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Fantastic for organisation

23 Sep, 2022
I recently started college and it has quite a few modules so im using each of these to help keep paperwork together.i have found them very stirdy for flat pack ones and if i am in need pf anymore in t... read more »

My daughter loves them

02 Jul, 2021
They are a really nice colour to them, very compact when not in use which is great for storage and the sound is really good quality for the price. read more »

Got to setting 2 so far

07 Jun, 2021
Got to the second setting so far and my bk is less painful and less stiff in the mornings so im going to stick to this for a week and then try the third setting  read more »

Great all rounder.

07 Jun, 2021
I have two of these purely because i use one for spices like garlic and chilli and another for less pungent foods so not to taint your blend read more »

Great little starter kit

07 Jun, 2021
Its got everything you need in a starter kit while your learning to pipe icing in different ways. read more »

Great for lamp

07 Jun, 2021
I bought these for my night stand lamp because they are more eco friendly and cheaper than the none eco friendly ones were and they're not as bright either. read more »

Huge and lasts all the way through your drink without Melting 2or3 mins in.

26 Apr, 2021
I have small ice cube trays that came with my fridge freezer but there that small they melt in minutes there that rubbish. So i browsed here and came across these that said large ice cubes Might a... read more »

Brilliant for revision on night walks

25 Apr, 2021
Love this torch, very bright, different settings, got them for walking my dog, really good value for money, extremely well made, rechargable is a brilliant plus side becauseit means charge after... read more »

Handy tool

28 Mar, 2021
Handy tool to have in you draw or tool box but too heavy to put on your keyring to keep on you in your pocket unfortunately. Great for intended purpose glad i bought  read more »

Brilliant value for money

17 Mar, 2021
An excellent product. The whole family had lots of fun. Easy to use, sturdy, bright colours. We love them. Children are aged 14 but these water shooters are perfect for all aged children, (and adults... read more »

Small but very useful for bbqs whilst camping

15 Mar, 2021
Being small, it's not designed for a big party, nevertheless perfect for the idea of Barbecue on the go! + stylish design + Lightweight and portable + Removeable grill and grate and stable fo... read more »


15 Mar, 2021
Amazing quality powerful flashlight wasn’t expecting it to be that good. The nice heavy solid feel in the hand, battery slot made from sturdy plastic, simple zoom in out is a big plus. Highly re... read more »

Small but powerful

15 Mar, 2021
Love this torch, very bright, different settings, got it for walking my dogs, really good value for money, extremely well made, rechargable, would highly recommend it to anyone. read more »

Fantastic for picnics and movie night popcorn

27 Feb, 2021
Fast delivery, Strong cardboard to hold both hot and cold foods inside. Iv used these for both hot chips and cheese, hotdog holder, chips and burgers for a quick and easy lunch set up. Iv also u... read more »

Great all rounder.

21 Feb, 2021
Fast delivery, Strong cardboard to hold both hot and cold foods inside. Iv used these for both hot chips and cheese, hotdog holder, chips and burgers for a quick and easy lunch set up. Iv also u... read more »

Great all rounder.

06 Feb, 2021
Arrived within 24hours, vibrant colours and great size for ice cubes, i made some ice cube the same day as delivery and 1 cube has kept 3x 500ml drinks nice and chilled, these will prove very useful d... read more »

Brilliant for revision

10 Dec, 2020
I have brought this pack of revision cards for my daughter who is sitting her gcse's soon. The card is quite thick which is great because it means they are not going to rip as easy once on the... read more »

Great fit, great sound

20 Nov, 2020
Bought for my niece whos asd and doesn't understand they have to sit down when wearing plugged in earphones so now she can dance and wiggle asmuch as she wants without having to carry the ipad aro... read more »

Why did i not buy one sooner!

17 Nov, 2020
This is easy to use once set up I have had so many faint moment in the past when it comes to blowing balloons up myself to the point i have nearly always felt sick after i had finished which no one... read more »

My daughter loves it

06 Nov, 2020
My daughter loves this and the fact she can make it move around without touching it.   read more »

Makes washing the dishes that much easier

06 Nov, 2020
Theres nothing wirse than leaving the dishes till next morning With this attachment i just rinse all the muck off the dishes and stack in the dishwasher. Great for cleaning the sink too read more »

Great coloured light

31 Oct, 2020
These are very bright and colourful for the tint little size My only main concern is that became the wire is so thin wit all the covid chaos im sure thes will be ok aslong as they dont snap read more »

Very strong

30 Oct, 2020
I bought these for a number of reasons, to put on my dogs lead to give me extra strength when out on walks near dangerous roads and to keep all my keys together in one place instead of having 3 differ... read more »

Brilliant heavy-duty scissors

26 Oct, 2020
They are a really good weighted pair of scissors, very sturdy compared to cheap light weighted ones that break easily after a number if uses. I found these very easy to grip and slide through every... read more »

Great all rounder.

