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Nov, 2018

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I am a stay at home wife and mother of 2. I have been reviewing for a couple of years. I strive on giving my honest reviews on how the products are satisfactory to me and how they work for me. I give honest reviews and I really enjoy reviewing products on Amazon and telling people about the product(s).

I leave reviews on Viralix and Amazon on products I try.
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Using this lunchbox everyday

29 May, 2022
I fix my husband his lunch everyday and I am able to put everything he needs in this lunchbox. It's roomy and its insulated so it keeps his food cool .  read more »

I love this bottle

27 May, 2022
I fell in love with this bottle because IT does keep drinks cold or hot for hours!!. I fixed myself some coffee at 10 a.m. in a hurry I didn't drink it all during that day and hours passed by 7 p.... read more »

Like these nose rings

11 May, 2022
I love that the nose rings came in different sizes, I'm able to change to whatever size I want and they came in different colors as well read more »

Organized my fridge

31 Mar, 2022
These container organizers come on handy, and they keep the fridge near. I'm able to find what I need and it's gives me more space to add other groceries without clutter. I also used a few of... read more »

Good lamp

23 Jul, 2021
I really like this lamp it doesn't take space which sits in the corner, it gets brighter for a small type of lamp.  read more »

It's spacious and cute

09 Jul, 2021
I've been using this hand bag for a few months. I've had no issue. It's pretty decent big for me to put my things and my baby's pamper and wipes. read more »

Works great!

08 Jul, 2021
I like this soap dispenser, it keeps the sink area organized and neat. No more bottle of Dawn soap in the way. read more »

This is my 2nd charging station

08 Jul, 2021
I had to purchase another charging station for my room, because of how well it's made and i am able to have it in the corner of my table without me having to constantly switch out cords for whatev... read more »


07 Jul, 2021
I like this toothbrush holder. It keeps my counter organized and toothbrushes in place. Would buy another for my 2nd bathroom. read more »

Big tote

01 Jul, 2021
I like this bag, it's spacious and able to carry a lot of things even my son's diapers and wipes. read more »

Perfect for my business

29 Jun, 2021
These tags go perfect for my small business, love the heart shapes on them. Would order again when I am close to running out. read more »

Didn't fit my phone

22 Jun, 2021
This case didn't fit my phone read more »

Too small

22 Jun, 2021
Really wish the tray is bigger. But overall it's great it doesn't take much space in the freezer read more »

It's convenient

22 Jun, 2021
It's convenient when I need to blend something small I use this mini blender instead of getting my bigger blender. It's easy to clean. read more »

Comes in handy

18 Jun, 2021
I'm really glad I have these, for my toothpaste. I'm also using these for my facial cleanser . They're worth it read more »

Great mic ????

27 May, 2021
This mic works great, I didn't think it would sound that good for it being small but I was wrong. The sound quality is great! read more »

Haven't started yet but..

27 May, 2021
I'm excited to start these puzzles, I plan to glue the puzzles once they're put together and putting it on a frame. read more »

Sheets are beautiful and soft

26 May, 2021
These sheets are soft ! read more »

Convenient for me

26 May, 2021
This breast pump is convenient for me without needing to bring out my other pump or needing to connect it to the outlet. It's easy to clean so I am pleased with this pump read more »

My son loved his toy

26 May, 2021
My son was excited when he seen these Discovery toys. He loves it. read more »

Helps keep my hair out of the way

19 May, 2021
I've been using this for a few weeks keeping my hair out of the way when washing my face and its convenient. read more »

Using it for my business

29 Apr, 2021
I needed a natural light to use for my business when taking pictures of my products. I did not need anything expensive or big for my photoshoot so I decided to go with this. I am glad I purchased this... read more »

I love this tea!

05 Apr, 2021
This tea tastes really good! I have no complaints about this. I will be ordering some more when I run out. read more »

Help organize my kitchen area

01 Apr, 2021
It's spacious and holds well. It's big enough to hold number of different things. I would be ordering another. read more »

Smells good & great packaging

01 Apr, 2021
I received my essential oils packaged well, and they smell good I just wish they were a little bigger than a 5 ml but I am okay with that since it's my first time purchasing essential oils. I'... read more »

Great Thermal Printer for my small business

19 Mar, 2021
I received my thermal printer and tested it, it works great. I just had a little frustration setting up the bluetooth at first because I might have missed a step. But rewatching the tutorial all the w... read more »

Great lamp for the price!

