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From tampa bay florida.. been reviewing on other platforms for two years. enjoy the products and helping others with reviews of products.
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Great handy tool

17 Oct, 2022
Keep one in my bag.  My iPods always get dirty.  Great tool to keep them clean.  read more »

Great work light.

17 Oct, 2022
Super bright light..  works great on handy jobs in the garage while i work on my cars.  read more »

Good tool to have on the go.

17 Oct, 2022
Keep one in each of my cars.  Great for traveling read more »


17 Oct, 2022
Every grill master needs one of these bad boys!! ✊ read more »

Great pillow.

02 Sep, 2022
Pillows  are comfortable but a lil too soft for my liking.  But a good buy read more »

Every griller needs one!

06 Jul, 2022
No more fighting to see the food on the grill when it gets dark. No more headlamp's. These are strong and bright!!  read more »


12 May, 2022
A must  have in every car!  Great for emergencies and powerful. Wont burn out on you like these other cheaper ones!  read more »

Must have!!!

31 Jan, 2022
A must have in the kitchen. My wife loves them. Wontbput them down. Great material, strong and sturdy.  read more »

Just what the kitchen needs!

05 Jan, 2022
Truly a gem in the kitchen to have!  Precise cooking measurements.   read more »

Easy no plugs!! Just solar.

16 Dec, 2021
They work amazing right out the box.  Lit up our palm tree beautifully for Christmas  read more »

Best stool ever!

11 Nov, 2021
Sturdy and always ready to go! Love the stool. read more »

Love this massager

09 Nov, 2021
Me and my wife enjoy it very much.  Very powerful and relaxing at the same time! Highly recommended  read more »

Didn't Disappoint at all.

26 Oct, 2021
Fully charged and powerful right out the box.  Went almost two days with out any charging! Definitely highly recommended.   read more »

Made the shower even better!

27 Aug, 2021
Now we have space for everything we want in our shower.. me and my wife always had hard time finding more space for our essentials. But now we have all the space we need. read more »

Never stranded again!!

27 Aug, 2021
This thing is amazing! Can jumpstart anything. Heavy duty and well worth the money! Must have item in you car for emergencies!  read more »

Keeping cool!

17 Aug, 2021
I work outside and this keeps me cool and calm. Great investment and highly recommended.  read more »

Life saver..

09 Aug, 2021
Saves me time from shredding everything! Great lil gadget to have in your office.  read more »

Finally something that works

09 Aug, 2021
So much easier than shredding..  saves me time and money.  read more »

Wow these are nice!

09 Aug, 2021
My wife loves them so much.. lift butt and makes u look super slim.   read more »

Great hub for office..

21 Jul, 2021
Fits like a charm in the office. Everyone loves it.   read more »

Great lights.

14 Jul, 2021
Super bright lights! Only problem is one broke right out the box.  Could be a lil bit stronger.  read more »

One of the best!

29 Jun, 2021
This cutting board is made from a light material.  The wood fibers make the board easy to clean..  great to have in any kitchen. read more »

They fit like a glove.

29 Jun, 2021
My wife loves them. There a lot better than zome of the expensive ones shes purchased.  Strong material and fits very nicely.  read more »

Great for grilling!

29 Jun, 2021
Great for grilling or everyday use around the kitchen. Its a must have for me!  read more »

Best power strip..

21 Jun, 2021
This is like a must have in a big family household! Keeps everyone charged up.  And wireless charger on top is the coolest feature. read more »

Love it!!

16 Jun, 2021
Great for my office desk!!! Keeps me cool during my meetings!   read more »

Best multiplug station

13 Jun, 2021
When my house is full of guest. This is the perfect lil charge station that i  ever had read more »

Bright but could be a little brighter.

04 Jun, 2021
Great light i put it in the garage.  Its bright but it could  be a little brighter.   read more »

Pool is clean

04 Jun, 2021
Perfect everyday tool for our pool. Keeps it clean daily.  Wonderful and sturdy!  Highly recommended for pool owners  read more »

This is cool

06 May, 2021
This lil tool can handle so many different things! Perfect to keep in tool box.   read more »

Best light Ever!

