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Knowledgeable reviewer who has a decent audience reach through social media who gives opinions, insights, and features of products, especially electronics.
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Versatile and portable

15 Aug, 2018
Super portable audio player with sturdy and durable build. Has a decent amount of weight to it compared to other audio players out there which is nice since you are not just holding like a piece of pa... read more »

Very versatile

11 Aug, 2018
Solar power bank are becoming more popular nowadays because they are more efficient and more convenient to have when you are going out. Thanks to the solar charging capability, it allows you to charge... read more »

Verry portable mini fan

06 Aug, 2018
Nice super portable mini fan powered by USB cable allowing you to basically plug it in in any port that supports or hass a USB type A connetor. Perfect to use for your desk work area at home or even a... read more »

Very smooth

29 Jul, 2018
New challening speed cube compared to the old and regular 3x3 rubiks cube. It follows the same design except that, the shapes are irregular which makes it harder to complete and you really have to giv... read more »

Exquisite himalayan salt blocks

25 Jul, 2018
All natural and hand carved Himalayan salt blocks with rich traces of minerals and high moisture content. Nicely cut with a rectangular shape that comes in packs of 2. It makes for a great cooking pla... read more »

Expandable storage

23 Jul, 2018
Very versatile USB flash drive to have around with you at all times to expand your mobile phone’s storage space or your laptop. Has a big a capacity of 32GB which will give ample of space to sto... read more »

Great audio quality

21 Jul, 2018
Really great active noise cancelling headphones with built in mic and equipped with some great bass that you can enjoy. The headphones have an all black color design all over with adjustable and strat... read more »

Easy to use

21 Jul, 2018
Convenient USB Hub type C to have if you own a device that has few ports such as a laptop. Just make sure that it supports type C connectors in order for it to work accrodingly and take full advantage... read more »

Perfect for small gardens

21 Jul, 2018
Really neat solar powered water fountain to put on your small garden and create a mini fountain in the middle of it.  It is ready out of the box only requiring you to put the solar panel under di... read more »

Convenient clip on style

19 Jul, 2018
Convenient and portable clip on style fan to bring at your work or use at home. Measuring only about 6 inches, makes it easy to carry while providing a strong winds to cool you off. The clip on style... read more »

Expandable storage for your apple device

16 Jul, 2018
Very versatile USB flash drive to have around with you at all times to expand your mobile phone’s storage space or your laptop. Has a big a capacity of 32GB which will give ample of space to sto... read more »

Expandable storage for your mobile phone

15 Jul, 2018
Very small and portable USB flash drive with a huge capacity of 128GB of storage to store all of your documents, files, music, pictures and more. Durable build with a lanyard hole for safe keeping and... read more »


15 Jul, 2018
Beautifully made earphones with a wooden finish that gives it a very premium look and appearance. Lightweight and super comfortable to wear thanks to the soft silicone rubber earbud tips that blends p... read more »

Works great

09 Jul, 2018
Very nice little device that will let you play videos from your mobiel phone to a bigger screen such as your tv, monitor or any other display that has a HDMI input port. What is also nice about it is... read more »

Lightweight with lots of ports

08 Jul, 2018
Super durable and lightweigth with aluminum body USB hub type C supporting a decent amount of ports expanding the amount of inputs available at your disposal. Simply plug and play type not requiring a... read more »

Portable and durable

06 Jul, 2018
Super portable size and very durable USB hub type C with an aluminum body for that added strength and reliability for long term use. If your laptop or device does not have enough input ports for you t... read more »

Pretty bright

06 Jul, 2018
Well built LED string lights that is battery operated. Small and very portable allowing you to carry it to whatever event you are attending to or hosting. Has a decent amount of length reaching 16.5 f... read more »

Super portable

04 Jul, 2018
Super portable nose and facial hair trimmer with fairly small size that will surely fit inside your backpack, make up organizer, or your bathroom toiletries. It is super lightweight, easy to use and e... read more »

