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Single mother of three beautiful children ages 10: 07 and 6. 30 years old currently undergoing immunoglobulin therapy someway like an immune system transplant. Tob treat for three rarest autoimmune conditions one can have. They're debilitating and has left with next to the worst cataract possible in ok be eye, and inflammatory damage causing 20/200 vision in the other eye. Considered legally blind, I am home bound unable to drive, being with my children and providing start up businesses quality, honest, thorough reviews are the highlight of my days. I enjoy testing products, trying products out for different companies, when they allow me to, compensating me for and writing a phenomenal brutally honest yet thorough review of my thoughts and feelings about their products provides me a thrill. Thank you for reading, and it was nice meeting you!
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Doesn't stay in place

23 Sep, 2021
The adhesive that comes with this is junk. The light worked pretty good for someone on 1 charge alone. Would have given 5 stars if not for the adhesive never working read more »


23 Sep, 2021
Used as directed for 1 week and they were both shattered into my mother's plants. read more »

Don't hold up

23 Sep, 2021
The bracelets became stretched out after first look at them.  read more »

First firming lotion I've used, didn't expect it to do anything at it's price.

23 Sep, 2021
I was taken a back by the actual tightening that happen after about 3 uses. You can't beat a product that works so well and it isn't going to break the bank! read more »

I'd have given. 5 stars however I can't.

19 Feb, 2020
I have been testingtesting products for a little while now, and I have not seen a product thatthat has claimed to provide an end result but actually comes no where near its advertised claims.  read more »

Long lasting fun

23 Dec, 2019
My kids loved playing with this slim. I've had it for months and they play with it at least once a week or more and it's still the same consistency as it was when I got it.  read more »

Would've give 5 stars, missing one key feature

30 Jul, 2019
I love this little lamp. It's bright as bright can be! Light weight as well. It's very flexible! My one and only issue is it needs a clasp of some kind so you can hangout from somewhere. It do... read more »

If i could have left no stars i would have.

11 Jul, 2019
the way this is advertised, you think you are getting a set of watercolor paint brushes. To my surprise it is only 1 watercolor brush!!! and its brown! read more »

only gets a star for showing up

11 Jul, 2019
this fountain is junk. i set it up exactly according to the instructions. it worked for one day and never worked again! read more »

Came as described!

08 May, 2019
The fire starter was a little tricky to get going, however I do think it'll be ok. I'm going to try using it to start my next fire outside for brush and really see how it holds up. The mult... read more »

Outside package instructions VERY poorly written

02 May, 2019
The back of the package has how to instructions, they clearly haven't been proofread. Multiple words are misspelled. I'd like to promote imported products however it's hard to do when the... read more »

Direction not written in proper English. Doesn't cut short hairs.

20 Feb, 2019
This item is almost just junk. The only thing it cuts is the longer hairs, the nose trimmer doesn't cut at all. Don't bother referring to the instructions provided they're illegible! I wou... read more »

Very hard!

11 Feb, 2019
It was my inderundersta that the insoles where going to be comfortable, providing support at the same time. That is not the case. These insoles might as well be solid plastic.  If comfort and... read more »

The color plays the biggest role in my review...

09 Feb, 2019
The color of the container is nice in that it stands out from other storage containers so for me personally my children store the small parts to their Barbies, LOL Dolls, and other toys as well. Knowi... read more »

Velco isn't like it use to be.

09 Feb, 2019
The biggest most important feature of this product was the strenghth of the velco. When I was a kid this was the hot item to have it was fun and the ball really stuck well to the paddle even if thrown... read more »

All 4 came on time. Shaped very wierd

28 Nov, 2018
They're supwr tight on top and wide on bottom. I defininitly wouldn't recommend rhese read more »

Never received product

22 Nov, 2018
Upon ordering this item, it stated 3-5 day shipping. It's been a month and I've yet to even receive the item. Therefore, I'm fed up waiting to test the product and writing a review based o... read more »

Doesn't cut at all

22 Nov, 2018
Tried everything. New batteries, cleaning the blade, and inspecting it for defects and nothing at all helped this product cut evebthe thinnest haie on my face. I was highly disappointed. I won't b... read more »

Came nice, doesn't fit right

22 Nov, 2018
According to the description, I thought this shirt would be water wicking and semi form fitting. This shirt is definitely not that. After washing, it got even shorter. I thought if I ordered one size... read more »

Everything came exactly right.

