Inflatable travel pillow for leg rest & head/back/neck pillow Bundle #double block valves to stop leaks# # Airplanes Kids’ Bed to Lay Down/sleep on Flights, cars, office, camping,home /breastfeeding
Price: $29.95
4.92 / 5   (11 Reviews)


Lumbar love!

09 Feb, 2020
You can't argue how uncomfortable seats on a plane are. I used this for lumbar support which made my 8 hr flight a lot more comfortable  i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #inflatib... read more »

Great quality, very soft, light weight & compact

27 Jan, 2018
 Excellent inflatable travel pillow bundle. Super easy to use. This can be set on the floor between seats to make it easier for children to rest and be comfy. You inflate it by mouth but it doesn... read more »

Great cushion for legs

31 Dec, 2017
I am very pleased with this travel pillow and neck pillow. I use it to elevate my legs and feet. It's just the right height for this. I also like the lumbar support pillow which is great for my ba... read more »

Sturdy blow up leg rest and pillow

18 Dec, 2017
I have been looking for something like this for awhile now so when I travel I can prop my legs up. I have RLG and keeping them in one position for to long of a time makes them start jerking and hurtin... read more »

portable air pillows

10 Dec, 2017
You get a lumbar pillow and a  foot stool pillow. Both each have thier own storage bag. The foot stool comes with a bottom cover to use when inflated to keep it clean when putting on the floor of... read more »

Very convenient

08 Dec, 2017
Portable and convenient inflatable pillow both for your back and feet, making it perfect and very supportive for an optimal seating position. Material is very soft and durable which does not irritate... read more »

Travel pillow

05 Dec, 2017
I have not used the items yet but i know this is perfect for going camping or traveling on long drives of even on a air plane. Great quality material and durable. read more »

Nicely Made

04 Dec, 2017
These pillows are really nicely made. The one larger pillow is a great leg rest and could be used for other things. The wedge shaped pillow is excellent for acid reflux or to just prop up to watch tv.... read more »

Excellent for a comfortable traveling experience!

30 Nov, 2017
I bought this on a whim, hoping that it would help with my sleepless flight days (I travel often). I inflated both, put the larger one by my feet to prop my feet up on, and the smaller one was my pill... read more »

#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Inflatablepillow

07 Oct, 2017
This pillow is very comfortable. Its perfect for on the plane or long car rides. It keeps my neck from being in pain. I use the leg rest at work and it's perfect to keep my knee from swelling. read more »

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