Small form factor

03 Jul, 2018
Was rather surprised at how small this 60W PSU is. It is nice that it has a small form factor allowing you to place it somewhere where you hide from the rest of the circuit and avoid destroying the ov... read more »

Easy to wear mosquito protection

26 Jun, 2018
Fairly big pack of mosquito repellent containing 22 easy to wear and very colorful bracelet bands that is able to fit on most wrist’s sizes since it is very elastic. Each bracelet is packaged in... read more »

Nylon braided

26 Jun, 2018
Great lightning cable with added durability and sturdiness thanks to its nylon braided design. Has an overall white-silverish color to it and although it is only 3 feet long, that is more than enough... read more »

Pretty strong water pump

25 Jun, 2018
Green energy solar powered water fountain that is very portable given its size and a pretty powerful pump as well. You don’t have to worry about finding a wall socket or plug around the house as... read more »

Great blue color

23 Jun, 2018
Really great quality 3D filament for your 3D printer. Has standard measurement of 1.75mm diameter which makes it compatible with all if not, most of the 3D printer available out there on the market th... read more »

Very high quality

13 Jun, 2018
Very impressed by the quality of the materials used in thsi bag. You definitely can tell that it is made from high quality material just by simply touching it. It has a decent size of 15x12 giving you... read more »

Real tempered glass

09 Jun, 2018
Ver ysatisfied with this tempered glass for my ipad, fits perfectly and made for it with very precise cutouts for the home button and the front facing camera. It is crystal clear and well protected in... read more »

Good LED string light

08 Jun, 2018
Nicely made LED string light perfect to use for decoration around the use, during events, or a simple decorations on your patio. Easy to install and setup not requiring you to prepare anything like sc... read more »

Perfect for decoration

04 Jun, 2018
This pack of flameless candles makes for agreat decoration to put around your house. They are battery operated and you don;t have to light them up with realy fire to have light but by simply turning t... read more »

Complete set microphone

25 May, 2018
Great computer condenser microphone to plug into your computer or laptop to talk over the internet. Fast and simple to set up with a plug and play method of installing that does not require any kind d... read more »

Automatic on and off

24 May, 2018
Smart little light bulb with super bright illumination that actually lights up a decent amount of area. Fits into standard bulb socket fixtures with rating of 9W/A19/E26/120V. Has an auto on and off f... read more »

Great sound with good looks

23 May, 2018
Durable and well built earphones with built in mic and strong nylon braided cables. Sounds great with little to no "can" sound when the volume is maxed out and the earbuds fits nicely in you... read more »

Fast and wireless with dual slot

20 May, 2018
Dual slot fast wireless charger to get your mobile device up and running in no time. Has an adequate size, not too big not too small allowing for two devices to be charged simultaneously and not havin... read more »

Excellent build

18 May, 2018
Foldable headphones that looks great and pretty comfortable to use for the best experience. In terms of sound quality, it's clear with crisp and decent enhanced bass volume that you can hear and d... read more »

Foldable with good sound

18 May, 2018
Great sound quality bluetooth headphones with foldable body design and super comfortable soft earmuffs that fits nicely on the ears. Gives a nice support and a good noise isolation at the same time to... read more »

Lightning bolt!!!

13 May, 2018
Beautifully made yellow lightning bolt that makes for a great room decoration and definitely an eye catcher to everyone who sees it that will envy on them. Produces a really bright yellow color which... read more »

Convenient but not so bright

12 May, 2018
Small rounded night light that can be plugged directly into the wall socket and serve as a light source and a charging port. Has 3 different levels of brightness which can be accessed by lightly press... read more »

Compact size and portable

12 May, 2018
Super compact and small sized USB type C hub which can be carried easily inside your backpack, laptop case, or leave it plug in in your computer. Has a decent amount of ports such as the fast 3 USB 3.... read more »

Cute panda USB

11 May, 2018
Small 16GB USB flash drive in the shape of a cute panda resembling Kung Fu Panda. Its big storage capacity will allow you to store all of your important files and data on a small and very portable dev... read more »

