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May, 2018

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I'm a modern young woman who likes to review a wide variety of products on various social media platforms and will include videos and photos in my reviews.
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Not What I Expected

07 Sep, 2021
The rug came vacuum packed obviously for easier transportation and I've had duvets and pillows delivered in the same way but for this rug it was a problem. when taken out off the vacuum packaging... read more »

ONGAHON USB Type C Cable Set

24 Aug, 2021
My partner is the kiss off death to charging cables, I've lost count of the times he's borrowed and somehow broke my charging cable. Well he's barred from touching my cables now and is rel... read more »

AKKEE Air Pump For A 50-200L Aquarium

12 Aug, 2021
My friend was in the process of setting up 2 x 2ft aquariums and was needing an air pump for both of them. When I saw this AKKEE Air Pump I thought that this would be useful as this single air pump ha... read more »

N&J Kelivi Cat Toy Gun

24 Jul, 2021
My friend has several cats and it's a tradition that when one of her fur babies has a birthday I buy them a toy that they all can play with so with with an impending cat birthday I was looking for... read more »

Beedee Extension Tower With Wireless Charging

20 Jul, 2021
My friend needed al power tower extension to power various pieces of equipment for her aquariums but be small enough to fit into her aquarium stand's cabinet. This Bedee tower only measures 7.5 x... read more »

Keenstone Waterproof Travel / Laptop Bag

06 Jul, 2021
Part of my job sometimes means I have to carry a laptop, tablet and camera around with me when I visit clients, the bag I have been using is about worn out so I chose this Keenstone waterproof travel... read more »

AKKEE Remote Control Colour Changing Aquarium LED Light

06 Jul, 2021
This aquarium light has some interesting features, firstly it uses 18 LED's so should use a lot less energy than the traditional aquarium  tube lights. It also can change the colour of the li... read more »

UTTORA 4 Pack DIY Robotic Dinosaur Toy Set

20 Jun, 2021
  I've started to get my Christmas presents so when I saw this dinosaur building toy I knew this would be the ideal gift for my friend's son who is mad about dinosaurs and building toy... read more »

Bedee Aquarium Mini Air Pump

04 Jun, 2021
My niece has been wanting an aquarium of her own for her bedroom for a long time and has recently bought a small one but didn't realise she needed a lot of equipment. The rest of the family decide... read more »

JasGood Men's Braid-Weave Belt

25 May, 2021
My partner and I will be going to a formal event later in the year so I made him try on his suit and as I had expected discovered his trousers were a bit loose at the waist. He said he'd just put... read more »

BONFOTO Portable Tripod For Phones And Small Cameras

18 May, 2021
The little table top tripod I used to use for my phone developed a fault which made it unusable so I decided to replace it with a bigger and more versatile tripod which could also be used with my came... read more »

Beedee Silicone Ice Cube Tray Twinpack

03 May, 2021
I was getting fed up with hard plastic ice cube trays because of the difficulty getting the ice cubes out and the amount of times I've broken a tray by trying to bend it to ease the ice cubes out.... read more »

LETION LED Mini Rechargeable Torch

27 Apr, 2021
This a a small but very bright LED torch which comes with a 2200mAh type18650 rechargeable battery, mini battery charger and a fitted wrist strap on the torch.which measures 5.23"  x 1.41&qu... read more »

AKKEE Hanging Aquarium Filter & Air Pump

26 Apr, 2021
A friend of mine who suffers from anxiety was recently advised to get an aquarium as it might calm her. She got the aquarium but didn't realise all the equipment you need to keep your fish healthy... read more »

Beedee USB Rechargeable Mini Food Blender

20 Apr, 2021
My cousin is weening her baby off milk and onto solid food but doesn't currently have a food processor so when I saw this rechargeable mini food blender I thought I'd get it, try it and gift h... read more »

LETION LED Torch Twinpack

08 Apr, 2021
I recently bought my partner a Letion LED  torch an he was very impressed with it so I thought I'd buy him a spare when I came across this twin set of torches which not only come with recharg... read more »

