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Aug, 2018

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A Little About Me...! Im hard working guy with my own business that loves Gadgets & Tech its as simple as that. I also love to review them in my spare time. So I created my own review social media accounts and have never looked back. I get better at them everyday, it is hard as I have to work on my business also and make my income to survive.

But I still find a few hours a week to review the products and have gained a following YYYEEEAAAHHH but its only a few but this is better than none and I love the fact I can help people. All my social media channels go under the name GadgetKingReview.

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Love These Lights

30 Mar, 2021
These are great lights for around the farm and love the recharging and not having to put batteries in them. Perfect for my farm asn dthe different colour lights and flashing as they come in a pair and... read more »

Not Bad

30 Mar, 2021
Not a bad Led ring light but I wouldnt buy another as its a bit plastic fealing and could break if you dropped it. It is good for amature filming and photography but noit for professional and more for... read more »

Second One

30 Mar, 2021
This is the second one of these gimbles I have purchased and had the other for well over a year now and it is still in perect workiong order. So I got another and i also purchased the go pro version o... read more »

Had to purchase another../

15 Jan, 2021
These torches are so go I had to purchase another. they are really well. built and the reach of the beam is unreal. I have never had such a small torch that goes to far and i have a farm so i use torc... read more »

When you need one..!@

15 Jan, 2021
I have ots of camera aquipment and these are excelent for geting rid of glare from the sun and especialy if you arte taking shots where the light bounces of the product your taking image of. I have lo... read more »

Love this ring light

19 Dec, 2020
I already had a ring light but this one has more advanced tech with dimable light and a warm colour which makes your videos look nice and warm. I am more than happy with this purchase and use it for a... read more »

Awesome Webcam for price

19 Dec, 2020
I was looking for webcam but just could not gewt one and they where all to expensive. This webcam is a decent price and works well with Zoom and facetime. So Im really happy with the purchase and woul... read more »

Awesome Ring Light

14 Dec, 2020
These photography lights are the best you can get. They are so light and bright you can have them on a nice soft brownish tint or a very white light. It even comes with a remote and is so easy to use... read more »

Was Good While It lasted

14 Dec, 2020
So I bought this little torch not thing that it would be that good as so small. But it was amazing the beam was so long and powerful and it worked for a while till I dropped it..! My fault as it was o... read more »

Another Quality Hose

18 Nov, 2019
I needed extra hose for the one I had just purchased and that had brass fittings and so did this so they are perfect together. It has been built with quality in mind and will last for some time I am h... read more »

Very Well Built Hose

18 Nov, 2019
I have been looking for one of these hoses for sometime now and I was sick of looking at cheap models. I then came accross this hose and it has not disapointed the hose it self is very strong and the... read more »

Excellent Piece of Kit

18 Nov, 2019
This set of screwdriver tips has got the lot. If you do anything electronical then I can almost be certain, that there is not one buit that this set does not have. I have taken many things apart in my... read more »

Excellent Set

18 Nov, 2019
This set of screwdriver tips has got the lot. If you do anything electronical then I can almost be certain, that there is not one buit that this set does not have. I have taken many things apart in my... read more »

Small But Great Sound

26 Oct, 2019
I already have Rode Mic and another shotgun mic and I wanted a windshield for one of those. But i seen that this little mic came with both foam and windshield. The mic is also small which is great for... read more »

Excellent Piece Of Kit

26 Oct, 2019
If you are into photography and you use lots of lights, microphones, Go Pro's almost anything that needs to be attached to poles etc. This Clamp is absolutley awesoke for that purpose, it is very... read more »

Excellent Wireless Charger

08 Jul, 2019
I have lots of different power banks from solar to standard small 5000 amh power banks, but this one is pretty cool and the fact you are not damaging your insert plug to charge is a bonus. It goes rea... read more »

Excellent Tv Arial

29 Jun, 2019
I needed a new arial for my digital tv and this slim modern arial fit the bill perfectly. It sticks to the window next to the tv and there is nothing hard about installing and using the arial. There i... read more »

Good but not Excellent.!

31 Mar, 2019
I have sevral of these adaptors and the reason is I have so many laptopr, iPads, Macbooks etc and they come in handy as hell. The build quality is alweays good and Omar products are stunning looking w... read more »

Another Excellent Piece of Kit..!

