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I use it for my crafts

06 Sep, 2021
It's nice to have this for my craft room. The only complain I have is the wireless charging doesn't charge very well. But it hasr plenty of usb ports for a charging cord! read more »

My Family loves it

24 Jul, 2021
Its adorable and purrfect for my 2 cats. Its best for kitty's neck. read more »

I love these

24 Jul, 2021
These are amazing and perfect sizing. I can't wait to start using them! read more »


22 Jul, 2021
These are really amazing. Super cute and great for school. read more »

I love the taste however

20 Dec, 2020
I am pretty sure it made me very sick. I felt extremely sick after drinking it.  read more »

Didn't fit my boobs

18 Oct, 2020


18 Oct, 2020
Pretty good progress read more »

My lashes look like bushes

18 Oct, 2020
My eyes are beautiful read more »

Amazing and cute

18 Oct, 2020
Made my st bernard look so adorable. read more »

Works good!

08 Sep, 2020
It's nice that this actually can be washed and still gets sticky! read more »

Good quality and last for a long time

31 Aug, 2020
These are soft I've had them for a few months now and they still have not gone flat on me! read more »

I'm in love with this tool

31 Aug, 2020
when I first got the stool I wasn't quite sure how to use everything but once I got down to it it is such an amazing rotary tool to have I had the small version that didn't do half of what thi... read more »

Never came.

31 Aug, 2020
I never did get my item and I'm pretty disappointed because I really wanted this top wish I could get a better review. read more »

My eyes pop

31 Aug, 2020
I cannot get any false lashes to work for me. I don't know if I'm defective or what but I could never get them to stay on my eyelid without the ends popping up.   This thing is awes... read more »


31 Aug, 2020
Normally I don't give such a low review but these stunk like a fish market and I threw them away.  read more »

They look great

31 Aug, 2020
If you want a clean sleep design with a modern theme this is for you. I used it to convert the downstairs living room into a man cave for my husband with football themed decor.  These really d... read more »

Does the trick

31 Aug, 2020
It came pretty quickly and as far as I can tell it straightens hair pretty well. I did have a little bit of trouble getting it to curl but then again my hair always had trouble curling so I wouldn'... read more »


02 Apr, 2020
As a plus size woman I loved how sliming it was on me! read more »


19 Mar, 2019
I am super pleased with it. It was easy to put together and only downside is I never want to leave my bed now.  read more »

Great sound.

21 Jan, 2019
It's an amazing sounding headphones.  read more »

They look great!

31 Aug, 2018
I am in love with these! No holes in the walls. They keep them together without tying. I love the design! Just yes! read more »

Sleek Design.

19 Aug, 2018
This watch was sleek and classy. I loved the professional look and clean metal. I am super happy with it. read more »

They are nice for the price

19 Aug, 2018
Super nice and long lasting. I didn't think I would like the "necklace" part resting around my shoulders but it really has a purpose. They prevent tugging. read more »

Great headphones.

02 Aug, 2018
The sound is amazing. they are truly awesome headphones. My only complaint is they are a little big for my ears. read more »


17 Jul, 2018
This does the trick! It was a little hard to figure out but now I am a happy camper.     #rankbooster #ad #ExquizonUS  read more »

Wasn't expecting this.

05 Jun, 2018
I wasn't expecting these to look so beautiful. I absolutely love them. They are so pretty and well made. The length of the necklace is perfect and the design is even more stunning in per... read more »

I had a libman's but I like this better.

26 Mar, 2018
✩✩✩✩✩ Its height is adjustable and comes with its own tool for cleaning the fabric. No more flattened fibers or stuck on junk from multiple uses.  Its much like a mini janitors broom/m... read more »

Your new favorite pillow!

23 Mar, 2018
Your New Favorite Pillow! Perfect mix of both firm and soft. These pillows are amazing. They keep my head up without feeling stiff. My sleep has improved. First thing I noticed was that the pillows... read more »


16 Mar, 2018
I am so productive when I am on these! I am so happy to finally find a product that works for my brain fog. I have more energy and  I  feel my mood is lifted.   #ad ... read more »


16 Mar, 2018
It's a great product. I have bought many and I think this one is best. It has many changeable heads for that perfect look. Easy to assemble.   #ERUW #ad #rankboosterreviews read more »

I like the look.

16 Mar, 2018
Aside from actually keeping my food longer these look really nice in my fridge. It keeps things in place and makes it look extra tidey. I am glad I bought these honestly.   #ad #rankboos... read more »


09 Mar, 2018
I needed these for my crafting and it's HUGE. I wasn't expecting such space and it's a good thing! I color coded my thread and still had plenty of room because its double sided.... read more »

I wish I bought one before.