20 Oct, 2020
Iv choose these tags this year because i plan to decorate them myself They are perfect size,  strong cardboard and a choice of string to use aswell. Overall im very happy with the qual... read more »

Great fit and lovely colours

29 Jul, 2020
Great fit and lovely colours, i oove how these stretch so once on make your figure look more hourglass than a lump. My only criticism is that they would be better another inch thicker other than th... read more »

Great fit and lovely colours

29 Jul, 2020
Grsat fir, lovely coloured collection and very well made. I like the fabric they are made with because it makes them more durable  read more »

Accidentally cancelled

29 Jul, 2020
had ordered them on the wrong card so had to cancel the order unfortunately due to financial circumstances. When i went to reorder them on the right card they were no longer available  read more »

Long lasting and reasonably priced

29 Jul, 2020
i usually buy cheap ones from the pound shop as there ok for what they are they dont tend to last long but these ones are really good, not only do they last significantly longer but they are fantastic... read more »

Unfortunately due to the covid19 it never arrived

03 May, 2020
Unfortunately due to covid19 and the postal system something must of gone wrong because i haven't received the hand gel. Seller was very good, refund given very promptly which is why iv given 3... read more »

Small but powerful

19 Apr, 2020
I bought this due to my daughter having asthma and the chaos of the coronavirus hitting the uk. I have tried it and it works Brilliantly in producing steam Its small but very effective which is... read more »

Great for keeping wires separated.

22 Feb, 2020
I have put mine on the side of my bed frame because i have alot of items that need charging on my bedside table. This is a great way to keep them all separately and prevent the wires from becoming... read more »

Im really chuffed with this

23 Jan, 2020
I saw this a thought it would help me to get the shape right for carpeting around the base of my toilet as iv bought carpet tiles because its a semi outdoor brick room so very cold . Its helpe... read more »

They are absolutely beautiful

23 Jan, 2020
Iv had a few of these now and they smell lovely They have left my skin feeling so soft  too. Definitely recommend that much so ill be buying more once im on my last one. read more »

Paid for but never arrived

23 Jan, 2020
Unfortunately for me i paid for this item but it never turned up In the end i had to ask for a refund.   Such a shame because i was really looking forward to seeing how well this worked&... read more »

So thick and fluffy

12 Jan, 2020
If ever you needed a warm sock for winter thiese would be the ones to go for They are so thick and fluffy you dont want to take them off  read more »

Better than just a lamp

12 Jan, 2020
I was under the impression it was just a lamp that had 3 white settings and a colourful change setting but its also voice interaction and a speaker. Im extremely chuffed with it  read more »

Comes in handy

09 Jan, 2020
I wish I'd come across this earlier. It's so handy while I'm charging my mobile phone and tablet up my daughter can also charge hers and use her uv lamp and nail drill as she does her n... read more »

Perfect for a friends very poorly staffy

22 Dec, 2019
I myself have the large in this bed for my boy and when a friends staffy became poorly I remember seeing that they did a smaller size Its roughly about half the length size but it still had the dep... read more »

The best dog bed anyone will ever buy

25 Nov, 2019
Iv bought a number of beds for my dog that say they are filled with good memory foam that lasts. Up until now this is the only one where I can shake it to reshape and rotate the foam pieces so they... read more »

Great fit and lovely colours

25 Nov, 2019
I bought these for my 13 year old daughter as she suffers from constant cold feet. They are thick and fleecey inside and a thick knit on the outside. Asoon as she comes home from school to get c... read more »

Great all rounder.

17 Nov, 2019
Gives hair a glossy shine, feels fuller, helps my fine hair look thicker with definition and lifts at the roots. It's great for styling wavy, curly and straight. read more »

They are absolutely beautiful

25 Oct, 2019
Iv never seen anything so beautifully made in this way before. The double wall makes it so unusual but very pretty once used. I'm so happy with them I'm even going to order more to compl... read more »

Great little torch to keep in your handbag

25 Oct, 2019
As the darker nights are approaching and the dangers of being out in that alone can be frightening for old and young adults so I thought if I carry a torch with me it would be perfect to use. I was... read more »

So much more hygienic

25 Oct, 2019
So much easier to clean down than plastic ones. Its great quality an very heavy duty so it doesn't move around while using it. Te size is perfect for a standard sized bowl to sit ontop so fo... read more »