31 Mar, 2019
These are perfect additions for your Macbook or iPad and as I have both of these then I needed to of them and they work perfect. They have all the adaptors you need concidering the very expensive iPad... read more »

Excellent Charger..!

31 Mar, 2019
These are only small chargers and are perfect pocket size. They are way more discreet than the large square sized powerbanks. They would be perfect for the ladies hand bags and nights out or if you ev... read more »

Awesome Bit Of Kit...!

07 Mar, 2019
Now this is perfect for my macbook it has every type of interface you would need and is small enough to just slip into my laptop bag. Really nice finish which matches the macbook and works perfect... read more »

What A Load Of S--T....!

05 Mar, 2019
Now if a product is good I will write a good review as it should be, but when I got the code for this product it was priced at £59.99 as seen in the images? Now £15.99 but on amazon its st... read more »

Good Strong Work Pen

10 Feb, 2019
Now I work on sites all the time, thats building sites and Im always stropping or breaking my pen, this one is strong. It has a few good rulers 1 in 100 , 1 in 200 and so on also with a little spirit... read more »

Love These Lock Picks

27 Jan, 2019
I have property maintenance company, so I love tools of all kind and I already have a lock pick set similar to this set, but it has more picks. The only thing it doesn thave which this set has the the... read more »

Cheap C---P

31 Dec, 2018
I dont have much t say about these as they are just cheap and should be priced accordingly. They are pure plastic and I had another pair not so long ago that where the same sort of thing good images a... read more »

Love These Lol 3rd One

31 Dec, 2018
I have 3 of these small sports cameras now and they all work brilliant and for the price and the kit you get with them you cannot complain. Yes they are not go pro but they are not go pro pricing niet... read more »

I Like These PowerBanks

31 Dec, 2018
I like these powerbanks not for what people think they can do with them and that is let them go to nothing and they will charge to 100% as they dont work like that. You charge them fully and after the... read more »

These are great for the price

31 Dec, 2018
I got these for a project and not for kids, I can also used them at work without having to shout from the roof which is pretty cool also. I think they are really good sound quality and with the 16 cha... read more »

Awesome Slider For Video

20 Dec, 2018
So I purchased one of these sliders a 100cm in size and it is amazing. The build quality is awesome and it is so smooth, I purchased it as I got a new camera canon 70D and have few quid left over and... read more »

Excellent Tripod My Second

01 Dec, 2018
Yes this is excellent tripod and this is my second one so you will see 2 reviews for the same produt only in different colours ...? But they are excatly the same in every way the only difference is th... read more »

Love It...!

30 Nov, 2018
I love this little trip its the best tripod i have out of the 5 I had before it. The tripod is compact and light, made from strong alloy and is sturdy. It also comes with a ball hitch that can unscrew... read more »

Feel Like Childs Toys Headphones

20 Nov, 2018
I have seen lots of people saying these are great headphones..? Well they sound ok for a sub £30 pair of bluetooth headphones and thats about it.  These feel so cheap are are 100% plasti... read more »

Really Good Camera V Mount

14 Nov, 2018
Now I just purchased camera light and needed a V Mount and I have read lots of reviews and this one seem to fit the bill and it didnt disapoint. It really is strong and the mount is all one piece... read more »

Ok Gimbal For The Price

14 Nov, 2018
I have used this gimbal for a couple of weeks and its ok and for the price its ok. I am not going to say its perfect gimbal because its not as there is a few cons it goes a bit wierd on certain angels... read more »

Love This Strap

09 Nov, 2018
Have you ever purchased a product at a reasnoble cost and thought I am so glad I purchased this :) that was what was like when I got this strap delivered. I do lots of photography and I was sick of th... read more »

Love This Dog Kit

03 Nov, 2018
I have 2 golden labs and this is one of, if not the best brush kit I have found to get the undercoat out of them both. Onbe has soft fur the other is more course, but both when molting the under coat... read more »

Not Bad But Small...!

30 Oct, 2018
I should have read the description better when I purchased this digital dictorphone as I do have old version. I though it woulkd be alot more for the money than just record and yes you can listen to m... read more »

Excellent Quality Of Sound

30 Oct, 2018
I have reviewed many headphones and wireless bluetooth earphones and these have got to be one of, if not the best pair I have reviewed so far. I think they are absolutley awesome sound and the fact th... read more »

Quality In Car Charger

26 Oct, 2018
So I have my house wireless chargers and I use them for my iphone 8 plus because im sick of breaking the power lead input on iphones as they are terrible one they break to try and get a charge so I th... read more »

Awesome for the PRICE...!

