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Nov, 2017

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A grandmother of 7 grandchildren. Have a black lab and a new chocolate lab. Love to save money. Retired and have time to devote to saving and reviewing.
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My labs loved this toy

28 Jan, 2022
My dogs love the crickle sound. It has lasted longer than some of their other squeaky toys. Well made and is holding up so far. I know it won't last forever but for this type of toy it is lasting... read more »

Cute kit with lots of fun pieces

06 Nov, 2020
 My only issue with this is that it states on Amazon that it is for ages 3-12  so I bought it for a Christmas present for my 3-year-old grandson. When it arrived, it clearly states on t... read more »


01 Oct, 2020
This was OK for my dog. It does have strong suction. I didn't have peanut butter ( we have allergies) so I used a treat that can go into Kong toys. The treat did not stick very well. I think I wil... read more »

Very Very Small

23 Dec, 2019
I love the color of this blanket. I also love how soft it is. Unfortunately, this blanket is so small it is only good for a babydoll. I am very disappointed in this product. The pictures were very mis... read more »

Great for my Black Lab

13 May, 2019
This toy is working out great for my aggressive chewer Black Lab. It is hard to find toys that she does not destroy in less than a day.  read more »

Love Wool Dryer Balls

06 Apr, 2019
I love using wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. They are organic and they are a natural fabric softener which reduces wrinkles & static cling along with shortening drying time. These Non-to... read more »


04 Mar, 2019
This puzzle is very very small. I got this at a discounted price for an honest review but I believe even the discount price was more than what it was worth. One plus is that does seem sturdy.  read more »

Cozy and Warm

20 Jan, 2019
I love this cozy and warm sweatshirt. It is so soft. I love the color. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #secchic read more »


11 Jan, 2019
This shirt is comfortable and flowy. I love the pleat in the back. It does not cling. The only negative is that it is a bit boring  read more »

Cozy and Warm

26 Dec, 2018
These socks are nice and warm. They are very thick so my feet will stay warm. I will wear these instead of slippers. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Umeko    read more »

Cozy and Soft

19 Dec, 2018
This hoodie is so soft. I love it. It is a nice color. Looks like the picture.  read more »

Made to Last

16 Dec, 2018
These are heavy duty and should last. I love that it is reinforced around the holes. The hooks are pretty and an added bonus. Also, there is no smell with these.  read more »

Pleasantly Surprised

15 Dec, 2018
I absolutely loved these toys. Rope toys are about the only toys that last with my Black Labs chewing  I gave Pepper the Squeaky Rope Chew which she LOVED. The rest are in her Christmas Stocking. read more »

Bright Highlighters

11 Dec, 2018
Very bright highlighters. I loved all the colors except the green one. Love the fun colors. read more »


26 Nov, 2018
This is a cute cozy PJ outfit. My granddaughter looked adorable in them. The only negative was that I thought the material would have been thicker. Great for spring and fall. read more »

So Soft

19 Nov, 2018
Bought an adorable Giraffe PJ outfit for my granddaughter. This is so soft and will look very cute on.  read more »

Cozy and Soft

05 Sep, 2018
It says for boys but I got this cute PJ outfit for my granddaughter. She will love them. Soft and cozy. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #discounted #Tecrok  https://www.amazon.com/Tecrok-Ou... read more »

Cozy and Soft

05 Sep, 2018
What a nice pair of PJ's. So soft and cozy. Washes well. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Dhasiue    https://www.amazon.com/Dhasiue-Cartoon-Pajamas-Sleepwear-Clothes/dp/B07C96GZ... read more »

So Soft

26 Jan, 2018
Got these today for the baby in the oven. They are so soft. A great material for a special baby. They will be a great addition to bathtime fun. i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored ... read more »

Pepper is styling now

12 Jan, 2018
Love the dog nail clippers I got for Pepper. They are easy to use and pretty to look at. I also love that the nail file is attached to the clippers so I don't lose them. This product is by menyda&... read more »

Pepper is enjoying her toys

12 Jan, 2018
Pepper is enjoying her toys. It is too cold outside so these are a great way for her to get some energy out. She LOVES the bouncy ball the best. She usually rips her toys apart but the rope toys are p... read more »

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