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Perfect for Toddlers

10 Nov, 2021
My toddler absolutely loves this! It is something she likes to play with almost daily. It is perfect for small hands and is easy for her to take apart and put back together. She loves that it has a va... read more »

Beautiful Addition to my Vehicle Interior.

10 Nov, 2021
I am very happy with the quality and look of this product. It fits perfectly on my visor and its easy to remove tissue and refill when needed. This item has come in very handy for me. The bling o... read more »

Works Perfectly

10 Nov, 2021
I bought this for our camper and its come in so handy. We never have to worry about our power cord not fitting when we hook to electric. This has been a very quality item. We have never had any proble... read more »

My Go To Masks

10 Nov, 2021
These are great quality masks. They are actually thicker than the regular blue medical masks, which I love that about these. I always get mistaken for having a custom cloth mask when I wear these beca... read more »

So much storage and easy to put together.

10 Nov, 2021
I bought this for my bathroom counter because I was having a hard time storing all of my skincare and make up products. This HOLDS IT ALL! This rotating storage organizer is perfect for any space whet... read more »

Bigger than I Thought but Perfect

10 Nov, 2021
I bought this to use in our RV bathroom, but it was way bigger than I expected. I ended up using it at home instead. I love it! It is big enough to cover the outside of the shower and more.... read more »

Great Machine for Compact Space

10 Nov, 2021
I bought this to use as an extra ice maker in the house during times when we have company or events since we were always running out of our refrigerator ice.  This machine makes ice super fa... read more »

My Go To Bag

10 Nov, 2021
I love this set. I was a little skeptic at first but once I got them, they quickly became my favorite! These bags are very high quality and even though I am a little late with my review, they have las... read more »

My daughter loved it!

05 Nov, 2021
I can't say how cute this is! My daughter loves this little set and uses it almost daily. She loves using the cookie cutters and rolling pin to play with her playdo. The cutters fit so perfectly f... read more »

Love it!

05 Nov, 2021
I love this shirt! I actually just ordered another one in another color because I love it that much. It is so stylish and confortable and works for any occassion. I get so many compliments on it when... read more »

So many and so useful

16 Sep, 2021
I received this package yesterday and I so far I love these hair ties. I am always misplacing hair ties but no more. These worked great for my toddlers hair as well as they are soft and don't tang... read more »

Very Cute but Run VERY small

15 Jun, 2021
These run small. My daughter wears a size xs and they just fit her. I ordered myself a pair of Medium as well and the pockets were hanging off the bottom of my rear end. They are stretchy and they cam... read more »

Love the outcome but it overheats

09 Mar, 2021
I love this item and use it for not only my hair but for my 3 year olds hair. One thing that I didnt like is that it overheats and shuts off until it cools down. I like to use this after my hair air d... read more »

Good quality

09 Mar, 2021
I got this for an extra microphone now that we are working from home. It is so far so good. I like that it has the volume adjustment and tripod and it was easy to connect.  read more »

Great Item

09 Mar, 2021
These have been really useful when going to stores or in public. I love that it came in a 4 pack so it has come in super useful to use with various sets of keys. This was worth the buy,  read more »

Perfect for tight spaces.

05 Jan, 2021
This is a good and sturdy little laundry bag. I bought it for my 8 year old who uses it in his closet. It fits perfectly and is on a thinner side which doesn't take up a ton of room like his squar... read more »

Great for Explorers and kids who love bugs

05 Jan, 2021
I bought this for my 3 year old niece since she loves creepy crawlers.  She loves using the tongs to pick up dead spiders to throw them away. This is the perfect kit for any explorer who loves bu... read more »

Great Kit

04 Jan, 2021
I bought this kit so my daughter can make same macarons for the first time. The set includes everything you need. The silicone mat for the cookie sheet perfectly and baked the macarons perfectly witho... read more »

Really cute.

09 Dec, 2020
These are really cute and came packaged to protect from breaking. They are a great size for a windowsill or desk. I love that they have a drainage hole on the bottom as many cement planter I have boug... read more »

Great Set

28 Oct, 2020
I recived this 4 piece set to replace an old set my granmother had given me.  I like that has 4 different sizes for various use. They seem to be made of good material.   read more »

Very Cute

16 Oct, 2020
This is very cute and very soft and perfect for any baby The material is great.  read more »

Great for any bread baker

16 Oct, 2020
This has come in handy for my bread baking. I have made some beautiful loafs.  read more »


24 Sep, 2020
I recently hopped on the Sourdough trend and after months of winging it, I finally bought this. This set has had the best tools for my break baking. I would recommend to anyone starting out with bread... read more »