ENUOSUMAD Retro FM Radio/BT Speaker

30 Mar, 2021
When you live in a small flat you tend to buy stuff that doesn't take up too much space so when it came to replace my radio I wanted something small smart looking with extra functionality so when... read more »

LETION LED 500 Metre Powerful Flashlight

30 Mar, 2021
My partner uses a torch in his work and as he works outdoors in all weather conditions his torch has to be waterproof and rugged. His current torch is worse for wear so I thought I'd get him a rep... read more »

HiQuick 8-Bay Battery Charger

09 Mar, 2021
One of my New Year resolutions was to try and be greener to help save the world's resources and I am now using rechargeable batteries and when I saw this charger which can charge up to 8 AA or AAA... read more »

Bromose Electric Heating Pad For Back & Shoulder Pain Relief

03 Nov, 2020
My partner and I were having a problem deciding what to buy his uncle for Christmas  as he always gives us a good one, then I had an inspired idea. His uncle suffers from arthritis in his back an... read more »

EDUP HOME Portable Bluetooth Speaker

31 Oct, 2020
My partner likes to listen to his podcasts or YouTube playlists on his phone but the sound quality of his phone's speaker is poor and as he doesn't like wearing headphones I decided to buy him... read more »

AIRERA 3 Meters 20 LED String Skull Lanterns

28 Oct, 2020
With Halloween coming shortly i thought  I'd get this novelty skull lantern string lights as my partner and I will be spending the day at home watching scary movies because we can't go ou... read more »

SUNVEN Men's Quartz Waterproof Sports Watch

06 Oct, 2020
With Christmas coming I really need to start getting organised and buying gifts for the other half is a real pain sometimes as he seems to all the gadgets that he need plus he doesn't wear jewelle... read more »

Super Quiet Rechargeable Hair Trimmers

29 Sep, 2020
My other half is having problems keeping his beard trimmed, his old hair trimmers are too big to get the sort of styling he's attempting plus as they're corded it means I'm finding tiny ha... read more »

Kenting Magnetic K4M Portable LED Light Box

22 Sep, 2020
I believe light boxes are used by professional  artists and graphic designers for their projects as it can be used for tracing accurately from other pictures or artwork onto another piece of pape... read more »

IEsafy 26800mAh Power Bank

08 Sep, 2020
With the battery capacity of phones increasing all the time you are going to need a higher capacity power bank to make sure it's up to the job of keeping your mobile devices charged if you are tra... read more »

Netac 64G USB 2.0 Memory Stick

22 Feb, 2020
Finding I needed a memory stick with a good memory but I didn't want to pay too much. As I would be only using it for storing media to play on various devices I wasn't bothered about read/writ... read more »

Gocheer 115 In 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

07 Dec, 2019
My partner was trying to fix a portable device the other day, he informed me that he knew what he was doing as he'd seen a tutorial video on Youtube. Well what he hadn't realised was that the... read more »

Poweradd USB C Wall Charger, 40W 5-Port USB Main Charger

26 Oct, 2019
This mains powered USB charging hub is a great way of keeping your mobile devices charged. With 4 x USB 3.0 and 1 x USB type C ports this is capable of charging 5 devices at the same time.and comes wi... read more »

Poweradd EnergyCell 20000mAh Ultra Portable Power Bank

12 Oct, 2019
This power bank from Poweradd is a good compromise between portability and charge capacity. It's a 20000mAh power bank which measures 16.2 x 6.3 x 2.4 cms and weighs 365g so can easily be carried... read more »

IsYoung Pet Drinking Water Fountain

13 Sep, 2019
This pet fountain is an ideal way of providing clean drinking water for your furry friends. The fountain comes with a plastic mat, UK mains adaptor, a water pump and 2 charcoal filters to ensure clean... read more »

Ankidz Pet's Automatic Water Dispenser

11 Sep, 2019
A friend of mine has several house cats and when she gets back home after a few hours away she is greeted with an upturned bowl and a watery mess to clean up. She’s tried heavy ceramic bowls but... read more »

