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Use these baskets for everything-great quality

07 Aug, 2020
These baskets are the best quality fabric baskets I've ever bought. I use them to store kids toys, diaper changing things, and my own things. They look really nice read more »

Good for teaching letters

07 Aug, 2020
I can't speak to the ability to stick to fabric because I use them to teach letters. Since we are homeschooling this year, I use these to teach the alphabet.  read more »

Fun summer toy

07 Aug, 2020
Easy enough for my 2yo to use to spray water and fun enough for me and my older kids to play with. We set up our bubble machine and used these to shoot the bubbles. They have held up well and are a go... read more »

Amazing open ended toy!

07 Aug, 2020
I absolutely love this set. I love seeing what my kids come up with, all their new ways to play with this. I stack them into different configurations at night when the kids are sleeping for them to fi... read more »

Great for crafts

07 Aug, 2020
I bought these to make crafts with my kids when quarantine started. It is a great pack because of ask the colors, including the glitter ones. We made a lot of crafts, they are a good quality and it... read more »

So soft and soothing

19 Nov, 2019
The fabric is so soft and soothing. The weight is well distributed in the blanket. It's comforting to have at night and keeps me very warm. I'd definitely recommend buying this. I would like t... read more »

Looks very elegant

19 Nov, 2019
Well made fabric, sharp contrast between the colors. Runs small as expected, so I ordered two sizes larger and it fits well. The elastic at the waist is tight, but the gown itself is comfortable. I wo... read more »

Super cute and well made

19 Nov, 2019
Super cute and very well made. It's holding up well even with frequent washes and being worn by a preschooler.  read more »

I use it as my pumping bag

19 Nov, 2019
I got this to use as a bag for my breast pump. It's large enough to hold all of my pump supplies and still have tons of room. The fabric feels sturdy and it wipes clean easily. It has a sturdy sho... read more »

Comfortable and relaxing

19 Nov, 2019
Sticks well to the side of my soaker tub, so it stays in place during a bath. It's thinner, but that helps it dry out faster after it gets wet. It's thick enough to be comfortable read more »

Seems to work well

29 Oct, 2019
I have the child size ones for my older two kids but needed something for my newborn. There are a smaller size than the other kids ones I have bought. They were able to be adjusted to fit over my 3 mo... read more »

Well made

29 Oct, 2019
Made with soft and sturdy fabric, the seams are done well and it feels expensive, not thin and cheap. The dinosaurs are stuck on well and have held up after a couple of washes. I with there were more... read more »


29 Oct, 2019
Not quite big enough for my iPhone XS with the biggest otter box, but does hold my work phone, an iPhone 8. Comfortably to wear and well-made read more »

Very fast charging

29 Oct, 2019
I plug it into my computer and set it on my desk. Small charger so it doesn't take to much space, but charges my phone really quickly, which is important because I don't spend a lot of time at... read more »

Great quality

29 Oct, 2019
Thick handle that is well attached to the bag, will definitely be strong enough to hold the wedding binder. The stones on the front are well glued and none are loose. Great quality material, will hold... read more »

Gets lots of channels

18 Oct, 2019
Easy to install and set up. I get about twenty channels with it on a window on our second floor read more »

Very effective and easy to clean

15 Oct, 2019
I started drinking coffee while following the keto diet which recommends adding heavy cream or ghee to your coffee. That obviously needs to be mixed in well, and this accomplished that quickly. The ad... read more »

Great for keeping phone and keys safe

23 Sep, 2019
Our last bag lasted about ten years before the seams started leaking air, so we replaced it with this one. I like that we have a separate bag for our phones now that can go inside the other bag. I fee... read more »

Easy to clean

23 Sep, 2019
Having two preschoolers who I need to pack lunches for every day, I thought this would be a great alternative to using plastic bags every day. We have been using them for a month now without issue. Th... read more »

Perfect for Mario Kart

23 Sep, 2019
These feel well -made and sturdy. They fit the controller well and are perfect for playing games like Mario Kart. Happy with my purchase  read more »

well-made and flattering

26 Mar, 2018
This suit is well-made and the cut is flattering. I've worn it once for a bachelorette party, no signs of the lettering coming off or peeling. The inner lining is holding up well too. Happy with m... read more »

Sturdy and well-made

26 Mar, 2018
This is sturdy and well-made. The colors are crisp. It holds a large amount of items and since the fabric is thicker, I'm not worried about it tearing, since it gets a lot os use from us. When tra... read more »

Sturdy, shiny

26 Mar, 2018
These are sturdy and shiny, arrived on time. They fit my car's tires well. The shininess of them catches the light well.  read more »

Well-made and sturdy

26 Mar, 2018
I use this for grating cheese. It is well-made and sturdy. The silicone handle feels nice, and the grates are sharp enough to easily shred the cheese. I throw it in the dishwasher after I use it and h... read more »

Perfect size, nice gleaming white color

26 Mar, 2018
These are the perfect size, very cute. Nice gleaming white color. Well-made, not falling apart and I have worn them several times. The metal hasn't given me a reaction, but I don't have sensit... read more »

strong vibration

04 Feb, 2018
Strong vibration, good size, comfortable material. I like that it is rechargeable, don't have the change batteries read more »

strong vibration

04 Feb, 2018
Strong vibration, great color, design, and shape. Happy with my purchase read more »

great edition to envelopes

04 Feb, 2018
These are so cute on the back of envelopes for my thank you cards.  read more »

good quality

04 Feb, 2018
Love the map print. It is a good quality, wipes clean easily, and doesn't feel cheap. Easy to wash and the design looks great.  read more »


04 Feb, 2018
So compact, can't wait to use it in Iceland! read more »

great for kids

04 Feb, 2018
I remember teaching myself to play this when I was a child, and I just bought this for my 3yo. He loves it and it is excellent quality! read more »

fun in the dark

04 Feb, 2018
Fun toy to use on a hardwood surface, especially with the lights off. 4 stars because it is very lightweight read more »

strange sizing

03 Feb, 2018
Powerful vibration, but strange sizing read more »

Powerful vibration, good color

03 Feb, 2018
Powerful vibration, good color read more »

brightly colored

26 Jan, 2018
Stretchy, soft, more brightly colored than the picture shows read more »

Perfect fit for my grill

23 Jan, 2018
One sheet fits perfectly on half of my grill, so I use one side for meat and the other side for this mat and the veggies on top of it. They are easy enough to clean and the cooking seems to be pretty... read more »

Sturdy and well-made

22 Jan, 2018
Glasses look nice, fit my face well. They seem well-made read more »

Nice color

22 Jan, 2018
I liked the color of the suit, mostly pink with some purplish hues. Fits as expected. The applique on the front appears well-applied. Happy with my purchase read more »

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