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love blogging and trialing products. love to feel like i may have made a difference.
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Gravel Cleaner

02 Sep, 2021
Spot on piece of equipment. Does exactly what it says. Good quality. Would recommend. read more »


02 Sep, 2021
These are nice quality and my grandson loves them. True to size and nice print. Would recommend. read more »

Tower extension

28 Jul, 2021
Love this product and very useful with the 5 USB ports. All items in one place charging. Definitely recommend. read more »


28 Jul, 2021
Fabulous educational toy. Great quality. Worth every penny. My grandson loves them. read more »


28 Jul, 2021
Love these. My grandson also loves the. Nice quality and a good fit. Love the digger on them as well. read more »

Nail lamp

28 Jul, 2021
Used a couple of times and both times it has been good. Nice quality product. Would recommend. read more »

Laser Heart Tags

28 Jul, 2021
Use these for my crafting. Good quality product. Would recommend. read more »

Spice Rack

28 Jul, 2021
Very nice quality spice rack. A very good size as well. read more »

Knee Support

28 Jul, 2021
As I run a cleaning company these have proven to be invaluable. Definitely help my aching joints. read more »

Camping Tool

28 Jul, 2021
Fabulous piece of camping kit. It has everything you need and saves you taking loads of items. Would definitely recommend. read more »


28 Jul, 2021
Bought this for my young grandson. The noise cancelling is excellent and a big thumbs up.  read more »

Aquarium Light

28 Jul, 2021
This is a great product. Lots of fab colours and not very noisy either. I would definitely recommend this item. read more »

Charging cables

28 Jul, 2021
Love these cables. Nice length and fast charging. No longer have to wait ages for phone to charge. read more »


23 Jun, 2021
Lovely gift. Well packaged and nicely presented. Smells beautiful. Good quality product. read more »


23 Jun, 2021
This is a fabulous product. I didnt think it was going to be as big so I'm really pleased. Good quality. read more »


23 Jun, 2021
Jyst received these and im really pleased. Colours are lovely and they fit really comfortably on my head. read more »

Laptop Stand

22 Jun, 2021
This product arrived well packaged and speedily.  It is really durable good quality.  Flat packs for your laptop bag . Very versatile and lightweight.  Like the soft pads  that kee... read more »

Fairy Lights Solar.

22 Jun, 2021
Put these around the decking last night and they look fab. Very pleased with this good quality product. read more »

Folder document organiser

22 Jun, 2021
Really nice quality and comes complete with labels.  Very pleased.  Good price. read more »

Metal Ring Buckle

22 Jun, 2021
These are going to be used for a couple of my handbags.  Look sturdy and good quality.  Happy with purchase. read more »

Water Pistol

22 Jun, 2021
Came packaged in a nice little bag.  Our grandson loves this.  Good quality.  Would definitely recommend. read more »

Wood Craft Sticks

22 Jun, 2021
These arrived quickly and well packaged.  Using them already for my arts and crafts.  Very pleased with these and would order again.  Thank you. read more »

Rechargeable Batteries

22 Jun, 2021
Arrived quickly and well packaged.  Took no time at all to re-charge.  Will update when I see how long they hold the charge for.  however in the meantime Im really plreased. read more »

Copper Wire

20 Jun, 2021
Love the copper Wire.  Like that they are coated to help them last longer. Would recommend.  read more »

Lavender Bouquet

20 Jun, 2021
This is a lovely bouquet.  I have used some of the lavender and put in the bags that were given and put inside my pillow to enable a good sleep.  Works a treat. The aroma is beautiful.... read more »

Laptop Bag

20 Jun, 2021
This Bag was a real surprise.  There are so many compartments it has room for everything. Waterproof as well keeping everything dry. The USB is a bonus and the price is really good. Woul... read more »

Paper cutter

11 Jun, 2021
Ideal for crafting. Nice quality. Would recommend. read more »


11 Jun, 2021
All the white berries fell off as soon as I opened the packaging. Other than that it looks okish. read more »

Memo boards

11 Jun, 2021
These memo boards are nice quality and comes with pins. Excellent. read more »


11 Jun, 2021
Fabulous gift with robust parts. Bright colours. My grandson loves this. Nicely presented.. Good quality. read more »

Crafting tape

11 Jun, 2021
The tape isn't very sticky. You do have to use a bit of glue. Pretty to look at. read more »


11 Jun, 2021
These rhinestone flowers  embellishments are a really nice size and decent quality. Good for crafting. read more »

Cake decs.

