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Super cute for new baby

23 Mar, 2020
Absollutely love this product and recommend for all new parents. Super cute and perfect way to see them grow!  read more »

Reusable Storage Bags!

16 Dec, 2019
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Seriously one of the best ideas ever. No more wasting money on countless disposable Ziploc bags, these take the cake!  read more »

Butter Dish

05 Dec, 2019
Handy little butter dish with lid. Super cute to have in the fridge. Keeps butter covered and fresh.  read more »

Perfect handy set.

05 Dec, 2019
Perfect small handy set to keep at work.  Easy to use, highly recommended.  read more »

Facial steamer

15 Nov, 2019
Works as designed. Perfect for opening pores and getting all the gunk out. Makes you feel super refreshed afterwards. Highly recommended!  read more »

Superb product!

06 Nov, 2019
Fasta and easy to use. keeps all of my electronics charged on a daily basis.  Amazing item!  read more »

Strong and sturdy

02 Oct, 2019
Love this belt for hubby! Super strong and sturdy. Double prong deifnitely gives the belt longevity.  He loves it - I'm happy!  read more »

Super cute!

02 Oct, 2019
LOVE this belt! Super cute! Pairs perfectly with my maxi dresses! read more »

Multiple Options!

02 Oct, 2019
Love that you have multiple options. Micro usb, apple and type c all in one. Easy enough to please everyone while in the car!  read more »

Easy to use!

02 Oct, 2019
Super easy to use! Makes things hassle free and less messy!  read more »

Perfect set!

27 Sep, 2019
This set has everything you need. Its super compact and handy. My husband absolutely LOVES it! Highly recommend!  read more »

Strong Suction

24 Sep, 2019
Suction is VERY strong. Might be a little too strong as you have to yank it off lol.  Does what it needs to, no complaints!  read more »

Great Gift

24 Sep, 2019
Works as intended. Great gift, hubby has no complaints!  read more »


19 Sep, 2019
I love heels, wear them daily, but we all know, concrete and long walks don't make things comfy. These certainly help my heels out! They make everything so comfortable.  read more »

Perfect drill set!

19 Sep, 2019
Perfect set to keep at home, comes with 2 batteries, which is AWESOME. This way, you'll always have 1 fully charged while the other is on the charger. I love the LED light and all the handy... read more »

Easy to use

02 Sep, 2019
Perfect size and easy to use. Can use at home or while on the go, small enough to put in your purse.  Highly recommended to anyone looking.  read more »

Happy kitties!

02 Sep, 2019
Perfect for giving indoor kitties a little bit of outdoor life without all the harms of outdoors.  They are certainly intrigued and excited to see their own grass growing.  read more »

Great price and easy to use!

02 Sep, 2019
Perfect for toddlers! Great price makes mama happy too! Highly recommended for littles before getting them to bigger bikes! read more »

Perfect for those with Carpal Tunnel

26 Aug, 2019
Worn only a few days and already highly impressed. I definitely feel like its helping me during work, as I sit on a computer 12 hours a day typing.  Highly recommended product.  read more »

Works like a charm!

26 Aug, 2019
Does exactly what its intended to do! Can't believe I waited this long to try it. Highly recommended!  read more »

Perfect for our Litter Robot

19 Aug, 2019
Bought these for our kitties and their litter robot. Perfect to keep on hand, strong enough for poop filled litter. Keeps odors in and works for our needs!  read more »

Love the warmth!

19 Aug, 2019
Perfect for those puffy eyes when you don't get enough sleep.  Makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.  Highly recommended for your eyes!  read more »

Blackhead Remover

15 Aug, 2019
Perfect for getting rid of those nasty blackheads! Keeps my face clean and feeling fresh!  Would highly recommend.  read more »

Baby socks!

15 Aug, 2019
So absolutely adorable! The socks are just the perfect for a baby shower gift! My only complaint: the box has a typo on one of the socks.  read more »

Summer fun!

04 Aug, 2019
Perfect size to throw around in the pool, and seriously, who doesn't love glitter?!  Cute little ball that you can enjoy all summer long. Perfect for pool parties.  read more »

Absolutely adorable!

04 Aug, 2019
These are the perfect way to gift for graduation! I love how sturdy they are and its the perfect size! Highly recommended if hosting a graduation party! read more »

Flamingo Paper Straws

04 Aug, 2019
Seriously how can you not LOVE these?? They are super cute and perfect for any BBQ get together or summer party! I absolutely love them and cannot wait to use them at my next party!  read more »

File Organizer

04 Aug, 2019
Perfect for filing all of those important papers! Love the 8 pocket feature, super organized now! The flower design is what sold me on the product, super cute and girly!  read more »

Carrot Pen Silicone Set

04 Aug, 2019
Perfect cute little set just in time for back to school! Comes with a cut carrot pencil case (absolutely adorable) and an entire pen and eraser set! Your kids will love this set come back to sch... read more »

Reusable Storage Bags

04 Aug, 2019
LOVE these bags! Perfect way to cut costs down instead of buying those disposable Ziploc bags. Reusable storage bags are not only economically better but they help the planet!  BPA free and... read more »

Type C Micro SD Card Reader Adapter

04 Aug, 2019
Perfect for when traveling on the go! Fits in our camera bag and has everything we need at a moment's notice. Works as intended and is highly recommended.  read more »

Lavender Essential Oil

04 Aug, 2019
Lavender is my absolute favorite! I love the properties the essential oil contains and its perfect for those trying to get some extra sleep! I highly recommend this Lavender Essential Oil!  read more »

laptop stand

04 Aug, 2019
Laptop stand works as intended, perfect for keeping the laptop cool during use. Would recommend to anyone who is considering purchasing.    read more »

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