22 Nov, 2018
This product is everything the seller said. It includes everything said it would. The bands are very nice. They are easy to change out with the included handles. IfI'd recomme this product.  read more »

Not enough oils

15 Nov, 2018
These bathbombs I desolved in the bathtub thinking that they'd soften the skin and you'd smell good. I was wrong the smell went away the moment the bokb desolved and my skin was still very dry... read more »

Keeps time, pretty colors

15 Nov, 2018
My one and only complaint is that it s says kids watch and the watch part is as big as my daughters wrist.  read more »

Zero problems!

15 Nov, 2018
Nice quality batteries! I have nothing negative to say about these batteries. Even ice cold they fired up anything I put them in.  read more »

Makes quite the mess

06 Nov, 2018
I thought this was a great idea. I hate the mess it makes making popcorn on the stove. This just transfers to the mess to the micrmicro. Thank you for letting be the your product.  read more »

Order a little bigger

06 Nov, 2018
i ordered one size up for sale I did not suit fits almost perfectly! Thank you! read more »

A little big. Very comfortable

06 Nov, 2018
These are nice fantastic socks they fit great. Theyre a little big for me, but I ordered them that way. T the colors are my favorite! Thank you for giving me the chance to try these.  read more »

Fits fine half way

03 Nov, 2018
This shaper fit great until I got to the chest. It doesn't over my breasts AT ALL. and there is this opening in the back which I don't know what that's for. read more »

Works good for music, not calls.

03 Nov, 2018
No one can hear me ever when I try using this ear piece to talk on the phone. I have tried everything but no one can hear me. The sound is good though. I listen to music that is it though. read more »

Item is exactly as described

03 Nov, 2018
I have not been able to afford a projector to test the screen however I've been able to take the screeb out hang it and see how it looks and will hold up as it was described in the sellers descrip... read more »

Seems it'll be nice for light travel.

03 Nov, 2018
in the description it says you can fold the bag into a smaller bag, there was no directions or pictures to show how to acheive that. But it'll work for a little bag for a sleepover. read more »

Warm, not loud enough

03 Nov, 2018
These ear muffs are a great idea. However the issue I had was the fit and the volume. They are super warm! But they just don't stay on good and the wire around them push on the sides of my head.&n... read more »

Great for pedicures!

03 Nov, 2018
I used this on my 7 year old daughter to experiment on and it worked so well. It didn't hurt her at all. It filled off the chipped nails well without harm. The only con is just there should .be on... read more »

Works really well!!

03 Nov, 2018
I love this little thing! The only issue is I wish it worked with my cell phone because I am visually impaired and this devoce helps me navigate way better on a webpage! Thank you read more »

This is NOT for adults!

03 Nov, 2018
I'm 5'9'' 140lbs. This came in a large and I normally wear a medium in tops. This sweatshirt was so small it wouldn't pull down past my navel! Buyers beware, it's not worth the... read more »

Not even close to fitting right!

03 Nov, 2018
I followed the fitting chart according to my measurements and this fleece was so small at a large it was more suiteable for my 10 year old son. Total waste of money.  read more »

Worked twice and stopped cutting

29 Oct, 2018
Honestly this product didn't cut well to begin with but it did some, sense the 2 stars. Now, it barely trims at all. The Shane isn't close it's more of a trimmer than remover read more »

Not real pens!

29 Oct, 2018
I was livid when getting these, because it said gel "pens" not skinny sticks that look like they belong inside of a normal person. I suppose that's the pitfalls of being a reviewer/teste... read more »

Ankle design awfully uncomfortable

29 Oct, 2018
The pants fit be great. It takes .Forever for me to get the pants on or off due to the ankle design.  read more »

The attachments are very soft. Pretty noisy.

29 Oct, 2018
The attachments are not very easy to use not very effective. Also, the tool sucks battery power extremely fast. Other those issues I've had everything else is ok pretty good. read more »

The perfect yoga pants every

22 Oct, 2018
I have done countless reviews. I have never given a 5. These pants are worth the 5 stars. Im be wearing them right now I just don't want to take them off! Perfect compression perfect height to pul... read more »

Very thin and very tight.

13 Oct, 2018
Nowhere in the description of the pants did it say that the pants would fit tight or be paper thin. They are long enough which is hard to find for me!  read more »

Wrong sizes came

13 Oct, 2018
Three in one bag all same size and one size was missing all together. They are already causing irritation to my ears ass well.  read more »

Shipped in cheap thin box.

