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I'm from New Mexico, a SW state in USA.
I'm a reviewer and I love a good deal. I also run a small Facebook page of quality reviewers and sellers. I have been reviewing on Amazon for over 5 years now. For a small pay pal free, or free product, I can proof read your product descriptions for English errors, and make them sounds more American on Amazon. I can help with product marketing questions as well.
Best wishes!
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Amazing robot vac

23 Nov, 2021
This vacuum is heavy duty. Perfect for a house with dogs. It's heavy so you know it's made good. The plastic is sturdy and very powerful suction. It has an air filter also. Ez clean up dirt co... read more »

Amazing lights

22 Nov, 2021
These lights are great for my backyard fence. They are well made and and have sturdy plug. They give the perfect amount of light. I love the clear design over the led.  read more »

Professional ring light

07 Mar, 2021
Bought this for my friend who is a professional online personality. He explains: "So the tripod stands about 3 1/2 foot tall.  But it also comes with the handheld monopod which can be a... read more »

Very bright

18 Feb, 2021
These motion sensor lights have a lot of coverage, I put them up around my house which is totally black at night. They do a great job of lighting up my yard and the neighbors yard too!  The mater... read more »

Amazing electric rachet

20 Jan, 2021
One of the best inventions ever, a powerful electric rachet. It's small enough to fit in any engine. I love how this one is made its very heavy duty. The design is simple yet tough. Comes with Ame... read more »

Very durable RGB lights

13 Dec, 2020
I purchased these to use on my vehicle as an underglow setup. They work great! Durable enough to use in the rain and snow ,yet small enough to run off of 9 volt batteries. I'll be buying more..... read more »

Beautiful very light

02 Jun, 2020
I bought this Rose for my daughter on Valentine's day oh, she loves it. She puts it on the dashboard in the car and everyone comments on it about how much they love it. Everyone asks us where we g... read more »

Perfect for stray dogs

02 Jun, 2020
I bought this taser for personal protection on my long evening walks. Every time a stray dog tries to attack me I just press the button for one second and it scares the dog away, I don't even have... read more »

Great stuff

02 Jun, 2020
I bought this to use on my cat who has stomach problems. The medicine works great to relieve his stomach problems but he hates the minty taste. I would suggest this works for dogs also. It also has a... read more »

Perfect for cars

27 May, 2020
I was able to cut off the AC / DC converter and took up with these lights directly to my fuse box in my vehicle. Please see the pictures for the final results. This LED strip light set is made of high... read more »

Perfect kitchen knife set

17 May, 2020
These knives are extremely sharp be careful when you get them. They work great because of the non-stick coating. I've had them for about a month now and they are still as sharp as the first day I... read more »

Precision tools

29 Nov, 2019
This set firs perfectly in my tool box and back pack. I really love the bendable attachment. It's perfect for fixing cellphones and other small electronics and appliances. I keep one in my glove c... read more »

Cool beanie

29 Nov, 2019
The sound is great, it's Crystal clear and loud enough for outdoor use. The beanie is comfy and warm. It stays charged for 2 days work normal use and the kids love them.    read more »

Parade ready led gloves. Super bright

27 Nov, 2019
The good thing about these gloves is that they are so bright. They would be perfect for parties, Halloween and School events. I got this pair for my daughter she is going to be in the Christmas parade... read more »

watercolor pens.

23 Oct, 2019
Best artist quality watercolor pens I have found so far. They are bold in color and flow very smoothly. The blending could be better, but I just use plain water on a watercolor brush for that. I'm... read more »

Cool mini swamp cooler

28 Aug, 2019
This mini swamp cooler is cool! It's tiny but puts out enough cool air to fill an office! The reserver is big enough to put ice water in and it lasts for about an hour. Please see video for descri... read more »

Perfect addition to a red kitchen

22 Apr, 2019
This have been the best toaster ever. It has big slots for bread or bagles, cool buttons, and perfect abount of red and chrome, my wife loves everything red in the kitchen and she loves this toaster.&... read more »

