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Dec, 2017

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I work full time and enjoy reviewing products in my spare time. My other hobbies are genealogy, gardening and volunteering at my kids' school. My friends and family know that I review products and are always asking me for my opinion. I am honest but kind. While I won't bash a product, I will point out any shortcomings or difficulties. My feeling is that people want to know the truth about a product, and companies want to know how they can improve their product.
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Vegetable capsules, works great.

18 Aug, 2018
I bought Alacer Probiotics because I am concerned with my digestive health. I had to stop taking them for a short time and I noticed the difference almost immediately. My stomach was upset more often... read more »

Room for a mat and extras

01 Jul, 2018
I recently attended my first yoga class and can't wait to go to more. I took my mat, but didn't have anything to carry it in so it was kind of cumbersome.  This cute yoga mat bag comes in... read more »

Fun monster molds

01 Jul, 2018
I purchased this set of monster molds with the intention of using them to make candy. My daughter pointed out that they can also be used for ice cubes. The package says it can also be used to make gum... read more »

Perfect for your favorite pup

01 Jul, 2018
Some people have fur babies. Some people have fur grandbabies. I belong to the latter. Floki came to visit a few weeks back and had to use the rabbits dish for water. I purchased this set of toys with... read more »

Easy to install, easy to use

01 Jul, 2018
I bought a bicycle last year and have been slowly customizing it.  The one thing I was missing is an odometer so that I could keep track of how far I ride.  I could have bought one but I was... read more »

Excellent seller

01 Jul, 2018
My multi-function digital pen/pencil holder arrived damaged so I am unable to adequately review it. Instead, I am giving the seller four stars. The item was securely packaged with padding both in... read more »

Close securely, great for slime

28 Jun, 2018
A few months back, I reviewed some foam beads that I ordered to use in making slime.  I have been on the lookout for good containers to use.  These containers are excellent for that purpose.... read more »

Good quality

28 Jun, 2018
I have plenty of bushes and other plants that need to be pruned.  A good pair of pruning shears are essential and this pair does not disappoint.  It is comfortable to grip, with a sharp blad... read more »

Reasonably priced

22 Jun, 2018
With two avid PS4 players in the house, there is a constant need to recharge controllers. With all of the usage, we've had chargers wear out. It's nice to find a reasonably priced ch... read more »

Cant' wait to use them

22 Jun, 2018
I've seen the pictures, all over the internet, of the melons and dragonfruit cut into puzzle pieces.  I love fruit and wanted to be able to cut them into puzzle pieces. This set will all... read more »

So many colors!

08 Jun, 2018
I find coloring to be so relaxing. I recently picked up a couple coloring books on clearance, so I needed some colored pencils. I ordered this set of 160 Southsun oil colored pencils. This set has so... read more »

Works well, safe for small hands

07 Jun, 2018
The thing I like best about this Marigold rotary paper trimmer is that it is great for projects involving the kids. Simply place your paper onto the tray (which includes several guides to help line up... read more »

Well made, easy to use

07 Jun, 2018
I had started buying salt and pepper that came in those disposable grinders, but the tops tended to fall off and make a mess.  I ordered this Kato set of manual salt and pepper grinders with... read more »

Well made

04 Jun, 2018
When I received the KORAM Vertical Wall Planter, I was pleasantly surprised.  The seven pockets are made of sturdy felt and the backing is water resistant.  The planter can also be hung two... read more »

Even cuter in person

04 Jun, 2018
I ordered this cute wallet/purse for my granddaughter for her birthday.  This wallet is even cuter in person!  It has several pockets for ID's or cards, and a zippered compartment f... read more »


04 Jun, 2018
Between work and  my hobby of online genealogy, I spend quite a bit of time sitting at a desk. I catch myself slouching no matter how hard I try not to.  I ordered the Dreamer Car Support Cu... read more »

Perfect for my needs

27 May, 2018
I was thrilled to be able to buy this item at a discount in exchange for my review. I purchased this standing file folder to use for my genealogy files. I figured that I can use one slot for each... read more »

No need to buy another bottle

16 May, 2018
I recently ordered a large tub of plant based protein powder to take to work with me, so I needed another blender bottle. But, I have more than enough drink containers in the cabinet. So I ordere... read more »

Such a cutie!

