2018 New Multifunctional Effervescent Spray Cleaner Car Auto Windshield Washer Fluids Glass Cleaner Tablets Detergent 20 Pack
Price: $4.99
4.29 / 5   (21 Reviews)


Sparkle windows

17 May, 2019
RankBoosterReview Sponsored  2018 New Multifunctional Effervescent Spray Cleaner Car Auto Wind..  My windows never looked better. No more glare from on coming lights at night eithe... read more »

Easy to Store

09 May, 2019
I found this 2018 New Multifunctional Effervescent Spray Cleaner Car Auto Windshield Washer Fluids Glass Cleaner very convenience. The small packs make it easy to store and take with you. I li... read more »

So useful

20 Apr, 2019
The best way to have window cleaner at hand, like drop one tablet in your cars windshield cleaner reservoir  and fill with water and done. Re-use any spray bottle, fill with water add a tablet to... read more »


13 Apr, 2019
~ What ~ Arriving in 20 individual packets, these small compact tablets dissolve in water to make a multipurpose solution that can be used as automobile windshield wiper fluid or household window/gla... read more »

Expected a better product

13 Apr, 2019
 So i purchased the new multifunctional efferescent Spray Cleaner car auto windshield washer fluids glass cleaner tablets and they are nothing to write home about. I honestly could have used wate... read more »

Not that great.

06 Apr, 2019
This spray glass cleaner was available on Amazon at a great price, so I decided to try it. It comes with a 20 pack of tablets that you drop into water, and they dissolve. Unfortunately the solut... read more »

Cost me 150.00 in damage to my car.

27 Mar, 2019
Like any girl that isnt car smart I put this in my windsheild wiper fluid container in my car. It got to -15 that night. It cracked my windsheild wiper case all down the side. DO Not WASTE YOUR MONEY.... read more »

Excellent glass cleaner

17 Mar, 2019
This is a great product. It is compact and easy to mix. Just put water in a half gallon jug and drop in a tab. It disolves perfectly with no particulate (floaties) making a translucent blue like the n... read more »

Clean as a Whistle

14 Mar, 2019
This new multifunctional effervescent spray cleaner for car auto windshields is really a great thing.  Not only is it easy to mix up and set up and get ready to use but it cleans so well.  T... read more »

So far so good

07 Mar, 2019
just got these in today and so far so good. It’s really easy to use. Just add water into a spray bottle throw in one tablet and shake up and boom. Instant windshield washer. My kids love how eas... read more »


06 Mar, 2019
Today I have used it for the first time and I have loved it. It turns blue like the windex and really cleans very well and leaves the mirrors very bright. I was surprised by the amount of liquid that... read more »

Bright and shiny

11 Feb, 2019
Easy to use. Drop in water and spray. Streak free cleaning. read more »

works but

01 Feb, 2019
it work but leaves residue in bottle read more »

Highly recommended

24 Jan, 2019
I can't believe these have been a thing all along .. So simple and effective ...i recomend to everyone!! read more »

seeing clear

23 Jan, 2019
These tablets will save you $$'s.   They are very easy and simple to use and work great.  You simply drop a tablet into clean water and let disolve. Then shale and now you have a ga... read more »

Its Ok

22 Jan, 2019
its window cleaner in a tablet read more »

Great for cleaning!

21 Jan, 2019
This advertises as glass cleaner, however, this effervescent spray cleaner does more than that! I used it on my scummy glass stove and it was super bright clean! I haven't been able to get that re... read more »

Squeaky Clean

20 Jan, 2019
Well a few weeks ago I got a great deal on a squeegee to help clean my car windows. So I needed some good window cleaner. I ran across this easy to use window cleanser solution on amazon by Yintlilocn... read more »

cleaner works well

20 Jan, 2019
 #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Multifunctional Effervesent Spray Cleaner Very compact for easy storage. Once mixed as required, the cleaner is extremely effective. read more »


16 Jan, 2019
great use   #sponsored #rankboosterreview #multifunctionaleffervescent  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G269353 read more »

So quick and convenient to use

15 Jan, 2019
This window cleaner is so quick and convenient to use, especially when traveling.  Tearing the individually sealed package open and adding it to 4 L of water gives instant glass cleaner to clean... read more »

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