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Decent for the price

20 Jan, 2023
The camera was super easy to set up and you can navigate with ease. Picture quality is just OK, however the night vision is terrible. Debating on whether to send back or not.    read more »

Great for holidays

15 Nov, 2022
This paper is great, it's thick and doesn't rip easily and large enough that I can wrap a long sleeve shirt in it.  read more »

super fast charge

06 Oct, 2022
I love this block. charges my phone in less than hour on a dead battery. read more »

Pretty cool

26 Jul, 2022
These are pretty cool. I like that they are reusable and you dont have to pick up the mess behind a water balloon fight. So far so good. read more »

Does the job

16 May, 2022
This is waterproof and you're able to fit ALOT in it. It's not quite as structured as the pictures indicate, but install is easy.  read more »

Charges so fast

17 Feb, 2022
This charges our cell phones so fast it's incredible. full charge from dead battery in about 15minm   read more »


26 Jan, 2022
The concept of this is great, I think my 4month old might be a little young to take full advantage of what this product has to offer. She will appreciate it more when she has a better grip I'm sur... read more »


18 Jan, 2022
The concept is a good idea. They were pretty but didnt last long. read more »

Outdoor lights

15 Sep, 2021
Love these outdoor lights. They are made sturdier than the previous ones I've bought and the rain doesn't seem to affect them at all. Lights up surrounding area just the right amount. read more »


08 Sep, 2021
This is exactly what I needed. The dog uses it now problem and makes cleanup so much easier. I love that I can wash them and reuse to I'm not spending tons of money on replaceable pads.  read more »


30 Aug, 2021
This was a great buy. I was able to use this weekend. It blew up all my inflatables. The best part was I was able to pack my vehicle full of the kids and not have to worry about having everything alre... read more »

Dont know how I've been living without

17 Aug, 2021
5 stars hands down!!!! My husband hates clutter and this device has removed so many extra items and consolidated all our needs into one device. We dont have to worry about extension cords, charging bo... read more »

So useful

23 Jun, 2021
I love this charger, I was able to get rid of that long extension outlet that is ugly and ALWAYS in the way. This is way better, I'm able to charge all my electronics in one convenient location. L... read more »

Keepn it Clean

21 Jun, 2021
I love this thing, way more durable than other products that I've tried. I love that it has the side pockets to kind of help keep everything organized. Def. would buy this again. read more »

Water Fun

17 Jun, 2021
Opened up the package and everthing seems to be in good shape. Taking to the beach this weekend to try it out. Comes in a nice foldable package for easy transport. read more »


17 Jun, 2021
These SUPER SOAKERS are exactly as described. I had so much fun with the family! We will def. be buying more! read more »

Water Fun

17 Jun, 2021
These SUPER SOAKERS are exactly as described. I had so much fun with the family! We will def. be buying more! read more »

Fun in the sun

11 Jun, 2021
My son is having a blast with this thing. Fills up quickly and contains enough water that he's able to play just long enough before having to refill. read more »

Great gift

11 Jun, 2021
I bought this as a gift, but so far they have no complaints. Sound and recording quality are good. read more »

Fun Fun Fun

11 Jun, 2021
My family just loves these things. The only suggestion I would make is be very careful when unwrapping as the paper is very thin and can tear easliy. read more »

great buy

11 Jun, 2021
MY SON LOVES THESE! This was such a fun activity to do. Everything worked just as described, will be buying more. read more »


11 Jun, 2021
This is exactly what I needed. The sound quality and recording playback sound great. A good buy! read more »

Pretty Cool

07 Jun, 2021
I got this bc I wanted to be able to take close up pictures of my daughter's softball games and I sit far away. I'm able to do that with this device. It's not too big so I can put in my ba... read more »


19 May, 2021
WOW, these things are way better than the ones I've bought from other retailers, the light is bright enough that I can see everywhere I'm walking. Def. would buy this agian. read more »

Great buy

11 May, 2021
This thing works great, I love how I can keep my doors open on those nice breezy days without worrying about all the bugs consuming my house. Love the magnet feature, I'm able to walk thru and it... read more »

So adorable

23 Apr, 2021
I love these masks. They are light so you can breathe easily and the designs are so cute. Def. a good buy. read more »

Pet Perfect

25 Jan, 2021
This playpen works great for my little 4lb puppy. Easy to pop up and fold back down when we're not using it. Def. great for smaller dogs. read more »

Neat gadget

23 Nov, 2020
Just received over the weekend. Cool little gadget. Keeps my daughter focused. She's a softball pitcher and we got this to help with her wrist flicks.  read more »

Crystal Clear

26 Oct, 2020
Picture quality is great. Easy set up read more »

Super bright

26 Oct, 2020
My daughter loves this! Her favorite feature is that they are able to dim and even the highest setting is super bright,. read more »

