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Delicate multi function fairy lights

02 Nov, 2021
The lights are delicate and colourful with a long lead supplied. They come with a multi function remote control. They are very pretty and can be synced to the beat of your music! You can also set the... read more »

G9 LED Bulbs that save you money.

18 Sep, 2021
I was previously using the G9 halogen version of these which were constantly blowing and were also harder on electricity than these LED ones that are a direct replacement. So it's a win win situat... read more »

Halloween themed party coming up

08 Sep, 2021
Bought this pack of decorations for a Halloween themed birthday party then will be used again at Halloween also. It arrived in compact packaging and has orange and black balloons along with happy Hall... read more »

Beautiful Autumnal Leaves with LED lights for Fall Decor

02 Sep, 2021
I just love the Fall, all the gorgeous colours of Autumn on the trees. I was excited to come across these Maple leaf string lights. They have a good long lead of approx 3 metres and the leaves are spa... read more »

Contemporary Storage Solutions Rack

31 Jul, 2021
This twin rack offers a modern contemporary look in black metal with 2 shelves and side hanging hooks included. It was simple to put together if a little fiddly. Genius feet adjustable screw in easily... read more »

Multi length Multi Compatibility USB C FAST CHARGING CABLES

08 Jul, 2021
They arrived neatly packed in a box. There is 3 Cables included in the pack, one short at 1 metre, 1 medium at 2 Metres, And 1 Long at 3 metres. The cables have heavy duty rubber type  casing aro... read more »

Desk tidy zipper bags for stationary supplies, make up, small toys, crayons, paint brushes, crafting

03 Jul, 2021
Super pleased with this pack of 12 multi organiser zipper bags. They are plastic so won't leak if you are using them for pens or make up, craft glue, paint brushes, nail varnish etc. They ran... read more »

Make your scrapbooking extra special with this washi decorative tape

22 Jun, 2021
Pack of 20 rolls of washi tapes which arrived in a pretty box. They are in various widths and patterns in mainly autumnal colours. They make really pretty surrounding frames for photos in albums or sc... read more »

Delicate Little Heart Tags with Pretty Sheer Ribbon

21 Jun, 2021
These little heart tags come in a package along with pre cut ribbon to tie them on to whatever you are using them for. They are small and delicate and perfect for tying Wedding favour bags or car... read more »

Craft Wire 3 roll package including narrow nose pliers.

17 Jun, 2021
Package includes 3 rolls of craft wire in varies thickness and colours. These are useful for jewellery making or crafting. Could also be used for little repair jobs around the home, hanging pictures a... read more »

Garland to compliment your Wedding Decor

15 Jun, 2021
Strand of faux Eucalyptus and Willow Leaves. It arrived polybagged and looked the same as the picture. There is white berries on the Vine. Good for home decor or if you are planning your own wedding d... read more »

Naturally Highly Scented Lavender Flowers

14 Jun, 2021
As soon as I opened the packaging the aroma of Lavander was lovely. Decent sized bunch of dried flowers. They are wrapped in plastic. Carefully remove them from the packaging as with them being d... read more »

Unique memo photo display boards

10 Jun, 2021
Pack of six hexagon felt boards with 3 grey and 3 black hexagon shaped thick felt boards. They come with wall stickers so easy put on the walls, you can have them close together or further apart. Ther... read more »

Rustic Gift Tags with String

08 Jun, 2021
There's a 100 in the pack along with the necessary string. Brown card looks rustic, a lot of people use these for gifts, arts and crafts or pricing, I use mines for potting plants and other g... read more »

Good value Disposable Piping bags for icing cakes and desserts.

02 Jun, 2021
Anyone that hates washing out their piping bags will love these. Use them with your own nozzles and then dispose of them when finished instead of having to wash them out. There's 120 in the packet... read more »

Summer outdoor food trays for snacks and picnics

02 Jun, 2021
Now that the kids are spending more time outside these paper food trays are so handy. They arrived flat so store easy, They are perfect for the garden or near the pool as they are not breakable. Just... read more »

Cupcake perfection decor Piping Bags

02 Jun, 2021
Piping bags with host of nozzles and a hold secure clip, use them and then dispose of the bag, brilliant no more washing up. Perfect for cupcakes with the different design nozzles that are included. R... read more »

Detail your Scrapbook with these gorgeous Washi Tapes.

30 May, 2021
Firstly I just loved the packaging these rolls arrived in, a pretty box. Then you have 20 rolls of different patterns and themes. They do make such a difference for sticking photo edges down, borders,... read more »

Gorgeous heart shaped Acrylic Diamonds, bling your table setting.

30 May, 2021
For that special occasion you just sprinkle these on your table to add that attention to detail look. Bag contained around 1000 heart shaped faux red diamonds and they are probably under a cm size, wh... read more »

Rustic tags with string

30 May, 2021
Pack of 200 tags and cord to attach them to your desired object. They are good value for the price come with prepunched holes to attach the cord through. Endless uses from gift tags to pricing it... read more »

Handy to keep your items close whilst in bed

30 May, 2021
Simple bedside organiser with elasticated net pockets for phone glasses etc. It's like a book cover, pop one side below the mattress which holds it in place and the other side with the pockets dan... read more »

Car Plane Travel Emergency Urine Disposable Bags

29 May, 2021
Invaluable for journeys or confined to bed emergencies set of 4 Urine bags that can be used by both male and female. Disposable and are Leakproof. Also suitable as sick bags. read more »

Perfect for Crafters Paper Punches Butterfly Star Heart Design

29 May, 2021
Nice set of 3 craft punches with Butterfly Star and Heart designs. Feel really heavy and punch the shapes out nice and crisp. Decent size shapes. Work on heavier paper also. Nice bright colours. read more »

