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Jan, 2017

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Hi my name is Heather and I love reviewing products! I have over 4k in followers and enjoy sharing my opinion about products. I am a very organized reviewer. I also enjoy diy projects and couponing.
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Adorable flip flops!

07 Oct, 2019
My daughter absolutely loved these flip flops. They are so adorable and comfortable. They are made well, and come in a few different colors and sizes which was great. These are perfect for the beach,... read more »

Great product

07 Oct, 2019
My daughter loved her water bottle! It was made very well and I loved that it came with little bracelets. The bottle was very easy to clean and holds alot. This  bottle is great for little kids a... read more »


02 May, 2019
I got these ear buds as a spare in case my other ones should break. I was so disappointed at not only the quality but also the price. These are NOT worth even a dollar. The sound quality is horrible.... read more »

Great Can Opener

08 Mar, 2019
This stainless steel can opener works great! I love how it looks and the quality is very nice. I was really surprised when I opened the box and saw that it came with 4 replacement cutter discs. I thou... read more »

Great mattress protector

22 Dec, 2018
I got this great mattress protector for my son's bed. We all know how messy teenagers can be! I'm glad at least I can keep his mattress from getting destroyed! Very easy to put on, nice and st... read more »

Great set of lights

10 Dec, 2018
Nice set of fairy lights. They are warm white and 32 feet long. The lights have 8 different light patterns. Combination, In Waves, Sequential, Slo-glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle/Flash, and Ste... read more »

Very convenient

10 Dec, 2018
When it rains, my rear view mirror always get a little foggy, and has rain drops all over it. This makes it very difficult to see clearly, and can be dangerous as well. This rear view mirror film real... read more »

Great product

25 Nov, 2018
My kids always have fun with bubbles! When I saw this giant bubble wand, I knew I had to get it for them! This bubble wand makes giant bubbles! Who wouldn't love that! Great for birthday parties o... read more »

My kitty loves it

13 Nov, 2018
My Cat loves sitting in the window and soaking up the sun. Only problem is she has to stand, because the window sill is very small.  Now that she has her new window perch from sszy pets, she can... read more »

Great for memories

13 Nov, 2018
Loving these adorable chalk board signs!! So happy it came with 2. I have always wanted something like this for my son's first day of school pictures! I love how you can write in your child's... read more »

Great pretend play toy!

13 Nov, 2018
This Doctor Kit is so cute! Comes with 26 pieces and a carrying bag. This set includes the following.. Nurse cap, nurse uniform, medical box, glasses, capsule bottle, tablet bottle, oral mirror, tooth... read more »

Perfect for toddlers

13 Nov, 2018
This magnetic drawing board is awesome! Great for hand-eye coordination, and for learning numbers, letters and shapes. The magnetic pen shows kids how to hold a pencil, while also learning to draw and... read more »

Great product

19 Oct, 2018
This screen repair tape is awesome! So easy to use! Comes like a roll of tape. Such a cheap and easy way to fix a ripped screen. I used to always fix my screens with a piece of duct tape. I'm so h... read more »

Great mattress protector

19 Oct, 2018
  My kids are always spilling something on my bed.  I finally decided I would get a mattress protector to protect my poor bed. I found this nice waterproof mattress protector that fits my... read more »

Nice potty seat

26 Sep, 2018
Check out this adorable Pink Potty seat! A little confusing to put together at first. After I figured out which side was which, it got alot easier. My daughter doesnt really seem interested in potty t... read more »

Beautiful brushes

12 Sep, 2018
I love Painting. I don't do it all the time but I really enjoy it and it's very relaxing. I feel you can never  really have enough paint brushes, so I decided to try out this set. When I... read more »

Great product to keep your things safe

11 Sep, 2018
Do you ever get worried that you will lose your important documents in a fire or flood? I know I do. That's why I got this fireproof Bag. It keeps things like money, birth certificates, passports,... read more »

Beautiful dress

29 Aug, 2018
This sunflower sundress is so adorable. Comes in sizes 2-7. I love the beautiful detail of this dress.  Comfortable, soft, adorable, and made of cotton. The back is so cute. It ties together with... read more »

Great for kids

20 Aug, 2018
My kids hate getting sun in their face, especially my daughter. I have tried those window shades that stick on the window, and even the ones that suction cup to the window. They always seem to just fa... read more »

Nice spinner

07 Aug, 2018
Got this cool fidget spinner for my 11 year old son. He is building a nice collection so far. This fidget spinner is nicely built and spins well too. Get yours here ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ https://www.amazon.com/gp/... read more »

Product broken

07 Aug, 2018
When I received this product it didn't work at all. I contacted the seller via Amazon and told them about the problem. I never received an email back. Not sure what to do from here.  read more »

Great kit

01 Aug, 2018
Very nice 180 piece #emergency first aid kit! Great for the #car read more »

Cute toddler game

17 Jul, 2018
Cute little fishing game for toddlers. Comes with 3 rubber fish, and a fishing rod. My 3 year old had some fun with it, but then kind of lost interest. I think she liked the rubber fish the best. It&#... read more »

Nice little flashlight

17 Jul, 2018
Nice set of 2 LED mini handheld flashlights. They each have 3 modes, zoomable, tactical flashlights with fluorescent rings. Anti drop, waterproof and only require one double A battery. Perfect for the... read more »

