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It Works

08 Mar, 2020
This is a very effective berberine. It works as well as others I have used. read more »

Works well

20 Jan, 2020
These batteries work well so far. The true test will be to see how long they last read more »

Works as expected

30 Dec, 2019
I needed a new tire gauge and this one works well. It does what it is supposed to do. It is easy to ready and is small enough to leave in my glove compartment  read more »

Very nice product

05 Dec, 2019
I use this at work for decoration and it works really well. I have it powered by usb. I really like it so far. read more »

Seems to work!

26 Nov, 2019
Seems to work. I will continue to use it and see if I notice any progress. read more »

Very soft and comfortable

26 Nov, 2019
This is a very nice weighted blanket. It is very soft and comforting. read more »

Great protection

26 Nov, 2019
Works great on my Active 2. I am very happy with this purchase.  read more »

Great for a kid

26 Nov, 2019
Great little recorder for a kid that would like to learn how to play. read more »

Very nice product

08 Oct, 2019
This has a great fragrance and does a great job keeping my hair soft. I really like it. read more »


08 Oct, 2019
Very delicious tea. I really enjoyed it. read more »

Great grip exercisers

23 Sep, 2019
These work great. I have been using them to help strengthen my wrist and they work really well. I like that I have 3 different tension weights to choose from. read more »

A little tight but it works well for lawn work

01 Sep, 2019
This hat is not bad but it is a little tight on my head. It works well for working the yard. read more »

Sturdy and green

24 Jul, 2019
I have been trying to use reusable straws and this one works well. It is sturdy and compact. read more »

It opens bottles

24 Jul, 2019
This works well but I wish it also had the ability to open cans. Then it would be amazing. read more »

Handy Dandy Hooks

24 Jul, 2019
There are great. They give me an extra place to hang stuff in my car. I use them to hang grocery bags on. read more »

Works well once you get the hang of it

24 Jul, 2019
This tool works well once you get the hang of it. Makes it easy to figure out how you need to cut things to fit properly. read more »

Works well

18 Jul, 2019
This is a quality product and works well when used on a charcoal or gas grill for cleaning. read more »

Pretty good but flimsy

07 Jul, 2019
I am glad that there are reusable straw options and these are not bad but they are not perfect. They are very flimsy and do not stand up well on their own. I wish they were a little stiffer. read more »

Works as expected

07 Jul, 2019
This hub is great. It is small, compact, and works as expected. It is a great addition to my laptop since it does not have as many ports as I would like. read more »

Terrible bracelet!!

07 Jul, 2019
This bracelet took forever to arrive and the quaility is terrible. The rope pulled out of the clasp on the first attempt at putting it on. It is also not as large as stated in the description. I would... read more »

Seems to work. Strong ozone smell.

07 Jul, 2019
I guess this works. It is hard to tell but my understanding is that the ozone will kill the bad stuff. It seems to work but the ozone smell is strong and lingers. I let the whole thing air out for a f... read more »

As expected

05 Jun, 2019
These work well and as expected. read more »

They work well

04 May, 2019
They are a little thinner than I would like but they work well and I can wash them.   read more »

Perfect for lunches

04 Mar, 2019
I love these containers. They are perfect for taking lunch to work and they fit great in my lunch bag. read more »

Perfect housing

17 Jan, 2019
Perfect housing for my wyze cam. It does a good job with the elements but it still is not 100% waterproof. read more »


17 Jan, 2019
My wife loves it. It is powerful and easy to use. Great on your back for those sore muscles. read more »

It's cheesecloth, it works.

05 Jan, 2019
This is cheesecloth and it works just fine. There is enough for many uses and it prices reasonably. read more »

Strong and easy to apply

26 Dec, 2018
Went on easy and seems to be strong.  I guess I will find out if I drop my phone. read more »

Nice fitting, seems durable

26 Dec, 2018
This case fits well and seems pretty durable. I guess I will find out after I drop it. :) read more »

Holds stuff

16 Dec, 2018
Well this holds stuff but I am not going to test it to see if it burns. I will assume it works welll. read more »

Bright and lots of motion

24 Nov, 2018
This laser light is nice abd bright and has some fun motion with images.  I really like it. read more »

Bright and cheery

24 Nov, 2018
So far so good, this laser light is very bright and easy to use. Looks great on the house for christmas. read more »

Seems to be working

10 Nov, 2018
So far this vitamin c serum seems to work as well as others I have tried.  I am happy with it. read more »

Seems to be working

17 Oct, 2018
My wife has been using this for a few weeks and it seems to be making her lashes seem fuller. It will take some time to know if they are growing better. read more »

Works great

17 Oct, 2018
These seem to be very effective. Just as good as any other probiotic that I have used. read more »

Smaller than expected

17 Oct, 2018
These look very sexy on my wife but they are much smaller than expected. Overall, they are sexy but not very comfortable..  read more »

Super slippery

02 Oct, 2018
Not much to be said about this lubricant. It is super slippery, lasts and works great. read more »

Nice looking bracelet

02 Oct, 2018
I got this for my wife and she really likes it. It seems to be well made and is very nice for the price. The beads are not as shiny as they look in the picture, but overall this is a very nice bracele... read more »

Decent case for the Note 9

29 Aug, 2018
This case seems like it will do a decent job protecting my Note 9. It fits nicely and seems like it will provide some good cushion. read more »

