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Nov, 2017

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I'm 41, no kids, love to post stuff on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter publicly. I love to get stuff to review. I share what I get on all my social media accounts from Facebook (over 3k friends & over 1k followers), Instagram (over 1k) and Twitter (over 3k followers), along with Google+ and Pinterest.
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Best multi-use bluetooth speaker I've ever owned!

29 Jan, 2018
Omg... This is amazing. I'm in love with it already. I love how its a multi-use bluetooth speaker. From playing music, to calling, to charging stuff up. I've tested the sound quality out and w... read more »

I'm in love with these water shoes!

15 Jan, 2018
I absolutely love these shoes. They fit so perfectly on my feet. The insoles are amazing, nothing I've ever had before in a water shoe. The tread is perfect too, exactly what you need when out at... read more »

Best invention ever!!!

15 Jan, 2018
I'm in love with this power strip and to see that it has USB outlets is even better. When you typically have 2 outlets it's a pain to charge multiple devices. Being able to use this and plug i... read more »

Longest more durable water hose we've ever had!

15 Jan, 2018
I had to surprise my boyfriend by buying this since we have had others crack while outside. Needless to say when you need a water hose and it's cracked, you look for a good quality and long water... read more »

Best ever selfie stick!

15 Jan, 2018
I had to buy this to see what all the fuss was about. Ok, I'm impressed and I love it. I used it on our birthday and my nieces and great nephew took off with it. My sister loved it too. So, I'... read more »

Absolutely love these tweezers!!!

06 Dec, 2017
These tweezers are so sharp. I've been dealing with dull tweezers and didn't realize there were ones like this out there to buy. It makes a huge difference when using these versus my dull set.... read more »

Best Hherb Scissors I've ever used

05 Dec, 2017
I cook dinner 4 nights a week 1st the house and always use fresh herbs while cooking. Prior to purchsing these, I had normal scissors I would cut my herbs with, which was time consuming. A co-worker m... read more »

Absolutely love this fast charging cable

05 Dec, 2017
This is THE perfect fast charging cable for my Samsung Galaxy 8. I love how it works with other Type C electronics too so I'm not limited in using it for just the phone. One thing I have to have i... read more »

Best invention ever

27 Nov, 2017
Since my boyfriend loves to use his headphones and charge his phone, this is perfect. He didn't realize anything like this existed and was so happy when it arrived, since I didn't tell him I b... read more »

This is Amazing!!! Works better than my car hands-free

27 Nov, 2017
I'm so happy I purchased this for my boyfriend. He doesn't have hands-free wireless built in on his truck, so this was perfect. We tested it out last night and was amazed by how clear I sounde... read more »

Coolest RC lit up music playing car EVER!!!

26 Nov, 2017
  This is the coolest RC car I've ever seen and played with. I was excited when I heard the music playing and then once the batteries were in, it was so much fun to play with it. The co tr... read more »

Best Corner protector on the market!

22 Nov, 2017
I absolutely love these. These are very hard plastic, and with the 3m tape to adhere to the surfaces, it sticks so good. I've had some corner protectors that either don't stick or are so thing... read more »

Best product so far my boyfriend's tried

19 Nov, 2017
My boyfriend has tried many testosterone pills on the market. He really loved this product since he's been using it. It truly gives you the best support when working out. The extra energy you need... read more »

Amazing performance supplement

19 Nov, 2017
My boyfriend has tried so many supplements, it's insane. He really liked this. He noticed an improved energy and great pump when working out in the gym. To find something a supplement that doesn&#... read more »

My boyfriend loves this!

19 Nov, 2017
My boyfriend has wanted a case to slide into pickpockets, versus a bulky one that's like a life proof case. He was so happy to finally get a non bulky case. This fits perfectly too. This is one he... read more »

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