21 Oct, 2018
I have a couple of sets of headphones and earphones and they where just a klittle to big, so I purchased these as they where smaller than the others I have. I think the sound is excellent for the pric... read more »

Excellent Quality RuckSack

20 Oct, 2018
I have a rucksack for trecking and needed a new one for going to gym and to take with me, if I was going to meeting and to store my macbook in and this  Itshiny anti theft pack is perfe... read more »

Few Little Bad Points Or Would be Excellent Mouse

20 Oct, 2018
I purchased thisa mouse to go with my sons headphone as same colour everything matches and he likes that sort of thing, but the power charging cable is in a really hard place to get to...? It would be... read more »

Daughter Loves This Stuff

15 Oct, 2018
I purchased this because my daughter has always been into play do and slime and anything else she can mess around and play with. Well with this clay they can actually make things and it comes with its... read more »

Fits Perfect As Always..!

15 Oct, 2018
Have always purchased this style or brand of protector as they are really sticky and the strongest I have found yet.I am not saying they are the strongest out there as I have not tried them all, but t... read more »


11 Oct, 2018
Got one of these at last for camping and I have a piece of land with a couple of trees on it that this will go perfect between. the wife is not happy, but it fits both of us no problem and comes with... read more »

Always Wanted One Of These : )

11 Oct, 2018
You know we are some times a bit lazy or like to be satup in bed searching the net on something a bit bigger than our phones and when this is put together right its perfect. Its not the best or strong... read more »

Another Cheap One Better Than My Expensive One...?

11 Oct, 2018
Hi so I purchased and expnsive wirless charger and I paid £25.99 for it, since then I have had a couople of coupons and they were for £9.99 chargers and they charge faster than the supposa... read more »

Super Trimmers Good for Hair & Beard

05 Oct, 2018
I seen the coupon for these a while back and have used many hair clippers as and I do have facial hair and I like to keep it nice a trimmed and these have got to be the quietest yet. I think this... read more »

Another Good Power bank

04 Oct, 2018
These are excellent power banks they take a while and I do mean a while to cjarge in the sun, but having the torrch included and the speed at which it charge your phone or tablet is well worth the ext... read more »

Perfect For My Horses

01 Oct, 2018
I was pleased to se a garden product that I can use at my stables and this is perfect, no more fighting over who get the hose to clean the horse first or I might want oit to wash down the van etc. Yes... read more »

Feels Cheap, But Does The Job..!

01 Oct, 2018
I have given this 3 stars because it does not in my opinion look like or feel like ti is worth the prics. It feels really cheap plastic and I can imagine it breaking in know time, even the tubes are v... read more »

Ipad Holder

26 Sep, 2018
I have one of these for my mobile well iphone and it holds it just right above my mac screen, this one I got for muy ipad, but ive got to say itds more for the ipda mini than the large ipad, it seems... read more »

Good For Work...!

19 Sep, 2018
So I needed tubs for work and these are glass, got them with coupon and they are reallly expensive from my local shop. I didnt pay no where near the price I would have from local store. The lids are a... read more »

Nice Wallet & KeyRing...!

17 Sep, 2018
Needed new wallet and this has the added benefit of a keyring so I thought why not, its real leather as far as I can tell as I know there is some good fake leather out there...? But know this is real... read more »

You Need This If You Travel...!

17 Sep, 2018
I love to travel and I always like to make sure I have everything in order before I leave this country, if they are in one place you will not get to the airport and think oh S--T my paasport, so this... read more »

Wanted One of These...!

15 Sep, 2018
I have wanted one of these holders for a while to go on the end of my 49 inch yes ladies & gentelmen 49 inch selfie stick and this has the added benefit of the to differrent possitions, that... read more »

Will See How This Works...?

15 Sep, 2018
First things first these GPS trackers work on a 2G network I dont know why maybe its because theres lots of abandond satalites up there and this is a good use for them...? It took me some time to find... read more »

Descent Sounds in Small Package...! lol

15 Sep, 2018
I reviewed this speaker a while back and it is still going strong which proves that Betron products are quality produts and are well worth the value. I recived a largeamount of product form betron, we... read more »

Good Dog Grooming Brush...!