Amazing light bulbs

19 Apr, 2019
These are heavy duty light bulbs. The description says that they are for a candelabra but they really can be used for anything. They have a classic look and are crystal clear. They come in a heavy dut... read more »

Perfect HD monocular phone gadget

01 Apr, 2019
It's heavy duty construction is great. It's Finish almost feels like rubber, so it feels good in your hand. plenty of positions you can change it to. It fits just about any phone, mine is a no... read more »

Perfect for artists

27 Oct, 2018
These refill gel pens are perfect for any artist. They are fat and bigger than most refills so you can use them as a pen! Plenty of colors and even metallic. My daughter loves them. read more »

One of the best keyboards I have ever used.

24 Sep, 2018
This foldable keyboards syncs up very quickly on my Android and windows decides. Haven't used it in any Apple products yet. The charge last for weeks with regular use. When your done, amaze everyo... read more »

Awesome HD speaker

19 Sep, 2018
This is an amazing speaker. It comes with a built-in phone charger! It has four speakers and connect quickly to any Bluetoothconnect , also included with the speaker is a 3.5 mm auxiliary Jack so you... read more »

Simple fun

19 Sep, 2018
This is a clean and simple toy. It's a great fidget for any desk. There are no stickers to tear or fade away. This Rubik's Cube has a smooth feel to it as it Glides across your fingers. I woul... read more »

Perfect for a little lunch.

18 Sep, 2018
This is perfect for streaming just a small amount of food. It washed off with just a couple dios in soapy water and folds nicely in our kitchen drawer. I'm very happy and I got a second one for ca... read more »

Super bright led.

03 Jul, 2018
These lights are an amazing value! They're a little over 6 feet long and They are powered by USB! I use them on the truck. This is a strip tape LED set that comes with double-sided tape adhered to... read more »

Perfect for a sleek look.

31 May, 2018
This black on clear acrylic looks amazing, backlit by 2 blue leds. It charges the controllers very fast. It keeps them stacked nicely and neat. No overheating or weird high pitched noises.  read more »

Heavy duty off-road lights

25 May, 2018
These LED lights are super bright and cased in a super hard metal material. each light comes with the mounting brackets and they are easy to install on any vehicle. the finished product looks classic... read more »

Perfect for under car ground effects

21 May, 2018
I got this for my buddies 300m. The lights are easy to cut and rewire. Simple, just wire directly to the parking light switch. They would also be great for backlighting any appliance, cabnets, counter... read more »

Hover ball

19 Apr, 2018
Perfect for toddlers or larger babies. This toy floats on a thin layer of air, it only works on hard tile surfaces. It takes 4 AA Batteries and lasts for hours on end. Made of durable Plastic and foam... read more »

Awesome magical salt lamp

18 Apr, 2018
Breathing colors, this 4inch natural salt sphere looks awesome in the dark! Powered by a standard usb plug and had a wwal adapter as well. Perfect for the kids room, office or even in the porch.  read more »

Perfect for camping.

18 Apr, 2018
This led want has 3 different brightness levels and an sos function that blinks. It's small and simple to use. Great for camping or outfitte. I use mine to see while watering my garden early in th... read more »

Perfect little Bluetooth speaker

10 Apr, 2018
This speaker has an FM function, another record function, and Bluetooth function. It's really small and can easily fit in a backpack pocket or a pants pocket. The really great thing about this is... read more »

Perfect for camping!

02 Apr, 2018
This is 150 watt power inverter is great for emergencieseemergenc, or customizing your vehicle, you can even run a blender in your car! The casing is native quality material and it feels very sturdy.... read more »

Great for children

16 Mar, 2018
This Bluetooth speaker has an amazing graphic on the side, I got the lizard with headphones. It's loud and the sound quality is not bad. I like the built in fm function, and it charges fast. This... read more »

Great alternative to caffeine

09 Mar, 2018
I've been taking this Focus squared brand supplement for a couple of days now, and I can really feel a difference. I used to drink energy drinks and take caffeine supplements all day long in order... read more »

Perfect fit

08 Mar, 2018
These Bluetooth headphones fit around my neck perfectly. The found quality is great for the price! I love the fact that they look just like the crazy expensive brands and have the same quality but a f... read more »

Great magnetic head phones.

