LETION LED Torch Super Bright 2000 Lumens 500 Meters Powerful Flashlight with Zoomable 5 Lighting Modes Waterproof Torches for Camping Hiking Fishing Outdoor
Price: £15.99
4.86 / 5   (58 Reviews)


Very Powerful

22 May, 2021
Have a few of these and they are excellent, very compact but very powerful torches. Battery life is very good i use on a nightly basis yet only charge maybe every 4-5 weeks and the metal body makes it... read more »

Comes with us on our nightly dog walk

20 May, 2021
Our usual dog walking route has become overgrown and rather difficult to navigate in places. My dogs love roaming off their leads so I need to be able to see some distance ahead at all times. The torc... read more »

Powerful little light!

04 May, 2021
Wow what a great little light! I really didn't expect it to be that great for the price but I was pleasantly suprised. It is great quality and eventhough takes a few batteries they last ages an... read more »

Great torch

02 May, 2021
Small but very powerful. Easy to use, and very well made. The light is extremely bright and has 5 modes including strobe and SOS which are essentials for hiking and mountain climbing. Would definitely... read more »

Decent torch

29 Apr, 2021
Great little light. Perfect for camping  read more »


21 Apr, 2021
This flashlight fits perfectly in the dash of my car so I know where it's at when needed. It is easy to hold with simple click on click off button and gives off enough light to cover area around m... read more »

Best torch

18 Apr, 2021
The best torch I've ever owned. The brightest and quality are fab. 3 strong light settings. I can't believe how bright it is. Must have in any home.  read more »

LETION LED 500 Metre Powerful Flashlight

30 Mar, 2021
My partner uses a torch in his work and as he works outdoors in all weather conditions his torch has to be waterproof and rugged. His current torch is worse for wear so I thought I'd get him a rep... read more »

Perfect indoors and out

29 Mar, 2021
Perfect item. I keep this in the car. Great for emergencies  read more »

Lights up everything

27 Mar, 2021
I needed a torch that I would be able to use in the evening for my exercise. The beams go quite far enough up my paths and hidden walkways.  The beam is adjustable by turning the dials at th... read more »

Very bright LED Torch

26 Mar, 2021
This flashlight proven to be very useful it's very bright and it looks quality, heavy a little bit but I love it You can adjust the light beam if you wanted focused or more widespread light als... read more »


25 Mar, 2021
I needed a couple of extra torches for general use, I also have Ledlenser P7 which is a high quality torch. I was quite surprised that the difference in quality from a visual point of view is negligib... read more »

Very bright

18 Mar, 2021
Very bright and sturdy, it loses a star because it does not have rechargable batteries. But for the price its good read more »


15 Mar, 2021
Amazing quality powerful flashlight wasn’t expecting it to be that good. The nice heavy solid feel in the hand, battery slot made from sturdy plastic, simple zoom in out is a big plus. Highly re... read more »

Bright light with great battery life

09 Mar, 2021
We took this tourch camping with us and it was brilliant for night time. We honestly would of been lost without it. The light is very bright but this is what you need. Battery life is great also. read more »

good value

08 Mar, 2021
Great value led tourch  read more »

Bright and easy to use

02 Mar, 2021
Brilliant torch! Very bright and I love the easy way of zooming in or out to concentrate the light on one spot, my husband works early mornings and rides to work, he has to ride through a large par... read more »


24 Feb, 2021
I totally love this torch, its bright and its an amazing price. simple packaging and easy to use, has ajustment for the light span which is handy for either walking or doing close work. would reco... read more »

Bigger Than Expected

19 Feb, 2021
I love this torch! It's slim and super bright. I would recommend as great value for money and quality made  read more »

Bright and handy!

19 Feb, 2021
I bought this torch as a backup for the house. However, it has now replaced my walking torch and my car torch! they are super bright, the battery lasts for ages and they are lightweight. Truly ca... read more »

Brighter than expected

18 Feb, 2021
This is brighter than expected.... Good size too. I have put this away for my African safari later in the year. read more »


13 Feb, 2021
All as expected. Having previously purchased and now another for a family member  super bright, well constructed and multipurpose  love it  read more »

Led torch

11 Feb, 2021
Lovely and bright. It's great how you can zoom in and out. #ledtorch #viralix #LETION read more »


09 Feb, 2021
Very good torch, bright light read more »

Really is super bright!!

08 Feb, 2021
Absolutely amazing value for money!! I have a wood burning stove and I can guarantee that I'll need logs in the early hours. Not wanting to turn on the outside lights so I don't disturb the... read more »


06 Feb, 2021
Working perfect, happy with it read more »


01 Feb, 2021
Did not work. Returned.  read more »

Great torch

27 Jan, 2021
Absolutely brilliant torch.  Very bright and well made, easy to use and very light to carry.  Bargain price.       read more »


26 Jan, 2021
Absolutely love this product.  The zoom is excellent and the light is super bright.  Would definitely recommend this product.  read more »

LETION LED Torch Super Bright 1500 Lumens 500 Meters Powerful Flashlight with Zoomable 5 Lighting Modes Waterproof Torches for Camping Hiking Fishing Outdoor

21 Jan, 2021
BRIGHTER & FARTHER】Torches led super bright. The hp50 LED of the LETION super-bright torch is OSRAM P8 LED, which can illuminate up to 500 meters but also output a smooth and bright beam of 1500 l... read more »