Small, portable, big storage

11 May, 2018
Really cute cartoon Stitch character perfect to give as a gift which will come in very handy for them as it is equipped with a 32GB of storage capacity to store all of their music, movies, files, and... read more »

Smart power strip

11 May, 2018
Very convenient smart wifi power strip that can be controlled using Alexa or Google Home for a voice activated operation and not have to physically reach out to the socket and turn something on or off... read more »

Great sound quality and foldable design

09 May, 2018
Great quality bluetooth headphones that can be used wirelessly or by using a standard 3.5 mm aux jack that is included in the package. You can also use an SD card to play your music from. Has a built... read more »

Mini mic with good audio quality

27 Apr, 2018
Mini sized microphone and very compact allowing for easy portability everywhere you go. Build quality is exceptional, very sturdy and very durable with a nice golden color body and matte finish. Input... read more »

Nice quality case

27 Apr, 2018
Super flexible iPhone case made from liquid silicone material that protects the phone from drops and scratches alike. Has an even matte black color throughout that makes it really good looking and on... read more »

Big capacity

22 Apr, 2018
A massive 2TB of storage space to put all of your media files such as music, pictures, games, documents, and more from your personal laptop or desktop to this very compact and portable drive. Being an... read more »

Strong fog light

22 Apr, 2018
Excellent pair of LED fog lights with up to 3600 lumens rating. Size is fairly small, decent, and compact and does weight too much at all. Body is made from aluminum die cast which you can really feel... read more »

High quality

21 Apr, 2018
If you have always been wanting to get a go-pro like action camera that can shoot 4K videos and take super high quality pictures, then this action camera can do the exact same thing at a way lower pri... read more »

True motion sensor

15 Apr, 2018
Smaller in size than I though that it would be but, it definitely does its job as a motion activated sensor. It is super easy to install with included 3M tap to stick to the wall or if you prefer they... read more »

Protects really well

08 Apr, 2018
Anti scratch screen protector with 9H hardness for the reliability of preventing your phone from getting damaged. Smooth surface allows 100% visibility prevents smudges from appearing when sliding you... read more »

Crystal clear visibility

08 Apr, 2018
Very durable and clear visibility allwoign you to see the screen 100% percent without any restriction. It does interfere with the responsiveness nor the hinder phone cases even though it is a full bod... read more »

High quality

07 Apr, 2018
Higher quality fidget spinner than I expected it to be made of zinc alloy and really nice color indeed. Very colorful and reflective with rainbow like design all around. Very comfortable to hold it in... read more »

Very quiet operation

07 Apr, 2018
Beefy power supply with many pin connectors to power up your desktop computer and without having trouble in doing so. Size is smaller than I expected it to be compared to other power supplies. When it... read more »

Fits as well on iPhone 6S

02 Apr, 2018
Was actually gonna give this to my friend as he has an iPhone 7 however, he already bought one so I decided to replace my old, worn out, and broken tempered glass from my old iphone. To my surprise it... read more »

Super clear

02 Apr, 2018
Crystal clear tempered glass screen rpotector for you fragile iPhone. Ultra hd glas that is both durable and sturdy that does not easily bend. It can withstand several sracthches from objects without... read more »

Big spool

23 Mar, 2018
Big and lengthiful spool of 3D printer filament color black. Securely package to make sure that you get it in mint condition and with no damage. It is also wrapped in a vacuum sealed plastic. read more »


23 Mar, 2018
Very compact and small size making it super portable and easy to carry around even inside your pocket. Features a foldable design and a two way mirror taht is x1 and x2 zoom for a bigger and closer lo... read more »

Lids are not fully waterproof

21 Mar, 2018
Would've been a great pack of solar light lids if they were actually waterproof or sealed at the top. This way they can be handed easily and without worries that they'll get damaged or somethi... read more »

Versatile playability

21 Mar, 2018
Great headphones for daily use, featuring bluetooth connectivity and auxiliary playability. Making it very versatile in terms of how much time you can have using this thing. And remember that even if... read more »