Great fit and lovely colours

25 Oct, 2019
It's a great fit along with such a pretty kitty pattern all over the jumper. My daughter is such a big cat lover that she cant wait to wear this on Christmas jumper day to raise money for charities i... read more »

Great fit and lovely colours

23 Sep, 2019
A larger fit than expected but plenty of room to wrap around when hot days turn to cooler nights so it wants a big deal.   Colours are lovely Material is a lovely thin for summer evening... read more »

Heat wave must have

23 Sep, 2019
They are a large fitting I'm a size 16 and according to size guidelines I should of been in the xxl but I actually fitted into the large with plenty of flow to them if anything still abit too m... read more »

Absolutely love it

23 Sep, 2019
Fits well for uk guidelines  Colours are very vibrant Material is cool enough for summer months Love the cut out design of the shoulders  read more »

Great cold shoulder fashion tshirt jumper

23 Sep, 2019
Fits great to uk guidelines  Looks great in colour as they are very deep toned or bright Arms are not tight atall they fit perfectly for me The cut out sections make the top look well ma... read more »

Great fit and lovely colours

23 Sep, 2019
Colours are fantastically bright Sizes are a lovely fit to uk guidelines Made with a thin stretchy material that is brilliant for the hot summer months My only criticism is the length of the... read more »

Small but stretchy

16 Sep, 2019
They may look like kids sized socks but dont be fooled They are indeed stretchy adult socks with a silicone backing to grip onto your heel in order to prevent them from slipping during sports. T... read more »

Excellent memory foam bed for dogs.

25 Aug, 2019
Once it arrived i opened it up and shook it slightly to loosen it up then left it for about 3hours to rise and fill out properly then let my dog enjoy it  read more »

Highly Recommend

20 Mar, 2019
Such supurb quality I cant felt it  read more »

Absolutely Beautiful

20 Mar, 2019
I bought  things for my teenage daughter now shes become very intrigued in make up and the quality is next to none   read more »

Fantastic for my Samsung s9 plus

18 Mar, 2019
Charge it up pack it away in your bag then whenever you are out and loose battery just turn it on add your phone and leave to charge. read more »

Great for adapting clothing

18 Mar, 2019
Great for adapting clothing great for attaching to window nets to stop flies getting in the home So many uses  read more »

So pretty

18 Mar, 2019
Fantastic for weddings birthday bags for kids parties and for little teachers gift bags with a cream egg in for easter read more »

Heat wave must have

18 Mar, 2019
This is brilliant for on the desk at work or on your  bed side table  read more »

Very thin

18 Mar, 2019
Perfect for heat wave weather but very thin read more »

So much more hygienic

18 Mar, 2019
I buy bulk meat from the butchers so for me this was a must have in the kitchen it's easy to use and saves your meat getting frost bite read more »

Great water bottle

18 Mar, 2019
This is the best kind of water bottle for when I visit the gym read more »

So much more hygienic

18 Mar, 2019
Everyone who has either kids or elderly people living in there home needs one of these They are so much more hygienic because your not touching it with dirty hands there is a sensor that detects yo... read more »

Everyone needs this protection

18 Mar, 2019
This fits on very easily and has lasted a long time so far I'm really impressed by the strength of this because iv had many before that have cracked just by dropping my phone. read more »

absolutely gorgeous!!!

07 Nov, 2018
Absolutely love this lamp The colour is beautiful and the light is just the right brightness. Iv been looking for a good quality one for a long time and I'm so happy iv finally found one read more »

Good design

23 Oct, 2018
God sturdy design but unfortunately this needs the middle strap from the kneck area to the waist underneath because without it when the dog pulls through excitement it has nothing to stop it from chok... read more »

Great clips

20 Oct, 2018
These are great for when you need to do a up twist and clip style Or when you need to section of your hair ready for styling so it doesn't get in your way. read more »

Fantastic space saver

20 Oct, 2018
I bought this for my 12year old daughter because she's a make up fanatic at the moment She was terrible for leaving her lip glosses and nail varnishs here there and everywhere so this keeps it... read more »

Just what I wanted

20 Oct, 2018
Iv had a few of these over the years but none as good as this one It heats up quickly, and it cools fairly quickly too. It's extremely easy to understand how to use You just turn on point... read more »

They fit my tracklife sander perfectly

20 Oct, 2018
I bought these for my tracklife sander and they fit perfectly and sand beautifully They are exactly what I was looking for. Very pleased with them read more »

Well made but the design was not well thought out

11 Oct, 2018
It's very strong and very well made in the terms of quality but unfortunately the part that goes intfront of the chest area has no attachment to the part that goes around the middle so whenev... read more »

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