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08 Sep, 2019
I bought this for my daughter for a trip and it works great. It's very simple and basic. It works fantastic for writing or drawing. There are two spots to put the pencil, either lying down or stan... read more »

really nice

08 Sep, 2019
These are my favorite type of shoes. I've owned quite a few Roxys that are the same style. These are very similar and the same comfort. I would say the toe area isn't as wide but they still fe... read more »


19 Aug, 2019
The picture is deceiving because you only get 10 rolls and not 20 like the picture states. The patterns are super cute and the tape is very sticky. Really great for crafts, etc! There is very little t... read more »

soft material

19 Aug, 2019
The material is nice and soft on these but I would not recommend them for someone with a bigger booty. These fit me higher in the front and lower in the back and were not high enough in the back for m... read more »

fun but small

11 Aug, 2019
This kit is a fun little activity for kids. The kit we received did not have tools in it so I had to figure out something around the house to use which was unfortunate. The material is the perfect con... read more »

high quality

06 Aug, 2019
This vibrator is really high quality. It has so many different speeds and patterns. The handle is high quality and makes it easy to handle. It comes with the USB charger and instructions. Very nice de... read more »

SO soft!

06 Aug, 2019
I've spent so much money on buying cotton pads and most of them are so poor quality and don't feel good on my eye. I LOVE THESE REUSABLE PADS! They are SO soft and work so well to get all of m... read more »


06 Aug, 2019
I've been using microneedling on my face for awhile and was looking for something for my body (stretch marks). I had literally been using my little face roller on my skin. I'm so so glad I fou... read more »


06 Aug, 2019
I was a little sceptic at first getting these but I was desperate to try something since I have really dark circles from not getting enough sleep. These were so refreshing and relaxing! They are a bit... read more »

These are so silky soft.

10 Dec, 2018
Ive seen an improvement in my hair. It doesn't break off as much. The pillow cases are soft on my face. The only down fall is they are 100 percent cotton and not silk. After washing them dog hair... read more »

Really works

26 Oct, 2018
I've used multiple products line this and this one really works . I've been using it for over a week and can already see a difference in the length of my eyelashes and eyebrows .It didn'td... read more »

Really nice

05 Oct, 2018
This football is awesome for kids. It looks just like a real football with the stripes and the fake lace.  It was easy to blow up and only took a few seconds. My toddler loves to play with this .... read more »

Nice quality

30 Aug, 2018
Nice quality . They don't taste it smell line they are stil of chemicals. A few layers are needed for deep color. Love the latem look after they dry. Love the color selection . read more »

High quality

30 Aug, 2018
High quality bra. Easy to snap and unsnap the front. Comes with extender which is great to use before and after birth. Very comfortable . read more »

Didn't work

30 Aug, 2018
I charged this over night but wouldn't power on.  read more »


30 Aug, 2018
These coin purses are super cute.  They come with a nice variety of cookie. Easy to open and close and don't open accidently .Big enough to hold a medium amount if change.  read more »


30 Aug, 2018
Batteries are easy to install. A lot bigger than what i assumed from the picture . The silicon is soft and a great shape . High quality read more »


30 Aug, 2018
This tape is really nice. Is not too sticky so of you want to peel it off and stick it again it works perfect for that. The neon colors are really nice . read more »


12 Aug, 2018
These socks are nice. Not too thick and not too thin . I'm a size 7 shoe and they fit my feet will.  The light blue color is fine but I'm not sure what I'll wear them with.  Each... read more »


12 Aug, 2018
I really love the mesh style on these pants. They look like they are Capri style but when you have them on you see they aren't.  I'm short and curvy and these fit perfect . read more »


12 Aug, 2018
These pants work great for me for working out . The back pocket was awesome for holding my cell phone.  I'm sorry and curvy and these fit me well.  read more »

Easy application

12 Aug, 2018
This comes with all the tools i need to install the screen protector easily and efficiently. Even though i have applied many screen protectors before, all the tools make it easy for anyone to do it pe... read more »


22 Jul, 2018
My pop socket came off and wanted to try something different. I like these finger holder. It's so nice to have a stand on my phone!! The kickstand is so nice and I never had this with the popsocke... read more »

A fun challenge!

22 Jul, 2018
This is a fun game! My daughter likes to play with it in the bathtub and swimming pool. It is a bit advanced for a 2 year old but is fun to try to use.  read more »

Love these!

22 Jul, 2018
The sound on these are so nice!! Easy to plug into your phone and the wood design gives it such a nice touch. I'd highly recommend these! read more »

A great way to stay organized

22 Jul, 2018
I've been so sick of having CD cases laying around my car and putting CDs away in the wrong cases. This was easy to install on my visor and the CDs fit perfectly. There is leather which is nice be... read more »

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