14 Sep, 2018
This is awesome brush to get rid of your dogs fur when they are shedding it, but the price....? what I wouldnt pay that for a brush I got mine through a coupon so yes I think its great and I know that... read more »

I Like It...!

14 Sep, 2018
I like this coffee cup for a couple of reasons 1. It holds plenty of coffee 2. It keeps the coffee warm for some time 3. It helps stop those dam coffee shop anti disposable cups all of the place 4.&nb... read more »

Not Worth £12.96

14 Sep, 2018
Now I got this vase for my new phone which will be here tomorrow and for the price, I thought It must be really good quality leather, like alot better leather than other cses of around £5.99 lea... read more »

Awesome & Will Last For Ever...!

11 Sep, 2018
As I said in the last review and they where just dog poo pardon the pun, but they bent straight away and it was not very good experiance for my dog, I wanted it over quickly and fast. So They went in... read more »

Absolute Dog Poo....!

11 Sep, 2018
These are the worst dog nail clippings I have ever purchased, the first time I tried to cut my labradors nails they just bent. Now I understand that they maybe where not the right nail clippers for cu... read more »

Quality BlueTooth Headphones..!

11 Sep, 2018
Got these headphones as part of review package and they are classy looking headphone that sound really good. They last quite some time a good few hours from a hour of charging, obvously this depe... read more »

Excellent Screen Protectors

09 Sep, 2018
I work on sites and i always drop my phone, so it it always in a case and always has these protectors on it. I have used lots in the past and some are totally s---t but these are abosolutly perfect. T... read more »

Quality for Price..!

09 Sep, 2018
I think these look excellent on the phone but if you use a tight case with them, like the ones I use when Im using phone as sat nav and stick big piece of metal on back, then... read more »

Excellent Hiking Poles, Strong...!

09 Sep, 2018
I got these hiking poles for a friend as I have two sets myself one for normal walking when hiking and the other set fiold and go into my back pack or I strap them to the back of the pack. we were sup... read more »

Love This Solar Power Bank

08 Sep, 2018
So this little power bank is a solar power bank and it comes on and starts to charge as soon as the sun hits it, so you think you cannot turn it off, thats why but if you move it out of the sunlight a... read more »

Betron Xr-77 Bluetooth Classic Speaker

08 Sep, 2018
We went head to head with 2 of BETRONS Stylish BlueTooth Speakers the XR-77 & the E50 here are the results of the XR-77 amazing. The XR-77 results are just as amazing as the E50 it all depends on... read more »

My Every Day Speaker Mint

08 Sep, 2018
I got selection of speaker to review and this one is my favourite, it matches my room and it sound quality and it looks stylish. These speakers are made by a company called Betron and they have really... read more »

Stunning WaterFalls + Filter System...!

07 Sep, 2018
Stunning looking falls comes with 2 blades for different effects, I have installed this into tree are and surrounded by rock and the images will come when it get dark as the light shows the water and... read more »

Multi Plug Electric Exterior Box...!

07 Sep, 2018
Excellent product if you are needing water tight box for lots of electrical lights or other items like pond pumps and water features. This box comes with 10 meter power cable and multi plug adaptor so... read more »

My Second Boom Arm Mic Accessories Holder

07 Sep, 2018
These microphone arms can be highly manoeuvrable and are perfect for different types of mics. You can easily move them out of your way without having to take them off you desk and have them in front o... read more »

Awesome Weather Proof Speaker

06 Sep, 2018
This is the speaker I have choosen to take on our hilke as it can withsatnd lots of knocks and being in the trenchs and can handle the water, so this will be one of 2 speaker we will be taking on the... read more »

Excellent Sound Quality For Size.....!

06 Sep, 2018
Betron HD1000 Headphones Review 2018 Over Ear Earphones Bass Driven Sound with Microphone and Volume Control (Volume Control compatible with Apple Devices Headphone Socket Only) Ive had these head... read more »

Tuff Water Tight Electrical Jointers

06 Sep, 2018
These came just at the right time and where on offer just at the right time, as I do lots of landscaping and ponds these come in very handy indeed and they did on the job I was on today. I needed them... read more »

Nice Fit On My Van...!

06 Sep, 2018
I have always had one of these steering wheel covers on my van since new, which was 2 years ago and I know from the picture that its dirty and dusty, but thats because we get in it dirty and dusty lol... read more »

By Far The Best Wireless Charger Ive Purchased...!