Beautiful lights

12 Jun, 2018
Very nice set of LED string lights. Extremely bright, 66 feet long with 200 LEDs. These are made with copper wire and are very flexible. Perfect for decorating, diy projects, Christmas or even a weddi... read more »

Great quality

24 May, 2018
Check out my new oven mitts! They have a non slip silicone grid, heat resistant and very soft inside. These can be used for a BBQ, taking things out of the oven/toaster oven or microwave. I like that... read more »

So much fun

24 May, 2018
These dinosaur Skeleton toys are very cool. My 3 year old daughter really loves playing with them. Good quality, but I feel like a few are a little difficult to stand up. Comes in a nice 12 pack, with... read more »

Great locks

24 Mar, 2018
This is a very nice set of child proof locks. I like the design and color. Comes with a set of 6. I have to say you can never have too many of these. Some break, or come off after time. My daughter is... read more »

Great quality glasses

27 Feb, 2018
This shot glass set is very nice. Comes with 6 shot glasses that say "I was sober & still said yes" . Very nice quality, heavy duty, and frosted glass. Very nicely detailed. I do kind of... read more »


28 Jan, 2018
I'm so happy I got these compression socks! read more »

Great idea

28 Jan, 2018
I really like this new cell phone ring holder! It makes holding my phone alot easier. It's also great to use when you watch videos. It acts kind of like a stand for your phone. The ring easily sti... read more »

Nice at first

12 Jan, 2018
Got this pretty sweet bath brush set the other day! It has interchangeable brushes ( loofah & back scrubber brush) and also comes with a cloth that polishes your skin. This set also cames with 3 s... read more »

Great set

12 Jan, 2018
I got this 3 piece bike light set for my son's bike. This kit comes with a good amount of stuff. I was shocked when I opened it. This will fit nicely on your bike and adds extra protection  f... read more »

Decent spinner

12 Jan, 2018
Another nice fidget spinner!  Well made and spins nicely. I got this for a prize for  my son's Birthday party this July! Fidget spinners are so popular I decided I would get some as priz... read more »

Nice spinner

12 Jan, 2018
Got this cool fidget spinner for my 11 year old son. He is building a nice collection so far. This fidget spinner is nicely built and spins well too. Get yours here ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ https://www.amazon.com/gp/... read more »

Not great quality

12 Jan, 2018
Got these really cool baking mats! This is a set and comes with 2. These can be used for making cookies, pizza, chicken and more. I used them to make cookies and they work great. I do wish they were a... read more »

Great toy!

12 Jan, 2018
My daughter loves this mini 5 inch basketball! It is great quality and perfect for little hands! I was thinking it was going to be delivered inflated but it wasn't. I'm still very happy with i... read more »

Nice set

12 Jan, 2018
I got this 3 piece magic cube set for my 11 year old son. He really likes them and enjoys playing with them. He said his favorite part is that they are all different shapes. The quality is very nice a... read more »

Cool spinner

12 Jan, 2018
This is a really nice 2 sided fidget spinner. My son decided he wants to make a collection so this is part of it. Very nice quality and spins for 2 mins 38 seconds. This is the first 2 sided spinner h... read more »

Amazing product

12 Jan, 2018
I got this nice emergency hammer kit to keep in my car in case of emergencies. It's a 2 piece kit, with 2 hammers and a case to keep them in. One end can break your window and the other end is to... read more »

Work great!

12 Jan, 2018
I love the summer and being outside all the time. But i hate mosquotes! That's why I got these cool mosquito bracelets! I hate the smell of bug spray and how it feels on my skin. I also hate putti... read more »

Great little net

12 Jan, 2018
I got this little betta fish net for my son's betta fish. He was cleaning the tank without one for awhile, but it was pretty difficult for him. This net is the perfect size for his little fish tan... read more »

Amazing markers

31 Dec, 2017
I'm seriously in love with this marker set! What a great idea! Comes with 48 double sided markers. One side is a thick marker and the other is a fine point marker. It comes in an adorable case too... read more »

Great quality

26 Dec, 2017
Very happy with my new shower curtain! It's very nice quality, heavy duty, and made of polyester. It kind of reminds me of the curtains they use in hotels. It's waterproof, mildew resistant an... read more »

Great product

23 Dec, 2017
This Mugig Chromatic Guitar Tuner Pedal is very nice. It has a nice Led screen which is bright, clear and easy to use. It's very fast at detecting your string pitch as well. My boyfriend plays gui... read more »

Great cat toy

17 Dec, 2017
Check out this cool new cat toy I got for my cat! It's made good, and reminds me of a fishing rod. Comes with a retractable rod, 2 feather toys, and 2 caterpillar toys. You put these toys at the e... read more »

Amazing product

03 Dec, 2017
I am so loving my new wireless Bluetooth transmitter/ car radio adapter! If you don't know what this is then I'll explain. Most new cars have a spot for you to plug your phone in and play mp3s... read more »

Great tweezer set

12 Nov, 2017
This is a very nice 3 piece tweezer set. Comes in a nice case too. 3 different tweezers, 3 different colors, and 3 different points. They work very well and are great quality. It's kind of hard no... read more »

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