Great torch , perfect for dog walks and camping

20 Jan, 2021
LETION LED Torch Super Bright 1500 Lumens 500 Meters Powerful Flashlight with Zoomable 5 Lighting Modes Waterproof Torches for Camping Hiking Fishing Outdoor Maximum Brightness 1500 Lumens Takes... read more »

Led torc

19 Jan, 2021
This is a very handy size torch. It is very bright and zoomable. Good vision to about 500mtrs  excellent buy. read more »


19 Jan, 2021
Very good quality torch read more »


17 Jan, 2021
Amazing bright flashlight. It needs 4 AA batteries. Very powerful, easy to set. Thanks read more »

Had to purchase another../

15 Jan, 2021
These torches are so go I had to purchase another. they are really well. built and the reach of the beam is unreal. I have never had such a small torch that goes to far and i have a farm so i use torc... read more »

Great little torch, very powerful and light

15 Jan, 2021
Fantastic little torch, very powerful i keep it in my car as its  very handy. it has a USB charger which makes charging easy and convenient. It is very bright for it its size, it has 3 different... read more »

Incredibly bright

13 Jan, 2021
This torch takes 4x AA batteries, not supplied. It is incredibly bright. INCREDIBLY. Don't look into it! You can zoom it, so have wide angle if required or zoom in and light up objects a couple of... read more »

Don't look straight at it!

11 Jan, 2021
This is a sturdy torch which is very bright.  Naturally my nephew turned it on whilst looking straight at it and soon regretted it.  On full beam it lights the way ahead beautifully and is i... read more »

Good value

11 Jan, 2021
Excellent value torch!  Bright and it has a sliding focus to make thr beam narrow or wide which is really useful if you want to to act as a bit of a spot light. There was a rustling in my gard... read more »

Super bright torch

11 Jan, 2021
This torch is so bright who needs the sun  read more »

Very bright and built like a tank

08 Jan, 2021
I bought it to have as an extra, but after I received it I loved it. The light is super bright which is valuable when in complete darkness or just need some extra light, this has a bright light. Now i... read more »


06 Jan, 2021
Small but very bright torch. It is torch with zoom option. The zoom option allows to focus all light to small area or normal option makes the light more dispersed. The light is super bright and the to... read more »

Great torch at a great price

06 Jan, 2021
I needed a powerful torch to control the garden at night since I live in an isolated area and am always afraid of wild animals. The torch is of a good material, excellent quality and looks super durab... read more »

LETION LED Torch Super Bright 1500 Lumens 500 Meters Powerful Flashlight with Zoomable 5 Lighting Modes Waterproof Torches for Camping Hiking Fishing Outdoor

04 Jan, 2021
✅【BRIGHTER & FARTHER】Torches led super bright. The hp50 LED of the LETION super-bright torch is OSRAM P8 LED, which can illuminate up to 500 meters but also output a smooth and bright beam of 1500... read more »

Powerful Torch

03 Jan, 2021
This is a solidly built torch. It takes 4AA batteries that are not included. It's around 6.5 inches in length and with the batteries in has some weight to it. It's extremely bright on the high... read more »

Good ????

03 Jan, 2021
Beautiful flashlight with a very powerful light band, which fits well to outings cappeggio or just walk in a dark street the object looks good with good sturdy materials and beautiful to touch, easy t... read more »


01 Jan, 2021
Brilliant torch. It is super bright. I love the fact that you can zoom the torch to focus on a particular spot rather than just light up a whole area.  Also waterproof which is even better.&nb... read more »


01 Jan, 2021
This is a nice sized bright torch which really does the job. It's easy to switch on and off and you can adjust the size of the light too  read more »

Fantasic Product

31 Dec, 2020
Fantastic Heavy Duty Torch with a powerful Flashlight. Quality made, feels sturdy.  The light is super bright, 5 modes gives great variety for various uses.  Even with distance usage, it... read more »

Handy and strong

27 Dec, 2020
Good sized torch with a powerful beam  read more »

Bright as day!

26 Dec, 2020
This thing is so bright it's like pointing the sun at something. Insane levels of illumination.  read more »

Powerful extra bright LED Torch

24 Dec, 2020
This led torch is medium size but extra bright. The light throw it gives is really far and with the zoom extended even farther. It's sturdy and seems well built. Very impressed with it.  read more »

bright well made torch

23 Dec, 2020
This is a great well-made torch, VERY bright and weighty which is nice as others torches I have owned are to light and do not have the high built quality of this torch. the five setting are good as... read more »

Super bright and quite weighty - excellent torch

22 Dec, 2020
The letion LED super bright torch arrived very quickly, in fact it was actually delivered to my door the day after the order was placed. I placed the order Thursday evening and it was delivered&n... read more »

Bright Light and Awesome Torch!

22 Dec, 2020
This is probably the best torch I've ever had in my life! It's super bright, made from high quality materials and takes batteries, it's so simple to use and feels good in my hands. I like... read more »

Does the job

21 Dec, 2020
When I purchased this I thought it was a standard sized torch and didn't really expect much from it but boy was I surprised when I received it this torch is big and got some good tlwrithr to it, i... read more »


21 Dec, 2020
On inspection, this seems a great quality torch. It's built well, with a aluminium alloy shell and it is waterproof, rust proof, non-slip & shockproof. It uses 4 AA batteries which aren't... read more »


21 Dec, 2020
Brilliant torch, very bright and shines at a fair distance. Feels solid and very good quality. Fits nicely in the hand and it's comfortable to hold. Will be perfect for walking the dog with t... read more »

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