Pecute 360 Degrees Cat Roller Toy

13 Jun, 2019
I bought this nice cat toy for a friend as she has two lively young cats. This cat roller toy comes in a printed box and there is some self assembly required but nothing difficult. The toy consists of... read more »

MSQIN Amplified Indoor TV Aerial

08 Jun, 2019
I live in a flat without an external aerial, this hasn't bothered us before as we have a smart TV in the living room and watch by online streaming. We've just got a TV in the bedroom and neede... read more »

Poweradd 20000mAh PD Power Bank

20 Apr, 2019
I already have a 10000mAh from Poweradd and find it useful to keep my mobile devices charged when I'm out and about but for long journeys the 10000mAh is sometimes not enough but I've  al... read more »

Ausein Blue Rechargeable Mini Clip-On Fan

15 Apr, 2019
I recently bought myself a mini clip-on rechargeable desk fan for reasons stated in my review for that fan. Well when my friend recently visited me she saw the fan, really liked it and thought it woul... read more »

Pecute 4 Layer Cat Roller Toy

13 Apr, 2019
My friend has just adopted two lively young cats and was looking for cat toys to keep them occupied I found this one online and she asked me to get it for her. This toy comes in a plain cardboard and... read more »

AUSEIN 600W Portable Ceramic Fan Heater

05 Apr, 2019
In my small flat I have a tiny box room that I use as an office, the problem is that this little room doesn't have any heating and can get quite chilly in the cold weather. I needed a small heater... read more »

Ausein Clip On Mini Portable USB Desk Fan

03 Apr, 2019
I live in a small flat in the city, in the Summer the bedroom gets really hot but I can't open the window because the constant traffic noise will keep me awake. I've tried using a full sized f... read more »

Maluokasa 10 x 25mm Compact Binoculars

30 Mar, 2019
My partner's going to the races with his work mates and told me all the other lads have their own binoculars and he needed a pair. As he won't be using them often I didn't think he'd n... read more »

Poweradd EnergyCell 10000mAh Portable Power Bank

23 Mar, 2019
If you're a heavy user of mobile devices on the move, like me, then you're likely to find they will run out of power before you get to a power point. The answer is to take spare power with you... read more »

Keeva Cosmetics - 72 Piece Make Up Set - Diva

23 Mar, 2019
I bought my sister a make-up set and was so impressed with the quality that I decided to get myself a larger version of that set from the same maker for myself. This Diva set comprises of 72 pieces... read more »

Keeva Cosmetics - 52 Piece Make Up Set - Iconic

21 Mar, 2019
My younger sister is having a birthday sleepover with her friends and part of that will be them giving each other makeovers so I bought her this 52 piece make-up set. The set comes in a nice looking p... read more »

Poweradd EnergyCell 5000mAh Power Bank

09 Mar, 2019
Although I have several power banks I needed one that was small and light enough to fit in a small handbag but still has a big enough capacity to charge my phone. With these requirements in mind I dec... read more »

IMITOR Mens 3 Pair Hiking / Sports Sock Pack

23 Dec, 2018
My partner has a job which involves him standing for much of his work shift which causes him a lot of aches and pains in his feet. I heard about socks which are supposed to help alleviate this problem... read more »

Lystaii 2pcs Pill Cutter Set

17 Dec, 2018
I have an elderly relative who can't swallow whole pills and needs to cut them first. The problem is that the relative has arthritis in her hands and can't manage to cut the pills safely herse... read more »

LOBKIN Bluetooth Foldable Headphones

09 Dec, 2018
I bought these as a stocking filler for my partner who is always losing or breaking his foldable headphones therefore I didn't want to spend too much. While I was browsing I came across these and... read more »

Men's 4 in 1 Rechargeable Electric Rotary Shaver

07 Nov, 2018
I've bought this shaver as a gift for my partner mainly because it is more than just a shaver as it comes with four heads which are a rotary shaver head, a sideburns trimmer head, a nose hair trim... read more »

Beautifive Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush With PHOTON Tech

28 Sep, 2018
My teenage niece has problem skin which us very oily and she is getting spots and blackheads which are causing great embarrassment and concern. I had been reading about sonic facial cleaners and wonde... read more »