16 May, 2018
I bought this squishy unicorn for one of my granddaughters and she was thrilled. She held onto it during the entire ride home and named all of the colors for me. It’s soft, squishy and has a ple... read more »


16 May, 2018
What an adorable squishy! The colors are so vibrant. The scent is pleasant.  And squishing it is so relaxing. This was a gift to one of my grandaughters and she loved it! Check it out here ->... read more »

Kids love it

16 May, 2018
When I saw this game, I thought the kids might like it. I was wrong. They love it!  The object is to match your tiles against other tiles by object or color. For instance, a green turtle matches... read more »

No more searching

16 May, 2018
This O-Life Caddy Organizer is wonderful for keeping the things you need close at hand. No more searching for a pen, scissors or my keys. I attached the organizer to the side of my refrigerator using... read more »

Great for crafts and gardening

22 Apr, 2018
When I originally ordered this natural jute twine, my intention was to use it in my garden. Then, it came and I was reminded of all the macrame I did as a young girl. I bought some colored wooden bead... read more »

Smells so good!

22 Apr, 2018
I ordered this squishy toy because I love them and thought this one was adorable. When I opened it, my 14 year old daughter insisted that she had to have it. On the day I took this picture, she took h... read more »

Well made and very pliable

22 Apr, 2018
My friend became a grandma a few months ago. Her grandbaby was coming over for a visit so I ordered these silicone bibs for her. These bibs are well made and very pliable. My friend sent me photos and... read more »

Definitely useful

22 Apr, 2018
My son is in Boy Scouts and goes camping and hiking several times each year. He received a hydration bladder for Christmas, to be used with his mollie backpack. Until I saw this hydration bladder clea... read more »

Good quality

20 Apr, 2018
A friend bought me a raw vegan ‘baking’ cookbook for my birthday. It has an awesome recipe for no-bake vegan cheesecake that I’ve been dying to try, but I didn’t have a springf... read more »

Well made, Sturdy

20 Apr, 2018
With warm weather on its way, I look forward to being able to ride my bike to work. This carrier will be perfect for transporting my bag and lunch box. It holds up to 22 pounds and has side rails so I... read more »

Keep produce fresher longer

16 Apr, 2018
I apologize for being late in reviewing these crisper drawer liners. I am very pleased with how well they work. In an attempt to eat a healthier diet, I’m buying more fruits and veggies. Unfo... read more »

Keep produce fresher longer

16 Apr, 2018
I apologize for being late in reviewing these crisper drawer liners. I am very pleased with how well they work. In an attempt to eat a healthier diet, I’m buying more fruits and veggies. Unfo... read more »

Roly Poly Squishy and Cute!

09 Apr, 2018
Squishy toys are the ‘in’ thing right now and none are cuter than this roly poly squishy panda. And it is scented! It made a wonderful gift for my granddaughter. Check it out here -> ht... read more »

Versatile Burger Maker

09 Apr, 2018
Since I began eating a vegan diet, I have found some really delicious vegan burgers. But nothing tastes as good as homemade. This burger press is perfect for making homemade burgers, vegan or regular.... read more »

Perfect for camping!

24 Mar, 2018
I ordered this 2-pack of lights for my husband and son to use when they go on Boy Scout camping trips. These lights are great for hanging inside, or outside, their tents. They have a carabiner clip th... read more »

Great for camping!

24 Mar, 2018
I ordered this 4-pack of lights for my husband and son to use when they go on Boy Scout camping trips. These lights are great for hanging inside, or outside, their tents. They have a carabiner clip th... read more »

Cute Mini Squishies

20 Mar, 2018
I ordered these mini squishies to put in my granddaughter’s Easter gift. I don’t know that I would consider them slow rising because they are so small, but they are absolutely adorabl... read more »

Item was never delivered/No response from seller.

18 Mar, 2018
A friend asked me recently if I ever leave a negative review.  I told her I only order items I want so , while I might include suggestions for improvement in my review, I've never left a nega... read more »

Adorable socks

17 Mar, 2018
These socks are so adorable!  I wish I could wear them but, at a women’s size 10, I’m afraid my feet would be too big for them. I think they’ll make a perfect gift for my 9 year... read more »

Love the extras

17 Mar, 2018
I’ve been looking for a good grater for awhile now. To be honest, I always thought they were too pricey for what you get. Not this one. It’s longer than others I’ve seen, and it come... read more »

Item Not Available/Order Cancelled

09 Mar, 2018
After ordering this item, it became unavailable.  I was issued a refund but the campaign was never removed from my list.  I have no issues with the seller and would probably w... read more »

Vibrant colors

08 Mar, 2018
Part of my efforts at clean eating and clean living is buying in bulk and storing in recycled glass jars. This set of liquid chalk markers, and the included chalkboard labels, are perfect for labeling... read more »

Bird bath for my garden

07 Mar, 2018
Last year, I put a large clay saucer of water in my garden. My hope was that visiting birds would enjoy it. The truth is that I never saw a single bird use it. . This year, I will try the clay s... read more »

Perfect for listening to music on the go

07 Mar, 2018
This waterproof sport pack is perfect for when I go walking or biking in the neighborhood, or even when I’m working in the garden. I can tuck my phone inside and listen to music on the go. There... read more »

So Cute! Works Great!