21 Feb, 2018
I am super happy about this item. It has made grooming so simple and pain free. I use to have trouble with plucking and getting all the little hairs but now I have no worries. This item has changab... read more »

Great sound.

12 Feb, 2018
For your fit/active person. Very smooth sound, crisp with strong base without being overbearing. 20 dollars seemed fair for these but amazingly they are 14.99. Fairly priced in my book.... read more »

I love love LOVE these!

08 Feb, 2018
WHAT YOU GET: These are rechargeable Bluetooth magnetic earbuds. It comes with 1 USB charge cord (adapter not included ) 3 sets of changeable gummies to adjust to your ear size, a flat disked shaped t... read more »

It was late.

08 Feb, 2018
I was VERY excited for new knives. My old knife set was from my wedding and even though it has a sharpener, They just don't seem to be sharpening.  The block had collapsed rece... read more »

It wasn't compatible for my phones after all.

05 Feb, 2018
This sleek cool design looks promising and cool. However, my devices claim to be compatible with wireless charging but this was not the case. With further googling and many painful attempts at ch... read more »


31 Jan, 2018
So I opened these and was expecting them to be really silly but I was surprised that I like them so much. Even more is how much my kids like them. The only problems I faced where finding good Apps... read more »

Does what it claims!

30 Jan, 2018
Its really relaxing after you wash off the product. I feel like my feet are softer and it hasn't even peeled yet. I sat and did my nails while I waited the hour and a half. It was easier than... read more »

My son will love this.

30 Jan, 2018
I have had tumblrs before and they kind of rumble around until they bump into something this thing does a much better job than its competitors.  Its lights up and its hard not to lov... read more »

This is so gorgeous!

26 Jan, 2018
I can't go on enough about this beautiful piece. My daughter loves hers too! It looks elegant and it holds EVERYTHING. It's even hangable for us Moms that need to keep it up from the shorties.... read more »

Beautiful design

21 Jan, 2018
I noticed some rust when I opened it but once I unfolded it I could see it did not sit completely even still I couldn't care less. It's so perfect for all your jewelry and adds style to y... read more »

I really like this watch.

16 Jan, 2018
I liked the watch but I did have trouble with it not letting me track my steps unless I am timing myself.  It connects easily and can be used on both Android and iPhone which is good to know.... read more »


16 Jan, 2018
So I overestimate somehow big this thing is! It's got amazing fabric and easy holes for hanging.  I loved the fresh smell of plastic. When I unfolded the screen it had a lot of creases.... read more »


13 Jan, 2018
This alarm clock makes a variety of sounds like nature or animals. It changes colors and it's about the size of a softball.  I bought this light for my daughter and I was disappointed that t... read more »

I love the colors!

11 Jan, 2018
So far these are lovely shades. Highly pigmented which is a good thing!  uniqournreviews I was pretty happy with this purchase. The colors are bright and highly pigmented. They have a mix of b... read more »

Good product

06 Jan, 2018
The holder for the markers is probably my favorite part because even when the markers are dried out I can use the case. The markers surprisingly blend and don't bleed through paper like I had thou... read more »

It never charged.

06 Jan, 2018
I was dissapointed to wait 4 hrs and it still did not turn on. It looks nice over all and had very user friendly placement for volume buttons etc. I wish I could say more. :(  #RankBoosterRevi... read more »

Husband was thrilled.

06 Jan, 2018
First of all the watch was simple to set up and I could just as easily switcheCutd between phones on the watch. It connects like smooth butter and it is pretty darn easy to opperate. Its a very att... read more »

Loved working with these.

09 Nov, 2017
Buyers, if you buy these please note that this is a gel set that requires a lamp to cure (dry). If you don't have a lamp they won't dry. This is a deal. I was under the impression that I get 4... read more »

It works great.

09 Nov, 2017
I have been able to make gorgeous nails using this product. It takes half the time out of filing! I am so happy I have this! Known Complaints : The files dont fit the drill. Answer: You must Hol... read more »

Shocking, in many ways.

09 Nov, 2017
It sounds scary, and that's a good thing! Iit comes with a charger and it's super pretty. The stungun can hand from your Keychain and the flashlight is very bright! Mine was not pink but a sl... read more »

these polishes for sometime now and the quality is amazing for the price

09 Nov, 2017
I have been using these polishes for sometime now and the quality is amazing for the price. Gels are usually expensive and out of all of the affordable gels I have tried I recommend these. If you are... read more »


06 Nov, 2017
WHAT YOU GET: These are rechargeable Bluetooth magnetic earbuds. It comes with 1 USB charge cord (adapter not included ) 3 sets of changeable gummies to adjust to your ear size, a flat disked shaped t... read more »

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