Houselog IPL Hair Removal,Permanent Hair Removal Painless Flawless Touch Hair Remover System for Women (RoseGold)
Price: $89.99
4.21 / 5   (18 Reviews)


It really works!

04 Jan, 2021
I was super skeptical about at home hair lasers but using a couple times a week my hair growth has really slowed. Im impressed. read more »

Not accurate

08 Nov, 2020
Bought for kids but doesn't read correctly.  read more »

Worth the money!

19 Jul, 2020
Reasonly Priced, and you can zap your hair off in the comfort of your home. After a few times using it i've began to love this product.  read more »

Takes Time

28 Jun, 2020
Overall this is great, it does take a long time to get results so you can't just use it a few times and assume it doesn't work. Through the process of using this I have noticed that less hair... read more »


28 Jun, 2020
I like this this.  It not only removes hair, but rejuvenates the skin.  I like that it plugs in, so I don't have t buy batteries.  I do find it a little difficult to use.  I ha... read more »

a good one

21 Jun, 2020
I like it and it works perfectly fine but I personally think it is overpriced to $100! you have to put the real price on Amazon so peaople buy it read more »

It does the job

16 Jun, 2020
Nothing special but works as expected read more »

Hair Removal

10 Jun, 2020
A little confusing with instructions, but it is slowing my hair growth. I'll need to use it longer for more results read more »

Blistered skin and left the hair

28 May, 2020
After her 1st use she was done. Blistered skin and hair remains.  I returned it.  read more »

So Far So Good

27 May, 2020
I can't say for sure if this will have the results it promises however so far it has worked as described and looks as pictured.  Time will tell if it removes hair or slows the growth over tim... read more »

Surprisingly it really works!

15 May, 2020
What lady doesn't want to eliminate the hassle of shaving their legs, under arms, and other places? The Wife and I saw this offer and since we were thinking of trying one of these anyway, pulled t... read more »

Works great

06 May, 2020
I love this! It works great! Highly recommend! read more »

Cant wait

05 May, 2020
I am so excited to get this. I should get it in a few days. I will come back and leave my review. read more »

Challenging to use

30 Apr, 2020
I'm not sure if it's just because I don't really use it so I wasn't understanding it but it was very difficult to use and learn. On thin structions were not well written. It hurt a lot... read more »

Best Hair Removal

27 Apr, 2020
I love how easy it is to use the system I have been trying to remove my hair permanently for a while.  I love how easy the steps are to follow with the step by step instruction book. It is painle... read more »

Keep it smooth

20 Apr, 2020
I was shocked at this item when I opened it. It was a lot better then I expected. This could actually be used in a professional setting.  Save time and money from running to the hair removal spot... read more »

Houselog IPL Hair Removal,Permanent Hair Removal Painless Flawless Touch Hair Remover System for Women (RoseGold)

17 Apr, 2020
I'm super stoked to get this.  I'm so tired to getting razor burn and having to shave or wax all the time. I have wanted one of these for a long time and it had amazing reviews on Amazon&... read more »


17 Jan, 2020
#Rankboosterreview #sponsored #houselog   so far, so good. No pain that I've noticed. Came well packaged with decent instructions  read more »

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