11 Jun, 2021
Lovely product and would definitely recommend. read more »

Bedside holder

11 Jun, 2021
Fabulous product and leaves my drawers uncluttered. Good quality. Would definitely recommend. read more »


24 May, 2021
Looks nice quality. Very pleased with this item and would definitely recommend. read more »

Leather Belt

24 May, 2021
This is a lovely leather belt.  Good quality and presented well in a box. Would definitely recommend. read more »


24 May, 2021
Well pleased with this product.  Bought as a present and they are really happy with it. read more »

Fairy Lights

12 May, 2021
Very nice lights.  Left outside yesterday and it rained and they still appear to work.  Love the remote and the different settings. Nice Product. read more »


09 May, 2021
Put this on the other day.  What a fabulous little gadget for children.  The grandchildren absolutely loved it.  Would definitely recommend. read more »

Fun in the sun

05 May, 2021
My grandson absolutely loves these guns. Well made and decent quality.  read more »

Helicopter Plane

02 May, 2021
Nice little gift for my grandson.  Just appears to be a little bit fragile. read more »

Solar Fountain Pump with LED lights.

02 May, 2021
I absolutely love this product.  Good quality and love the LED lights.  Would definitely recommend. Very Happy. read more »

Mini Drone.

02 May, 2021
This product was actually a little bigger than I thought from the photo.  A really nice good quality product that my grandson is really enjoying. Would recommend. read more »

Robot Toy

26 Apr, 2021
This lloks a fabulous toy.  ood quality.  Would definitely recommend. read more »

Outdoor Exploration Set

26 Apr, 2021
This is a good quality set.  Absolutely love it and hope my grandson will as well. read more »

Bottle Warmer

26 Apr, 2021
Bought this as a gift . Opened it all up and everything seemed fine.  The quality appears to be very good.   read more »

Water Flosser

18 Apr, 2021
This is a fabulous item and really gets rid of the bits your toothbrush dosent reach.  Good quality and would definitely recommend. read more »

Sunflower Sprinkler

18 Apr, 2021
My grandson loves this. Very pleased. read more »

Foundation Brush

18 Apr, 2021
Very nice product. Brush is very soft.  Good quality. read more »


18 Apr, 2021
My grandson has really enjoyed playing these.  Will be buying some more. read more »

Rose Flower

18 Apr, 2021
Not very impressed with the quality of this item.  Would not purchase again. read more »

Hair Drying Towels

18 Apr, 2021
Nice quality hair towels and wash really well.  Good quality and will certainly be buying more.  Would definitely recommend. read more »

Water Gun

18 Apr, 2021
This product is fabulous.  My grandson loves it.  Good quality and holds a decent amount of water.  Good pump action.  Would definitely recommend. read more »

Electric Pump

18 Apr, 2021
Fabulous Pump. Good quality and works really well. Would definitely recommend. read more »

Sewing Machine

05 Apr, 2021
Love this gadget. Neither too big or small. Really pleased with this and would definitely recommend. read more »

Button Mania

05 Apr, 2021
These buttons are lovely. Lots of fabulous colours. Can't waitvto get crafting. Would definitely recommend. read more »

Burlap surprise

05 Apr, 2021
These are beautiful. Love all the different designs. Very good quality. I would definitely recommend these. read more »

Oil Diffuser

05 Apr, 2021
This is a lovely item. Not too noisy and good quality. Would recommend. read more »

Pink Love Hearts

31 Mar, 2021
Good quality and a nice size for crafting.  Will definitely recommend. read more »

Water Guns

31 Mar, 2021
Bought these for my grandson and really pleased with the quality.  We are yet to use them so will report further but happy with them. read more »

