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Honest, core values are important to me. I love trying out new things and people always come to me for advice or referrals. Which is why i can help sellers by reviewing their products and giving a detailed honest review thus getting more sales. I do immediate first impression reviews as soon as product arrives.
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Beautiful napkin rings

24 Aug, 2021
Well packaged, every ring came in tact. Super simple and cute perfect for coming holiday. Love that it is silver and will go with any  color napkins. Perfect count for the Table i have some other... read more »


24 Mar, 2021
Disclosure i totally didn't read the description fully... When they arrived i was like woah these are big lol! But i put on the gloves and they actually fit my hands . I wear medium nurse style gl... read more »


20 Mar, 2021
Work well not much i can say but i used them a few days so far they are comfortable, they sound good and i liked the design. We shall see if they hold up. So far they've later long with charge. read more »


20 Mar, 2021
I don't know anything about drums let alone electric ones. However my son loves it he's 9. I like the different options it has, sounds legit. Hopefully holds up. Next i think headphones are a... read more »

Can't wait to try it

12 Mar, 2021
Honestly i haven't been able to try this tool yet because I didn't make bread but feels sturdy and good I'm my hand. I loved all extra blades so many! And the leather sleeve to protect the... read more »

Love this!

12 Mar, 2021
Perfect thickness for my cricut maker machine. Cut beautifully. Nice inform look and feel. Definitely perfect for smaller projects! I used mine to make separations I'm my kitchen drawers. read more »


11 Mar, 2021
Love these so far. Got them today and tried then right away. They do not slip have right amount of stretch i feel the workout. Pretty cool barely getting things i can use at home and I'm satisfied... read more »

Who wished these existed before?

10 Mar, 2021
Y'all can't tell me back in the day when you gained some weight or were pregnant you didn't wish something like this existed LOL because I know I did! I used to use hair bands! You know yo... read more »


10 Mar, 2021
Well they fit perfect feel good around the ankles. Just what I needed to go with my workout routine. Price is competitive. Material is good quality from what I can tell so far, we shall see how long t... read more »

Super awesome

10 Mar, 2021
So excited to start working out more consistent! These bands are coming in handy and i can feel the burn. Perfect for workout at home. read more »

Cute small

07 Mar, 2021
Cute and small key chains the puzzle pieces are made of quality material but the smaller ring is fragile and came off and we lost a puzzle piece which is so saddening because I love this keychain set.... read more »

First time using a blackhead mask

17 Feb, 2021
This is soooo satisfying. I followed the instructions and waited about 18 min to start peeling the mask up. It felt to good and satisfying now i just wanna do this all day lol. I did pull up some blac... read more »

Love this lighter!

17 Feb, 2021
My first electrical lighter!  This thing is super cool i had to go around and light up all my candels lol. Reminds me of a mini taser.  Very easy to use! New favorite product and price... read more »

Love it

28 Jan, 2021
I don't l never tried this kinda pen before but it's pretty cool!  The brown is dark enough for me im a medium brown skin my eyebrows are black and i like how brown looks.  Im happy... read more »

Just what i needed

09 Jan, 2021
Perfect for what i needed.  Always doing diy crafts i cant hold the phone and record. Light is an awesome plus. You need this.  read more »

Love it!

07 Jan, 2021
I was given a Turkey by a friend and it was thawed out si i had to make it. Came right in time.  I made my first Turkey and it was cooked perfectly!  Moist thanks to this gadget!  Every... read more »

Heavy duty

05 Jan, 2021
Works with with barn doors!  Heavy duty and looks nice n sleek.  read more »


05 Jan, 2021
These are so useful!  Im using them for a bedroom barn door up in the attic.  works great. read more »

Great quality!

05 Jan, 2021
If you're liking to buy this handle do it! Heavy duty nice and comes with screws.  Love it! read more »


24 Dec, 2020
Perfect last minute cake topper set. Cute and good quality for the price. If you can grab it on sale even better.  read more »


24 Dec, 2020
Perfect decorations  quality is good for price.  read more »


22 Dec, 2020
These things are awesome.  I used them to make eggs in a basket so i used the cut out to cut the bread out in shape of a heart n dropped in 1 eggs n cooked.  My 8 yr old was so excited for i... read more »

Very neat!

19 Dec, 2020
Super cool to watch the plastic material shrink into a thick piece you can put in a keychain!  Kids enjoy painting them in and seekng the magic in the oven.  Very cool for a crafts day with... read more »

Who doesn't need one?

18 Dec, 2020
Who doesnt Need one or want one?  Nothing worse then sitting on sand getting it all over your food etc.  It does what it says works great awesome for picnics too! The color choices could be... read more »

So far its good

17 Dec, 2020
 First day trying it out. Fits my 14 yr old son's head n ears comfortably. Works with the ps3. He says sounds good n clear.  So far its good.  read more »


17 Dec, 2020
Pretty cool antenna!  I do have my tv mounted in the wall so i placed it behind the tv on the wall with screws and anchors that came with it.  I did first turned it on to see where was best... read more »


17 Dec, 2020
I was skeptical because some reviews were not positive.  In my humble opinion i think it's a great play carpet for kids. Granted i have not needed to wash it yet.  The material is good i... read more »

Perfect container

15 Dec, 2020
It looks beautiful in the counter  not too bulky.  Perfect refillable container and dispenser for your dishwashing soap.  I don't give out many 5 star reviews but this one definitel... read more »