05 Sep, 2018
This charger is faster than any other charger Ive purchased and is head and shoulders above the rest. Its got slight sides so that the mobile stays in position and is made of tuff plastic. The phone c... read more »

Nice Big RuckSack

04 Sep, 2018
This is the rucksack I have got for my hike on weekend to show how safe you can be, with all new tech around like GPS, PowerBanks, Find MY Phone, Bluetooth etc and this is the one my big Gordie f... read more »

Not Bad Set Of Gaming Headphones

04 Sep, 2018
I purchased these for my son he has a couple of sets of headphones and he is never off the thing and his friends come round some weekends, so I thought why not and they are pretty good quality. They a... read more »

We All Need One Of These...!

04 Sep, 2018
These are awesome little coffee cups and I drink lots and this stays in my van with me and if I go into garage Costa I just take this with me and use this instead of having my van full of old used pap... read more »

Perfect Size For Big Labradors...!

04 Sep, 2018
When you got to keep your pooches nice and warm with cushion underneath you need big fluffy beds like these they where massive and my big labs fit in them perfect. I purchase 2 of them but they both t... read more »

Another Of My Daughters Cases, She Has Them All Lol...!

04 Sep, 2018
I always purchase these cases for my daughter she collects they and as every style and colour that you can get of this type of case. She hates the wallet type and just likes the flip over cases so tha... read more »

My Daughters Favourite Anti Slip Rubber Case..!

04 Sep, 2018
I purchased this case for my daughter and she wanted a case that would be easy to handle when she is filming and this is that type of case that is none slip rubber. She swaps it over after she has fin... read more »

These Things Take To Long

04 Sep, 2018
These are no faster than cable maybe a bit more convenient if you a at home and you want ot just put your phone down for charge, but apart from that the Apple cable beats them for speed every time. I... read more »

Good For What It Can Make Your Phone Into...!

03 Sep, 2018
I got this lens as promotion, but i was looking at them anyway and I think its awesome, really and the only reason i gave it 4 stars is because it takes a little longer to get straight over the camera... read more »

Excellent ShotGun Mic & Price....!

03 Sep, 2018
I needed a mic to start making YouTube video reviews and this is what I purchased of reviews I had seen on it. Just because somthing is cheap does not have to mean its a piece of S--T this mic is abso... read more »

Love This Little Speaker...!

03 Sep, 2018
I got this little speaker with a few other things when it was priced at £22.99 and it suprised the you know what out of me, for sound quality and battery length and overall looks. Its got lots o... read more »

5 Star For Now....? Now 1 Star...!

03 Sep, 2018
Now I have never come back and changed a review so quick at first it looked ok for the first day, then I noticed it was like those none apple cables and started to not be compatible and then stop char... read more »

The Biggest Mouse Mat Ever LOL...!

03 Sep, 2018
I needed a mouse mat, because my desk is black glass and I was using my drawing tablet as a mat. The reason behind that is I never needed a mat before as my old desk was wood and the mouse worked just... read more »

Excellent Extension

02 Sep, 2018
I know its only an extention, but it is quality and long and well made. The sound travels through it as good as it leaves the mic and it does not effect the sound that goes into the mic, which can hap... read more »

My Fist Lapel Mic

02 Sep, 2018
This was my first lapel mic, when I first started doing YouTube and Vloging and it was only £7.99 at that time, it must have had such good feedback they upped the price. You get quality sound fr... read more »

Just What I Needed

02 Sep, 2018
I needed opne of these to work with my mic as I wanted to plug it in USB port and its well built and does excactly what it say on the tin, what more can I say about it ..? read more »

Love This Mic

02 Sep, 2018
Always wanted a mic that would just stay there and be there when I needed it and this for the price and you get the power pac that boosts the sound is awesome. Now if you are wanting to be the next Ma... read more »

If You Want Crystal Clear Pond Water...!

01 Sep, 2018
I own a company that cover everything from joinery and building to landscaping and ponds. This pond was built a couple of weeks ago and hasn't had the most expensive kit involved in the constructi... read more »

Excellent Power Pack

31 Aug, 2018
This litteraly charged my phone in less than an hour from 32% it was already on as I wanted to see how fast these thing are and I am totaly impressed to say the least. This is the first Ive own and it... read more »

The Best & Longest Selfie Stick Out There...!

