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Aug, 2018

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Large & Sturdy

29 Jul, 2021
My five year old really enjoys the popping noise this large sturdy dino popper fidget toy makes. He likes to play with it while waiting for dinner and it's washable. read more »

So cute & So many bubbles

29 Jul, 2021
This dinosaur bubble machine is so cute and really blows out a TON of bubbles! It's heavy enough not to tip over and spill and really puts out a strong stream of bubbles, ran it for at least 20 mi... read more »

Cute, Cheerful, Well Made

26 Jul, 2021
Really cute, cheerful fabric. The collar is sturdy and the clip is heavy. I was a bit disappointed that the bow shape isn't as nice as the photo, it looks more like a squished fabric rectange than... read more »

Nice Variety, Well Made

26 Jul, 2021
I really like the size variety. The hoops feel smooth and well made. read more »

Dogs Look Forward To This!

26 Jul, 2021
Wow, this keeps my Boston Terriers busy! The mats are large and sift enough to really stick to my textured tile floor. They are flexible enough to bend and scrub with soapy hot water and come clean ea... read more »

Lovebird Loves This!

26 Jul, 2021
Cute, sturdy and well made! My daughter's 6 month old lovebird really enjoys checking out the chain and getting used to swinging. read more »

Well Made, Very Punk

21 Jul, 2021
Much nicer quality that I expected! I like the removable chains, looks so fashionable. read more »

Well Made and Super Cute

21 Jul, 2021
Really cute, sturdy well painted little shakers. They feel nice and strudy in my hand and my five year old and I enjoy making up games with them like shake and stop or tossing and catching. Great teac... read more »


18 Jul, 2021
Less than half worked. Returned for refund. read more »

WOW What a deal on fun toys

18 Jul, 2021
Such an awesome deal. Each toy is safe and well made. My son really enjoyed the timer and the popping smiley faces. Perfect for a teacher reward chest. read more »

Looks Just Like Photo

18 Jul, 2021
Great gift for my daughter! Sturdy, well made and great to keep keys handy on your wrist so my kid doesn't misplace them. read more »

Great set!

25 May, 2021
My five year old really enjoys this set. One of the bug containers is difficult to open. Binocs work well. Fun busy activity. read more »

So Cute

24 May, 2021
This little cleaning set is perfect for pretend play with so many other toys. It works for barbies but my son used it for his Transformers and Lego figures. Each piece is well made and didn't fall... read more »

Mechanic Quality

18 Jul, 2020
Bought for my mechanic shop husband. He says it's great quality and works well. read more »

My Preferred Face Cover

18 Jul, 2020
Love how this cover is so breathable and fits around my neck when not in use.  read more »

Well Made

18 Jul, 2020
Washable. Convenient to carry in car or purse. Thin and breathable but complies with local laws to cover mouth. read more »

Helps My Restless Legs

18 Jul, 2020
My legs have less night spasms using these supplements plus compression socks. Easy to swallow tasteless capsules and don't bother my stomach. read more »

Well Made, kids love them

18 Jul, 2020
Nice thick stickers are easy to peel and place. My 4 year old can do them by himself. read more »

Well Made and Super Cute

24 Jun, 2020
My four year old son loves these finger puppets! The eggs are well made, not thin and easy to crack. Each little puppet is well sewn and has an elastic fit to stay on the fingers. Perfect for story pl... read more »

Not a Sweatshirt But Cute

23 Oct, 2018
The shirt is a very thin slick fabric, definitely not a sweatshirt or a sweater. Looks exactly like the photos and the 5 fit my almost three year old loose with room to grow. Washed it twice and it lo... read more »

Works Well

23 Oct, 2018
I was really pleased with how quietly this unit works. My dog hates his nails cut and this way I'm able to cut them back them keep them smoothed with less struggle. I am only able to do a nai... read more »

Seem To Be Fine

19 Oct, 2018
I have to review within 5 days of receiving the item, which doesn't give me an accurate period of at least a month to see if I have any gut changes from the probiotic. That said, it doesn't up... read more »

So Cool!

16 Oct, 2018
 I love these lids! They stretch to fit so many containers including square. The food still stays fresh inside. The little picks are so cute and encourage my toddler to eat. Highly recommend. read more »

Sprays Water! So fun!

10 Sep, 2018
My two and a half year old son has been obsessed with trucks and this toy is a winner! He can extend the ladder and pump out the water on his own. It's light but sturdy, holds a bit of water and k... read more »

Cool Design

05 Sep, 2018
This leash is a cool innovative design. It took a bit of practice hooking and removing the magnet but I feel confident that it wll hold my 28# dog well. I'm recommending it for those who do dog sp... read more »

Soft, Correct Sizing But Some Issues

05 Sep, 2018
The fabric is soft and the bust measurement is correct yet the shoulders and area across the upper chest is too tight. The V neck is not as low as in the photo and feels restrictive. I wear mine with... read more »

Quality and Fashion

05 Sep, 2018
This is the second time I've purchased this outfit, I love it that much. The fabric is soft and washes well, my toddler wore it for a year before sizing up and it still looks good. Perfect hot wea... read more »

So cute!

04 Sep, 2018
My two year old son loves this stove toy! It has a lot of pieces but his favorite is making the hamburger in the pot and assemblng it on the plate. The sound is a bit loud for me, especially firs... read more »

Too Bent Up

31 Aug, 2018
The collar is a cool idea and glows a bit as shown, but the material is looped too many times and impossible to fit in a smooth circle. It keeps twisting on my dog's neck. I have to clip it onto t... read more »

Surprisingly Cute

31 Aug, 2018
I wasn't expecting this set to be such good quality. The enamel pin in nice. The scarf is well made. The tie looks good. The glasses keep popping loose at the temple though, I wish they weren'... read more »

Cute Well Made Leash

31 Aug, 2018
Really cute leash, looks exactly like photo. Solid, well made hardware and bright printed lead. Feels soft, easy to hold. read more »

Never Came

30 Aug, 2018
Amazon lost my package along with another item in the order. I was refunded and never got a chance to try this out. read more »

Never Came

30 Aug, 2018
Amazon lost the package during shipping and refunded me. :C I'd like to buy this again if I can get a coupon. read more »

Cute Harness, Bad Battery

24 Aug, 2018
I liked the style and quality of the harness. Easily adjustable and seems durable. After charging on the usb for over an hour, the lights flashed briefly then never worked again. I contacted the compa... read more »

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