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Cutest holder.

19 Sep, 2018
This is the cutest thing.  I love the face and expression.   It is very well made and I will say, I am certain that all your friends will love it.  It showed it to mine and they al... read more »

Keeps them busy.

15 Jan, 2018
This is something that I really like for my dogs.  It is quiet and they love it.   The dogs play with it off and on all day long playing tug of war.  The kids can grab it and play... read more »

The best on a small desk!

15 Jan, 2018
This lamp has a lot of things that are great.  I love the fact that it doesn't take up a lot of space.  When I need it, I just open it up and touch it.  It is great for over your ke... read more »

Lots of fun......

15 Jan, 2018
This little car is so much fun, not only for kids but the husband loves it.   It flippps and runs and lights and music.  I love it becuase I don't have to buy batteries, it's ch... read more »


15 Jan, 2018
This is a cute tambourine.  I thought it was going to be a little bigger but it isn't.  The granddaughter loves it and that is what counts.  read more »

Have the plug when you need it.

15 Jan, 2018
When we travel now, we have a place we can charge our devices and a place that we can plug in something right there in the car.   It is great.  We aren't limited to the things we ca... read more »

Nice and thick

14 Jan, 2018
These are really nice, they fit nicely.   The toe sis sewn just right and don't hurt the toe when you wear them.  I hate it when the sewn part hurts the toe!  These washed up n... read more »

Can be used in the tube.

14 Jan, 2018
This is nice to use after a long day at work.  You can lay in the tube and massage the stiffness and soreness away.  read more »

Looks so real!

14 Jan, 2018
This is a device that really makes them think about somebody watching them/  I have had rummage sales and people will walk out with all kinds of things.  I put this up and I watched as peopl... read more »

Multiply use for these.

14 Jan, 2018
I have used these in about four different ways.  I placed some fruit and vegetables in them to store in the refrigerator.  The fruit never got moisture on them so they seem to last longer.&n... read more »

Keeps her warmand so cute?

14 Jan, 2018
I love this little outfit.  It fits her perfect and she was warm all the time when wearing it.  I have a 7 year old chuchuchia that is very cold nature so when I seen this it was exactly wha... read more »

Charging without the worry!

14 Jan, 2018
I wanted this Surge Proctor for charging my devices.  With this I can charge up to 3 divices and not have to worry about it getting overheated or having a power shortage.  This one is small... read more »


17 Oct, 2017
These are a great fit.  The socks ords great for him when he doens't want to wear the thick ones.  They have a stretchy fabric that makes them fit perfectly and they don't slip. ... read more »

Take your fur baby with you easily.

18 Sep, 2017
This bag is great.  I can take my little dog with me and not have to worry about her getting away.  It has two opening so I can put her in two different ways.  I can carry her in front... read more »

Feels great for the ride.

18 Sep, 2017
I bought this for my daughter who is always having back pain and discomfort.  With this she uses it when she gets in the car for short trips and long.  It is firm and molded to fit around he... read more »

Kill those pest for good.

18 Sep, 2017
I love this bug zapper!  It is very well built not cheap looking.  It fries those pest.  I even used it to kill a spider. Not only did it zap the insects it has a nice light on it too.&... read more »

Enough lits for where you want them.

18 Sep, 2017
This came with four lights.  It did come with the hardware you need to hold the lights on.  I gave this to my husband and he put two in front of the truck and two the other directions. ... read more »

No cheating on this one

18 Sep, 2017
Here a cube that you can't remove the stickers and cheat.   The cube moves easily and my kids will spen hours working on this.  Great for all ages. read more »

Spices right at hand.

14 Sep, 2017
This holds four containers and I am so happy with.  I have around four main spices that I use a lot and I am able to keep them right at hand instead of in the cabinet.  It is easy to put up... read more »

Keeps things hot for a long time.

14 Sep, 2017
I teally like these tumblers.  I can put coffee in this in the morning  and if I don't get to drink it right away, it is still very warm several hours later.  They are easy to clean... read more »

Something to keep them occupied.

14 Sep, 2017
I gave this to my nephew who has a little trouble staying still.  He is always moving his hands and fidgeting about so when he got this he started twisting and working it.  We couldn't b... read more »

Don't take you purse in crowds.

14 Sep, 2017
This is such a nice wallet.   I used it when I went to the county fair.  I was able to carry everything that I needed including my money so I didn't have to take my purse in. ... read more »

sharp and pretty

14 Sep, 2017
This is a very nice set of knifes that I will never have to worry about them rusting or needing sharpened.  They are ceramic and really sharp.  Love the colors and the set. read more »

Lots of room.

25 Aug, 2017
This is a very pretty leather wallet.  I love the fact that it has plenty of slots for all my cards.  It is made very well and has a zipper that works well.  read more »

Great fit!

11 Aug, 2017
These fit perfectly and feel great.  I have diabetis and my feet have to be pampered to keep from getting sores.  These help protect my feet when I want to wear something that doesn't fi... read more »

Cleaning up just got easier!

06 Aug, 2017
This is a metal brush that is strong and easy to use.  It has a long handle so you don't have to get your hands dirty.  I like the stout brush and fact that it isn't going to bend wh... read more »

Cute speaker/light

02 Aug, 2017
Isn't this cute? This is a night light and speaker. It isn't little, in fact it is over eight inches tall. the cord has a usb and plug so you can use the speaker and light at the same time. Re... read more »

Everything you need for hot or cold drinds all day.

02 Aug, 2017
This 30 ounce mugs comes with everything you need. It has a metal straw, straw cleaner, the removable handle, and the tumbler. The lid is tight so it doesn't leak. I used this for hot coffee and i... read more »

Fun for senior parties.

25 Jul, 2017
These had really nice size balloon in it with the perfect colors for a senior party.  We used about 25 and they all aired without any popping.  We can have three more parties because there w... read more »

Hours of fun and contests.

25 Jul, 2017
These came with two snake puzzles and they are much bigger then I thought they would be.  Thh kids had so much fun racing to see who could get them snake back in the right form.  They twiste... read more »

Making the beta a better home.

23 Jul, 2017
I bought this filter so I could make are beta fish a better place to live.  It circulates the water and helps fitler it too.   The beta fish seems to move around more and to me seems ha... read more »

Fu for all.

23 Jul, 2017
I bought this for my youngest nephew because his brother got one.  They set and play with it and now he has his brother trying to spin it everywhere.  This is great for keeping both of them... read more »

Easy to spin.

23 Jul, 2017
I bought this one for a young man that I know that loves red and loves that he can do this.  He watches the spinner and now he is trying to do it on his top of his hand.  This little gadget... read more »

Spins in all directions.

21 Jul, 2017
This is a light weight spinnner that spins easily and goes for  a long time.  All the pieces seem to be in tight and the spinner seems to be well made. read more »

Attention getter!

19 Jul, 2017
This was a great benefit for my nephew who had the ADHD.  He plays with this and it calms him and really keeps him calmer.  It gives him something to do with his hands and keeps him accupied... read more »

Amazing pillow

17 Jul, 2017
This pillow is diffently an amasing pillow case. It is covered in sequins that are one color one side and another color on the other.  When I brush my hand over the pillow case it turns the sequi... read more »

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