31 Aug, 2018
So I purchased this Selfie stick as I have been looking for a descent one. This selfie stick is strong and holds not only your phones and sports cameras, but also your DLSR no problem well worth the p... read more »

Excellent Pond Lights

31 Aug, 2018
I have my own business and we do many thing and cover many trades from joiners to landscapers and lately we have been asked to do a couple of ponds. I purchased these on the first pond and they are am... read more »

Stay Away From These Adaptors

31 Aug, 2018
I have had this problem with anything that is not Apple and I use with my iphones and I have always had Iphones dont know why, just got first one when came out and had them ever since. Probably lots o... read more »

Very Bright

30 Aug, 2018
So I purchased these for round the pond area of my newly built pond and yes the pong is awesome. There is a stream that runs along the back of a bench we had made for when farther passed and the water... read more »

When You Are Shooting Lots Of Film & Need the Space On SD Card

30 Aug, 2018
Excellent had it on my canon 60d filming my daughters party wide angle lens and 24 fps and it lasted the whole party. I am totally over the moon and would highly recommend and the transfer to my mac i... read more »

Anti Slip Cases & Perfect To Stick Metal On Back For Magnet Sat Nav

30 Aug, 2018
I like the rubber case as I can put my magnet on the back for work and stick it to my van window for work, I don't purchase the rubber case for style I purchase the rubber case for convenience and... read more »

Love It & Hours Of Tinkering

30 Aug, 2018
I have always loved lock picks, I love my tools and if you are a man who likes tools then this is going to be something you will play with regular. I cant wait to pick up all the padlocks a local car... read more »

Class These Little Earphones Excellent Value

30 Aug, 2018
Now I have plenty of earphones, but these little earphone which are totally wirless and have two ways of charging either with the black cable you can see on the front of image 3 or both together as yo... read more »

I Love the way it matches my iMac ....!

29 Aug, 2018
I have the bigger one of these stands which I use for my Ipad and when I seen this smaller one I had to have it. It is just as strong as the larger one. The pair are made from stron silver aluminium a... read more »

Not bad wireless charger...!

29 Aug, 2018
So I have had the wire charging for aslong as Ive had a phone and i got 2 different wireless chargers thius week and this is the only one that works. It works well i can just lay it on the pad when i... read more »

Excellent Lapel Mic For £6.99

29 Aug, 2018
This is my second lapel mic and I needed one for when there was 2 of us who would be talking and it has headphone jack attached, so that you can plug your head phones in and listen to the music or vid... read more »

Excellent Set Of BlueTooth Earphones For Gym And General Wear

28 Aug, 2018
So I got these today for what I think is nothing for the gym as they are sweat proof and they were only £16.99 which is nothing and they match my iPhone 8plus perfect. They come with plenty o... read more »

Excellent iPad & iPhone or Tablet Stand Strong

28 Aug, 2018
I love this little Ipad stand which is what I am using it for, but you could use it for many other things like All Iphone and Tablets. Ive had those stands that just slip backwards when you try to use... read more »

Not Bad Little Speaker...!

28 Aug, 2018
Not Bad Little Speaker If You Are Wanting For Travel or Garden Barbecue. if For Computer You Will Want 2 Of Them....! Little on the expensive side for one and they are not that big, but if it truely t... read more »

Excellent For Listening To Audio Books

27 Aug, 2018
I purchased these a while back as I wanted to listen to audio books while I was Traveling and Working and for obvous reasons did not want to be loggin lots of books around. So I we... read more »

Excellent Sound & Comfortable Headphones

27 Aug, 2018
These are the first time I used BETRON products and Ive got lots now lol. Also the first time I thought the price and quality was unbelievable and well worth the money, that they are sold fo... read more »

This is AWESOME :)

27 Aug, 2018
  So this projector arived today and Ive set it up on one of my camera tripods and I have a plain white wall, don t know if that makes difference. Anyway Ive hooked up apple TV through HD... read more »


27 Aug, 2018
Have had this on my phone for several days now and initial thought perfect for fishing and that I would never have to charge my phone or worry about it dying on me again. Ive had those with the leads... read more »

Excellent Sports Camera

27 Aug, 2018
I loved my first one of these that I wanted another and it's the same model with a little less accessories but it also comes at less cost you can get yours on Amazon at this link  I used o... read more »

Not For Every Style Of Case....!

27 Aug, 2018
I think these look excellent on the phone but if you use a tight case with them, like the ones I use when Im using phone as sat nav and stick big piece of metal on back, then... read more »

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