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Mar, 2017

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for over 3 years i have written reviews. these reviews are posted on social media platforms. i have a separate page called christine's review blog and more and a web blog christine's product testing and reviews. i take pictures and videos. i give specifics and details of the product after trying it. i promote sellers products while getting a discount on them. some of my favorites to review are ladies clothing, electronics, kitchen items, solar lights, gardening and landscaping, art supplies,so just about a little of everything. taking my time and learning all about the product before reviewing is a good way to give an honest opinion. #honest #detailed #promote #review
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Perfect for any occasion

20 Aug, 2020
I really like this set of 6 sizes of Cubic Zircon earrings. They came in a nice Velvet box which was nice. My ears are sensitive to earrings if they are not stainless steel. These earrings are made wi... read more »

Incredible Portable Air Purifier

06 Jan, 2020
This Queenty Desktop Air Purifier is fantastic for my use. It was easy to install and set up. It starts automatically once it's plugged in. I enjoy the nice night light and the two speed settings... read more »

Cute Fun Socks

26 Nov, 2019
I love funny socks and these are great. I'm especially a dog lover so these were perfect for me. They felt great on and fit very well. I can't wait to get another cute pair. Getting fun soc... read more »

.Great Design and Features Phone Case

02 Oct, 2019
I like the Wallet Phone Case. The color and design are really nice and the card slots inside are perfect for carrying ID or any other card. The magnetic flap is great and the fold down of the case for... read more »

Not What Expected

14 Jan, 2019
I got this jade roller because I thought it would be great to massage my face and rejuvenate my skin. I use daily moisturizers and cleansers and with this I thought it would be a perfect morning routi... read more »

Best Wallet a Man Can Ask For

01 Jan, 2019
My husband loves this wallet. Not just because it has RFID blocking he loves the compact size. The style and design are perfect along with the fact that it is genuine Italian leather. It's su... read more »

Compact Storage Organizer Pouch for Car

12 Oct, 2018
I really like this tidy storage pouch. It hangs from the air vent and is quite convenient for my use. It's very durable, well made with a nice design. It doesn't look out of pla... read more »

Nice little compact MP3/MP4 Player

20 Sep, 2018
I got this since I thought it sounded like something different small and had many functions. I am a bit disppointed since I have been having trouble with the player so I can only get the radio to play... read more »

Nice Magnetic Close Phone Wallet

18 Sep, 2018
Even though this wallet phone case is supposed to be for Huawei P20 Lite it fit my phone. I have a Galaxy phone and like having a wallet case for it. I like that I can put credit cards or ID card... read more »

Good smaller air cleaner, freshener especially for smokers

05 Sep, 2018
There is really nothing special about this smaller car air purifier other than being small. It's very lightweight and all I had to do was plug it in. The blue light shows that it's working. Th... read more »

Wonderful tea taste great

27 Aug, 2018
I love this tea. It is well known and taste wonderful without adding sugar or honey. I got the 20 tea bags and the bags are made with care so different. I let me cup of tea steep for a while and then... read more »

The best meat thermometer ever

17 Aug, 2018
I absolutely love this meat thermometer. It's great that it's digital and is made of a long and thin stainless steel point.  It's very durable and the way it's made I do... read more »

Unique and Elegant Wine Rack

11 Aug, 2018
I love the unique and elegant deign of this wine rack.  The strong, coated steel of this rack won't split, bend, or break like wood or plastic. Can  store 5 full... read more »

Wood In-Ear Headphones (Earbuds)

21 Jul, 2018
This is really a very nice headphone set it's made of high definition cherrywood. I like the excellent sound quality gives me clear and balanced audio. The multi function control has only one... read more »

Playtime for Bella

09 Jul, 2018
My dog really didn't know how to play since she was in a shelter for so long. I have been getting things for her to teach her how. The rope chew toys are a great thing for her. She is learning tha... read more »

Fantastic Eye Cream

09 Jul, 2018
I love this moisturizing eye cream. I have tried many brand named ones and really like this one even better. Makes my eye area feel so refreshed and moist. I think I will use this for a long time... read more »

Cocktail Martini Shaker

24 Jun, 2018
Product arrived damaged had to return it.   read more »

Fun Interactive Food Dispensing Ball

14 Jun, 2018
I got this ball for my dog so I could teach her how to play. I like that the ball is nontoxic and made with the thermoplastic rubber. The only problem I had was no instructions on how to get the food... read more »

Beautifully Etched Novelty Wine Glass

22 May, 2018
I can’t say enough about this Aging Grapefully wine glass. I love it and can’t wait to get more for friends and family. It’s so much better than the average screen print or laser eng... read more »

Didn't Work As Well As Expected

18 May, 2018
I really wanted to try something to keep my rugs down in our 3 season room at the back of the house. I have one mat by the door and when I placed the rug gripper on it it didn't hold for more than... read more »

Best Travel Mirror Ever

08 May, 2018
I love this little lighted travel mirror. The rose color is so pretty and the size is perfect. It's super bright for such a small mirror. It can be dimmed and is charged with the USB cord that com... read more »