Very useful with a fire starter

19 Mar, 2018
A perfect accessory to have if you're an outdoorsy person. Together with your mountain backpack, mountain bike and traveling through a mountainous or rocky road and settling down after, this fits... read more »

Blue inverted umbrella

17 Mar, 2018
Great design for an umbrella that has style without giving up functionality in any way. Actually it is stronger and more durable compared to other umbrellas that I have owned. Features a backward fold... read more »

Nice red design underneath the canopy

16 Mar, 2018
Strong and sturdy umbrella with an Inverted design to prevent the user from getting soaked or wet when their outfit is on fleek. Easy to operate with a one push button and featuring a C shape handle t... read more »

Cute decoration in the bathroom

16 Mar, 2018
Really cute wall vase made from durable and very flexible silicone rubber that sticks to flat surfaces such as tiles, glass, and so on very firmly. The side that is stuck on the wall can be cleared an... read more »

Nice makeup organizer

16 Mar, 2018
It is bigger than I expected which is absolutely great. Very spacious in terms of how much make up you can store and they're easily accessible. It is made from a durable clear plastic that's s... read more »

nice silicone lining

15 Mar, 2018
Super comfortable socks too wear all day and everyday. Fits perfectly and size is as described. Design is pretty nice with embroidery like pattern and comes in pack of 3 pairs so you have one to wear... read more »

Drink up!!!

11 Mar, 2018
Very well made shot glass with a funny message printed on the side. Made from a durable and lightweight borosilicate glass and with frosted design to give it a more "mystery" appearance and... read more »

Cuttable too for the adequate size

10 Mar, 2018
You don’t have to throw food and groceries as much as before anymore by simply using this life extender. A very hygienic way to store your perishable groceries and extend the life of it long eno... read more »

Nice suede like material underneath

10 Mar, 2018
King size quilted bed coverlet with flower like design. It is made from a nice microfiber material making good to the touch and when lying down on it. This makes it also hypoallergenic avoiding any al... read more »

Nice quilted feel

07 Mar, 2018
Nicely made quilted bed coverlet king size. Has a nice crimson blue pattern design all over and the included pillow cases. The microfiber makes it feel good to the touch and what is more, it is hypoal... read more »

Great as a gift

07 Mar, 2018
Nice showcase of gems on a golden design earring featuring easy to open and lock mechanism. Fits perfectly for any daily outfit and be used as a great gift for somebody. The simple design does not mak... read more »

Good for daily use

05 Mar, 2018
Nice pair of earrings that will go and compliment any outfit you wear. Can be used daily not just for special occasions making it perfect as a gift or your personal use. It is simply designed with a g... read more »

Drink healthy!!!

05 Mar, 2018
Feels really good drinking and knowing that this tea gives you health benefits including helping you lose some of your unwanted weight. The pack is designed to last for 14 days although your mileage m... read more »

Super versatile remote control RGB strip

05 Mar, 2018
Satisfy your RGB cravings with this LED strips by sticking it anywhere you want and getting some cool light effects. Super versatile and easy to install rgb strip that is somehow different from your r... read more »

Very versatile

27 Feb, 2018
Excellent charging cable choice to bring if you are carrying multiple devices of different kinds. Very versatile offering a lightning port, 2 micro USB, the old and new ports, and the almost forgotten... read more »

Perfect for long food storing

25 Feb, 2018
Very durable and well made food storage containers with easy to open and close air tight lids. Comes with 5 different containers each with different sizes for different purposes and they are all made... read more »

Huge charging capacity

19 Feb, 2018
Not the smallest power bank out there but it is decent in size being able to fit inside your pocket with no problem. The texture is really comfortable with  a smooth finish and simple design with... read more »

Stylish but, not so top quality

19 Feb, 2018
Nice pair of sunglasses with a very reflective and colored glasses. They’re also polarized which is great during sunny days. The hinges are screwed nicely and it comes with extra screws and a sc... read more »

Perfect drawing set

04 Feb, 2018
The complete set of tools that you need to start your drawing career as a professional or just simply as your hobby. It comes with all the accessories that you need to draw, sketch, or trace any of yo... read more »

