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Oct, 2018

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I'm a mom who enjoys doing art and tattooes, diy stuff and trying out new things. I love finding deals for things that interest me and my fam. I'm particularly interested in gardening items, so if you would like me to review something garden related send me a coupon! <3
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10 Mar, 2021
Really nice and sleek earbuds, I can't believe they are mine for such a price. The sound is nice and clear and the pairing was super fast. I will be buying more from this company soon. read more »


11 Jul, 2020
I have some climbing plants that do well with totems like these. They are great for establishing a climbing plant. I love it. read more »

Very cute

11 Jul, 2020
Cute and dainty. They are a little fragile but not so much that I cannot wear them every day. I really like how they accentuate my skin tone and love the design. Would reccomend. read more »


09 Dec, 2019
nice pants unfortunately i did not like the color on me read more »

I loved this

09 Dec, 2019
this things was amazing to make my own baby food read more »


09 Dec, 2019
at first I thought this was an adhesive type because I did not want to go through the trouble of drilling and potentially messing up my wall. So I was kind bummed out. But I asked my hubby to help out... read more »

This thing is huge!

09 Dec, 2019
I needed some double sided tape for my decorations and I definitely didn't want to drill holes on my wall. This tape came in handy although at first I didn't like the fact that it was huge but... read more »

Amazing quality!

06 Dec, 2019
I honestly didn't think they would look anything like the listing does but wowowow, I was wrong. They look and feel like quality pants. Fit great and the fabric is soft and appropriate for work or... read more »

I love this camera

09 Nov, 2019
This camera has good quality video, the only set back is that the microphone kept making wierd noises but then I found out it wasn't connected well, problem fiixed. I would probably purchase again... read more »


09 Nov, 2019
this is a good set but the part that I like most of this set is the light up tool, I can really see what's going on up in my loved one's nose or ears.... Great for the price read more »

Very useful.

09 Nov, 2019
Use this to charge my husband's and my playstation controller. To be honest, I feel like it's healther for the charging port than the origina playstation charging cable. It holds it in place a... read more »

Blinding bling

09 Nov, 2019
This highlighter quad is very beautiful on the skin, I have ditched some of my other highlighters to keep these as a staple. I only wish they were a bit creamier but other than that I love how the loo... read more »


09 Nov, 2019
I bought these for my baby boy and honestly I haven't used anything else. I love that these blankets can warm him up when it's cold but are light enough to let him breathe through when I'm... read more »


09 Nov, 2019
Great sheers, very and I MEAN VERY sharp, I almost cut my finger off with it. heavy and sturdy, doesn't feel cheap in the hands. Love it. read more »

I love this mirror.

09 Nov, 2019
I used to have a hand mirror and the handle broke so I decided to purchase this one instead of getting the same one I always get. Boy I was not disappointed, I use this mirror every day for anything a... read more »

Best non chemical drying aid!

09 Nov, 2019
I love these, at first I added some essential oils and let it dry before tossing them in the dryer, but I now prefer to use them unscented. I have a little baby and this is a great way cut back on che... read more »

Awesome sauce!

01 May, 2019
LOVE this bag, the construction is pretty high quality and I LOVE all the utility pockets it comes with. I just wish I had this bag with my first pregnancy, it would have saved me so much time from di... read more »

Not my cup of tea.

01 May, 2019
Ok my head is really small and these don't really adjust all that much for smaller heads which is why im a little dissapointed because I use glasses and they are always falling off when I'm lo... read more »

Very heavy duty

01 May, 2019
Great thick charging cable, not much to say. Very satisfied with the product. read more »

Love these!

01 May, 2019
These lashes are the bomb! Will update with pictures once I do my makeup and have them on. they look very natural but only when I wear eyeliner because the base band is really black. But other than th... read more »

It's good support

01 May, 2019
It's a good back supporter especially now that I am currently 8 months pregnant and it get really difficult to walk, although I feel like I can't wear it for long periods of time. Great if you... read more »

Perfect for bathing and grooming.

01 May, 2019
I have a pitbull and a black cat, my dog likes the green massager part more than the bristle part, my cat loves both. It is pretty easy to clean, overall great product. I am happy with my purchase <... read more »

Very cute swimsuit.

25 Mar, 2019
I love that this swimsuit comes in a thick material, not cheap at all, you can remove the straps or wear it in about 3 different styles. Love the tummy control with the bottom piece.  read more »

Love it!

25 Mar, 2019
The palette is creamy, I use it everyday. So far no reactions at all,  I highly reccomend this palette to anyone wanting a natural look as it has many shades that are soft enough for an everyday... read more »

One of the best ice round ice makers

27 Nov, 2018
I like big ice pieces in my drinks so I decided to get this particular Ice ball maker, comes with instructions which is a huge plus since the ones you buy at the supermarker don't have anything. T... read more »

Best undetectable bra for small boobies!

24 Nov, 2018
Ok so I ordered this because I'm getting married soon and I needed a bra that wouldn't be easily detectable under any dress I chose. I tried it on, as per the instructions said, was a little d... read more »

Great led for DIYs

24 Nov, 2018
I like these lights because they are pliable and you can basically put mold them into any container that fits your needs. I'd get about one more if decorating a christmas tree. Great lights for a... read more »

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