14 Dec, 2020
The lamp works for my needs. I am able to clamp the lamp over my bed frame and it has multiple light levels and has two different lighting which I really like. I am able to use the lamp anywhere in my... read more »

Great quality

11 Dec, 2020
I got these for my son and he really likes them. I haven't tested them out but he says they work great and enjoys these kind of headphones. read more »

Really nice PJs for my son

15 Oct, 2020
These PJs are nice , my son usually wears a 5-6 T i decided to get a 8T so he can have them awhile. I wish the pjs were a little thicker. Overall the color is nice and my son is actually comfortable i... read more »

Has everything I need to do my nails

15 Oct, 2020
This kit came well packaged,  everything came as described its everything thats needed to start doing my nails.  The only thing thats not included is the Acrylic powder and super glue (alrea... read more »

I love these strainers

15 Oct, 2020
I love these strainer because I am able to decide which size would fit my needs in the kitchen. I am able to wash my rice with the bigger size or use the smaller one for tea since I add herbs. I'm... read more »

It's soft & stretchy I love it

08 Oct, 2020
I love it, it's really soft and stretchy and has room to feed my baby the hat fits well read more »

Great Mosquito killer . Love it!

08 Oct, 2020
My slide door frame was cut by accident and 1 or 2 mosquitoes and a fly got their way in the house and I'm glad I got this mosquito killer to set by my slide door during the night until I get it r... read more »

My son loved these

08 Oct, 2020
My son really liked these toys I bought for him. He actually enjoyed playing with them. I have no complaints it came the very next day after placing the order. read more »

Doesn't obscure view and steady Great value

06 Oct, 2020
The stand is well constructed and appears that it will serve my needs a very long time!It even holds my phone even though it has a mophie on it!I Doesn't obscure view like some other phone st... read more »

Hight quality and Great value, Highly recommend

06 Oct, 2020
These holders are really cute. At first, I thought they were low-quality holders but I was wrong! They are wider and taller than I thought. They hold plenty of pencils and pens I have and don’t... read more »

Small but worth it!

02 Oct, 2020
I love this product, I've been using it for a couple day. I use it every night. I have oily skin, using this product did not make my face oily. It makes my face feel smooth. I'm feeling like i... read more »


02 Oct, 2020
I use it for oil treatment and it works like a charm. It's Easy to use and t’s lighter than the hair dryer and storage is obviously easy. read more »

Love it it's perfect for this winter

01 Oct, 2020
I love this cardigan, it's comfortable and cozy not too big not too small read more »

Love these lashes

01 Oct, 2020
I like everything about these lashes. They were easy to put on and take off. It came with a cute Box & instructions. read more »

Glad to purchase this for my vitamins

01 Oct, 2020
I am glad of purchasing this because I am able to put all my different vitamins in the container & I won't have to stock up for a week or 2 since there's enough compartment to stock unlike... read more »

Easy to clean & use & easy storage

01 Oct, 2020
I like these little funnels they're easy to use and clean. They don't take much space at all! They don't stain like some others I've used before. Glad I purchased these! read more »

This item is a must have

01 Oct, 2020
This chopper is amazing, very sharp and convenient. it reduces my cooking and preparation time. It saves me time as I have two little ones always needing my attention. This item is a must have who are... read more »

Son loves this toy!

30 Sep, 2020
My son was excited to see the bubbles.When I put the toy together. Glad I purchased this toy for him  read more »

I'm Impressed! These are high quality earbuds

30 Sep, 2020
I love these earbuds! They're High quality,  the earbuds are secured in my ear, they don't fall off. I don't have to worry about wires or anything.  They are very light. So these... read more »

Works well and it's a travel size

30 Sep, 2020
I'm pleased with this item, Its perfect for travel. It has many other uses. Theres 3 attachments that allows you to trim other areas as needed. It holds a charge well and works for me. It's sm... read more »

Perfect bags for mini trash cans

29 Sep, 2020
These work as expected for my bathroom trash cans. The drawstring on the bag stays in the cans and makes it super convenient to empty, the handles stay clean, they don’t break/rip under wei... read more »

Great value and good quality

28 Sep, 2020
I love these for showering, they provide a gentle but thorough massage and are much easier to hold than the regular sponge/loofah/poof. The lather isn't as crazy but I find it adequate. I use... read more »

Came in handy !

28 Sep, 2020
This came in handy I didn't have anywhere to add and extra USB for my mouse on my laptop. I couldn't disconnect my other USBs because I needed to use them . I am glad to have bought this... read more »

Loved the case

28 Sep, 2020
I loved the case since I put it on my phone.  It protected my phone really good, I've accidentally dropped my phone a few times and my phone didn't shatter.  It wasn't a heavy ca... read more »

All Natural Teeth Whitening

23 Nov, 2018
This All Natural Activated Coconut Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder is so great I used it the first day I've received it. I brushed my teeth with toothpaste first then I used the charcoal powder al... read more »

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