13 Oct, 2018
Haven't even used the utensils yet but they don't seem as durable as the other pumpkin carving kit I bought. We will see.  read more »

Most disappointing item bought from Rank-Bioster

11 Oct, 2018
ABSOLUTELY DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM. I spent 4 hours just trying to figure out how to set the  time and how to charge it the instructions don't even show pictures relevant to the watch itself. Th... read more »

You get what you pay for

07 Oct, 2018
These eae rings claim to be 100% stainless steel, I'm allergies I c to nickel. My ears broke out and swelled up.  read more »

Garbage. Don't buy

07 Oct, 2018
Turned tarnished after 1 weeks read more »

Look, perform, and are amazing!

07 Oct, 2018
I highly highly recommend these! They are amazing. We put them inside pumpkins. It's great that the remote syncs all the little lights as one. Just perfect lovin ''em!  read more »

They do not stay in the best, however that is my only complaint

04 Oct, 2018
These wireless headphones have the best sound out of all 5 bluetooth headphones that i own. The only trouble that seems to go with every pair of wireless headphones i own, know one can hear me. otherw... read more »

Does the job, sucks battery power FAST!

01 Oct, 2018
Update from original review right after trying this is about what weeks later. The product is built to last apparently for only a week week and a half. It sucks battery power(quality batteries I'm... read more »

Much larger than claimed to be. Showed up late. Bombarded me with review requests

01 Oct, 2018
This company sent me the emails in 2 days begging for a review and I hadn't even received the item yet.the product showed up late. And they are much larger than described. read more »

I refuse to give stars to an item I never received!!! I ordered it and it never showed up.

01 Oct, 2018
If I'm forced to, I'll give one star, be it know that's a lie. I never received the item. Buys beware. read more »

Would've been a fantastic item except...

01 Oct, 2018
i would have easily given this item 5 stars if the instructions included a way to turn off the alarm for the day not just for 5 minutes. Two other adults and I in my home, went through the instruction... read more »

Charges really slow

28 Sep, 2018
Charges slowly but worth the wait. Damn good item. Does exactly what it says too.  read more »

Great for night time, when it's totally dark

23 Sep, 2018
It cleared out the garage where I plugged it in overnight with to h all the doors shut the trap was full of mosquitoes. However theu prefer to be on you if youryo near the trap wbilw it's on. read more »

Junk. Says comes with batteries, IT DOESNT!

23 Sep, 2018
Thank goodness this didn't cost must. Not only was the shipment a week late it was also not as described. Buyer beware. read more »

Literally did nothing

23 Sep, 2018
It could be just me, maybe I'm immune to the active ingredient. But this didn't do anything for me I could sleep after taking them. Follow directions to a T. It could just be my system.  read more »

Coupon didn't work

11 Sep, 2018
Said it was already redeemed read more »

Fantastic focusing! #rankbooster

10 Sep, 2018
Light weight very easy to carry. The focusimg is phenomenal! The only reason for not getting 5 starts is the size of the item and the size of the eye pieces. Totally recommending to people.  read more »

Look great! Exactly as advertised. #blogbooster

10 Sep, 2018
These door stoppers.come with a little holder so when not in use and you can us the 3m sticky backing on the little holder to adhere to the wall behind the door or wherever, and place the stopper ther... read more »

Fit perfectly!

08 Sep, 2018
This shirt was literally one of the best shirts I've purchased in 15 years! It fit exactly as described. The thumb holes are perfectly sewn and placed. For once there's a shirt that actually f... read more »

Sharp looking but bulky

08 Sep, 2018
#RankBoostReview These headphones have awesome sound quality. They're a little loose for my liking, but that's ok. The biggest issue wirh these is that the voice of the person that talks wh... read more »


03 Sep, 2018
This was far from an LOL doll the item was missing a shoe. Total garbage.  read more »

Fits so perfectly!

03 Sep, 2018
I flipping love this shirt. Got a medium and for once the sleeves are actually long enough for me! Thank you!  read more »

Will revisit once used in rain!

03 Sep, 2018
just came today Opened beautifully Had no issues getting protective case over umbrella once opened, shut, and ready to put away. Confident my 7 year old will be able to handle this item without... read more »

Shipping time is insain! Awfully expensive watch. Await further review.

27 May, 2018
Not to promising just judging the insain time frame to ship. I will be reviewing this item AGAIN once it come in a month. This item is listed for almost $60. I expect it to perform as such. If it does... read more »

Came as described in time in excellent condition.

12 May, 2018
very visually appealing. Makes me feel stylish. They're comfortable and seem sturdy. Wish the case would have been a hard case that's the only reason for no 5 stars read more »

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