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I cannot attach it to the back of the TV

12 Nov, 2021
it came with a tape to be attached to the back of the TV but that is so bad and it keeps falling from the back of the TV. other than this, this is a cool smart light. read more »

so heavy

03 Nov, 2021
The case is so heavy and also the corners are too thick. it is hard to work with the phone while it is inside this case read more »

great gift

19 Sep, 2021
Very well made, and high quality bubble guns. this can be a great gift. my son loves it. read more »

so cool

01 Aug, 2021
This bubble maker machine is so cool and my baby loves it. it is very easy to operate and it generates tons of bubbles. read more »

very cool

27 Jun, 2021
I got this as a gift for my wife and she loves it. I wish it was made of a high quality materials. but it is ok. I still like it read more »

great set

11 Jun, 2021
This is a great set with a reasonable price. the best teether that my baby loves it.  read more »

water can go inside the toys

02 Jun, 2021
This is a great pack with a reasonable price. but all toys has some holes in the plastic which let the water goes in. on the product page it is said that I can sanitize the toys in the boiling water,... read more »

I love them

01 Jun, 2021
We use these small spoons on almost everythin from mint jar ro honey and even sometimes on ice cream. it is a big pack with so many spoons.  read more »

very cool

20 Feb, 2021
my baby boy loves these. these are really cool  read more »

Great Great Great

05 Dec, 2020
I love these tube squeezers so much. I added them to almost all tubes that we have, and after getting this one, I purchased it agian 4 times. it helps a lot specially on thoothpaste tube. read more »

great on my tree

16 Nov, 2020
A star is a must-have on all christmass trees and for sure we need to have one on our tree for this year. This one is a cool one, it projects starts on the ceiling which is super cool. read more »

so cool

16 Nov, 2020
My baby boy loves this super cool outdoor explorer kit. it has so many cool things from campass to magnifier to binoculars. My baby boy is playing with it for all day and he loves it. read more »

so cool

11 Nov, 2020
It has a great design. it is so cool and we will have so much fun with taking photos of my little baby boy on this blanket.  read more »

this is a real pro trimmer

21 Oct, 2020
Firs thing that made me order this trimmer was the cool design of it, but later when I got it and when I got it, after the first try, I found that this is a real pro trimmer.  It has a long la... read more »

so cool

21 Oct, 2020
This little Santa is so cool. It will go on the christmass tree! It made out of high quality material. I love it.  read more »

over priced

11 Aug, 2020
I think this thing doesnt worth $10. it is over priced read more »

pretty cool

25 Jul, 2020
so excited to get this rope. pretty cool read more »

over prices

21 Jul, 2020
cheaply made and very very small it is over priced. even $5 after coupon is too expensive read more »


07 Jul, 2020
This is a great and must have belt for a pregnant woman. My wife loves it read more »

a good one

21 Jun, 2020
I like it and it works perfectly fine but I personally think it is overpriced to $100! you have to put the real price on Amazon so peaople buy it read more »

complete pack

21 Jun, 2020
this baby shower pack is complete enough and has almost everything. the only mising is the baloons. and I think the $17 price is a little high. you have to lower down the price a little bit read more »

great one

28 May, 2020
I like the design and sturdiness. the backlight is very cool.  read more »

very low quality and it was broken when I got it

15 May, 2020
I got it very late and when it arrived, it was broken. cheaply made with very low quality read more »

turns the ipad into a laptop!

19 Apr, 2020
This keyboard is really cool. I like the backlight the most. it is made of high quality material and can protect my ipad pretty good. the connection to the ipad is pretty straightforward and easy. read more »


19 Apr, 2020
This desk lamp has all features that a lamp should have! I can change the intensity of the light and also for the color of the light I have 3 options. and more importantly it has wireless charger whic... read more »

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