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Oct, 2018

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11 Dec, 2019
Bought them for my kid to play in and she loves them. They are easy to apply. And look great.  Really good quality .  read more »


11 Dec, 2019
These came in a great little pouch. Holds all three pieces. They work great for tweezing hairs or whatever you need to use them for. Great stocking stuffer.  read more »


11 Dec, 2019
I found these to be awesome.  They are heavy duty and swivel. I bought  this item to put on my purse for when I go to the store. So I can clip it to the cart so noone can grab my purse and r... read more »

This is a great set

11 Dec, 2019
The case has a place for each bit and handle. The item opens on both sides making it easy to keep they organized .  Makes a great gift for any tool geek.  read more »

Try and break them

11 Dec, 2019
Two cords braided which makes them hard to destroy.  Which I am thankful for. My kids go through charger cords like paper towels.  They charge devices very quickly. These cords do not have a... read more »

So much easier

11 Dec, 2019
 This magnet makes it so much easier for my girls to know when to unload the dishwasher. It is one magnet that says clean on one side dirty on the other.  We keep the magnet flipped to dirt... read more »


11 Dec, 2019
This is a sleek well made item.  It has several settings and is very powerful. The charge last a couple hours and comes with a protective velvet  soft sleeve.  read more »


11 Dec, 2019
This is a heavy duty  pen that works great. It has 12 extra pen refills  and can seriously hurt someone if needed.  You will be protected and noone will be the wiser.  read more »


11 Dec, 2019
I loved how easy this pressure gauge is to use. It is small  and durable. Have to order one for my boyfriend now because he wants one.  read more »


11 Dec, 2019
This bluetooth speaker looks so cool. Bought it for my daughter and she loves it. It was easy to use and the sound was crystal clear.   read more »

Great product

11 Dec, 2019
This rings are made well and work great. They are large and hold several papers.  read more »


20 Nov, 2019
My daughter's  bed looks like a tornado  slept there every morning.  Her sheets would not stay on her bed no matter what I did.  After putting this on her bed they have not sli... read more »

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