04 Mar, 2018
This mini panda stapler is absolutely adorable. I ordered it because it is the perfect size to carry in my tote. It came with 1000 staples and was easy to load. I tried it out and it worked beautifull... read more »

Hours of Fun

03 Mar, 2018
I ordered this 95 pc set of magnetic building blocks for my son to donate to Aftercare at his school. When it came, I had a chance to look at it (regrettably, I didn’t try building anything) and... read more »

Versatile Organizer

03 Mar, 2018
This handy desk organizer is perfect for reducing clutter on my desk. It can also be used to organize art supplies and makeup brushes. . I put it near my dry erase board and use it to keep my ma... read more »

Perfect for displaying mementos

18 Feb, 2018
My intention, when I first ordered this holder, was to buy a glass globe and create a hanging terrarium. When it came, I changed my mind. I have a cute glass heart that was a gift from my grandda... read more »

My kids love them

16 Feb, 2018
My kids absolutely love this Kidac silicone skull ice cube mold. I never told them I got it because I wanted to try it out first. I filled the mold last night so that the cubes would be ready to photo... read more »

Perfect for organizing documents

16 Feb, 2018
This 15 pack of size A4 file folders are perfect for organizing my genealogy documents. They come in five colors (3 each) and fit 8 1/2 by 11 sheets of paper. A small pocket holds a label card with am... read more »

I love this!

11 Feb, 2018
I ordered this scented squishy owl for my grandaughters. It is so cute! And it is defintely scented. The scent is a little strong but will probably lessen once it has been out the plastic wrap for a l... read more »


10 Feb, 2018
I bought this squishy cake for my granddaughters. It is ADORABLE! From the cute sprinkles on top down to the rainbow of layers. Squishy toys seem to be the ‘in’ thing lately. I am sure my... read more »

Look Good Enough to Eat

10 Feb, 2018
This pack of macaron erasers are SO adorable!  My husband and I love watching cooking shows and they’re always making cute, colorful macarons. These erasers look almost good enough to eat.... read more »

Perfect for Scouts

09 Feb, 2018
My son is in Scouting and goes on monthly camping trips during most of the year. I saw this set of folding flatware and thought it would be perfect for him. The set came in a black bag with a velcro c... read more »

Beautiful detail

25 Jan, 2018
This is another set of color changing solar lights that I ordered with my big flower bed in mind. This set includes three beautiful butterflies. My husband set the lights outside at 10am so that th... read more »

Bright and colorful

25 Jan, 2018
I know it’s only January, but what better time to start planning for this year’s gardens. I had an opportunity to buy a set of solar lights (hummingbird, dragonfly and butterfly) that woul... read more »

I Love This Dish

22 Jan, 2018
I love this dish. It is compact, collapsing to half its height, and doesn’t take up a lot of space in my cabinet. Snapped into the lid is a utensil that can be used as a fork or a spoon, and eve... read more »

Cable Protected Against Fraying

22 Jan, 2018
If you use a lightning cable to charge your ipad or iphone, you know the headache of the cable fraying just beneath the lightning plug (or less often near the usb plug). It is especially frustrating i... read more »

Comfortable, True to Size

19 Jan, 2018
I LOVE comfortable shoes and this pair does not disappoint. When I first saw the opportunity to buy these, I wanted to jump on the chance. But, I had two concerns...#1 do they run true to size and #2... read more »

Perfect for Little Hands

19 Jan, 2018
When I saw this set of percussion instruments, I knew they would be perfect for my children’s Montessori school. I tried a few out and then slipped them back into their wrappers. They are well m... read more »

Great message, comfortable shirt.

10 Jan, 2018
My 14 year old daughter loves making a statement and this t-shirt allows her to express herself without being insulting. I agree with the message and love that it is said in a non-confrontational way.... read more »

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