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Fantastic oven mitts

04 Nov, 2021
This is a great set.  The silicon works well to protect you from the heat.  The three differnt shapes are convenient for grabbing different size pans and pots.  The oven mitts are... read more »

High quality cable

22 Aug, 2021
I was surprised and impressed with the quality of this digital toslink cable.  The nylon cable is sturdy and thick, unlike the thin wire cables I've used before. I also like th... read more »

Easy to use timer

03 Aug, 2021
This very simple timer does exactly what I need it to.  It can count down as a timer or up as a stopwatch. The display is large and easy to read from a distance and it is loud enough to hear... read more »

Hawkforce cordless glue gun

23 Jan, 2021
This cordless glue gun has already come in handy.  It heats up pretty quickly.  Took a bit to figure out how to turn it on and use it (the directions aren't great), but now that I f... read more »

Good lightweight rope

23 Jan, 2021
This is a good lightweight rope.  Length and width are as described in the product details, as is the color.  The color will definitely be visible and stand out.  Note that it comes wit... read more »

Warm and comfortable

23 Jan, 2021
Very comfortable neck gaiter.  Provides protection from Covid while inside and out, and also keeps me warm outside.  It can also easily be used to keep your ears warm too.  Quality... read more »

Lightning cables seem to be equivalent to original ones

21 Dec, 2020
These come as a 2-pack of lightning cables, which look and function just like the original Apple cords.  I have purchased other lightning cables off of Amazon and while those came loose in a... read more »

Cute wine rack

21 Dec, 2020
This is a cute wine stand that holds four glasses and a bottle of wine.  It comes disassembled but went together easily and quickly and came with the wrench you need to tighten everything up... read more »

Really Nice collar

17 Nov, 2020
This personlized dog collar was really very nice.  We got a red collar with white letters.  The stitching stands out and is easy to read.  The size was as advertised.. It seems like thi... read more »

Nice collar and leash but triple check the size

18 Oct, 2020
This is a nice and comfortable leash, which seems durable.  The training collar takes some getting used to.  And make sure you measure correctly.  I thought I was accurate, but the coll... read more »

Good kit

01 Oct, 2020
Needed this during the pandemic!  This kit had everything needed to supplement the hair clippers we got.  The scissors are well designed, sharp and are comfortable to use. The cape also... read more »


01 Oct, 2020
Overall I was disappointed with these earbuds.  For starters they don't stay in my ears comfortably.  They are hard.  To make it worse, every time I try to adjust them I end up hitt... read more »

Plug and play simplicity

30 Aug, 2020
The dvd drive on our computer died and this was an easy replacement.  Just plugged it into a usb port and our Windows 10 computer immediately recognized it and it worked flawlessly.  Note, h... read more »

Super convenient watch charger

20 Jul, 2020
I am very impressed with this Apple watch charger.  It is great for travel instead of taking another cord with me to get tangled.  Instead, this is compact and easy to take along.  It p... read more »

Great LED alternative to traditional bulbs

20 Jul, 2020
These small LED bulbs were a perfect fit to replace the 194 size sidelight marker bulbs in our Ford Explorer.  They work great and are a nice white light. Seem to be high quality materials and bu... read more »

Perfect Water Bottle and tools

09 Dec, 2019
This bottle is great and checked all of the boxes for what I was looking for.  Easy to carry handle?  Check.  Locking cover?  Check.  Large size?  Yup.  Spill-proof?... read more »

Great charging set

09 Dec, 2019
This is a great set, with two cords and a wall plug with two usb ports.  And it is a super value at $11. The cords are braided, reinforced at the plugs and a good legnth -- longer than the standa... read more »

Slows down eating

07 Nov, 2019
This feeder is a great little contraption that slows down our dogs eating, helps catch spills and mess, and holds a water bowl.  The nice, removable stainless water bowl is an added bonus. &... read more »

Comes with what you need to make Falafel

29 Sep, 2019
This falafel making kit comes with everything you need, including a nice stainless steel bowl, tongs and a scooper, as well as two different falafel recipes.  It also has a spoon and a bottle.&nb... read more »

Great to protect phone from water and sand

25 Aug, 2019
These waterproof pouches worked great to protect our phones from water.  We didn't try submerging the phones but they are also fantastic to keep damaging sand away from the phone while at the... read more »

Powerful Drill

15 Aug, 2019
I was pleasanly surprised with how powerful this drill is.  It easily handled the 2x4s I needed to drill.  It also was easy to dial back the torque and use it as a driver.  Th... read more »

Convenient backpack

07 Aug, 2019
This backpack is a great size for my workout clothes and to carry on a hike with our dog.  It easily holds 2 bottles of water and treats, along with my keys and wallet, with plenty more room... read more »

Great tool

06 Jul, 2019
I've been wanting a dremel for a while, but haven't wanted to pay the price.  I couldn't resist this kit with the tool and all the attachments.  It came packaged nicely in a carr... read more »

Great product and easy to use

22 Jun, 2019
This was really helpful to project from a usb c connection on my chrome laptop onto my tv via hdmi.  It also worked perfectly from my son's macbook pro.  Super easy to use -- just p... read more »

Powerful and Convenient

22 Jun, 2019
This is a great little screwdriver.  It is surprisingly powerful for its size and the ability to pivot the grip is very useful.  It comes with bits of all sizes and shapes to get you started... read more »

Nice, Strong Screen Protector

06 May, 2019
These are nice screen protectors, and very reasonably priced for the set.  A few quircks prevent me from giving them 5 stars.  First, while there are two screen protectors, it only comes wit... read more »


25 Mar, 2019
Great little USB plug that is perfect for when I travel.  Enables me to quickly charge two things at once. read more »

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