Runs Small

08 Sep, 2020
This shirt is very thin and it runs small. I ended up giving it to my teen becaue it fit her better. It  is very cute, but it's not a very high quality item.  read more »

High Quality

08 Sep, 2020
These box cutters are super high quality. They came with extra (very sharp blades). I like to keep one in the garage and one in the kitchen which I use to score my bread. I would recommend.  read more »

Great Item

02 Aug, 2020
I ordered this to protect my AirPod case from scratches. It's a great little skin and easily attaches to my keys. I like that it comes with an AirPod connector so I won't loose my airpods whil... read more »


06 Jun, 2020
I got these for our backyard, and since we have been spending more time at home, we wanted to transform our back yard into a place we could enjoy. These are very beautiful and the light they provide a... read more »


26 May, 2020
I ordered this as a gift for my new baby niece. It is a beautiful little swaddle. My sister is into the flower patterns and she loved it. These make great gifts.  read more »

Such a Beautiful Table Runner

12 May, 2020
I bought this for Cinco de Mayo just to spice up our table for the occation. I looked beautiful. I will be using this more often for parties and fiestas and decor.  read more »

So Far So Good

06 Mar, 2020
I just got an iPhone 11 and used this for the first time as an extra charger for my office. Its worked great so far. I didn't think this would work with the thick case I have on my phone but it wo... read more »

Love it

04 Mar, 2020
I got this for travel/work since I work a lot of long shifts. This works great! I love how convenient it is. This is a must for travel! read more »

Great Buy

03 Mar, 2020
These worked great and were easy to clean. Our houseold has been cutting back on paper and plastic waste and these have come in very hand for that. They are easy to use. Great product.  read more »


15 Jan, 2020
I am very impressed with this case. I actually like it very much as it's very beautiful and functional. I love having a keyboard for my iPad now which makes it much easier to use to browse the web... read more »

Works great so far.

06 Jan, 2020
I got this to use on a big Dodge Ram truck. It works great so far.  read more »

Great for iPhones

06 Jan, 2020
This item is not only stylish and light, but it actaully holds a great charge. I like that it uses a lightning cable to charge which makes it easyfor any iPhone user to carry. I like that I do not hav... read more »

Perfect for an iPhone User

06 Jan, 2020
This item is not only stylish and light, but it actaully holds a great charge. I like that it uses a lightning cable to charge which makes it easyfor any iPhone user to carry. I like that I do not hav... read more »

So far so good.

06 Jan, 2020
I bought this to use in our 2006 truck since it doesn't have leather heated seats like our other vehicle does. So far this has worked great. My husband loves having this for cold mornings. It was... read more »

Perfect for Travel

26 Dec, 2019
I love this little diffuser. I take it to work for me and it fits perfectly in my work bag or purse. I love that the cord is attached to this and has a place for it to wrap around the base of the diff... read more »

Great a a toothbrush I wouldn't use this as a scraper.

26 Dec, 2019
This is a great little travel toothbrush. It takes a single AAA battery which is nice. I work a lot of overnights so this is perfect for me to throw in my little cosmetic case to brush my teeth on the... read more »

Great Color and Very Heavy

26 Dec, 2019
Although  I have not used this item yet, it looks and feels like a great product. I love the color as it matches many of my accessories. This is not very compact but a good size for a purse... read more »

Great to keep in diaper bag

17 Dec, 2019
This is a great little item to keep in your car, diaper bag or even at home. It works great to add to a napkin when you take baby out to eat and forget a bib. My baby takes her bibs off so this makes... read more »

Fits great. Love this shirt

15 Dec, 2019
I decided not so size up like I normally do and it fits great. The shirt has the longer fit like a tunic but it isn't as loose. It will be great for the Christmas season. It is a great shirt, grea... read more »

I wasn’t sure about this item when I received it! Love it!

23 Nov, 2019
When I got this, it seemed really cheap and the instructions weren't clear as the box only had Chinese lettering. Once I got it going it worked great. I take this little thing to work with me and... read more »

Super Cute

20 Nov, 2019
I got these for my daughter who is a sock and a mermaid lover. She loves these! read more »

Good quality and cute!!!

20 Oct, 2019
My baby loves these pajamas! They are perfect for fall and great quality for the price. I got the blue unicorn ones and they are great. True to size!  read more »

So far so good

14 Sep, 2019
Great product and fits the phone perfectly. However, when it comes time to release the phone, I have a hard time. Other truancy that, this fits in the vent well, and is strurdy. read more »

Great for travelers

14 Sep, 2019
I just got these right in time for 10 day vacation and just finished packing our suitcases. I love these because I was able to pack to pack everything I needed and more with these.  It came with... read more »

So far so good!