06 Mar, 2018
The sound quality of these headphones is just out of sight. It's also great that they have magnets to Clip around your neck when your hands are busy. The Bluetooth hookup is fast and easy. It also... read more »

Best bulb

05 Mar, 2018
This is the smartest lightbulb I have ever seen. I have had so many hours of fun with this gadget. This light will go to the beat of any song and you can adjust it to any color you twist. It's als... read more »


23 Feb, 2018
This is a full hid conversion kit that hooks up to just about anyany vehi. The lights are 6000k so they will be more than wnough bluish light. I'm very sarisfisa with the quality of this product.... read more »

Awesome tactical light

21 Feb, 2018
Yeto is my new favorite brand. This tactical flashlight runs off of 3 AAA batteries you have to buy yourself. It has a couple of settings which makes it fun for camping or bonfires. It's a little... read more »

Awesome fishing rod holder

13 Feb, 2018
This fishing rod holder is great. I can set my rod up first then I can help my children without worrying about getting a bite. It will snag the fish for you! It's an amazing gadget.  read more »

drawing kit with everything

13 Feb, 2018
I realy realy like this drawing kit. I like that it comes with more than just normal ordinary pencils and that it included charcoal pencils as well, and that every pencil has a difference. I like the... read more »

Awesome idea. Mason solar lights.

10 Feb, 2018
I got two of these, two pack solar light mason jars. They are amazingly bright, all you have to do is charge them up for a while and they stay lit all night. I'm going to place them in my backyard... read more »

Great head set

07 Feb, 2018
This headset is comfortable and confirms well to your head. The microphone can be adjusted up and down. there is no 3.5 jacket, it's just a USB plug-in play. Included in the box you'll get a C... read more »

Spaghetti veggies!

06 Feb, 2018
This hand crank spiral Vegetable Slicer is just like the old school apple peeler machines. You place the vegetable in the middle and turn the crank what comes out the other end is spaghetti shaped veg... read more »

Awesome art set.

06 Feb, 2018
This set includes everything you need to make an painting.  I would suggest this art set for any beginner. If you were to purchase all of this stuff separately at Walmart you would easily pay ove... read more »

Fast and easy to use.

06 Feb, 2018
This is one of the fastest obdII scanners I have ever used. The screen is high contrast and the on screen options are user friendly. I love the fact that you can check all your o2 sensors and even loo... read more »

One perfect Valentine's gift

05 Feb, 2018
This is a beautiful metal rose dipped in gold! They start off with a real rose then cover it in metal and dip it in 24k gold! The result is stunning. It looks great on your dest, on the night stand or... read more »

Awesome value for Apple users.

03 Feb, 2018
The cell phone chargers are very durable and heavy duty. The real value is the fact that you get at 3 cords for less than the price of a replacement iPhone lightning charger from Apple. And they are s... read more »

Perfect solar garden lights

03 Feb, 2018
These Bamboo solar lights match my garden perfectly. I use them outside in my backyard to add light in the garden. I really like the fact that they have removable brackets. You can just lift up a ligh... read more »

One great light

03 Feb, 2018
The amazing thing about this light is the amount of space it feels. I have this light mounted on my back porch and it feels the entire yard with light. It's easy to set up and the remote control i... read more »

Super Focus vitamins

01 Feb, 2018
I have been taking these vitamins for a couple of days now, and the results are amazing. On the first day I took one pill in the morning and took two in the afternoon. An hour after I took the first p... read more »

Heavy duty Perfect back scratchers

01 Feb, 2018
This five pack will really get that spot! They are extendable with different colored handles. He's back scratchers are made of high-quality metal and feel really sturdy in your hand. They do not B... read more »

Mini Bluetooth earbuds with Neodymium

31 Jan, 2018
The quality of this Bluetooth earpiece is second to none. Hneen uses Neodymium magnets, like some larger name brand companies.  This magnet packs so much bass and sounds clarity into such a small... read more »

Music Fly by poweradd yellow.

