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Apr, 2017

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I started my review blog about a year ago now it receives roughly 50 views per post but, has started to climb recently with as many as 150 views. I have 2300 followers on Twitter. 120 personal friends on my facebook page. 99 followers on Instagram. I also have 400 monthly viewers on Pinterest.

I review mostly health and beauty items but, occasionally I review other interesting and/or new things.
I am a work at home mom who likes to stay busy. I dabble in Graphic and Webdesign.
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Trying out Crystal 24k Gold Collagen Eye Masks

10 Jul, 2018
 When I saw this 20 pack of pairs I had to give them a shot and see if these would also work for me. These feel really nice when I have them on and give a nice cooling feeling. They are d... read more »

Solar powered Mason Jar Lights 4 pack

21 Mar, 2018
Okay, so I’m now obsessed with these lights. I honestly could line my backyard with about a dozen more!They don’t require much solar charge time to run all night and they are very reliable... read more »

Add a little flare to your house!

29 Nov, 2017
This snowflake projector light is very high quality. The snowflake's it projects are very clear and colorful. Our decorations this year including this light really stand out in my neighborhoo... read more »

The Mugig Wireless Karaoke Mic

28 Nov, 2017
The Mugig Wireless Karaoke Mic is pretty cool. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone, tablet, or laptop. The sound quality is great for a wireless low-cost microphone. L... read more »

Amazing Binval Fairy Solar Lights

28 Nov, 2017
These fairy lights by Binval are an excellent value! For $16.99 you get not one but, two 72 ft. strands. There are so many fun things you can do with these (especially around the holidays). They offer... read more »

Ombar Backlit Gaming Keyboard

28 Nov, 2017
This keyboard is a great upgrade for anyone from the traditional plain keyboard. The Ombar Gaming Keyboard changes three different colors and you can set the brightness to your liking or even turn it... read more »

Wow! This YKS RC car is so cool!

28 Nov, 2017
For its price ($22.34 currently) this is a fantastic little toy RC car. I love that the car its self is rechargeable. Compared to other cars at this price point, you will be saving a lot of money on j... read more »

ZoiyTop 48W LED UV Nail Lamp

28 Nov, 2017
This nail lamp performs just as I would expect any curing lamp too. It cures all the gel polishes I currently own just as I wanted it too. I would recommend this to anyone who is busy or simply does n... read more »

Desktop Cell Phone Stand Tablet Stand, AXELECT 2Pack

28 Nov, 2017
These tablet stands have already come in handy numerous times for me. They hold phones and tablets up to 8" without worry. 10-inch tablets on the other hand maybe just a little too big for these... read more »

Wireless Earbuds by FTEOX

30 Oct, 2017
I was very surprised with the sound quality from these earbuds. The price might have you second guessing but, for $12.99 these are really nice headphones. The charge on them lasts roughly 4 hours and... read more »

Bluetooth Earbuds by UGB

30 Oct, 2017
I was very surprised with the sound quality from these earbuds. The price might have you second guessing but, for $12.99 these are really nice headphones. The charge on them lasts roughly 4 hours and... read more »

50W Nail dryer UV LED Nail Lamp Curing for Gels Nail Polish by ZoiyTop

30 Oct, 2017
This is a high-quality nail lamp. After looking at several of them at Sally's I quickly realized for the price this is one of the best nail curing lamps you can get. Most of the others cost about... read more »

Wall Chargers by JH-LI

30 Oct, 2017
More and more every day I'm finding things that only plug in via USB. Well, that is nice but, not all of want everything to be USB only. Not to mention we only have so many USB ports. Here is a si... read more »

LED Photo Clip String Light by HappyDoggy

30 Oct, 2017
I love these lights! They are a soft light so they are perfect for any bedroom to give it just enough light to see what you are doing but, still, relax. Though I have yet to hang any pictures on them... read more »

Xbox One / One S Charging Station by YCCTEAM®

30 Oct, 2017
Unfortunately, this is a flop for us. The way this charging dock is designed makes it very difficult to put the controllers on it. I am always scared I'm going to break my controllers when I... read more »

LED Star Projector Night Light by KYW

30 Oct, 2017
This is a great little night light for children of all ages (maybe even teens). Though it is not as bright as shown in the pictures on Amazon I actually prefer it this way. A calmer light makes it eas... read more »

These Unicorn Bracelets are super cool!

10 Oct, 2017
Yes, I am a 30 something who is still obsessed with unicorns and these are some that I would expect to pay a lot more for. The package comes with 24 of them in there for only $9.87. These could be use... read more »

Some may like this and some may not.

10 Oct, 2017
This memory foam pillow is very nice to the touch however for me it was too thin at the bottom to give me the support I need as a side sleeper. My husband who is a back sleeper has been happily using... read more »

MultiLayer Moon Choker Necklace

28 Sep, 2017
This necklace is very pretty. The pictures on Amazon don't do it justice. It sparkles in the light and looks beautiful on. This would be a gift I would be happy to give to any female family o... read more »

The best face paint palette I have used so far!

15 Sep, 2017
If you are looking for a face paint palette for Halloween I strongly recommend this one! It has 12 colors including glitter. The palate they are in is a hard case with individually covered p... read more »

These light up laces ROCK!

15 Sep, 2017
These laces have to be one of the coolest shoe accessories I've ever seen. My daughter absolutely loves them, especially because no one at her school has them yet. She loves being a trendsett... read more »

Great nose hair trimmer with nice extras!

15 Sep, 2017
My husband was looking for a basic nose hair trimmer but, what he received with this was much better than he had hoped for. Not only did he get the trimmer he wanted he also got a bunch of other thing... read more »

Hippih Floral Design Digital Scale

15 Sep, 2017
The Digital scale by Hippih has become almost a center piece for my bathroom. I've already received so many compliments on its style. I love the flower design on it. It works very accurately. I we... read more »

Wow this keyboard is awesome!

03 Sep, 2017
I have had this key board for about a week and a half now and I am loving it! The claims of Topoint are that this keyboard is waterproof, colorful, and the keys are easily removed for cleaning. T... read more »

Love this hoodie!

24 Aug, 2017
This hoodie is now my favorite one that I own. It is not too thick and not too thin. It is perfect for a Michigan season change. The Youvimi hoodies are super soft and silk like both inside and outsid... read more »

Very nice tripod!

22 Aug, 2017
 I just got my new BONFOTO tripod this past week. I love all the adjustments that I can make to it to get the exact camera angle that I want and need. For the price this is an excellent tripod. T... read more »

Great to have one around for more uses then I thought!

17 Aug, 2017
I have been using this digital scale even more than I thought I would. I originally purchased it to put up for when I found recipes that use the metric system rather then standard cooking measurements... read more »

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