The ultimate painting set

04 Feb, 2018
Whether you are trying to be the next Picasso or just expressing your mind on a canvas, this painting set has everything you need to start in the right way. It includes 24 oil paint, an astonishing 25... read more »

Super fine writing

04 Feb, 2018
Super fine tip pens with pack of 5. Easy to use and comfortable to hold with removable caps to make sure that the tips doesn’t get dry over time. Suitable for precise  work such as drawing,... read more »

Small size with real sized drone features

26 Jan, 2018
Nice pocket and travel size drone to bring with you on your adventures to capture the greatest memories and views of the moment. It does not have a controller and can only be controlled with your mobi... read more »

Comfortable and very soothing

25 Jan, 2018
Comfortable and stretchable foot sleeve. Smooth and graduated fabric infused with copper for a soothing effect on your feet, alleviating it from some stress and making you feel more comfortable. Breat... read more »

Decent RC drone

25 Jan, 2018
It is a decent drone or RC quadcopter with nice features such the live streaming capability that allows you to see in real time what the drone sees from the air on you mobile device. It can also take... read more »


18 Jan, 2018
Great tempered glass screen protector for your mobile device. Now that the new iphone is all screen, it has more area from which stalkers can take a quick peek at what you're doing. With this scre... read more »

Learn while having fun

07 Jan, 2018
Great world map to be used as a wallpaper decoration in your room. Offers knowledge and fun at the same time specially for kids since they can mark, scratch, and write on it however they want. The inc... read more »

Smart Wifi PLug

05 Jan, 2018
Really nice and comes in very handy in certain cases. The plug is round and might block adjacent wall plugs or sockets if they're close to each other which will make the oher plug unusable. Other... read more »

Huge umbrella

03 Jan, 2018
Huge and wide double layer polyester canopy design covering a wider area, making it stronger against strong gusts of winds and preventing it from deforming. The handle is beautifully designed with a w... read more »

Hard to press button

03 Jan, 2018
It feels really well made with some decent weight to it giving it a nice quality built and feel to it. It is also portable enough for you to carry around with your musical instruments without occupyin... read more »

Go green

28 Dec, 2017
Nicely built solar powered LED light with built in rechargeable battery. Features a simple on and off button on the back and what is nice about it is that it does not always turn on but, turns off the... read more »

Quality LED light fixture

23 Dec, 2017
Premium design 8W LED light fixture perfect for the kitchen or center tables. Has a nice chromatic look and finish to it on the ceiling block and light body. It is simple to assemble and require minim... read more »

2-in-1 yeah

20 Dec, 2017
Versatile 5 feet 2 in 1 USB type C with nylon braiding for added durability and reliability. It can be used as a usb type A to C or USB type C to C with the adapter included making it very versatile i... read more »

Okay for what it is

20 Dec, 2017
Simple white metal organizer to store and showcase your jewelry collection and have easy access to them anytime you feel like you need to wear one of them. It looks good and has many hooking points to... read more »

500 pack zip ties!!!

17 Dec, 2017
500 pack of black and white zip ties. Very useful with a wide variety of purposes such packages, bags, boxes, cable organizers, and more. Comes with 4, 6 ,8 ,10, and 12 inches in length which is nice... read more »

Made for her

16 Dec, 2017
Colorful tote bag definitely made for her with white and red stripes color combination and simple design in the center. Made from durable canvas material, it will last long and for many uses. Features... read more »

Oversized Bag

16 Dec, 2017
All around bag for daily use or outing bag. Big size allows you to stuff it with a lot of things and close it securely with a zipper closure. Handle is pretty durable and stylish at the same time boas... read more »

Beach vibes bag

16 Dec, 2017
Cute bag with a beach vibe to it. Pretty big and oversized as advertised allowing you put a lot of stuffs inside. The design is nice as well with a black and white stripes pattern and an anchor mark.... read more »

