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Works great

04 Apr, 2019
The charging cable has a good length and works just as quickly as other cables I've purchased in the past. No issues or wear and tear in the week or so I've been using it. It seems well-made,... read more »

Very handy!

04 Apr, 2019
One of my dogs is scared of traditional nail trimmers, so I decided to give these a try. The experience was much, MUCH better than usual! They were easy to charge, not noisy enough to scare her, and t... read more »

Cute pajama set!

28 Mar, 2019
This is an adorable pajama set that is well-made as well as cozy. It's a t-shirt material, so it's comfortable to sleep in, do morning chores, etc. The fit was perfect (a true L/XL) and the ma... read more »

Very handy!

04 Mar, 2019
This beard-shaping template is great! My husband had been asking for one of these and this one looked perfect for him.. When it arrived we both thought it looked to be of good quality, just thick enou... read more »

Works great

02 Dec, 2018
This exfoliating brush set is well made and effective! I've been using it for a week now and I definitely have noticed less razor irritation along my bikini line. It also helps to exfoliate dry wi... read more »


18 Nov, 2018
The cake circles are perfect for my needs. They are just thick enough to hold a heavy cake, and the foil makes it look fancy. There was a nice variety of samples in the package, as well. I'll be u... read more »

Love everything about this little speaker!

19 Oct, 2018
I bought the speaker purely for the retro aesthetic, but I'm very pleased with the sound quality as well. It gets LOUD, and is much more clear than my last bluetooth speaker. The sound quality and... read more »

Great pan!

15 Sep, 2018
I've always wanted a springform pan for making cheesecakes, and this one was perfect. It's a great size, comes with a lid and spatula, and is every bit as sturdy as some I have considered buyi... read more »

Great pack of flags!

11 Sep, 2018
There are a ton of sturdy flags in this pack, and I have a ton of uses for them. The wooden stick "pole" makes them ideal to stick in holiday wreaths, plant into the lawn, or hand out at a F... read more »

Sweet dandelion charm!

10 Sep, 2018
What a charming necklace! The dandelion seed is perfect and unblemished, and nestled snugly into a clear oval case. There are no flaws that I can see. I've worn it a few times already and have got... read more »

Great set for school!

07 Sep, 2018
I got this for my daughter, who is a freshman in college. She was super happy to have the study tools! Great pens for taking notes, and they write smoothly and clearly. Stickies for marking pages in t... read more »

Very well made!

31 Aug, 2018
I love these workout shorts! The fit was perfect with just the right amount of compression. The fabric feels high-quality and nice on my skin (no chafing). I wore these on a three-mile walk and they r... read more »

Good for you, great flavor!

31 Aug, 2018
My husband and I follow the keto diet, and it's recommended that we get plenty of salt. The minerals in Himalayan pink salt make it the ideal salt for our diet, so I was very pleased to try out th... read more »

Feel nice, holding up okay so far

29 Aug, 2018
The yoga pants seem to be well made. I've washed and worn them twice so far with no issues. The material doesn't feel too rough on my skin, which is a bonus. I love high-waisted pants since th... read more »


10 Aug, 2018
I adore this bracelet. I wear a neutral pallette and it complements most things I own, from jeans and a sweater to some of my nicer dresses. It's well-made and just different enough to be interest... read more »


06 Aug, 2018
I bought this for my sister to wear in her upcoming wedding. We did a trial and it looked lovely with her hair curled and the bottom rolled up...hard to describe, but it is gorgeous and the headband a... read more »

Awesome little gadget!

31 Jul, 2018
I found the mandoline slicer incredibly easy to use. So far I have tried cucumbers zucchini. The cucumber I made into thin slices for a cucumber salad, and the zucchini I sliced into thin strips. Neit... read more »

Easy to use

23 Jul, 2018
So far the iPhone flash drive does exactly what the listing claims. I downloaded the app and used the memory stick to download my photos. I then plugged it into my laptop and the photos transferred wi... read more »

Was impressed straight away

19 Jul, 2018
The packaging for these earphones was pretty amazing. They were packed into a sturdy box with every component protected. I could easily have given these as a gift! I'm no audiophile, but for me th... read more »