Great camera

26 Oct, 2020
So far so good. Quality is clear and was easy to set up. read more »

Product doesn't work

24 Sep, 2020
Tried everything to get this product to work. You plug it in and there is supposed to be a charging indicator light. Nothing. Returning. read more »


09 Sep, 2020
These are the cutest little trolls. They were actually a gift for an adult and they just love them read more »

Great lights

09 Sep, 2020
My daughter absolutely loves these lights. Has them around the border of her bedroom wall. So much fun! read more »


24 Aug, 2020
This is going to be perfect to keep out the pesky bugs. The magnet is strong and closes the opening as soon as you walk thru.  read more »


20 Jul, 2020
This little portable inflator is awesome!!! It may be small, but totally works just as good as my large air pump. read more »

So great for the family

15 Jun, 2020
These were easy to assemble and the entire family enjoyed playing with these. It's great for kids with no siblings to keep them occupied.  read more »


25 Feb, 2020
OMG, I'm so excited about this purchase. I can't wait until it comes in. I plan on giving a thorough review about this blanket I've been dying to acquire!!! More to come.... read more »

Looks great

11 Feb, 2020
Looks great, good material. I haven't had the occasion to wear it yet. Once I do, I'll update with another review. read more »


03 Feb, 2020
I just received my glass bottle. It's smaller than I expected, but still super cute. It does glow in the dark. It gets the job. done.  read more »

Keeps me warm

20 Jan, 2020
I bought this for my daughers softball games. So far it works great. Keeps my hands warm and charges my phone when its close to dying.  read more »


20 Jan, 2020
Love this power bank. Charged up pretty fast and charged my cell phone from 0% to 80% in less than 30minutes.  read more »

Great camera

20 Jan, 2020
This camera was easy to set up. I love it! It shows how much battery life is left on the app. Night vision is clear. Motion sensor isn't obnoxious and doesn't go off for every little thing. Th... read more »

Wont work right

08 Jan, 2020
We installed the light and the light bulb works, but we can't get it to fit onto the main part of the house. The cover won't fit correctly. Not sure if it's my house or the design of the p... read more »

Great for games

08 Jan, 2020
Love these bags. They are just the right size to fit my cell phone, money, lip gloss and any other items I may want to take to the stadium.  read more »

extra space

04 Nov, 2019
This is awesome if you need extra space and I love that you can take them apart. read more »


04 Nov, 2019
My daughter loves these. She's a teenager and hormones are raging so her acne has gotten worse, but as soon as she see's a zit coming on she applies one of these patches and it helps diminish... read more »

Holiday Cheer

04 Nov, 2019
These are perfect to show your holiday spirit. Very eye catching. read more »

Kinda weird

17 Oct, 2019
The wedge makes me feel like I"m falling out of my chair, but if I put my feet on my footrest I do get relief in my lower back and dont feel like I"m sliding out of my chair. I think it woul... read more »

Sultry Kitty Cat

17 Oct, 2019
OMG OMG OMG OMG~I AM IN LOVE. These pieces make the perfect costume. I was looking for something that wasn't too sexy and this is perfect. The fingerless sleeves are my favorite. You could play th... read more »

So warm

11 Oct, 2019
I love this heating pad. The outside cover is this velvety softness. It heats up almost instantly and can conform to any part of your body. It's a must buy! read more »


08 Oct, 2019
This does the perfect job. It has a great grip and the expanding arms allows me to use any of my phones. Great Buy, would def. recomment over other products read more »


08 Oct, 2019
This is a great dish drying rack. It has enough space to wash 2 dinner meal loads. I wish my kitchen was bigger as I have to store it until I'm ready to use. This rack has everything you need thou... read more »

Great support

08 Oct, 2019
I've been having problems with my back and slouching over in my chair and this cushion solves all those problems. read more »

Great Look

02 Oct, 2019
I love my new kitchen mats. They worked out great. I did put some tape on the the underneath to get them to stay down while they work themselves out, but other than that I would def. buy these. The de... read more »

So cute

09 Sep, 2019
I have a 50pound Airedale and this fits him perfectly. I also have a smaller dog that this would work for as well. I like that it ties and doesn't snap like some of my other dog bandanas which all... read more »

Daughter loves

23 Aug, 2019
My daughter loves these acne patches. She's 12 and def. going through puberty and her face has really started to break out especially that she plays sports and sweats and gets dirty all the time.... read more »

Versatile Caddy

23 Aug, 2019
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this item. I actually use mine for my lotions, perfumes and other overflow stuff on my dresser. Before that I had it in my bathroom and held all of our essential items that... read more »

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