30 Jan, 2018
I have never owned a Bluetooth speaker as nice as this one. I can't believe the baseball you that is coming out of this heavy duty Bluetooth speaker. It's so amazing just speaker will stay cha... read more »

Musicfly by poweradd.

29 Jan, 2018
Let me start off by saying I would compare this speaker to any Bluetooth speaker made by Bose. I just can't believe the base quality of this device it is Extreme. And what's even better is tha... read more »

Bluetooth adapter

29 Jan, 2018
The set comes with everything you need to turn any device into a Bluetooth device. You can change your wired headphones into a Bluetooth pair of headphones with ease. I plug this into my vehicle at wo... read more »

Naisidier LED Photo Clip

28 Jan, 2018
Perfect for any artist or photographer. These are sturdy clothes hanger clips, used for hanging artwork or photographs, but you can really hang just about anything you want on these. The LED lights ar... read more »

Best solar light ever

28 Jan, 2018
This to pack of solar lights by poweradd is the best invention I have ever seen, the best solar light by far. For under $40 I can't believe what you get! These solar lights are waterproof, and loo... read more »

Lobkin sweat proof headset.

28 Jan, 2018
You can't go wrong for 20 dollars on Amazon. This brand is my new favorite brand. I love the Lobkin quality and price. I use these as a replacement for my iPhone headphones and the Lobkin set has... read more »

Perfect Digital scale

27 Jan, 2018
This scale works perfect for food. We are using it to sell jerky. It looks nice on our counter and it's stainless steel finish is very stylish and Sleek I would suggest this item to any profession... read more »

Awesome bar lights.

26 Jan, 2018
I bought a second set of these lights to put on my 1998 Ford Expedition. It gives a perfect updated look to the old style of the front end. I love that you can swivel them up and down after you instal... read more »

Super bright mini bar LED.

26 Jan, 2018
This 2 pack is perfect for aftermarket fog lights. They are really bright and have the perfect brackets for mounting. They swivel up and down so you can adjust the spot where you want it. Splice direc... read more »

Perfect fit

25 Jan, 2018
This case for my Galaxy S8 is a perfect fit, it has soft leather and is durable enough to withstand Falls from my height. The black styling of the covered looks professional and is great at the office... read more »

Beautiful led solar lights

25 Jan, 2018
This Little Light set is 72 ft long, it consists of fairy lights. It is waterproof and great for any occasion. The Cellar steak is easy to use and setup I set mine up in less than 5 minutes, and was p... read more »

Powerful headphones

25 Jan, 2018
These headphones actually stay charged for 5 hours! This is my favorite brand when it comes to Bluetooth headphones they fit in my ear perfectly. And the breeze quality of these headphones is just unb... read more »

Perfect for my backseat.

25 Jan, 2018
I am a window painter, so I'm always carried my pants with me in my backseat. I used this to keep my backseat free of paint and dog hair! It fits perfectly into the crevices of my backseat and kee... read more »

Soil meter

25 Jan, 2018
This soil meter is perfect for reading the acidity levels and the water levels in the soil. I used mine to save my poinsettia plant from Christmas. I can never get them to grow right and I figured out... read more »

Predict for camping or when the water freezes.

25 Jan, 2018
This solar shower bag is genius! It's simple and easy to put together you don't need any tools! My water froze the other day and I couldn't use my bathroom shower.  I used this in my... read more »

Perfect charger blocks for anything really.

25 Jan, 2018
There's no way I can live with out my USB chargers. I have them plugged into every outlet in the house and at work! They really do come in handy. I can charge my note 8 and my tab 10.1a in no time... read more »

Dual pack mini chargers

25 Jan, 2018
These say mini Bluetooth earbuds charger but I use them for my note 8, and it charges to 50! These have flashlights and come with a mini USB charging cord. I take mine with me everywhere. Planning on... read more »

Perfect for my fish tank

25 Jan, 2018
This awesome little plug can remotely control anything plugged into it. I use mine with Alexa, and Google. There is also an app that lets you use your phone as a switch. This is a cool design and it w... read more »

Super bright security light

23 Jan, 2018
This unit has an easy to use button to turn off the light and Motrin sensor. It comes with drywall mounts and looks great on siding it even brick. I put mine on the side of my house. My hand is in the... read more »

Awesome led lights.

