weird upon openi... read more »

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