Compression socks for many pain reliving symptoms

04 Apr, 2018
These are great copper compression sleeve socks with many uses. My 94 year old mother has problems with her ankles. These socks help with her circulation and reduce the swelling in her ankles. She is... read more »

No More Burgers Made by Hand

31 Mar, 2018
I really like this burger press with grill mat.  The box contains a burger mold than you can even make small patties with. I used to make my burgers by hand. Sometimes we would buy them from the... read more »

Mosaic Solar Lights add Style and Beauty

03 Feb, 2018
I really love these mosaic solar lights. The style and convenience of saving energy is perfect. I have plenty of solar lights in my yard but these are outstanding. The quality of the mosaic design and... read more »

Good for the whole family

23 Jan, 2018
We wanted these earplugs to use when on vacation. Sometimes the hotel or motel has many guests and with these we don't hear doors opening and closing. We have stayed where children were constantly... read more »

Definitely No Show

23 Jan, 2018
These are really nice confortable no show socks. The fabric is 85% cotton so they keep my feet cool and comfortable. I really like the non slip to them and the silican heel grips. The grips... read more »

Nice Pump Bottles for Soaps

19 Nov, 2017
These bottles are great for my shower gel. It's nice to just pump it out when showering instead of holding the bottle upside down. The pump bottle dispensers come in the pack of 2 which is nice. O... read more »

Perfect Fabric and Waterproof

19 Nov, 2017
Sometimes it's hard to find a good waterproof fabric shower curtain. This one is perfect for what I wanted it for. I was looking for a nice sheer shower curtain for my downstairs bathroom. There i... read more »

Wonderful Rechargeable Foot File

11 Nov, 2017
Electric Foot File Rechargeable Perfect wet & dry Callus Remover, with Extra Roller Head and Cleaning Brush,Spa Quality  ZoiyTop Direct This rechargeable foot file came in a nice box. Whe... read more »

Beautiful Embroidered Gift Bags

06 Nov, 2017
These little pretty embroidered silk brocade drawstring bags are great. I am always looking for something nice to put gift cards or small trinkets. When a friend's birthday is coming up I like to... read more »

Good Replacement Battery

05 Nov, 2017
I wanted an extra battery for my phone and thought this would be ideal. It's seems like a really good battery and even has a warranty. When I matched it up with my cell phone battery it looke... read more »

Good Massage Tool for Scalp and Body

31 Oct, 2017
This neat little set of massaging tools came in a nice see through net bag. These are great tools for massaging scalp and body. I use the tool with the small teeth in the shower. It'... read more »

Fashionable Multi Use Leather Phone Pouch

07 Oct, 2017
I really like this little red leather crossbody mini pouch for my phone. It's great to switch to either the wristlet or the crossbody strap. My phone fits in the pouch nicely and I... read more »

Wonderful Summer Dress

19 Sep, 2017
I got this summer sun dress in the leopard print. When it came I was amazed how nice it looked in person. I couldn't wait to try it on. It's a soft silky flowing material and very comfortable.... read more »

Great Camcorder

19 Sep, 2017
I always wanted a digital camera camcorder so this one is really awesome. I had to take time to read all the instructions but after that I was on my way to make movies. There are so many features on t... read more »

Nice Smooth Feet Again

17 Sep, 2017
My feet are always rough in summer and winter. I don't know which is worse. I have used many different products to file and peel away dead rough skin. I tried this foot mask since many people have... read more »

I Love My New Tripod

14 Sep, 2017
I have never had a nice tripod and now I do. This came with a lot of accesories and excellent instructions. I do many product reviews and needed something like this to hold my camera in place high eno... read more »

Better Than Average

05 Sep, 2017
I really like these breathable garment bags. I needed some for clothes in my closet. I like to organize my clothes and try to keep them dust free so I use garment bags. I would usually get see through... read more »

Simple Design Shower Curtain Hooks

15 Aug, 2017
These are really nice shower curtain hooks. They come in a nice clear package. If you are into non-flashy decorative shower hooks for your bathroom then these are it. Clear and simple but rustproof an... read more »

More Get Up and Go

11 Aug, 2017
I really like this product. I usually get very tired around mid-afternoon. I used to drink coffee or an energy drink to pep me up. Not anymore I simply take one or two of the Energy Plus pills and fee... read more »

Many Use Towel

08 Aug, 2017
Microfiber Towel in ALL Sizes / 8 Colors + Bag – Small , Lightweight and Ultra Absorbent – Microfiber Travel Towel , Beach Towel , Sport Towel , XL Yoga and Large Gym Towel https://www.... read more »

Not the Best

07 Aug, 2017
Not the best quality. Glad there were 3 since one broke after a few uses. Could have been made more sturdy and durable. The water pressure blew off the ring for spraying and then it leaked all over. read more »

Beautiful and Sturdy

30 Jul, 2017
I really thought this case cover was so awesome. Just check out the beautiful design. Fits the phone perfectly and once my phone was in there I never wanted to take it out. I love the rhinestone finis... read more »

Great Phone Case

06 Jul, 2017   read more »

Great Phone Case

06 Jul, 2017
I couldn't wait to get my Air Hybrid Case for my new phone. I had a screen protector but no case. This case is perfect and I love the color pink. It's so light weight and my phone fits perfect... read more »

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