Bath Toy Fishing Game with Cute Spotted Fish and Fishing Rod Fajiabao Best Gift for Children Boys Girls Bathtub Fun Time(Color Vary)
Price: $9.99
4.68 / 5   (66 Reviews)


Bath toy

10 Feb, 2021
My neice really likes this fishing bath toy. She likes the challenge of trying to get the fish. read more »


12 Dec, 2018
Cute and small. Perfect for who i want to give it to.  read more »

Teaching them early

26 Nov, 2018
Son loves playing with this toy during bath time. The only problem is he doesn't want to put it down! read more »

So Much Fun Fir My Little Guys!

25 Nov, 2018
I have videos of the kids and my husband playing with this and they had a blast. Good quality and a lot of fun and memories! read more »

My 5-year old granddaughter loved it!

19 Sep, 2018
My 5-year old granddaughter loved it! She play with it in the bathtub and in the pool. Nice quality and very child-friendly! read more »

Kids love it very much!

16 Sep, 2018
It's a good toys and can keep them busy couple hours. read more »

not to good

14 Aug, 2018
this is what I got for my kids but hooks are so small ...they can't get those three little fish out .. kids didn't liked it .  read more »

Bath Toy Fishing Game

04 Aug, 2018
Fishing pole with hook and three fish. Very colorful and fun challenge for child.  read more »

Great toy!

02 Aug, 2018
My nephews love this toy. Thay play with it both inside and outside of the tub. They love having their first fishing pole. The hook is big enough for the kids to easily pick up the fish. Sturdy produc... read more »

Fun Toy For Kids

27 Jul, 2018
I recieved this bath time fishing rod set from Fajiaboa. It comes with 3 colorful fish, and a rod that is perfect for younger children and small hands. It provides hours of fun, and is... read more »

Quality toy which can keep your kids busy for hours.

25 Jul, 2018
I bought this for my daughter just before her birthday. Now she is so much obsessed with it that she is playing with it all the time when she is not even in bath tub. Just after first glance, it becam... read more »

Cute toy

23 Jul, 2018
I bought these for my child she was so excited when it arrived she went straight to the restroom for a bath she loved them so easy to play with I even liked them so cute and inexpensive Really liked t... read more »

Happy Kids!

22 Jul, 2018
My 3 year old and my one year old absolutely love this fishing set. They play with it in AND out of the tub. It's easy for them to catch the fish, so they've really enjoyed it. They fight over... read more »

A fun challenge!

22 Jul, 2018
This is a fun game! My daughter likes to play with it in the bathtub and swimming pool. It is a bit advanced for a 2 year old but is fun to try to use.  read more »


20 Jul, 2018
They are just so adorable my kids loved playing with them. read more »

Cute Bath Toy, Kids love it!

20 Jul, 2018
This bathtub fishing set by Fajiabi is an adorable bathtoy for children of all ages. The set comes with one fishing rod and 3 adorable fish. The fish came in 3 colors, have a round loop on top making... read more »

Fishing game

19 Jul, 2018
I got this for my youngest son and he really enjoys it its a toy for the bath tub he can pretend he is fishing, it comes with little fishes which each are a different color. I also like it cause i don... read more »

Cute toy

18 Jul, 2018
My son really likes this toy. It's smaller than I expected but it's perfect for my one and two year olds. Perfect gift for the little fisherman in training. #rankboosterreview #sponsored #f... read more »

Cute toddler game

17 Jul, 2018
Cute little fishing game for toddlers. Comes with 3 rubber fish, and a fishing rod. My 3 year old had some fun with it, but then kind of lost interest. I think she liked the rubber fish the best. It&#... read more »

Great Toy

15 Jul, 2018
This is perfect for my youngest grandchild. My other grandchildren all had fishing toys but the toys were to hard for the baby to handle. Hours of fun! All children love bath toys. read more »

2nd one my sons in heaven

14 Jul, 2018
This is actually the second one I bought because if my 4 year olds love for this toy. He actually chooses this over all his bath toys and it has been a lot easier to wash his head now that he’s... read more »


12 Jul, 2018
my kids enjoy it a lot! It’s very cute design and well made! My boys use them every day with or without bath! They always run to me to tell me they caught a fish! So cute!  read more »

So cute!

12 Jul, 2018
My grandson loves this! Perfect for bathtime! read more »

Cute bath toy

12 Jul, 2018
Decent quality, very cute for bath time. read more »


11 Jul, 2018
Asked the littles if they wanted to go fishing. Yes mom. Well lets take a bath. Littles we have fish in the tub. Yep we do. Tell you catch them. read more »

Bath Toy

11 Jul, 2018
My little girl loves it.. Its jus the right size for..Love the colors and I love the fact that it's helping her with their hand and eye coordination.. Its a must have... read more »


11 Jul, 2018
Hasn't been used yet, it's a birthday gift. Pretty sure he's gonna love it though. Came well packaged, not broken, and super cute! read more »


11 Jul, 2018
my grandson loves  these toys read more »

Good Catch of a Toy

10 Jul, 2018
These bath toys are great and my son really enjoys them when taking a bath. The fishing pole is made of plastic While the fish are made of buoyant material the float on the water. The fishing pole com... read more »


10 Jul, 2018
i got this for my granddaughter so she can go fishing when she cant go with her daddy read more »

Great for my grandkids

09 Jul, 2018
It’s so cute and perfect size for them.  Great buy!  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Fajiabao read more »

Fishing game

09 Jul, 2018
This is a very cute product. My son is still a little too young to use it but I am sure he will love it. read more »