Red Love Hearts

31 Mar, 2021
These were bigger than I thought they would be so very pleased.  Would definitely recommend.  Happy crafting. read more »

Mini Chalkboard Stands

31 Mar, 2021
I was really pleased with these.  As they stated mini I thought they would be quite small but they were bigger than I thought. Would definitely recommend. read more »


30 Mar, 2021
This item is fabulous. Very good quality. Would recommend. read more »


08 Mar, 2021
As the weather is too cold to use the bbq I cannot fully review.  However it looks good quality and I am very pleased with the item. read more »


08 Mar, 2021
These are excellent for crafting. Would definitely recommend. read more »

Loaf Tins

08 Mar, 2021
These are really good quality.  Very pleased with this item and would definitely recommend. read more »

Glue Gun

28 Feb, 2021
This is a fabulous product.  So much easier to handle when crafting when you dont have heavy leads pulling it over.  Would definitely recommend to anyone. read more »


23 Feb, 2021
These headbands are very nice quality.  Really happy with them and fit nicely as well.  Would definitely recommend. read more »

Kraft Paper Tray

20 Feb, 2021
These are really good quality for a paper food tray.  Already used them and will look forward to using them in the spring when we can eat outside.  Would definitely recommend. read more »

Neck Gaiter

20 Feb, 2021
These are very good quality.  Breathable and very smart. Colours are true to pic and well worth the money.  Would definitely recommend. read more »

Ice Cube Trays

20 Feb, 2021
These are a great product.  Easy to get cubes out with very little effort.  Would definitely recommend. read more »

Laptop Stand

26 Jan, 2021
Great little product and comes in a nice little bag. Adjustable which is excellent. Would definitely recommend this product. read more »


26 Jan, 2021
Absolutely love this product.  The zoom is excellent and the light is super bright.  Would definitely recommend this product.  read more »

Head Torch

26 Jan, 2021
I purchased these head lamps a few days ago.  The delivery was speedy and  efficient.  The lights are very bright and when I used them for an early morning run they were clear and brigh... read more »


14 Jan, 2021
I used these paints for stone painting.  The items I painted have lasted so needless to say that I will be buying some more.  Good quality and lovely colours. read more »


14 Jan, 2021
Since purchasing these lights I have bought more.  They are fabulous lights and have several modes which I use on a daily basis. read more »


14 Jan, 2021
These tags are very good quality. quite thick not flimsy. Very impressed. read more »


14 Jan, 2021
Im really impressed with these gloves.  The fitting is superb and very good quality and hardy. Would definitely recommend. read more »


14 Jan, 2021
These lights are fabulous.  Looking forward to using in the summer. read more »

snappy tweezers

17 Nov, 2020
This product is good quality.  Like the sharpness of the tweezers and the selection. Would definitely by again. read more »

Mens and Ladies small backpack

25 Jan, 2020
Bought this for my partner.  Lovely item.  I love it so much that I tend to use it quite a lot myself.  Love all the pockets.  Love the security of the bag as I travel a lot and fe... read more »

Dual charger

25 Jan, 2020
Love this little dual charger.  I use in the kitchen when trying to charge several items.  Small enough to carry around as well.  Seems to charge fast enough.  Cannot complain abou... read more »

Flash Drive

13 Jan, 2020
Ideal product for storing your photos. Love the LED light., a nice little extra. Can hold on a lanyard which is also very useful.  Would definitely recommend this product. read more »

Soap Roses

13 Jan, 2020
These soap roses are presented in a nice gift box.  They smell lovely and ideal for a gift.  I would recommend this product. read more »

Cosmetic Headband

09 Jan, 2020
Really nice quality and washable. Very wide headband which I love and fabulous colours. Cannot fault this product at all. Would recommend. read more »

Screwdrivers Galore

09 Jan, 2020
This is a fabulous set.  Used it already and it a definite must in the household.  Great quality. Love the magnetic precision. Everything about this is positive.  I have already placed... read more »

snug toes

09 Jan, 2020
These slipper socks are not very long in length but they are good quality and very snug.  Grip the floor nicely so you dont slip.  Definitely recommend. Lovely product. read more »

