DrowseBuster Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner Toy For Kids & Adults - Sensory Anxiety Reducing Fiddling Toy With Si3N4 Ceramic Bearing - For ADHD, Autism, ADD, Nail Biting & Attention Disorders
Price: $6.99
4.65 / 5   (31 Reviews)



17 Feb, 2018
Been looking for a fidget spinner for a while to help with my something shiny disease.When I received the spinner and opened it I could tell right away it was better then the store bought ones. The sp... read more »

waste of money

15 Jan, 2018
this figet spinner is very inferior and doesnt last long ..i kids didnt get to enjoy themselves at all read more »

As Expected

02 Jan, 2018
Nice. As expected. Thank you. read more »


05 Dec, 2017
My kids love this spinner! Built good and works great read more »

Great Spinner

01 Dec, 2017
My kids love this fidget spinner. It's pretty quiet which I love because I'm not much of a fan of them. I really dislike the loud ones; with 3 kids in the room each spinning a fidget spinner t... read more »

Great quality fidget spinners

27 Nov, 2017
DrowseBuster fidget spinners are great quality. Not made cheap like some I've purchased. Spins smoothly without catching and really works for adhd kids. My son has as he and these have really help... read more »

fidget spinner

14 Nov, 2017
my kid loves fidget spinners   this works greAT read more »

Smooth and Fast

14 Nov, 2017
I got this spinner to keep my hands busy while I'm at work training agents to run the system and take calls. I am a drive type of person so to make sure I'm not driving the agents mouse I have... read more »


08 Nov, 2017
It works perfectly. Spinns smoothly. It has spinning spots in 4 different places. the center spot allows you to spin in 1 hand with 1 or 2 fingers. Something to occupy my hands as i am trying to break... read more »

It's ok

08 Nov, 2017
I love fidget spinners and so do my kids. The problem with this one is it's heavy and not very sturdy. The best thing about a spinner is balancing it on 1 finger but this one is hard to do. The go... read more »

My kids...

08 Nov, 2017
are in serious like with these fidget spinners. While I don't generally purchase fad items, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pick these up at a deep discount. I approve. read more »

Round and Round

07 Nov, 2017
I really enjoy spinning a spinner as an adult.  I find it soothing and mesmerizing even just while sitting on the couch watching some TV.  This spinner from DrowseBuster spins nice and smoot... read more »


06 Nov, 2017
Fidget spinner arrived timely do to Amazon. It was in great condition and worked perfectly.  read more »

Fidget spinner

06 Nov, 2017
Very good quality especially for the price i bought 3 for all my boys and they loved it! Better then other brands i must say and i would definatly buy more of this, my kids are satisfied with this ite... read more »

this fidget spinner is sturdy and keeps my son busy for a long time

06 Nov, 2017
i am the motherof a disabled child. before giving to him, i made sure the spinner was nice and sturdy. all the pieces are on there nice and tight. after i inspected he was off to the races with this.... read more »

Product made well

06 Nov, 2017
I have bought many fidget spinners for my step son. This spinner is well made and sturdy. It has a great spin and a good weight without being too heavy. He loves it, theefore I do too.  #RankB... read more »

Smooth, fast spinner!

04 Nov, 2017
 This black metal fidget spinner by #Drowsebuster is really nice compared to the cheap plastic ones I have purchased in stores. It spins super smooth and fast too! I will be getting more for Chri... read more »

Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

03 Nov, 2017
This is the best invention by far, it really does help children and adults with issues , i got one for my granddaughter whom has for years bite her nails and she has a mild attention disorder due to b... read more »

Sleek clean design

03 Nov, 2017
DrowseBuster Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner Toy I have one of these for myself and love playing with it, but this one was for my nephew and like me he loved it. He and his friends love to spin then do... read more »

Fun Fidget Spinner

02 Nov, 2017
This is a fun fidget spinner that my kids enjoy.  They love fidget spinners in general.  This one seems sturdy.  It is nice for them to play with in class or when they want to relax.&nb... read more »


02 Nov, 2017
So I bought this spinner for my son his is adhd. It has helped him calm down in public and be able to avoid panic attacks when people are around. It has helped him stay focused not only in class but i... read more »

Nicely weighted spinner

01 Nov, 2017
We own several fidget spinners since I have 6 kids.  This one spins freely and is nicely weighted- enough that you can just kind of tilt your hand and keep it spinning which is awesome.  Wou... read more »

A+ Spinner

01 Nov, 2017
Nice and heavy, keeps a good spin read more »

Wonderful for ADHD kids and adults alike

31 Oct, 2017
I buy fidget spinners for the children with ADHD that I work with. This one seems to be very well made and spins smoothly. I will get the others in different colors, too! read more »

Great Spinner!

31 Oct, 2017
I love this fidget spinner. It is smooth. It spins easily and stays spinning I would recommend this to friends and family so I think 5 stars is fair. https://www.amazon.com/DrowseBuster-An... read more »

Amazing Figet Spinner

29 Oct, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/DrowseBuster-Anti-Anxie…/…/B06WLPQG5F This fidget spinner is well made with a long lasting spin to this spinner. This spinner will keep you occupied while you bra... read more »

My daughter loves it

29 Oct, 2017
It's super sturdy and solid. The best news is that my daughter loves it.  She made a new dance to go along with the spinner lol.  read more »

i love it

28 Oct, 2017
my kid like it very very much. look great. i buy 3 !!!!!!!!!! read more »

Its ok for a spinner

27 Oct, 2017
The over all quality was ok. its made of generic plastic and when it showed up the packaging was a bit beat up and i had to put the bearings back in place with their plastic covers. it spins just fine... read more »

helps with anxiety

27 Oct, 2017
This is still a very popular item. Made by DrowseBuster, this Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner Toy For Kids & Adults - Sensory Anxiety Reducing Fiddling Toy is perfect for people who are easily distrac... read more »

Great Fidget!

19 Jul, 2017
I got this because my son has ADHD and a mild form of autism and needs to be doing something with his hands at all times and when I seen this I wanted to give it a try. Each circle area has small ball... read more »

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