Dreamer Car 17.7X11-Inch Mid-hard Memory Foam Lower Back Lumbar Support Cushion Pillow with Adjustable Strap for Back Pain Relief for Car, Black
Price: $24.99
4.78 / 5   (18 Reviews)


Memory foam lower back lumbar support cushion pillow

03 Mar, 2020
I was excited to receive this cushion.  I took it to work and places it in my chair.  No more back issues for me!  The cushion is hooked to the chair with a strap of elastic. That is th... read more »

Mid-hard Memory Foam Lower Back Lumbar Support Cushion

27 Oct, 2019
Nice back support. I purchased this for my husband and he loves it. Perfect for his lazy boy that seems to have softened in the lower back area for some reason. We don't use or need the elastic st... read more »

highly recommend good quality

15 Oct, 2019
This is great! Not too bulky, not too soft, just right for my office chair. It does feel like memory foam which I love. Thinking about getting another for my car! read more »

Dreamer Car 17.7X11-Inch Mid-hard Memory Foam Lower Back Lumbar Support Cushion Pillow with Adjustable Strap for Back Pain Relief for Car, Black

27 Sep, 2019
Thank you for such a wonderful product! I purchased it for a co-worker that has back issues. It has helped her tremendously! read more »

Great for my back evenn sitting against the wall on the bed. 100% great back pillow!

20 Sep, 2019
So far this is a great pillow for my lower back. I'm over weight so I have a lower back pain  ever now and then and this firm shaped pillow really feels nice on the lower back.   h... read more »

It's ok.

18 Sep, 2019
This item is ok. Nothing spectacular. It's comfortable enough but a normal pillow probably would have given better results. It's constantly slipping down the back of my chair, I have to rea... read more »

Lumbar support cushion

24 May, 2019
I enjoyed the full back support cushion made by this company so I  decided to purchase this as a gift. My friend was blessed and uses it everyday and confirms it bring comfort and a feeling... read more »


25 Aug, 2018
I purchased the Dreamer Car 17.7X11 inch Mid-hard Lower back Lumbar Support because I suffer from excruciating back pain and it's hard for me to sit for long periods. No, it does not take the pain... read more »

Good support and memory foam is nice and thick!

26 Jun, 2018
Must have for lumbar support while sitting in office chair! Great memory foam back support with elastic band to secure it! #DreamerCar  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  Dreamer Car Coccyx Seat... read more »

Finally - back pain relief!

10 Jun, 2018
This pillow has been amazing since day one.  I knew I needed something to support my back due to the increasing amount of pain I have been dealing with.  But, I was unsure if it was due to m... read more »


04 Jun, 2018
Between work and  my hobby of online genealogy, I spend quite a bit of time sitting at a desk. I catch myself slouching no matter how hard I try not to.  I ordered the Dreamer Car Support Cu... read more »


03 Jun, 2018
This is a very comfortable lumbar support. I have problems with my lower back and this really helps to support it. Especially sitting ar my computer desk. Can’t seem to get my chair adjusted and... read more »


01 Jun, 2018
i use this everyday in my car, great comfort  read more »

Soft and supports my back!

25 May, 2018
I have chronic back problems due to a muscular and nerve condition and sitting for long periods of time really puts strain and tension on my back, especially the lumbar portion of my back.  I kee... read more »

Highly recommend, it well made and a very comfortable cushion. 

24 May, 2018
This transformed my very uncomfortable desk chair into a very comfortable seat. It supports me just right so I sit properly and don't find myself constantly shifting to get comfortable and complai... read more »

Feels great for the ride.

18 Sep, 2017
I bought this for my daughter who is always having back pain and discomfort.  With this she uses it when she gets in the car for short trips and long.  It is firm and molded to fit around he... read more »

Not just for my car

29 Aug, 2017
I hurt my back recently and so I tried it in my desk chair to see if it would help to support my back while I'm working. To my surpise my back doesn't seem to sore at all while I'm si... read more »

Very impressed with the level of quality.

14 Aug, 2017
I am very impressed with level of quality this product is made .  It is much better than I even hoped for.  Very nice!!! read more »

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