14 Sep, 2019
My ears are super sensitive to any metals besides gold. I thought these to give them a try and so far my ears are fine! No reaction like with other metals. I like that they all came individually pacak... read more »

Love the color and style

07 Sep, 2019
Very cute, soft and beautiful shirt. The length is great and the little knot on the bottom gives it a nice touch. The fit is great and I would love to buy again!  read more »

I love it!

07 Sep, 2019
This shirt is great! Runs a little big but still fits great. The fabric is great and very soft. The shirt is very fashionable! I’ve gotten so many compliments on it already!  read more »

Just okay

23 Aug, 2019
I got this yesterday and it’s just okay. I thought it would be the length similar to the picture. It’s shorter. I even went up a size just in case. I usually wear a medium but think I coul... read more »

First Great

20 Aug, 2019
This is true to size and is going to be great for fall. The material is very comfortable! I can’t wait to wear this for fall and winter and I’m  already planing on wearing it for... read more »

Bigger than I thought but Powerful

20 Aug, 2019
This is a great charger. I thought It would be one of those small little light chargers but this one packs a punch and is very sturdy and powerful! It has two USB ports which makes charging two t... read more »

Just Ehh

16 Aug, 2019
I’m not sure what I was expecting but this thing is super small! It’s about the size of an aluminum can. I like that you can charge it and move it to different areas of the house. I think... read more »

I love these!

15 Aug, 2019
These are the prefect glasses for my upcoming vacation! I love the fit and the color! Great deal for polarized lenses! I got the pink pair and absolute love them!!!  read more »

Love These for Quick and Easy Work Outs

11 Aug, 2019
These are great quality and work great on both carpet and hardwood. They are big enought to hold your foot unlike some others that I have tried.  read more »

So far so good

01 Aug, 2019
My dentist recommended that I get a water flosser since I’m not the best at remembering to floss 2 times a day! Like who does that anyway?? So I got this to try because I figured it was a b... read more »

Seems to be good quality

24 Jul, 2019
I bought this for my daughter to help protect her hair from all the chlorine. It seems like it’s great quality. We will be using this in a few days and will see how it hold up.  read more »

Great Value and Bags

15 Jul, 2019
I bought these to reduce our plastic use especially when going to the grocery store and buying fruits and veggies. I like that this came with a variety of sizes. These are going to come in handy! read more »

Good quality but not what I expected

11 Jul, 2019
I thought this item would be bigger for what I ordered it for but it did match the discription. I was going to use this to organize my thread and ribbon collection but might use it for something else.... read more »

Fits Perfectly True to Size

06 Jul, 2019
Great swimsuit and fits true to size. I can't wait to use it on my vacation in September.    read more »

Heard a lot about these

05 Jul, 2019
I bought these to try out since I’ve heard a lot of good things about them. I like that they came in a multipack with various sizes. I can’t wait to try them out tonight.  read more »

Very sturdy and fits well on kids.

01 Jul, 2019
We take a lot of family vacation to the beach so I wanted to try this before our next one! It fits my 11 year old perfectly. She lies going to really enjoy using this on our trip in September. It&rsqu... read more »

Good Quality

01 Jul, 2019
This item is good quality. I bought it for a gift for my young son. He so far likes to use it for target practice. Good item! read more »

Works great

26 Jun, 2019
I bought this because my new Mac Book Pro does not have the SD card reader like my old one did. I bought this because I am an avid photographer and needed an easier way to upload my photos instead of... read more »

Great replacement brushes

26 Jun, 2019
These toothbrush heads are great and fit perfectly! They clean my teeth really well and I would never have guessed they were not the original name brand replacement heads.  I would buy these a... read more »

Thankful to have this!

26 Jun, 2019
I am so happy to have this! The new computer I have no longer has USB ports. This connected great, and charged my phone with the usb cord while connected to my laptop. This will come in handy for pict... read more »

Love how compact it folds

18 Jun, 2019
This was a great buy! The product came with not only the pillow, but an eye mask, ear plugs and a carrying case! The pillow is memory foam and folds pretty compact into the bag. This is a huge plus fo... read more »

I love this suit!!!

16 Jun, 2019
I bought this because I wanted something that was 2 pieces yet, covered like a 1 piece! It is super fashionable, fits true tonsize and it allows you to wear the top two different ways! I don’t n... read more »

Super Cute

14 Jun, 2019
This swimming suit is super stylish! It fits true to size! I got many compliments on it and felt great wearing it! I would  I will be buying another in a different color.  read more »

Great quality and taste!

11 Jun, 2019
This matcha is really good. I wasn’t sure this was going to taste great because of the Amazon reviews but it was good. It wasn’t bitter but was still strong like I like my matcha. I added... read more »

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