Vbiger Men's Casual Canvas Belt

28 Sep, 2018
My partner likes canvas casual belts so when I saw this one with a nice camouflage design I reckoned it would go nicely with a khaki pair of cargo pants that he's just bought himself. The belt is... read more »

MZDWK Blackhead Vacuum Suction Tool Set

23 Sep, 2018
I bought this vacuum blackhead remover for my teenage niece who is very embarrassed by the sudden appearance of oily skin and blackheads. I noticed this one which also had other functions as well so d... read more »

WISH CLUB UV400 Protection Lens Sunglasses

08 Sep, 2018
My partner's grandfather has recently had cataracts removed which has left him sensitive to bright light and means that he has to wear sunglasses even on an averagely bright day. Unfortunately he... read more »

eeco 5000mAh Portable Power Bank

26 Aug, 2018
This is a ideal mini power bank for people who like to travel light but need to know they can charge their phones or other devices in the go. This power bank has a 5000 mAh capacity which will give mo... read more »

Dlyfull USB 3.7V Li-ion Intelligent Battery Charger

26 Aug, 2018
I have several devices that run on rechargeable 3.7volt lithium-ion batteries which can be recharged whilst in the devices. This means I can't use the devices whilst they are charging which can be... read more »

Wivarra Mini Handheld Misting Fan

18 Aug, 2018
This is an ideal companion on hot and stuffy rail or bus journeys and this mini fan not only has a good three speed fan but it also has a misting humidifying function to give extra cooling and to impr... read more »

MYLUNE HOME Faux Fur Fleece Throw

16 Aug, 2018
My partner has an elderly relative who lives in a cold house and we decided to get her a large warm fleece throw to go on her bed to keep her warm in Winter but it had to be lightweight so it's no... read more »

Abrray Women's Luxury Gold Coloured Quartz Wrist Watch

04 Aug, 2018
I was recently looking for a dress watch for myself when I saw this ine which I really liked but unfortunately I prefer watches with a wrist strap. I did think it would make a good gift for my partner... read more »

Longqi Womens Quartz Wrist Watch With Black Dial & Leather Strap

04 Aug, 2018
I needed an inexpensive but smart looking watch to go with a new formal black outfit I've just bought myself. I wanted something that looked elegant but with a bit of sparkle and preferably with a... read more »

Poweradd Aries Micro USB & USB C Compatible 10000mAh Portable Charger Power Bank With LED Display

04 Aug, 2018
I needed a new power bank to make sure my phone and gadgets I carry around can be charged, the only problem my current phone has a micro USB port bit in the next 6 months my phone contract ends which... read more »

R.Q Tyrannosaurus Rex Plastic Dinosaur

21 Jul, 2018
I've a young nephew who loves all things dinosaur and was devastated to be told he couldn't see the new Jurassic Park movie at the cinema as he was too young. So to cheer him up till he gets t... read more »

LATITOP Red 2-Slice Toaster With Extra Wide Slots

17 Jul, 2018
After my previous toaster broke I decided to replace it with a better model with wider slots so I could use it with buns and teacakes as well as bread, crumpets and muffins. I liked the look of this o... read more »

Abrray Large Face Stainless Steel Womens Watch

13 Jul, 2018
I wanted a suitable gift for a work colleague's birthday but didn't want to spend to much money so thought I'd buy her an inexpensive wrist watch, I know she's not a girly girl so want... read more »

Abrray Ladies Rose Gold & White Ceramic Watch

13 Jul, 2018
I wanted a watch to wear for dressy formal occasions but it must not to clash with the other jewellery  I wear at such events. This watch looked pretty and elegant in the photo and not to showy s... read more »

Jeracol Double Strength Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

07 Jul, 2018
My poor dad is starting to suffer with arthritis but he doesn't like taking any medicine for it as he says the side effects are as bad as the pain and discomfort. I remembered reading about magnet... read more »

KitchenProP Super Light Handheld Milk Frother / Whisk

01 Jul, 2018
I live in a small flat with a tiny kitchen so consequently haven't the space for many kitchen gadgets but as I like my lattes, cappuccinos and other frothy coffees I decided to invest in a milk fr... read more »