25 Apr, 2021
Perfect for our two car garage! Lits up the whole area. Super bright!  Love the light!  read more »

Totally best winter investment!

12 Feb, 2021
Went to smoky mountains for vacation with the family and this electric hand warmer worked like a charm!  Instantly providing heat.   read more »

Every man needs a tool like this!

04 Jan, 2021
Every man needs a tool like this!  Cut my mechanic work load down big time.. Even lil projects around the house go a lot quicker.   read more »

Just what I needed

04 Jan, 2021
My iPhone needed a new c port charger. And this fixed my problem! Great and super fast charger.  read more »

My own Bartender

03 Dec, 2020
Im my own bartender at comfort of my home. My guess love them.  Cant get enough.. no more watered down drinks.  read more »

Great lighting

03 Dec, 2020
I use the light when im cutting hair.. and i like to record my work while i style my clients! Great lighting  read more »

Love the Gloves

17 Nov, 2020
Sleek new gloves for my run.  Really nice and warm. Love the fact i can control my phone screen with them.  read more »

Lights are amazing

17 Nov, 2020
These lights rock! We put them in our shrubs and everyone loved them.  read more »

Great pair!

17 Nov, 2020
Sleek new gloves for my run.  Really nice and warm. Love the fact i can control my phone screen with them.  read more »

Makes life Easy!

28 Oct, 2020
Helps me out with the brake jobs big time.   read more »

Good Set

22 Oct, 2020
Good set..  has every size you need.  Magnetic tips are a plus! Love them  read more »

Great Adapter

22 Oct, 2020
Adapter work great. And crystal clear sound in my car! Finally something that works!  read more »

Ok Cut.

19 Oct, 2020
A lil weaker than I expected but could be a lil more powerful. Good for emergencies but not every day cutting. read more »

Sleek design.. Nice Clippers

19 Oct, 2020
Love these.. smooth cutting and recharging is a breeze!  Love the design on the clippers they match my cape.  read more »

Real Deal

19 Oct, 2020
Clippers are great. Cut really nice and love the way they feel. And long battery llife.  It read more »

Best sleep

07 Oct, 2020
Love my mask!  Pitch black and relaxed!   read more »

Works like a charm.

04 Sep, 2020
No more having to move tv every time i need to get behind it.  Easy access.. good quality and ease with switching between devices.   read more »

Just what I’m looking for.

10 Aug, 2020
Covers the whole area when im cutting my hair or my kids. Strong durable material.  read more »

Every guy needs one!

10 Aug, 2020
No more messing my beard lines up! Perfect match on both sides.  Great gift as well.  read more »

Now i have space!

05 Aug, 2020
These have created so much space in my cabinets.. now all my spices can fit and alot easier to see them without having to shift everything around.  read more »

Wow! Love that there cordless!

05 Aug, 2020
These clippers are powerful and love the fact that i can move freely with them being cordless.. unique good look and design.  Very nice.  read more »

Can’t live without this!

27 Jul, 2020
Cant go anywhere with out this! I grill and smoke a lot and this is a handy tool for any chef! Accurate 100%. Great product. The hold function is awesome.  read more »

Best Tactical UV lights

15 Jul, 2020
These lights are super bright.  Light up a whole room.  UV lights are amazing.   Dont be surprised by what they pick up.  Highly recommended.  read more »

Wife loves it...

09 Jul, 2020
Great product.  My wife uses it religiously.  She also uses it with a facial cerium.  Jade stone look is beautiful  read more »

Great masks..

23 Jun, 2020
Masks are flexible and easy to breath threw.. great value.   read more »

Good garage tool

13 Feb, 2020
A great tool to keep around the garage.. very accurate tool.  Hasn't let me down yet.   read more »

Perfect for Automotive Shop

18 Jan, 2020
Comes in handy  at my repair shop.. this lil set has saved my life  a few times.   read more »

Elite Sound

18 Jan, 2020
Speaker is wonderful! I use it in my office to listen to music and too take phone calls. Crystal clear sound.  Couldn't be happier.  read more »

No more plugs! Just need a lil sun.

