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12 Sep, 2021
Great selection of colours. Work really well, dries very quickly. Exactly what I was looking for. Would recommend :)  read more »


08 Sep, 2021
Super impressed with this blanket. It's excellent quality. It's a lovely soft material and the perfect weight for my very anxious daughter. She has used it for 2 nights and has been really set... read more »


28 Aug, 2021
Excellent value for 6 good quality headbands. Lovely colours and lovely material. Bought for my daughter and she loves them and says they are comfortable to wear.  would recommend.  read more »

Excellent quality

27 Aug, 2021
Great quality product with lots of different colours. Water pen works well. My daughter loves them for her art and crafts.  thanks  read more »

Excellent quality

25 Jul, 2021
The bag is actually black not blue. Excellent quality though with lots of space for different things. Great for a small vacation or taking on a plane.  would highly recommend.  read more »

Great selection

25 Jul, 2021
The tapes come in a beautiful cardboard box. They're as advertised - a variety of washi tapes. Easy to use - I tend to tear them against a ruler to ensure a straight edge. Ideal for journaling, sc... read more »


23 Jul, 2021
Great size. Great product, perfect for my child. Works well with decent batteries.  read more »


25 Jun, 2021
Great grinder. Sharp teeth, grinds well, looks nice, good quality. Does exactly what it says :) excellent.  read more »

So cute

25 Jun, 2021
I love these. They are high quality and very delicate. Love the cut, the size and the shimmery paper. Perfect little gift tags. :)  read more »

Lots of fun

23 Jun, 2021
Great product. Presented well with a little box to store all the bits and pieces.  Bought for the children at school to help with motor skills. They all love them.  Well made toy bringing... read more »

Lots of fun

21 Jun, 2021
Made of quality plastic. The colours are nice and bright and the parts are nice to touch. This is a great way to help children to develop their fine motor skills. The parts are big enough for their sm... read more »

Lots of sticks

21 Jun, 2021
Great value for money. Lots of different colours. My daughter loves them. She's already got to work making lots of different things :)  read more »

Nice product

14 Jun, 2021
Just starting out with wire products so this was a great little kit to get me started. Plenty of wire, 3 colours and decent quality. Reasonable price too for someone just starting out.  read more »


20 May, 2021
This 12-inch titanium portable paper trimmers is one essential tool, great for teachers and students as well as home and office work. It is of high quality and easy to use. Prefect for cutting va... read more »

Versatile and strong

09 May, 2021
Great set and good range of resistance. I have used it for a few days now to stretch out my planter and calf muscle for a injury and I can safely say that its worth it. The pain is I was fee... read more »

It’s ok

28 Apr, 2021
It's alright. Not amazing. You get a small amount of the magnetic pieces along with other things, not really sure what the alphabet blocks are for but we will figure it out.  plus side every... read more »


24 Apr, 2021
Made from durable plastic. Easy for the kids to use them. Fire quite far, the kids have had so much fun using them. Would recommend for the price :)  read more »

Fun for the kids

23 Apr, 2021
Great little water pistol for the kids. Easy to fill, just lift the cap and hold over the tap. Made from durable thick plastic.  the water fires quite far too. Both my kids love them.  read more »


22 Apr, 2021
Cute turtle. Seems like it's decent quality. Bigger than I expected it to be. Havmt tried it yet so can't comment on the spray. The kids are looking forward to having out over the weekend... read more »

Great fidget

20 Apr, 2021
I bought these for my young daughter to mess with when she is feeling anxious. She really likes them and it helps her to calm down and distract her self from her anxiety.  they are the perfect s... read more »

Super bright.

17 Apr, 2021
  I wasn't expecting much for the price but these torches are excellent quality with the brightest light. The light is adjustable and literally lights up my very long garden in the evening... read more »


17 Apr, 2021
Great quality mini blender. Feels strong, works great. The blades are strong and also comes with an extra one. Makes it a lot easier to grind up garlic and onions etc.  excellent product. Would... read more »

Looks great

08 Apr, 2021
Product arrived quickly. Well packaged and comes with lots of different cutting tools. Looks excellent, I bought it for a gift for someone so can't say how it will work just yet but I am super imp... read more »

Cute little bbq

10 Mar, 2021
Light weight, easy to store and carry around.  haven't used it yet but hoping it will come in handy as soon as the weather gets warmer :)  look forward to using it. Defo worth the pr... read more »

Excellent value

27 Feb, 2021
Excellent value and great choice of punches. Great for anyone that's into crafts. So cute and tiny. Perfect for my little girl.  read more »

Great product

07 Feb, 2021
Strong good quality product and super super bright. Bought for a friend, he really likes them and says he can see very clearly in the dark. :) read more »

So far so good

03 Feb, 2021
Arrived quickly. Comfortable to wear. Large bright watch face and has the option to change the way the face looks. Only for it today not 100% sure how good it's going to be, only time will tell.&n... read more »

Great little product

10 Jan, 2021
Easy to set up. Does what I need it to do. Links to my phone and plays the music well.  read more »

Great product

29 Dec, 2020
Great product and wonderful price. Such a bargain for 3 punches. My daughters loves anything crafts related, she was very happy when they arrived today and couldn't wait to get them open.  w... read more »


21 Dec, 2020
Brilliant torch, very bright and shines at a fair distance. Feels solid and very good quality. Fits nicely in the hand and it's comfortable to hold. Will be perfect for walking the dog with t... read more »

Great quality product.

17 Nov, 2020
Great quality product and a good price. 3 cables in different colours what more could you want. My daughters are already arguing over what colour they want ????  charge both iPads and iPhone X... read more »

Mini DV Camera

10 Nov, 2020
Product arrived very quickly. It's such a cute little cube and it's small. I am not sure if you could hide it on your person very well. It will with the usb charger and 2 different clips. I as... read more »

Great product

06 Aug, 2019
Great little kit for the little ones. My little girls loves it especially the fact it comes with a book of lots of different characters you can make.  She will be quiet for hours with this kit... read more »

Looks cool

30 Jul, 2019
EDIT: camera arrived today. I will be sending it back. Made a lot of sound but nothing appeared on the little screen at all. It wasn’t what I was expecting either. Defo not worth the Retail... read more »

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