Nice quality whisk

29 Aug, 2018
This whisk is pretty nice.  It is sturdy and does a good job on eggs and pancake mix.  I ran it through the dishwasher and it held up well. read more »

Great novelty gift

17 Aug, 2018
These slippers are not the most comfortable but they make a great novelty gift for the fisherman in the family. They are very eye catching. read more »

Strong fishing line

17 Aug, 2018
This is a very good fishing line. So far I have been impressed with it and it compares in quality to many of the other brands that I buy.  read more »

Nice pigment, pretty colors

13 Aug, 2018
My wife really likes this palette, she was really surprised that the colors were so pigmented and they lasted a long time. She recommends this palette, especially for this price point. read more »

Affordable and high quality

19 Jul, 2018
I have been looking for a ring light and this one works really well. It is not too expensive and works well. I would not use this with a heavy dslr since the shoe is made of plastic but it works well... read more »

Nice strong coffee

19 Jul, 2018
This coffee is nice and works well in my nespresso machine. I am very happy with these capsules. read more »

Excellent gimble and less expensive than the other one

17 Jul, 2018
This gimble is IDENTICAL to the other brand that has been seen in ads all over the web. The other brand is just a rebrand of the FeiyuTech. This gimble works great and I highly recommend it for use wi... read more »

Terrible product

08 Jul, 2018
I could not get this to work, the connector between the battery pack and the LED strip would not stay connected. Terrible product. read more »

Wow, so bright.

06 Jul, 2018
Very nice headlamp, it is comfortable and very bright. Now to see how long the batteies last. This is great for working outside or going for a walk. It also fits well over a hat. #RankBooste... read more »

Great camera for the price

02 Jul, 2018
I am really happy with this dash cam. For the price it is one of the best I have tried. The video quality is nice and the app seems to work pretty well. read more »

So far so good

28 Jun, 2018
So far, after about a week, I have to say I like this dashcam. The picture quality is good, the app is easy to use, and it was easy to install. The are only a few small issues. I wish it had more memo... read more »

Does it do anything?

28 Jun, 2018
I am not sure about this product. It is very difficult to put on. The rollerball does not want to turn sometimes and you have to roll it on your hand to get it started. It is nice and cool when it goe... read more »

Not perfect but they work well

07 Jun, 2018
I have never tried the bone conduction headphones before today. These are not bad but not exactly what I expected. I can see how they would be great for excersise but the audio quality is just ok. The... read more »

Nice sound in a small pkg!

29 May, 2018
Not a bad speaker.  I have not had a chance to test out the waterproofness but the sounds is bot bad.  It could use more bass response but for the size, it will be great for my beach vacatio... read more »

Excellent! What I was looking for.

27 May, 2018
There bulbs are great. I use them for my lights outside my garage. Exactly what I was looking for. read more »

Fun toys but do not last

20 May, 2018
My dog loved these toys but they only lasted a couple of days before they were destroyed. These are not made for aggressive chewers. read more »


29 Apr, 2018
Excellent! High quality and works great with my instantpot. read more »


29 Apr, 2018
This is an excellent product and works great with my instantpot for more than just eggs. I have used it for desserts, eggs and more. read more »

Very nice

23 Apr, 2018
These auto safety tools are nice. The only thing I dont like are the holders.  They dont seem practicle since I would not be mounting these anywhere.  I just placed them in my center console... read more »

Nice tactical pen

23 Apr, 2018
This pen is nice but a little heavier than I expected.  The self defense pen appears to be sturdy and should work well in a pinch. read more »

Soft and comfortable but runs small

23 Apr, 2018
The shorts are comfortable but run smaller than expected. read more »

Very nice

01 Mar, 2018
This is a very nice shower head.  It was easy to install and so far I really like it.  Now I just want to see how well the microban technology works. read more »

Works as expected

14 Feb, 2018
This shade works great for some of my side windows read more »

Works as expected

14 Feb, 2018
This smoker works well.  It is a little hard to get the wood lit but ones you get it lit it works great at pulling the smoke through the smoker. read more »

Very pretty but very cheaply made

14 Feb, 2018
These are very pretty when on but very cheaply made. The balls that cover the leds pop off very easily and the lights do not retain the previous setting when they are powered back on. So if you use th... read more »

Nice light

12 Feb, 2018
This is a very nice light.  It was easy to install and is a nice color.  It is not real fancy, so I used it in my laundry room.  Overall, I like it. read more »

Very nice sunglasses

12 Feb, 2018
I am very surprised at the quality of these sunglasses for the price.  I really like them. They are stylish and comfortable. read more »

very nice

01 Feb, 2018
Great money clip and card holder.  It is very strong and very light.  It should last a long time.  I just love carbon fiber. read more »

Very nice but has a few quirks

01 Feb, 2018
I really like this wireless thermometer but there are a few things that could be improved.  The app is not bad, pretty basic but it gets the job done.  The probes are nice as well but I real... read more »

Pretty durable

18 Jan, 2018
These toys are actually pretty durable.  My dog destroys most toys in one day but she played with these for about a week before they were destroyed.  Very nice! read more »

Strong and lightweight

18 Jan, 2018
This is a great money clip.  It is very strong and light but still stylish.  I use it for both money and holding my business cards. read more »

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