Durable nylon laundry bag

15 Dec, 2017
Heavy duty nylon laundry bag equipped with a drawstring rope for securely locking the clothes inside. Measuring 24” by 36”, you can put loads of clothes inside without worrying about any k... read more »

Easy installation and simple to use

13 Dec, 2017
Easy to use and install dashboard camera recorder for your car. It is recommended to have a camcorder inside your vehicle in case of an accident to have evidence of what happened. Especially if its ca... read more »

Very versatile

13 Dec, 2017
Excellent roll of foil tape to use for small projects, repair certain devices, and prevent electromagnetic interference. It is very conductive just like your regular wire since it is made from copper... read more »

Perfect for decorating room with pictures

13 Dec, 2017
Very unique way of showing all of your memorable pictures by hanging them in this LED photo clip string light. Offering you with 50 clips overall each equipped with LED lights that gives your pictures... read more »

Convenient with added security

11 Dec, 2017
Super comfortable backpack and stylish in a way. Only offers you a small zippered pocket on the outside whose handle can be tucked away. There's also a dummy like zipper but, it actually allows yo... read more »

Fun and challengeful

11 Dec, 2017
Pack of 3 Rubik's cube of different sizes. A 2x2, a 3x3, and a 4x4. Easy and smooth twisting action for seamless hand movement with no effort. Feels great handling and features bright colored squa... read more »

Very convenient

08 Dec, 2017
Portable and convenient inflatable pillow both for your back and feet, making it perfect and very supportive for an optimal seating position. Material is very soft and durable which does not irritate... read more »

Super portable guitar amp

07 Dec, 2017
Small and very portable mini guitar amplifier with variable knobs to adjust the sound quality to your liking. You no longer have to disturb your parents nor your neighbor for playing your electric gui... read more »

Tools on the go

07 Dec, 2017
Very versatile screw driver tool kit to service any kind of device that you own whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or other electronic. You will be able to open it up with no problems and e... read more »

Greta audio for such a small mic

01 Dec, 2017
Probably the best clip on lapel mic that you can get without breaking your bank. It is not overpriced and offers a more bang for the buck as you can use it basically with any device that you own wheth... read more »

Beach day hat

01 Dec, 2017
Perfect hat to have if you live or going somewhere near the beach area. It is super portable and folds very easily without occupying any space at all in your backpack. Decent shade area coverage to pr... read more »

Super comfortable to use with rotary handles

23 Nov, 2017
16 pieces of screw driver repair tools to help you disassemble and open up devices that needs some repairs. Screw drivers has ergonomic handles that are really comfortable to hold and the top part rot... read more »

Multipurpose use brush

23 Nov, 2017
Antibacterial & multipurpose silicone rubber cleaning brush with heat resistant bristles. Perfect to use for cookware and safe to use on pans, non-stick pans and gentle on glassware as well. It is... read more »

Versatile melodica piano

22 Nov, 2017
Very portable melodica piano with 37 keys to play your own music piece or teach. Very portable size allowing you to carry it singlehandedly and securely thanks to the strap found on the back. Comes in... read more »

Sounds great but, cheap build

22 Nov, 2017
Nice over ear earphones that is playable through both bluetooth or through aux cable making it very versatile for choice of playability. Equipped with very comfortable earmuffs to go easy on your ears... read more »

Great flute, and it's removable too

22 Nov, 2017
Modular flute with food grade ABS for safe use on both adults and kids. The parts of the flute can be removed into three parts for easy carrying and comes included with a cleaning rod to keep it in ti... read more »

Very easy to use

21 Nov, 2017
Well made hair straightener with infrared light combined with a hot plate for the best results when you’re styling your hair. Features bright led light display on the handle to clearly indicate... read more »

Control your plucking

18 Nov, 2017
Pack of 50 guitar picks for you to use on your strumming practice or plucking. Sturdy and comfortable design with wide curve to rest your thumb and index finger although, not all guitarists prefer stu... read more »

Great audio quality and build

18 Nov, 2017
Great wired earphones to enjoy your music with built in mic for hands free calling and nylon braided cable to last long even after heavy use. Features clear and crisp audio quality with the silicone e... read more »