23 Jan, 2018
This led string light will make a perfect lamp for the patio. You can arrange then in oversized mason jars and place them outside. They are waterproof and light blue. The lights are easy to put togeth... read more »

Amazingly bright light bar.

23 Jan, 2018
This light bar works so good I don't need my regular headlights! It's a high beam combo so you will need a relay switch for proper instillation. Don't do like me and splice in to your ligh... read more »

Convent collapsible food box.

22 Jan, 2018
I love this because I can fit it into my backpack on the trail when hiking. It comes with an easy to use fork and the 2 septate compartments make it great for snacking, my favorite thing to do! Easy w... read more »

Cool eye lash lights

22 Jan, 2018
These are so cool. 7 functions of lights for your eyes. Perfect for any costume or even Halloween. My friends daughter loves them. They are easy to wear and have a clip for the wires. The wires hide n... read more »

Awesome sound for sealed headphones.

22 Jan, 2018
Awesome quality headphones. I love the magnetic clip that keeps my head buds safe around my neck. I use this pair for gardening outside and they stay put. I recommend these to any active person. Aweso... read more »

Awesome sound.

22 Jan, 2018
These wired headphones have dual bass drivers and they sound amazing. The crystal clear sound had rich Bass tones that can only be achieved with dual drivers. They have a built in microphone and have... read more »

Gaming mouse

22 Jan, 2018
This one has 8 programmable buttons for any true gamer. It's high resolution and snappy speed make it user friendly. The ergonomic design is so comfortable, even for big hands like mine. I use it... read more »

Perfect for the office or break room

22 Jan, 2018
In this two pack, you get a medium size and a small size cutting board with rubberized handle grips. My wife uses them at work in her library, for snacks. They are convenient and easy to clean. They m... read more »

Amazing power!

21 Jan, 2018
This is a serious Bluetooth speaker. It has a rugged rubberized carrying handle, and is waterproof, but the most important thing about this little speaker is its power. At maximum volume this speaker... read more »

Great guitar pedal for any R&B music enthusiast.

21 Jan, 2018
This guitar pedal has a lot of different functions. Has a kind of funky and digital sound. The backlit dials and Sleek design make it perfect for on-stage performances, and it looks great with my othe... read more »

6500 kelvins! Heavy duity Led fog lights

20 Jan, 2018
This to pack of fog lights is the same price as buying one from other sellers. 6500 kelvins is the light rating and let me tell you this is really bright! These lights have a year-and-a-half warranty... read more »

This party light goes to the Beat of the Music.

19 Jan, 2018
This party light can be installed on the roof or placed on a lamp. The remote has hundreds of different functions and the light will beat to the sound of the music! I can sit and play with remote for... read more »

8 feet of yay!

19 Jan, 2018
These are great for costumes or the little nook in the kitchen. This is a USB led light set, so you could easily plug it into a pocket charger and install it in your car in your shirt or on your coffe... read more »

I love the gun metal gray color

19 Jan, 2018
This mouse is everything a gaming mouse should be. It is Sleek and ergonomically correct. This mouse is accurate and there is absolutely no lag on the screen. It would be perfect for any gamer or anyo... read more »

The coolest bug zapper

19 Jan, 2018
Tiny bug zappers that keep my fruit fresh! I plug these in by my fruit bowls and vegetables too keep the fruit flies away from the fruit. They are a great night light also. Great quiet design.  read more »

Set the mood. 100 led lights.

19 Jan, 2018
This is an end to end string of lights. They are very soft and bright. I am getting them ready to put on my porch and I had to try the chaser setting.  read more »

Portable power.

