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Jan, 2018

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I am just a girl from the country trying to do what ever I can to help others. I love outdoor type things and anything for kids. I also am a nurse so I love adding medical equipment to my collection and ink pens. In my spare time I like music and art.
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Greatest invention for building blocks

16 May, 2018
These little building block strips are awesome. They are very flexible with mounting tape attached. I put some on the wall in my bathroom and added blocks to it to created a toothbrush holder for the... read more »

Great flower garden addition

16 May, 2018
These are really cute. 3 of the four came with the metal hanger. I bought garden wire to make a hanger for the other. I put them on garden stakes in my flower beds along a pathway. It is so beautiful... read more »

Silky feeling, no fading

16 May, 2018
My son loves the boxer briefs. They are silky feeling with no peeling noted. They have been washed several times and no fading has been noticed or color bleeding. They do tend to run a little small. H... read more »

Tiny with bright light

28 Apr, 2018
These are small flashlights but have a bright light. They are perfect for travel. I put one in my car on the sunvisor and the other is my husband's truck. They are nice looking with a metal clip s... read more »

Joystick, easy to use

15 Apr, 2018
This joystick works great for my son. He uses it to play many different games on his cellphone and tablet. It doesn't have any adhesive on it but the way the plastic it made it adheres to the scre... read more »

Neat idea

15 Apr, 2018
This lamp is awesome. Now I know it's only made of cardboard but it was a great invention. Not only is it a learning experience and a great thing to do with the kids, but it is actually functional... read more »

Bright light bar

15 Apr, 2018
This is a good light bar. The leds are bright. It was easy to install. We mounted it to the front of our 4x4 dodge ram for off road use. It lights up the woods and fields. I like the fact that it give... read more »

Big light with small size

30 Mar, 2018
These are bright led lights for sure. There is one flaw in the design that is extremely aggravating. The brackets mount onto the back of the light and the screw goes into the side of it and the nut ha... read more »

5 Pack Solar Mason Jar Lid Inset Light

29 Mar, 2018
I love these mason jar solar light lids. They add a nice relaxing feeling to my room. They remind me of fireflies when I was a child in a jar. I actually purchased them for a country wedding a friend... read more »

Kato Manual Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

25 Mar, 2018
I love these salt and pepper grinders. They are easy to adjust the coarseness by turning the nut on top. Depending on what I am cooking depends on the size of the flakes I want. The grinding is smooth... read more »

Supmaker Soft Indoor Modern Area Rug

25 Mar, 2018
When I received this rug in a small box I was like, "Oh No", but it is actually great in size. It is 5 ft by 4 ft. The bottom is thinner than I would like and the shag is not very thick. The... read more »

No Tie Shoelaces

23 Mar, 2018
 I really like these no tie shoelaces. It turns your shoes into slip-on shoes. These are great for younger kids. My teenagers love them cause it adds a flair to their shoe style. They are extreme... read more »

Boblov 12MP 1080P HD Trail & Wildlife Camera IR LED Waterproof

11 Mar, 2018
This is a nice trail camera set up. It is easy to use and set up. The plastic casing is thick and durable. It was dropped and you couldn't even notice any damage. The night vision pics are a littl... read more »

Lobkin Wireless Sports Earphones w/ Mic

08 Mar, 2018
These are okay Bluetooth earphones. I didn't have any issues pairing them with my S7 phone. It showed up as S2. The around the ear hook piece seems a little big. The ear hook is also sturdy and no... read more »

Lobkin Bluetooth Headphones

08 Mar, 2018
I was excited to receive these because the in ear headphones irritated my ears after a short time wearing them. I really like the soft padding around the ears. I also like the fact that they are light... read more »

Best trail camera

07 Mar, 2018
I love this trail camera and so does my husband. It has great picture quality and video quality. I also learned something. This camera requires class 6 SD card, Preferably class 10. I did not eve... read more »

Eliminator Lithium Battery Powered Odor Crushing Elimination System

26 Feb, 2018
This is a great odor eliminate system. Works with the push of a button. It comes with a usb cable you can plug into any usb to charge it up. I threw it into my son's stinky gym bag and it cut the... read more »

IALUKU Sunglasses Polarized with 5 Interchangeable Lenses

25 Feb, 2018
These are great! 5 sets of shades in 1. Awesome idea all in a compact carrying case together. Another awesome fact is they come with attachable frames for those that have prescription glasses. Anyone... read more »

TOUCHBeauty Men's Nose Ear Trimmer Hair Personal Groomer with Light

24 Feb, 2018
I love this nose hair trimmer. It takes 1 AA battery, not included. It has a beautiful color. It is very quiet when on. Most trimmers pull the hair and cause those dread tears from the pain. This trim... read more »

Beautiful hooks

18 Feb, 2018
These are awesome hooks. They are much better than the plain hooks you buy that look so boring and like a sore thumb. They are decoration with a purpose. They have a strong glue and stick very well to... read more »

Beautiful addition to any yard or garden

18 Feb, 2018
I love these mason jar solar lights. They add a whimsical feeling to my front porch. They remind me of fireflies when I was a child in a jar, just different colors. The came with a jar and the hanger.... read more »

LED car lights 4 strips cigarette lighter adapter

09 Feb, 2018
The led lights are awesome. The only thing I don't like about then is you can't keep the colors solid when in music mode. They are bright and have so many settings. Easy to use. Just plug into... read more »

Not hermit crab shells

09 Feb, 2018
Ok! These shells are really cute, but definatley not hermit crab shells. They are way too small. They woupd be cute for adding decor to a beach themed room or used in an aquarium for decorations. They... read more »

Very detailed shower curtain

08 Feb, 2018
This is a beautiful shower curtain. It came in a plastic package labeled shower curtain. The hooks that came with it are made of plastic and oval shaped. You just bend the plastic to put it on the sho... read more »


01 Feb, 2018
YKS Invincible Tornado Twister -This rc car is amazing. It succeeded my expectations. I love that it has a rechargeable battery pack for the car and it charges via wall outlet not usb. It is easy to u... read more »

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