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Huge set!

08 Sep, 2021
This set is perfect for my nieces and nephews. There's so much included that the sky truly is the limit. They have been having fun with making all sorts of random crafts perfect for kids and toddl... read more »

Cute play set

22 Aug, 2021
My nephew loves wearing his Halloween cop costume, so I purchased this. He loves it, now he pretends to arrest everyone for silly infractions. Cute set, worth the price as kids can play with it year r... read more »

Great set

14 Aug, 2021
Perfect for a beginner and/or child. Great set with everything you need other than watercolor paper. My nephew loves it read more »

Very nice

14 Aug, 2021
Decent quality, nice selection of colors and tissue is big enough for any size present  read more »

So cute

03 Aug, 2021
Cute little bakers chef hat and apron, cute little pieces perfect size for a toddler to play with read more »

Fun rainbow popper

03 Aug, 2021
Fun rainbow popper, kids love it and it's fun to absent mindedly pop it in and out  read more »

Very nice

03 Aug, 2021
Very nice selection of pressed flowers great for resin, lots of various pieces great for any piece read more »

Great molds

23 Jul, 2021
Good side and very sturdy, didn't warp and easy to remove the resin once it's cured read more »

Price inaccurate

08 Jul, 2021
Price was not accurate after code read more »


09 Jan, 2021
Lots of goodies any little princess would love! My niece enjoyed the gloves immensely.i can't wait til her ears fatten up a little bit so the clip ons hold! read more »

Can store lots of music

24 Nov, 2020
Akin to an iPod but not such a drain on the wallet! Stores 8 gigs of music and doesn't need to be charged but every week or two, makes an awesome gift for the Littles without worrying they'll... read more »

Sturdy and awesome

24 Nov, 2020
This makes for a sturdy rack. Easy to set up and don't really need any tools or a handyman knowledge to do so. Right now I'm using it as a storage for books and my crock pot! read more »

Just like Apple charger

24 Nov, 2020
These are just like Apple chargers for a fraction of the price. They're short enough that they're perfect for charging my phone in my car. Works nice, fast charge, good quality  read more »

Cute set for kids

21 Nov, 2020
This is a pretty nice set for children who are into playing outside and interested in nature! My nephew enjoyed playing with each piece  read more »

Great quality

01 Nov, 2020
Great quality, cute prints. My kid needed some for school and fit him nicely, perfect for young children 7 and under as well  read more »

Beautiful backpack

22 Jan, 2020
Lovely backpack that would be great for young and adult women to carry around either school books or a smaller laptop. Feels like it's made from material to keep it from getting wet. Spacy and lot... read more »


23 Dec, 2019
Beautiful shades that will fit nearly everyone. My two favorites are the darker reds. They look cute in the cigarette style box, like something you'd buy at a expensive shop. Haven't tested to... read more »


06 Dec, 2019
Cheap plastic, it did not work. It was junk and completely hollow  read more »

Beautifully Pigmented

13 Dec, 2018
I love the bold vibrant colors in this palette. You can create such bold and fierce looks with this palette! I️t is a must have in your makeup collection and is so worth the price without breaking ban... read more »

Well Made Case

07 Dec, 2018
lovely case, pretty picture. It's sturdy feeling and we'll made, but unfortunately didn't fit my old kindle, but fit my cousins nicely and hasn't yet cracked from dropping on on concre... read more »

Beautiful Leather Journal

07 Dec, 2018
This leather journal is perfect for any writer, artist, or adventurer. There's nothing like unlined paper that makes me feel like some sort of historical drama. This does not disappoint. I... read more »

Weapon or Deco?

24 Mar, 2018
The candlestick holder is very sturdy and had no breakage despite being shipped in a bag and stuffed in my small mailbox. I had hoped it would come with the glass ball but unfortunately I didn't r... read more »

Cute and huge

24 Mar, 2018
This is by far the easiest DIY thing I've ever created, especially making something out of provided pieces. Fortunately, the directions are concise and easy to follow and I was able to set this up... read more »

Great & Affordable

10 Mar, 2018
This Lavandin cake turntable is the perfect size for any baker. It comes already set up and ready to use, complete with nonslip pads, a flower-making kit, two icing tips, one coupler,  one flower... read more »

Unique Sounds

15 Feb, 2018
Mugig's clasic Britis Style Distortion pedal truly has a unique sound, without having to utilize software to achieve it and for a small price that doesn't break bank the way expensive pedals a... read more »

Beautiful And Warm

19 Dec, 2017
This is the cutest blanket. I purchased it for a Christmas present and wanted to keep it for myself. It's definitely great quality and thick enough to keep your legs and feet warm on a cold winter... read more »

Easy WiFi

01 Dec, 2017
The Zoweetek USB WiFi Adapter is a great value for 15.99. It's very low profile with just a small USB plug in that's shorter than your typical jutting junk drive, and does a stellar job of con... read more »

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