Good starter

11 Dec, 2020
With all honesty the bags are small like short wise.  Still will Get the job done but i think most of us growing potatoes will prefer taller slim bags.  However these may be a good star... read more »

Good charger

08 Dec, 2020
Nothing is most needed then a portable charger!  For a Samsung j9 these things work great i can get 2 full charges out of 1 charge so lasts quite a bit.  Not too heavy and good pocket size.&... read more »

Nice n light weight

06 Dec, 2020
First thoughts,  love the finish its light weight and i think i was expecting longer ones but then again rag the description on sizing people don't be like me lol. Either then size id say its... read more »

Perfect size

05 Dec, 2020
I thought the bowl was bigger but it's for a small dog so it ended up being perfect.  My friend's pup loved the new bowl! It is all plastic and the bowl is clear.  We shall see... read more »


01 Dec, 2020
First of all i am super impressed with first impression of the rug! At first i was taken back by the packaging because it came in a box! I was totally expecting a rug rolled up! Once taken out i had t... read more »

It's alright

30 Nov, 2020
It has like a costume wig feel to it. It's not a full head of hair for sure.  Having lost my hair to chemo/radiation treatments and current brain surgeries i was looking for a quick fix. ... read more »

Great product to gift!

29 Nov, 2020
Wow nice gadget to have!  I was a bit skeptical because of price but indeed is worth more in my eyes.  The fact that it's cordless, can ve used wet or dry is a winner to me. I gifted it... read more »

Love it!

23 Nov, 2020
Want to make your space a cool fun place to be?  Then grab yourself some led strip lights with music sync and remote!  Super cool.  My daughter put them in her room and loves it! I swea... read more »

Very cool toy!

23 Nov, 2020
Ok so what a cool toy! Honestly for the price its a no brainer! My 8 yr old had a blast trying this out! Kids can have fun with it for hours on end.  Charge lasts a really long time which was une... read more »

Sturdy good quality

23 Nov, 2020
Honestly I was worried about the quality of this kitchen utensil set. I was happy when they arrived to try them out. They didn't melt and they are nice to work with. I am happy with the purchase.&... read more »

Perfect and compact

20 Nov, 2020
Great Christmas gift!  I couldn't wait so i gifted it early and hubs commented that it worked great.  He loved how compact it was.  Light weight and looked the different head access... read more »

Works great!

20 Nov, 2020
Super cute and perfect for a kids room!  I honestly though it was bigger so i was a bit taken back by the size but still fills up the room just well.  My 8 year old just loves it! Super sati... read more »

Work great.

18 Nov, 2020
Talk about work out at home on a budget.  Tried out these babies out and love the resistance they give.  Gave new a great workout!  Perfect workout equipment to start with.  Lov... read more »


18 Nov, 2020
Bought these for my daughter to put behind a sheer curtain behind her bed.  Was enough to cover the area. The price is competitive. Great packaging and came fast!  We are satisfied with our... read more »

Yes! Big bag

12 Nov, 2020
 The bag was bigger then i thought!  Good quality toothpicks!  Big bang got your buck.  Plus convenience of delivery to your door!  read more »

Where has this been all my life!

11 Nov, 2020
Super easy install!  Cut it to size and used water with soap squeegee it and done big difference we love it! Now we need more but the bigger 35in one because the windows it's going on are big... read more »

Great toy!

10 Nov, 2020
Talk about a cool toy any child will have fun with.  Has long range for the controller to work, does lots of flips n turns.  Was very fun to try out. Battery life is decent i can't remem... read more »

Cute gift

10 Nov, 2020
A cute gift. Love the extra accessories.  However i think it looked smaller then expected. The quality is good but could be better. However for the price i am very satisfied as my friend loves ho... read more »

Beautiful gold napkin rings

10 Nov, 2020
Where to start?! Napkin rings help bring your table setting together. I bought these flower gold napkin rings for this years celebration and i didn't know if id like them when they arrived because... read more »

Wished the balm had a scent, gpod product.

09 Nov, 2020
I bought this as a gift for a friend because he actually uses this often.  He says it helps his beard look and feel good . Her said there's no smell to the balm and wishes it did. And really... read more »

Great controller!

08 Nov, 2020
To be honest i was skeptical of first,  but right out the box it felt good in the hands.  Kids enjoyed it. Connected perfectly to the ps4.  Nothing beats having enough controllers where... read more »

Workout at home!

08 Nov, 2020
Honestly im a beginner when comes to workout and hate going to gyms!  This product is helping me without at home. All three items are of good quality! Love that it comes with a carry ba... read more »

Cute gift!

08 Nov, 2020
My friends son loved the gift!  He's having a blast playing with it.  Perfect explorer gift for any child. Comes with all they would need to have fun exploring.  The quality is good... read more »

Great product!

08 Nov, 2020
Looking for a great product that will work wonders on your hair?  Then look no further!  Itll make your hair feel stoft again n smells good!  Definitely worth the price! If you hav... read more »

Best trimmer!

06 Nov, 2020
By far best nose ear trimmer ive found on Amazon.  Small light weight trimmer that fits nice in your hand. On the plus side is you can rinse it with water for easy cleaning.  Get rid of the... read more »

Cute bracelet

06 Nov, 2020
cute and simple bracelet that anyone would love to be gifted!  I bought this bracelet with the heart for a gift but i might just need to keep it for myself! I love that it is adjustable!  read more »

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