16 Dec, 2019
Me and my wife love these Christmas lights! We put them in our bushes and the light up beautifully.  Different modes are nice as well.  And no hassle with extension cords.  read more »

Great lunch Box

16 Dec, 2019
Lunch Box is just what I needed. Well insulated keeps things really hot or really cold.  Great for everyday commute.  read more »

Just right for Christmas!

01 Dec, 2019
Makes our shrubs come alive for Christmas!  Loghys are beautiful and you dont have to plug in a thing. Thanks to being solar powered. read more »

Great party speaker!

18 Nov, 2019
The speaker sounds amazing!  Battery lasts forever. My family loves the new speaker.  Great addition to the family  read more »

Love this starter pack

18 Nov, 2019
Best jumper cables i could ask for!! Great to travel with.  read more »

Great OBD Scanner

13 Nov, 2019
I Am happy with my scanner. Erased the engine code in my kia Rio. No problem .  Easy set up read more »

Just what i needed!

08 Nov, 2019
Great tool to have at home! works great. erases engine light code. very imformative. read more »

Never lose my keys!

04 Nov, 2019
Im always misplacing my keys for work. But with this device. I will never lose them again.   Very accurate with gps location  read more »

Beautiful piece

04 Nov, 2019
Beautiful piece and love the chain. It was just a little short for me. Needed a lil bit more length. So i will return for exchange. But highly recommended. read more »

Amazing baby monitor

04 Nov, 2019
Works beautifully with our new grand baby.. lullaby feature is nice. And the video quality is great.  read more »

Great plugs

29 Oct, 2019
The plugs are a great addition to my automated living lifestyle!  read more »

Love it!

02 Oct, 2019
Use it at my desk at work and its sleek and quiet clicks! The Bluetooth feature is nice as well!  read more »

Great concept but lacking a little

30 Sep, 2019
The mask is great. Blocks out light and Bluetooth speakers are a nice touch but on arrival the product was a little defective with the nose bridge in the middle. And one of the speakers are a lil fuzz... read more »

Great use! Works like a charm.

30 Sep, 2019
This has saved me and my customers at my shop. The convience of having three different ports available helps everyone who come by my desk.  read more »

Very nice!

12 Sep, 2019
Very nice.. me and my wife love it.  And the smell isn’t bad either!  And aloe vera used keeps skin feeling good. read more »

My dog loves it!

12 Sep, 2019
The best! Works like a charm. Now our dog doesn’t have to wait untill we get home and we dont have to worry about him starving  read more »

Very misleading product

04 Sep, 2019
I finally got them.. they were very small and not as thick as listed in the description or pictures.. but they seem to work well.  read more »

Great lighting

26 Aug, 2019
Great lighting for camping and tailgateting!  Works great for our sons camping trips.  read more »

Works great with my Controllers.

26 Aug, 2019
Pretty cool charger..  with the dongles..  works great.. cool design  read more »

Replaced my Wemo smart plug with these.

26 Aug, 2019
I had a wemo plug and these are a 1000 times better.  Very user friendly and easy to set up with my alexa devices  read more »

Great for cooking!

26 Aug, 2019
I love them! I use them in the house to check our foods cooking temperatures!  But there also a great to have for when im out back grilling. Very accurate.  read more »

Keeping Temperatures

25 Aug, 2019
Use this tool a lot at my mechanic shop!  Very accurate piece!  read more »

This thing is a beast.

19 Aug, 2019
This lil mini air compressor and its components are amazing. Love that it has a cooling fan from keeping the machine from overheating.  read more »


19 Aug, 2019
Perfect for washing my cars on the weekend.  Great product  read more »

Great work light

12 Aug, 2019
Great work light! I use it it my mechanic garage and i love it! Glad its rechargble as well!  read more »

Best addition to my office desk!

30 Jul, 2019
clock sleek design!  Very convenient for my office desk! Extra plugs and usb functions are amazing  read more »

Great box

17 Jul, 2019
Money box is durable and perfect for our mechanic shop.  read more »

Product is very misleading!! Buyer beware.

08 Jul, 2019
Technically product works but it reads in Celsius but not fahrenheit like its says in the picture or description.  So it works but you have to convert to fahrenheit.  read more »

Dress was Amazing!

26 Jun, 2019
Dress fits my wife perfectly!! Dress is beautiful! And perfect for upcoming cruise!  read more »

Just the massager I'm looking for!