WIFUN Rose Gold 18 X Telephoto Lens & Tripod For Mobile Phones

30 Jun, 2018
This was bought as a gift for a younger niece who has just got a rose gold phone and uses her phone for all of her photography. As it's a good phone it takes great photos but she told me that she... read more »

Ultima Forma RFID Blocking Slim Bifold Wallet

30 Jun, 2018
I recently saw my partner wrapping kitchen foil around his credit cards before putting them in his wallet and what he was doing. He explained that his new cards were all contactless and he was doing t... read more »

Angelady Silver & Gold Coloured Swarovski Crystal Bangle

26 Jun, 2018
I needed a bracelet to go with a new outfit and I wanted a bit of sparkle but also something that looked a bit classy and elegant and when I saw this I thought that it might do. This bangle comes in a... read more »

Zoweetek USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader

26 Jun, 2018
As part of my job and hobbies too I need to transfer data from one device to another often on the go. As I'm always looking out for inexpensive gadgets to make my life easier this little card read... read more »

Abrray Quartz Women's Watch And Bracelet Set.

25 Jun, 2018
This is a nice, pretty lady's watch with a bright blue soft imitation leather wrist strap and the same shade of blue used for the watch hands and 4 main hour numbers with the other hours marked wi... read more »

Catalonia Reversible Fleece Blanket

20 Jun, 2018
This is a lovely, soft fleeced blanket that can also be used as a throw for a chair or sofa. This fleece comes in a clear plastic zipped case which can also be used as a storage bag to keep the fleece... read more »

CAIKENI Men's Breathable Boxer Underpants

12 Jun, 2018
My partner, like most men, will wear his underwear till they fall apart so it's up to me to "lose" the old boxers and replace them with new ones. When I looked online I saw these which l... read more »

Catalonia Snowflake Themed Sherpa Throw Blanket

10 Jun, 2018
I was wondering what to but a friend as a housewarming gift when I saw this lovely looking fleece / throw and realised that the colour and design of the fleece will match the colour scheme she's p... read more »

Ayliss Canvas Web Belt With Eagle Design

09 Jun, 2018
My partner's recently lost weight and now his favourite jeans are a bit lose but all he has are leather belts which he says look daft on jeans so I decided to get him a more casual canvas belt and... read more »

Topstone Flameless Remote Controlled LED Tea-Lights

05 Jun, 2018
As someone who likes a lovely de-stressing long soak at the end of a stressful work day there is one thing that is required and that is to have the bright main bathroom light switched off and candles... read more »

Adorer Sports Wired Earphones With Microphone

03 Jun, 2018
I needed to replace my earphones for an old MP3 player that I still use so they had to be wired but as I also was planning to use them with my phone I wanted them to have "hands free! capability... read more »

Uthome Waterproof Travel Bag For Electronic Accessories

01 Jun, 2018
As part of my job I have to go on site and take photos and videos in all weathers so I thought a bad like this would be ideal to keep my equipment and accessories safe from the bad weather, Also as th... read more »

Jeteven 12 Inch Rose Gold Non-ticking Wall Clock

28 May, 2018
Although I've got a wrist watch and can also access the time by picking up my phone and pressing a button when I'm at home I prefer to have a wall clock so I can glance at whenever I like to t... read more »

Jinlun Rechargeable Electric Arc Windproof Lighter

28 May, 2018
I recently saw someone with one of these electronic lighters and asked her what it was and she showed me it and I thought it was a neat gadget . Although I don't smoke cigarettes I still like to h... read more »

Useful And Easy To Use Digital Thermometer & Humidity Meter

21 May, 2018
As someone who has slight chest problems, especially if the air is too dry, I wanted an easy to use digital thermometer which also showed the humidity in my room. This is because by the time I realise... read more »

A Stylish & Rugged 32gb USB 3.0 Memory Stick

12 May, 2018
Because of my job I often need to transfer a lot of video and photo files on to a portable memory sticks for me to take home to work on and what I needed was a big storage with decent transfer speeds... read more »

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