Travel Make Up Bag

31 Dec, 2019
Very pleased with this item.  Plenty of space for all your items.  Waterproof compartment at the bottom of the bottom which is very handy if you have a wet flannel etc. Love also that you ca... read more »

Ladies Belts

27 Dec, 2019
These belts come in a lovely presentation box and included as a hole puncher for the belts.  They are lovely belts and I am impressed with the quality.  Would definitely recommend. read more »

snow boots

27 Dec, 2019
This package arrived completely damaged. The boots had quite a bit of fluff and material coming off around the edges of the footwear.  I am a size 5 and have always worn a size 5. These were for... read more »

Growth chart

26 Dec, 2019
A lovely size chart to show your child's progress. Washable and nice quality. read more »


16 Dec, 2019
First the picture of this item is not a true picture. So dont be fooled in thinking that that this is the blanket you are going to receive. And if you pay the full amount of £12.80 for this you... read more »

Extended Scraper and Brush

16 Dec, 2019
I received this item today so have not been able to test the scraper.  I have tried the extension and brush and for someone who is short this is an absolute godsend. I will review again at a late... read more »

Xmas Balls

03 Dec, 2019
Received this today. Very fast postage.  The balls are really good quality and a decent size as well. These are going to look fab on the tree and make some children very happy. Would definitely r... read more »

Xmas Wreath

30 Nov, 2019
This item has arrived today and I am really pleased it is bright and full of items on the wreath.  It is bigger than I thought and will go perfectly . Definitely recommend. read more »

Fabulous Remote Car

30 Nov, 2019
This car is fabulous.  It is so much fun and in the dark with its flashing lights and music it is incredible.  It has 3 settings to choose from .You do not want to put this car down.  D... read more »

LED Gloves

30 Nov, 2019
These are really fun novel gloves.  Love the flashing sequence and the skeletal one.  They are good quality.  Take out the strip and press the button where it is indicaated.  It ev... read more »

Garden Furniture Cover

30 Nov, 2019
This cover is fabulous quality.  Its very large and covered my table, chairs and my sun loungers and fire pit. Very pleased with this and would definitely recommend. read more »

Winter Gloves

30 Nov, 2019
Fabulous Gloves. Wore for the first time today in the freezing for.  Really snug and warm. Love the zipper to put my key in, very handy. Tested them to see if they are waterproof and yes totally... read more »

Posture Corrector

27 Nov, 2019
I purchased this for an elderly gentleman who is sat in a wheelchair all day everyday.  He keeps slumping so thought that I would give this a try.  It keeps him straight and has also eased t... read more »

Craft galore

27 Nov, 2019
These are fabulous quality.  Amazing colours. Silky and strong.  A great purchase.  Would definitely recommend. read more »

Body Fat Scales

22 Nov, 2019
Fast efficient delivery.   Packaged well.  Good quality scales at a good price.  Ive found these to be very accurate.  It has many functions but as yet not managed to use all... read more »

Neck Warmer

22 Nov, 2019
Nice material, very soft and warm.  Will be buying another one. Very happy. read more »

Gorgeous Lights

22 Nov, 2019
Popped these straight into my vase and wow. The remote control has quite a lot of functions such as fade and strobe and so many colours to choose from.  Very impressed. read more »

Pain Relief

22 Nov, 2019
Received this item the other day.  I heard good things about Hemp so decided to give it a try.  I have pain in all my finger joints and even after 1 use the pain is minimal. I was very scept... read more »


22 Nov, 2019
Fast efficient delivery and wow the colours are amazing. Ive attached them around a wreath as a stocking filler.  Nice quality. read more »

snug as a bug

22 Nov, 2019
Received this product very quickly and the item is amazing. The bed is quite large and soft and comfy. My cat absolutely loves it. Buries herself in it. Good quality material. Would definitely reco... read more »

gift Tags

05 Nov, 2019
Good quality gift tags.  Very pleased with this item. Would recommend to family and friends. read more »

Smart File

01 Nov, 2019
Smart expanding file. Plenty of pockets. Good quality. read more »

Train PJ's

01 Nov, 2019
Nice soft material. Good quality.  Fits true to size. Colour of print clear and concise. read more »

Its Xmas Time

01 Nov, 2019
Received these 3 Christmas socks and Im very pleased with them.  They are good quality and quite a good size as well.  Definitely worth a purchase. read more »