08 Jul, 2018
Very cute game. This is a well made set. The pieces are nice and bright. The details are really cute.  read more »

Bath time is fun again

08 Jul, 2018
Now I don't have to fight with my son to stay in the bath, bath time is fun again.  He loves playing with this fishing pool and catching the fish over and over again. Highly recommend. htt... read more »

Very fun

08 Jul, 2018
My son loves these, he had been playing with them non-stop since they arrived. They are pretty durable and strong. They are cute and brightly colored. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #fajiab... read more »

cute and easy to use

07 Jul, 2018
this is so cute and easy you may not want to share with the child.  3 fish with loops for the cute little hook on the pole. read more »


07 Jul, 2018
~ What ~ Made of pliable silicone and plastic with a 6-inch cord, this bath set includes a child’s fishing rod with rope and triple hook with 3 colorful polka dotted fish. While the fishing rod... read more »


06 Jul, 2018
Sent to a friend. keeps kids busy and helps with coordination. read more »

My daughter loves it

05 Jul, 2018
My daughter loves to play it . She can easily hook the fisheso on stand by position although she had hard time hooking them when she is in bathtub. She was looking for the fishing reel partpart like o... read more »


04 Jul, 2018
This toy set is not what I expected at all. I know it was going to be cheap but I could have bought this at the dollar store for a buck. read more »

Such a cute toy.

04 Jul, 2018
Made sturdy and very colorful.  It is a lot of fun fishing.  grandbabies love it. read more »

Great for Kids of all ages

03 Jul, 2018
This bath toy fishing game can also be used in the swimming pool, at the lake or in the dogs water dish.  It is crazy fun and easy to play.  It has three cute colorful fish and a fishing pol... read more »

Cute bath toys

03 Jul, 2018
My son loves these. He still doesn't quite get how to use it, but he still has fun playing with them inside and outside the tub. The little fishing pole and squishy fish are cute and colorful. I l... read more »

Cool bath toys

03 Jul, 2018
I got these for my 2 girls 2.5 and 6.5 yo and they both enjoy playing with them in a bath tub filled with bubble. I wasn't expecting much when I ordered them but they are actually well made.... read more »

Cute, but kind of cheap

03 Jul, 2018
Now that the baby is getting older, I decided to pick up some more water toys for her to use in the bathtub and outside in the pool. I thought this fishing toy might be fun for her, as well as help he... read more »


03 Jul, 2018
Brought this fishing game to give as a gift for my granddaughters to share ... Well, lets just say I have to get another set because it was such a hit!!  They play with it in the pool and in the... read more »

Super cute

03 Jul, 2018
these are so cute got for grand babies they love them.  read more »


02 Jul, 2018
Kids are gonna play for hours in tub. Bit smaller than i would have thought but kids enjoy playing so all well at the end of the day. read more »

Bath time fun

02 Jul, 2018
I like looking for new bath toys as it makes bathing more enjoyable for my toddler. This one fits the bill and is easy to use for my two year old. #sponsored #rankbooster #bathtoyfishinggame read more »


02 Jul, 2018
toddler loves this. in pool and tub read more »

So much fun in the tub or splash pool!

02 Jul, 2018
My 2 year old granddaughter loves to catch fish with this cute fishing rod.  The three fish are moderately challenging for her, but I know that she is developing skills and color recognition whil... read more »

Very good

01 Jul, 2018
My kid love it read more »

Toy Fishing Game

30 Jun, 2018
This Toy Fishing Game is great for toddlers. They can play with it in the bath, pool, beach, lake, or just on the floor. It helps teach colors because the rod and the three fish are very colorful. It... read more »

Bath Toys

29 Jun, 2018
this is a cute bath toy set! Love it!  read more »

Makes bath time fun

29 Jun, 2018
A cute Lil game that makes bath time fun.  It comes with the fishing rod and 3 colorful fish. My little one had a blast during bath time. She fished for one and the next.  read more »

Bath toy fishing game

28 Jun, 2018
Guess how I got my 3 year old grandson to take a bath tonight!  I threw these cute fish into his bathwater and there was no fight tonight!  We had a good time catching fish over and over aga... read more »

Such adorable little fish and a cute fishing pole

28 Jun, 2018
Its fun to see the grandkids splashing in the bath, having a lot of fun. When it is super hot outside and they need a distraction, this darling fishing set is perfect to keep them occupied and happy.... read more »

Kids loved it!!!

27 Jun, 2018
Awesome water game. My kids loved playing with it in the pool. They loved “fishing”. read more »


26 Jun, 2018
~ What ~ Made of pliable silicone and plastic with a 6-inch cord, this bath set includes a child’s fishing rod with rope and triple hook with 3 colorful polka dotted fish. While the fishing rod... read more »

Great fishing toy

26 Jun, 2018
The little ones love this fishing toy in the bathtub they have a blast they're happy I'm happy highly recommended #RankBoosterReview  read more »

Cute toy

25 Jun, 2018
I bought these for my son to play in the pool and he was so amused by these little fishies and he couldn’t stop playing with them it made his pool time was enjoyable and I can’t recommend... read more »

Grandkids love it

25 Jun, 2018
My grandkids are having fun catching fish. This is a fun little fishing rod set for the kids to play with, in and out of the bathtub. It is a little smaller then I thought it would be. I like that the... read more »

Fishing in the tub pond

30 Jan, 2018
My baby grandson is going to like this because of the colorful fish and pole. It will be a fun game to play catching all the fish onto the hook. These toys don't have the hole in the bottom so... read more »

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