Fruit and Veggie Life Extender Liner by Tenquest 6-Pack, 15X14 Inch, Refrigerator Shelf - Produce Saver, Extends Life and Keeps Refrigerator Fresh Prevents Spoilage -Instructions Included …
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4.71 / 5   (35 Reviews)


Fruit and veggie life extender liners

21 Jun, 2021
The fruit and veggie life extender liners work alright, but they keep flipping up everytime you pull items in and out of the fridge.  read more »

Veggie Life Extender Liner

18 Nov, 2020
These liners does a great job of helping keep my fruits and vegtables to stay fresher longer. read more »

Life Extender Liner

14 Jun, 2019
 I juice daily so keeping my veggies fresh is a must and sometimes I have so much to store i worry it will go bad before I can use them however these were a livesaver for me they keep things dry... read more »

Veggie and fruit life extender

06 Apr, 2019
They look nice, & notice a little bit of a difference. #rankbookerreview #blogboosterreview #tenquest read more »

Makes cleaning the refrigerator so much easier

03 Apr, 2019
Love these liners it really helps with cutting down the time to clean the refrigerator.  Also, I really do feel like my veges have lasted longer since putting at the bottom of the drawer.  N... read more »

Keep fridge clean and veggies fresh

11 Jan, 2019
These green wonders keep your fridge produce drawers clean and seem to extend the life of veggies. They are large and easy to trim to the perfect fit.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Tenquest... read more »

Works well

03 Nov, 2018
These liners work well in my fridge and keeps produce fresher longer. read more »

Longer lasting fruit ? Yes please

03 Nov, 2018
  This product was new to me, I had not heard of it before. But we are trying to cut back on our spending and realize the weekly trips to the store cost us lots so we are trying to go every tw... read more »

Perfect size

04 Oct, 2018
Simple idea that I am hoping works because I eat a lot of veggies and hate when they go bad after just a few days. I only needed two of these and they fit perfectly in my veg drawer. I also gave two t... read more »


03 Oct, 2018
This is an excellent product. It is helpful and very well organize. I really like it because it is good for refrigerator shelf and it keeps the fruits and veggies fresh.  Great item and a good qu... read more »

Works great

27 Sep, 2018
These honestly make a big difference in how well your vegetables last. read more »

Love it

27 Sep, 2018
Good quality and perfect size read more »


24 Sep, 2018
Works great and easy to clean. read more »

Fruits and veggie life extender liner

13 Sep, 2018
I couldn't wait to use the liners. They came six in a pack. Every since I started using them I haven't had any fruits or vegetables go bad on me. I love them. So glad I bought them! #RankBo... read more »

not what I was expecting

14 Aug, 2018
Seller: Kennedy Ifeh AMZ link - this is really ok product .. it fits in the fridge but keeps on moving when... read more »

Very helpful

03 Aug, 2018
These are really good if for nothing else than to help keep the shelves clean. If something is spilled on the shelf just take this out and rinse it off.            ... read more »

5 star

01 Aug, 2018
it really makes my refrigerator looks nice and clean. thank you read more »

Just as described

01 Aug, 2018
Have been using these for a week and they appear to be working but honestly it bit too soon to tell for sure.  However I can say they came quickly and were just as described :) https://www.ama... read more »

good quality

30 Jul, 2018
it really works and makes my refrigerator looks nice and clean read more »

Hopeful it will help my produce stay fresher longer

29 Jul, 2018
I am giving this 5 stars out of the gate because it arrived on time, and as expected. I have trimmed them down to fit into my produce drawers and will see how well they work out. I will come bac... read more »

Keeps veggies fresh!

29 Jul, 2018
These Tenquest liners for the fridge keep the produce lifted off of the shelf so as to keep the items fresher.  I really think they do a great job!  I would purchase these again.   read more »

Looks nice

29 Jul, 2018
I normally use paper towels to put underneath my vegetables and fruits and it works fine for me. I decided to give this one a try since promotion was too good to pass. It looks nice in my refrigerator... read more »

Still testing

27 Jul, 2018
Apartment we moved to has an old refrigerator that doesn't keep my produce fresh for long. It freezes anything that is close to the wall that separated refrigerators from freezer, bottom drawers g... read more »

Great fit...

26 Jul, 2018
So gfar so good, great fit and seem to be keeping condensation down. read more »

Money saver!

24 Jul, 2018
These are awesome because now my produce will last longer than a few days and I wont have to throw things out so often. So far, a great purchase! #rankboosterreview  read more »

Money Saver!

01 Apr, 2018
So glad I tried these liners! These were very easy to cut to fit the shelves and drawers in my refrigerator. Indeed has kept my fruits and vegetables fresh longer and is a time saver on c... read more »

Worked great

26 Mar, 2018
These worked great so I ordered some more for myself and for my mom to have too. She loves them too! read more »

Saves money on produce

25 Mar, 2018
I just purchased these to extend the life of my fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. They work on the same principle as the green bags. They are foam shelf liners 15 x 14 inches each. They come... read more »

Fruit and Veggie Life Extender Liner

24 Mar, 2018
Surprisingly it works. I was really sceptical because it just looked so simple and plain and I thought how was this going to work?? But I gave it a try anyway....and sure enough, my fruits and veggies... read more »

Friut and Veggie Life Extender

22 Mar, 2018
Extends life of fresh produce and veggies in the fridge. They really work! I have them in my drawers in the fridge.  read more »

Works Great!

18 Mar, 2018
I recieved this fruit & veggie life extender from Tenquest. I had a huge problem with food waste, due to premature rotting due to my fridge. These mats fit great & helped prolong the life of m... read more »

I like the look.

16 Mar, 2018
Aside from actually keeping my food longer these look really nice in my fridge. It keeps things in place and makes it look extra tidey. I am glad I bought these honestly.   #ad #rankboos... read more »


13 Mar, 2018
~ What ~ Made out of foam, this pack contains 6 green refrigerator liners that measure 15 by 13.5 by 0.4 inches each. When they are put on the bottom of a refrigerator’s drawer, they are to kee... read more »


03 Mar, 2018
Very good quality and affordable read more »

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