19 Jul, 2018
The case is attractive and well-made. I love the way the outside of the case has two different textures. It makes it a little different from other cases, in a good way. The case is thin but sturdy and... read more »

Well made

14 Jul, 2018
Looks sharp. Went on easily and is holding up well. Feels vice on the hands. Very pleased! read more »

Pretty, works well

14 Jul, 2018
The lava rocks on the bracelet absorbed my patchouli oil pretty much immediately and have been giving off scent the two times I have word the bracelet. It's attractive and well-made, and goes with... read more »

Works well

12 Jul, 2018
This USB hub transfers data quickly, and it doesn't heat up too much while using. Great for multi-tasking! Looks clean and well put-together. Happy with this purchase!  read more »

Works well

10 Jul, 2018
My husband drives a lot as part of his job, so he uses his cellphone mount nearly daily. The magnet was coming loose from an otherwise good holder, so I got him this. It was easy to apply and is holdi... read more »

Lovely set of candles

10 Jul, 2018
These candles came in crackled glass, reusable holders that are just charming. They come in lavender, lemon, and rose (though to be honest the rose scent smells more like a delicate baby powder). The... read more »

These are so handy (no pun intended)

06 Jul, 2018
My husband goes to yard sales as a hobby, and sometimes they start before the sun is up or they're in dark storage buildings. He used to wear a headlamp and just bring everything up close to his f... read more »

Easy to take

06 Jul, 2018
The pills are medium-sized liquid gels and are very easy to swallow. I've been taking them for a little less than a week, but I have noticed that I am experiencing slightly less anxiety. I am VERY... read more »

Good case

05 Jul, 2018
Went on easily, seems well made and sturdy. It's gotten about a week's worth of daily use with no signs of wear. It's holding up well and I would buy it again. read more »

Nicely made

30 Jun, 2018
Fabric feels nice, printing looks good. No loose threads or anything like that. Funny shirt that fits well and my daughter loves! Would buy it again. read more »

Works well

27 Jun, 2018
One of the adaptors did work with my faucet with little to no leakage. It was SO much easier to wash my dogs with this, rather than with cups of water as we had been doing previously and I feel that i... read more »

Super cute

22 Jun, 2018
The band is nice and thick, easy to adjust. My dog has been wearing it for several days now with no problems. It's staying on well as the clasp is very secure, and the metal loop that attaches to... read more »


21 Jun, 2018
The grinder is cute enough to display, came very well-packaged, and works great! Easy to use and clean, Colors are vibrant. I would buy it again! read more »

Easy to apply, works well

16 Jun, 2018
The screen protector went on easily when I followed the directions. Smoothed out nicely with no bubbles. Does not affect my phone screen sensitivity and appears to be lasting with no lifting. I would... read more »


09 Jun, 2018
My husband really likes this! He's so rough on his Apple watch and this came in handy for him. Not flimsy at all and easy to use. Would buy it again! read more »


06 Jun, 2018
Very strong comb, able to handle both my cat's long hair and my dog's shorter, wiry hair. I've used it 10+ times since receiving it with no issues. It enables me to comb their fur quickly... read more »

Works well

27 May, 2018
Cable charger is as described. Seems sturdy and charges well, and is tangle-free so far, even though I have a cluttered desk. I would purchase it again. #RankBoosterReview #SponsoredHAM... read more »

Good little case

27 May, 2018
The case fits well and is very unobtrusive. I like the look of my phone and wanted something to protect it without changing the appearance, and this fit the bill. It seems sturdy enough, and I have be... read more »

Works well

25 May, 2018
The comb is sturdy and effective! Goes through  my cat's fur without snagging and is easy to clean. We both enjoy her grooming time, and this comb gathers up a ton of loose fur to make her mo... read more »

Great protectors!

23 May, 2018
I've used one so far and it went on so smoothly! No bubbles at all. Application was easy and I can't even tell it's on there. I would definitely buy these again. read more »

My dog loves it!

10 May, 2018
We just got it in yesterday, but we've filled it for her twice. We just use her regular food but she is crazy for it! She won't stop until every last nugget is gone. The plastic is sturdy and... read more »

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