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Very great strip lights!

10 Mar, 2022
They come with a remote control, all of the lights light up, comes with accessories to hang them up, they dim and Color change is fluid. Very good lights, my son loves them.  read more »

Cute piece, it's smaller than I thought too.

10 Mar, 2022
I love this item, it's cute and it's functional. It's exactly as pictured in the description, and I didn't realize it's made of plastic, but that makes it lighter and the adhesive... read more »

A really great solution to a really serious issue...

27 Sep, 2021
I got this for my 14 year old son who has ADHD and behavior issues while in school, and after a meeting with his teachers and assistant principal, and came to the agreement that he needs an item like... read more »

Worked well and very easy to use.

26 Sep, 2021
This stand is definitely worth the price, it's functional and doesn't need alot to do its job. It fit my 15.6 inch laptop no prob, and I tested if for that but I intend to attach a flat tray o... read more »

Good cords, very fast!

26 Sep, 2021
It's day 2 and these cords are all good, I tested all 3 of them, all 3 work, and they're very fast. 10 feet long so great for if you need to use your phone during charging. Will be testing on... read more »

This product works!

24 Aug, 2021
I've never tried a suction toy before,  and I have to say I think they're pretty great! The suction mode is quiet which is a plus, and it has 10 modes of vibration and 10 modes of suction... read more »

Great socks.

25 Apr, 2019
Very nice socks, they are soft, stretchy, but durable, super comfy. I was able to wear them to work as a hotel housekeeper and they held up greatly. I will probably buy them again for the great price.... read more »

Sweet highlighters!

25 Mar, 2019
Awesome set, all colors were packaged nicely, all work well, great smooth texture and dries instantly, doesn't rub off the paper at all!! Definitely recommend to future customers!! read more »

Awesome set

25 Mar, 2019
Great set of packing cubes, good for small 1 or 2 day trip. Has 3 cubes, 2 garment bags, one for shirts and one for socks, and a shoe bag. Gray in color. I will recommend this for people considering p... read more »

Great lights!

01 Mar, 2019
My package arrived on time and all was intact. They worked well and have a lot of great features! Includes a remote control. I will buy another set to go round the top of the room. And I would recomme... read more »

Bright colors and soft!

20 Sep, 2018
The yarn arrived right on time, it's beautiful, I just wish the skeins were larger, they are great but small. I will probably order this again more than one package because I want to make things w... read more »

Super soft and comfy and warm.

20 Sep, 2018
I ordered these for my son for winter in North Dakota. They are great. They will be very warm this year for him. I will probably buy these for myself as well. Good price and great product and arrived... read more »

These doorstops work just as expected.

20 Sep, 2018
They came to my PO box a day late but they jumped on that and credited my account for $5 as well as being there the next day, and they are great! I will use them every day at work, I'm a hotel hou... read more »

They are great pants!

20 Sep, 2018
I love the pants, they fit beautifully, they are long enough for my legs, and I am 5'9" so they are very long. I will buy these again for the price of them! I recommend them to anyone looking... read more »

Cool ice molds!

14 Sep, 2018
They came quickly, the package was intact, the ice molds work well, I got 3 black and 1 pink in my package. They didn't have a funnel like on the picture, but I don't know if it was supposed t... read more »

Nice earbuds!!

03 Sep, 2018
I'm pleased with these earbuds, they are cool and they sound good! Clean sounding with good bass. I would buy these again. read more »

Everything is there that the parts guide shows.

30 Aug, 2018
All of the pieces are here according to the parts guide that comes with the set. However thrre is no instructions book or anything. I have no idea how to assemble it or use it. read more »

Great spatulas.

23 Aug, 2018
These are great, they are heavy duty, flexible, and no removable handle so very much cleaner and more sanitary for cooking. I will definitely be buying them again if I ever need to replace them, and I... read more »

Great earplugs.

14 Aug, 2018
These came very quickly and they have been wonderful for me to get a good night sleep. They are packaged by the pair, and come with a cute little carrying case if you need to carry them with you. Howe... read more »

Beautiful earbuds!

21 Jul, 2018
These are great earbuds and they are gorgeous. They have great sound quality and they have a cool carrying case too. They also include 3 sets of earbuds covers too in 3 sizes. Definitely would buy aga... read more »

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