19 Jan, 2018
I never go anywhere without my portable power bank. This device will charge 2 Samsung note 8's from 50% to 100% in no time. The digital display will tell you the percentage of the power bank batte... read more »

Vibrant battery operated LEDs

18 Jan, 2018
This string of lights shines so bright! They are awesome for any BBQ or party. The best part about these lights is the fact that they have 8 settings my favorite one is the Chaser setting. They are si... read more »

Great for first aid kit

18 Jan, 2018
I bought this water filter straw for my first aid kit. It is simple to put together and easy-to-use although I have not used it yet I'm saving it for an emergency. Although I'm sure my kids wi... read more »

Perfect night light for astronomers or children alike.

17 Jan, 2018
This amazing LED night light will project thousands of stars all over your room with a push of a button.  It's simple and easy to use. It has 2 settings, colorful starts or natural bright whi... read more »

Sterio or standalone, waterproof and Bluetooth.

17 Jan, 2018
First off these speakers are, waterproof, the sound quality is crystal clear and it has really good base for small speakers, but they're really awesome thing about this speaker set is that they ca... read more »

Magic device.

17 Jan, 2018
This Bluetooth receiver adapter goes with me everywhere, all you have to do is plug it into your headphone jack and you can turn any old stereo into a new Bluetooth receiver.  I plug it into my c... read more »

Everyone asks me where I got my mouse

16 Jan, 2018
This mouse is so cool!!! I use it at work, not for gaming, although it would be an excellent gaming mouse. I bought it because of the breathing LED, which makes it a really nice addition to my office... read more »

Protection and power!

12 Jan, 2018
I bought this gold colored phone charger / case to change the look of my plain black iPhone. I love the color and it fits perfectly around all the holes and buttons on my phone. It's great because... read more »

Stylish looking tuner

12 Jan, 2018
Plugs directly into my guitar for tuning in the fly. It's bright and bills look make it a popular option for live performances. It's easier to read and use. I'm very satisfied with this tu... read more »

Awesome value little package

12 Jan, 2018
These guitar picks are great for large classes or 1 forgetful student. Lol I keep the box in my guitar case and sell them to the students! Great feel and natural sounds on acoustic 12-string or electr... read more »

Perfect fit for the note 8.

12 Jan, 2018
These screen protectors fit my Note 8 perfectly. I use them with a phone case that covers the screen a little bit and the screen protectors stay put, there are absolutely no bubbles or imperfections w... read more »

Make any appliance a smart appliance.

12 Jan, 2018
This is a smart little plug. It works with Alexa and also with the app. I love the fact that I can control my appliances with the touch of a button from my phone or by telling Alexa. This plug is simp... read more »

Heavy duty aux cords

12 Jan, 2018
Don't be the one without the music! This double pack of auxiliary cords is amazing. I am always the DJ Everywhere I Go so it's nice to have an extra set of aux cords, especially ones that look... read more »

I love this

11 Jan, 2018
I love the fact that I don't have to use 9 volt batteries for my guitar pedals anymore. This device will power up all my pedals and it saves me money on batteries. It works perfectly.  read more »

Powerbeast headphones.

10 Jan, 2018
These are so comfortable! The Bluetooth range is about 25 feet and they stay charged about 3 hours. I love the magnets in them they clip together to stay on your neck when not in use.  #RankBo... read more »

Comfy and great bass.

10 Jan, 2018
These wired headphones have great sound and awesome Bass. They are comfortable and sturdy. They are equipped with a microphone, a call button and a volume slider switch. They're great replacement... read more »

Red coil cord.

09 Jan, 2018
This is a bright red color which goes great with my red guitar. I love this cord and use it for live performances. It's was Great deal on Amazon!  read more »

Pocket power

09 Jan, 2018
This rechargeable charger is amazing. It takes a couple hours to charge fully but it keeps my note 8 and tab 10.1a charged all day. It has 2 USB outlets as well as a useful flashlight. Like the card s... read more »

Heavy duty metallic mesh charger

04 Jan, 2018
The good thing about this charger is that it has a woven metallic mesh surrounding the charger cord which makes it extremely heavy duty, very flexible hands tingle free. It's a great replacement c... read more »

Awesome Capo!