Natural with health benefits

17 Nov, 2017
Beautiful Himalayan salt lamp with dimmable knob to adjust the brightness and set the right mood in the environment or room. Has some really heavy weight to it so you have to be careful about putting... read more »

Great as a flashlight

17 Nov, 2017
Cool LED flashlight with built in speaker for entertainment. Flashlight is pretty strong and bright enough to be used as a headlight for your bike and only works through a USB port which is a plus bec... read more »

Very comfy and great sound quality

16 Nov, 2017
Crystal clear and crisp sound quality with some bass enhancement and noise isolation. Very comfortable body shape that goes over your ear for a secure fit and comes with extra pieces of silicone earbu... read more »

Really nice photo clip string light

16 Nov, 2017
Nicely made USB powered photo clip string light with strong clips to hold the picture in place but, soft enough as to not damage it. Every clip is equipped with LED lights that nicely shines the pictu... read more »

Side cutting can opener

16 Nov, 2017
Nice side cutting can opener leaving no sharp edges behind. Instead of just opening the lid, it just cuts the top lid entirely allowing you to get all the contents inside. Has a very ergonomic design... read more »

Very portable

16 Nov, 2017
Just what you’d expect from a guitar amplifier, crystal clear and crisp sound with fine tuning knobs in a small and portable size with a 10W amplifier. Very portable with a comfortable handle to... read more »

Exquisite pedal style tuner

11 Nov, 2017
Smaller than I thought it would be but, it does the jobperfectly and seamlessly. Excellent build quality with premium feel to it and it is very easy to operate and, if you're a musician, it&#... read more »

More ports!!!

11 Nov, 2017
Slim and sleek design makes it super portable allowing you to carry it inside your laptop backpack without occupying too much space. Gives you 5 ports overall with 3 being type A, a SD slot and a stan... read more »

Tiptop shape beard

10 Nov, 2017
Versatile shaping beard tool with 8 different guides to shape, cut, or trim your beard to the desired style that you want. With this shaping tool, you can keep your beard, mustache, neckline, and side... read more »

Make your device wireless

08 Nov, 2017
Super neat and versatile bluetooth receiver making any of your non wireless device wireless. It is fairly samll so it won't bother you like carrying a big piece of load and very simple to use with... read more »

Hub for more ports

08 Nov, 2017
Just exactly what you need if you want more ports available out of your mac book laptop. Really sleek and slim design makes it very portable and allows you to carry it everywhere with your laptop. It... read more »

Good Xbox power supply replacement

05 Nov, 2017
Good power supply replacement for my old xbox. Although I am planning on getting the newest one, I will try and see if this works with it as well as it says that it is compatible. But, it works great... read more »

Super versatile

04 Nov, 2017
Small and super versatile bluetooth receiver. It is amazing how you can connect it to any device that has an aux input jack and play all your songs with it no problem. It is like making non capable bl... read more »

Sweet mechanical keyboard

02 Nov, 2017
Beautiful mechanical keyboard with loud click, click feedback and bright LED lightning effects. It is a full sized keyboard with 104 keys and features anti ghosting functions for seamless experience w... read more »

Fun fidgeting toy

29 Oct, 2017
Solid all white fidget spinner with a decent spin time before stopping all the way. You can really feel that the bearing inside is not cheap but, rather made with quality materials. Feels really smoot... read more »

Smooth spin

27 Oct, 2017
Really well made fidget spinner with high quality bearing that lets it spin for quite some time with just one flick. The three other bearings are well stuck to their places and are not that easy to ta... read more »

Decent Performance

25 Oct, 2017
It holds enough charge that lasts for 3 days before it run out completely out of the box. I use my phone every now and then and I'm not those type of person who always stick their face on the... read more »

Smooth twisting action

22 Oct, 2017
Super nice with bright and colorful boxes and super easy to twist. Although the squares are only stickers, they're still decent and does not wear off easily with simlpe twisting. It is lightweight... read more »

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