24 Jun, 2019
Got to use this last night on my shoulder blades and lower back.  Easy set up. Hooked up within minutes. Gets the job done. Gets out the knots and kinks i had in my back.  read more »

Wow these are amazing

24 Jun, 2019
Pretty durable and the fact there biodegradable is nice!  Very sturdy and held a lot without leaking thru.  read more »

Great set!

20 Jun, 2019
Ordered these for our upcoming cruise! Tested them out at the pool.  They work great.  Passed the waterproof test with flying colors read more »

Wife fell In love with it Instantly!

20 Jun, 2019
This beautiful one piece bathing suit! I purchased it for my wide for our upcoming cruise.  She tried it on and it was perfect fit.. true to size.  read more »

Great purifier

20 Jun, 2019
This lil purfier suprised me big time! Its tiny but can get the job done! Freshens the air in no time.  I use it in the house and garage.  read more »

Makes my life better

16 Jun, 2019
This is a must have in every car! Makes my hand free process so much better. Love the fact that it can stick to any surface.  And can just about be adjusted any way you like. The sides hold... read more »

Cigar lovers Dream come true!

16 Jun, 2019
This very sleek beautiful cigar case holder with cutter is perfect for the cigar lovers.  I got one for a friend who is a big cigar person. He loved it instantly and the cedarwood lining is very... read more »

Perfect for my new patio!

12 Jun, 2019
This item was the perfect fit for my new outdoor screened patio that i put in.  I installed some LED vintage lights out there and with this smart plug i can turn them on remotely at anytime. Work... read more »

The best Bbq tool A man could ask for!

12 Jun, 2019
I am so thrilled with my new smart Bbq thermometer! Can monitor 6 things at once.  Meat presettings for multiple different meats! And the Bluetooth feature to keep an eye remotely is super conven... read more »

So far phones have been afloat!

06 Jun, 2019
Decided to buy a pair of these for our family cruise coming up at the end of the month.. i gave them a test run in the pool and completely dry and sealed. Really Convenient for our upcoming trip read more »

Very sleek and good quality

04 Jun, 2019
This lil hidden smart charger with Cam is amazing. I used it to see what my 8 year old son was up too in his room. To test it out. nd it worked like a charm. Clear video. Motion activated.  Great... read more »

We love it!

02 Jun, 2019
I have one of these in my living and its nice to have the holder and charge the phone at the same time!  Charger is also a surge protector  read more »

Great travel charger

02 Jun, 2019
This charger is ideal for a cruise with limited plugs in the room.  We used it on our cruise And everyone was happy with it. Including the speed time it charged our items.  read more »

Im in love with this pillow

31 May, 2019
This pillow is amazing.. sleeping with it the first night i was amazed. I didn’t toss and turn much at all. Is soft but adapts too your shape.  Been threw  my share of pillows and this... read more »

Camera gets the job done.

27 May, 2019
Camera is ok..  it gets the job done.. a few lil minor scuffs out of packaging. Looks durable but could have better craftmanship.  read more »

Works real well

24 May, 2019
Theres is a ton of these steamers out there. But ive found one that works miracles for me.  Steam my shirts wrinkles out in no time. My wife loves it more than me!  So i have to wait in line... read more »

Beats that expensive alternative !

21 May, 2019
This cpap mini cleaner has saved me a ton of money. I couldn’t afford the other expensive ones on the market. This lil miracle does same thing for half the price. Cuts maintaince in half.  ... read more »

This filtration has help my sons allergy’s big time!

14 May, 2019
This product came and i mean you can see the difference with my son sleeping with it on over night. Woke up refreshed and bright as a bulb. The fan has a few different speeds and a L.E.D green light t... read more »

Trimmer that meets the needs!!

11 May, 2019
Affordable trimmer that works like what the pros use! Very happy with this trimmer. Sharp and does a great job on my facial hair and a great job on my kids hair.  read more »

Wow! Just the item I needed!! Beard looks amazing!

06 May, 2019
This beard straightening comb is amazing. Just after a few mins my beard is detangled and straight and looks amazing. Soft and nice.. highly recommend this comb for beard growers.   read more »

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