03 Jan, 2018
This capo works perfect. Its light and tight, simple and elegent looking with any dark guitar. The spring is strong and keeps it working time and time again.  read more »

Perfect for Android and Iphone!

02 Jan, 2018
This 3 foot charger has a connector that makes it compatible with Android and iPhones! It's rubberized for durability. I love mine, no more searching for 2 charger cords! read more »

Beautiful for Christmas

29 Dec, 2017
These are professional looking and easy to apply with plain water. I like the simple white color and design.  read more »

Great looking charger

29 Dec, 2017
This charger has the same male c charger plug at each end, no USB. It's great for connecting two phones together for data transfer. It's cool to look at and very strong. I give it 5 starts bec... read more »

Almost a fast charger

29 Dec, 2017
I use this on my wireless charger for my note 8. The value is great Because there is 2 charging blocks in the package. I keep one at home and one at the office. They charge really fast and look very s... read more »

Perfect for sleep overs

27 Dec, 2017
The built-in foot pump is what makes this air bed easy to use. We just roll it out and it makes an extra bed in minutes, the kids love it. It rolls back up into a nice package. Well worth the money. #... read more »

Cool little emergency lantern

26 Dec, 2017
This little box is amazingly bright. I take it outside in the morning to feed the animals. Its very simple and easey to use. Just press the middle. It fits easily in my pocket and pulls out easey for... read more »

Great Bluetooth scanner

24 Dec, 2017
This little thing works perfectly. My engine light has been on for months now. I scanned my 1998 Expedition only to find out that the gas cap was bad. This saved me countless trips to the mechanic whe... read more »

Heavy duty phone case

22 Dec, 2017
This phone case feels nice for my large hands. It's a rugged design looks nice and feels comfortable. It protects the phone while and has extra bumpers on all four corners. My charger fits nicely... read more »

Great classic sound

22 Dec, 2017
The distortion from this foot pedal is great if you want that classic sound. It's simple red design looks very nice next to my other guitar pedals. You will need to purchase a separate 9 volt adap... read more »

A must have for the guitar case.

22 Dec, 2017
These mugig guitar picks come in handy while performing. I keep them in my guitar case in case anyone else needs one too. The guitar picks are simple sturdy yet soft enough to get a quality sound from... read more »

Heavy duty tongs

22 Dec, 2017
This to pack of tongs looks amazing right out of the package. I have a red colored kitchen, so they look great sticking out of my utensil holder. I have used them in: boiling water to remove pasta, I... read more »

Genius musical planter device.

20 Dec, 2017
This planter is also a Bluetooth speaker, but that's not it, when the plants roots touch the metal prong you can play music and change the lights with a touch of the plants leaves. It's a cool... read more »

Really fast fast charger.

20 Dec, 2017
This charger chargers my note 8 in 15 minutes! I love it. It's easy to leave on the desk and just set my phone on it. It must not be Disturbed to work fast. It's simple, stylish and looks like... read more »

Fun groomer for dogs

19 Dec, 2017
This pet grooming glove Is amazing! I bought it for my daughter to use on my pit bull and 2 chihuahuas. The dogs will sit for hours while we pet and brush them at the same time. The pit bull loves it... read more »

Awesome tuner in a small package.

19 Dec, 2017
This tuner is amazing, It fits right in my guitar case. I can leave it clipped to my music stand and use it to tune up my guitar on stage or in-between performances. I love how colorful the backlit di... read more »

Amazing headphones

19 Dec, 2017
I love these headphones, they are light, comfortable, and stay charged all day long. I bring them to work because I drive all day. I need to use them as a hands-free device for my phone. I also listen... read more »

Awesome replacement charger.

18 Dec, 2017
These will great as a replacement c charger. I recently purchased a Samsung Note 8 and I don't like bringing its original charger with me to work so I purchase this one. I keep it at my computer s... read more »

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