Good Quality Screwdriver Set

30 Oct, 2019
This is a fabulous screwdriver set and just what we wanted.  It has so many positves , I am really pleased with it.  The bendy screwdriver enables you to get to parts that you would oth... read more »

coffee cups

28 Oct, 2019
These are a nice product but not glass.  They are plastic.  Found that the water got into the inside of the double cup. Really like that although the beverage is hot you can hold the cup wit... read more »

Paper Trimmer

13 Oct, 2019
This is an absolute fabulous little paper trimmer. It is good qaulity, portable and easy to use. The blade is quite sharp so easy to cut. Have purchased another for my dad.  Would definitely reco... read more »

Magical Fairy Lights

05 Oct, 2019
Great little product.  I have used them in some vases with flowers which look lovely and cosy and warming at this time of the year.  Will be purchasing some  more. read more »

Motion Detected Night Light

30 Sep, 2019
This is only a small light but absolutely fabulous.  It detects from quite a distance so impressed with that. Stays on for a while when you move out of range and then goes off. Its discreet and t... read more »

Lingerie Bags

20 Sep, 2019
I have only used this item on one occasion but found it to be a god send.  No more tangled up bras and the catches on the bras catching on everything.  Fab product.  Thank you. read more »

Swing Blouse

20 Sep, 2019
This is is the second top I have bought from this Company so that itself tells you how much I like the item.  The quality is very good and the top washes very well and keeps it colour and shape.... read more »

Cold Shoulder Top

20 Sep, 2019
The material of this item is lovely quality.  Fits very well and washes well.  Very pleased with this top.  I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of buying. read more »

Swing Blouse

20 Sep, 2019
This is a fabulous top.  The quality of the material is lovely and it washes very nice as well.  Slightly bigger than I expeted but thats ok as I wear over jeans.  Fabulous. read more »


20 Sep, 2019
These candles arrived yesterday and I am so pleased with them.  The little iron pots are fabulous.  They came packaged as a lovely gift, very well presented. The scent is beautiful and&nb... read more »

Lazy Shoes

16 Sep, 2019
These are a lovely casual shoe that looks super smart with my jeans.  They are so comfortable and an absolute bonus not to have laces.  A great purchase and would definitely rcommend. read more »

Comfy Canvas Loafers

16 Sep, 2019
These loafers are absolutely fabulous.  They fit perfectly and true to size and are so comfy I forget that they are on.  I live in these comfy loafers.  I would definitely recommend. Fa... read more »

Blood Pressure

08 Jun, 2019
Bought this for an elderly relative.  Quite easy to use. Love the fact that it has a memory which is so useful to report backto the Drs.  Not expensive. Good product. read more »

Enviromentally friendly

01 May, 2019
This is a neat little toothbrush.  The bristles are fairly soft and not too hard on the gums.  Love that it is biodegradable and that the price is very reasonable. Would definitely recommend... read more »

Life Saver Timer

05 Apr, 2019
This kitchen timer is fabulous.  It has saved me from burning any more of my families meals.   The numbers are bold and large and very easy to read.  I can even read it without my... read more »

Blue Tooth Earbuds

07 Mar, 2019
This item was delivered quickly and I was excited to get to use the product.  The earbuds came in a nice little case.  Im not very good at technology so was unsure as to how difficult these... read more »

iphone case

07 Mar, 2019
Loved the colour blue of this case. The material felt quite good quality and is quite durable if it gets wet.  I also like the magnetic clasp which holds the phone securely.  All in all a go... read more »

Led Fairy Lights

19 Feb, 2019
Love having the battery pack, so convenient and like the fact that the wire is pliable so bends and shapes easily.  Although I think that the wire is slightly to thin. The remote control is an... read more »


19 Feb, 2019
I bought these markers as I have started to enjoy do craft work in my spare time.  The colours are quite vibrant and a nice selection. Ive only used these on paper and card so far and they are id... read more »

Plug in Light

24 Jan, 2019
The delivery of this item was speedy.  Nice Item with a toggle for the on/off switch. Nice glow and looks very nice. Love that you can add a nice aromatherapy oil. Nice Product. read more »

Happy Socks

24 Jan, 2019
These socks came in a nice little presentation box.  The socks were vibrant in colour and very nice quality. They also fitted perfectly so very happy and would definitely recommend.  N... read more »

Keeping it Smooth

17 Jan, 2019
Really like this nifty little product.  Small and compact. Able to put in your bag and if caught out can get rid of unsightly hairs quickly.  Requires a AA battery and it does not come with... read more »

Sensational smells

17 Jan, 2019
So pleased with these candles.  Very well presented in a lovely gift box. Absolutely love the look of them and they smell gorgeous.  I purchased these as a present but kept them for myself.&... read more »

2 way radio

22 Dec, 2018
The delivery of this item was quick and efficient. The walkie talkies are good quality and the instructions are fairly simple and easy to understand. The clarity of these are very good and the r... read more »


22 Dec, 2018
The delivery of this item was quick and efficient. I ordered a size 16 but felt that this top came up quite large. However the quality of the material was nice and good value for the money. &... read more »

Lounge Trouser

22 Dec, 2018
The delivery of this item was fast and efficient. The packaging was nice as the item came in a nice zip up bag which can be used afterwards. The quality of the material is very soft to touch and... read more »

Cheeky Sneakers

10 Dec, 2018
Delivery of this item was very quick. The colour is exactly as you see on pic and the sizing was correct. Love the elasticated laces as this gives more flexibility and as you run these feel more... read more »

Clean Teetch

10 Dec, 2018
This oral Irrigator is a complete game changer. Delivery was very quick and the item was well packaged. Although I drenched myself a couple of times (my fault not the product) now that I am used... read more »

Bright lights

10 Dec, 2018
The delivery of the item was very quick and was packaged quite well. The light is very bright and fitted onto the bike quite easily. Massive plus that you can charge via USB. Would definitely... read more »

Baby Carrier

10 Dec, 2018
Love the quality of this baby carrier and the multi funtional ways.  The material is a nice washable material. Absolutely love the hip seat as this takes away a lot of pain from your back a... read more »

Snuggly Gloves

10 Dec, 2018
These gloves are very nice quality with a nice finish. They are a lovely turquoise colour and have a clip on them so that you can clip both gloves together. They fit true to size and have a soft... read more »

Super Cosy Gloves

10 Dec, 2018
These Gloves are lovely quality.  They are lightweight and the colour is gorgeous.  They have clips on so they can be clipped together which is very useful. They have fleece inside the gl... read more »

Frost Free Snow Cover

30 Nov, 2018
I already love this product.  After having a couple of frosts and using this item for the first time, this cover is so easy to use and so practical.  Made my life so much easier. Loved the b... read more »

Cruelty free Oil

30 Nov, 2018
I absolutely love this product and would definitely recommend using.  Love the fact that it has not been used or tested on animals. As a moisturizer it leaves your skin feeling so soft and silky... read more »

Manicure Set

30 Nov, 2018
Delivery was next day on this item. The pouch is nice quality and looks better than the photo.  The clippers were quite sturdy and strong.  Overall a decent manicure set. Would recommend... read more »

Sports Leggings

30 Nov, 2018
Nice comfy sport leggings.   Like the idea of a side pocket but have not used that facility as yet.  Washed really well and remained in shape. Found the size to be correct. Would recomm... read more »

Calming Salt Lamp

30 Nov, 2018
This Salt Lamp has a nice warm glow which gives a very calming effect.  It is quite heavy and rustic looking but once turned on it looks amazing.  This is the 2nd one that I have bought so w... read more »

Photo Drone

30 Nov, 2018
Ordered this for my grandson and was delighted by this Drone.  It is only a small Drone with an easy to use hand control.  It was very responsive and the camera quality was much better than... read more »

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