Build a Dinosaur Toy Set With Tools

26 May, 2021
This set is not only fun it's educational, learning how things can be put together and took apart. Came with 4 plastic bags containing the 4 dinosaur parts, and a play drill and screwdrivers,... read more »

Save a fortune by using these rechargeable AAA Batteries

11 May, 2021
Bought these batteries for everything around the house that constantly seem to eat batteries and my bank balance. Pack of 16 AAA's, I like that these come in 4 storage packs of 4 and that the... read more »

Pool fun water pistol soakers

03 May, 2021
Super easy to fill and squirt water guns. The look a bit like a bicycle pump, push underwater pull the handle back to fill, push the handle in to squirt. They are made of pool noodles type material an... read more »

Feeding syringes in sterile packaging

01 May, 2021
Good Syringes for Feeding, they come in sterile packaging and are handy for use away from home. I guess they could be used for pets or craft purposes as well. Seem reasonable quality and price. read more »

UV Flashlight Ultraviolet twin pack Led Torches

28 Apr, 2021
These are more than standard torches, they also have the UV function which you can shine on surfaces and check for pet stains or check coloured glass to see if it contains Uranian. Twin pack with batt... read more »

Run for cover or get soaked garden toy turtle sprinkler

28 Apr, 2021
Super cute turtle that incorporates a water sprinkler, its colourful and made of plastic. There is lots of little hoses coming out of the top of it that wiggle about and shoot water out.  The wat... read more »

Backpack full of explorer adventure toys, great fun and educational.

22 Apr, 2021
Hours of fun with these little backpack explorers kits. Full of pretend bugs, binoculars, spade, compass, specimen container, the list keeps on going and even a jungle hat to keep the sun off little e... read more »

Bright led torch with rechargeable batteries and charger

16 Apr, 2021
Very bright torch comes with 2 x 18650 rechargeable batteries, I've noticed the led torches give a much brighter light using these batteries as adversed to ordinary AA batteries, they last lo... read more »

Butterfly kit for boys and girls

16 Apr, 2021
Great lil fun kit with lots of little pretend butterfly specimens and implements for storing and displaying your finds. Tip, hide the butterflies around the garden and send the lil botanists to catch... read more »

Tropical theme decor craft leaves

16 Apr, 2021
Big pack of 34 leaves for crafting or themed decor. They are a decent size and easy worked with. Good deep green colour. read more »

Bit of nostalgia with this Wonderful Marble Set.

08 Apr, 2021
Big bag of very colourful marbles. I'm so glad these can still be purchased as they bring back wonderful childhood memories. The netted bag contains a super selection of different coloured and siz... read more »

Adventure nature kit for boys and girls

05 Apr, 2021
This little kit is perfect if you have a lil bug or butterfly or any lil nature fanatic. It's got a pretend magnifying glass and a couple of containers to store your nature finds, with binoculars... read more »

2 pack of super bright torches powerful led flashlights

04 Apr, 2021
These torches are more than just a flash light, they have more than 1 mode and include a flashing sos for emergency situations. The lights are not from bulbs as such but led chips, much brighter than... read more »

Crafting ribbons country style

04 Apr, 2021
These rolls look bigger in reality than on the pictures. Perfect at this time of year for decorating flower pots and garden accessories. Accent your kitchen country style. Good value for money. Approx... read more »

Water pistol with a big tank for super soaking with trigger action

02 Apr, 2021
This water pistol is a decent size and holds lots of water approx 1250ml. It squirts a good distance and is in nice bright colours, great for summer fun.  read more »

Summer fun water pistol

02 Apr, 2021
This is a super long distance squirter water pistol. It has a large water storage for less refilling and more fun. Great addition to the water pistol collection. read more »

Double pack of water pistols for sunshine fun

26 Mar, 2021
Good value 2 pack of water pistols come in easy open less packaging, no batteries needed just good old plain water for lots of fun! read more »

Comforting cot mobile for babies

20 Mar, 2021
Cute mobile for babies cots with light and sounds, the little hanging pieces double up as rattles. As it is for a gift I haven't built it up but it looks simple enough. read more »

The best water pistols for fast refilling

20 Mar, 2021
This bundle of water pistols work like you are pumping a bicycle tyre up. So simple fill a bucket of water, stick the end in pull the top section out and it sucks up the water and you are ready to go.... read more »

Great fun water pistols 2 pack

11 Mar, 2021
Last year there was a bit of a heatwave and it was so hard to buy any fun stuff for the garden so I'm getting in early this year with this purchase of a 2 pack water guns. They come in bagging ins... read more »

Toothbrush holder organiser with other uses

06 Mar, 2021
Handy storage for toothbrushes and toothpaste. Water from brushes drips through the bottom so you just need to lift and wipe below instead of washing out every day. Also handy for craft brushes o... read more »

Paper food trays perfect for lunch boxes.

06 Mar, 2021
You get 60 of these disposable food trays. They come flat and are easily folded to make a little food tray, super for kids parties or barbecues, saves a lot of time cleaning up, just put them in the r... read more »

Be safe be seen on your bike lamps

09 Feb, 2021
Great safety lamps for bikes which come with connections for front and rear. They are waterproof and rechargeable. The front one can also disconnect and be used as a hand torch. Good and bright front... read more »

Nice priced compatible PS4 controller

03 Feb, 2021
Brilliant compatible PS4 controller with touch panel and dual vibration.  Very happy with the price and it’s a cool blue colour.  read more »

Bright pocket Led including battery and charger

27 Jan, 2021
Super value wee pocket sized torch with a big beam of bright light. Came with a battery and the special sized charger with a handy usb lead to charge it which will plug into any standard usb plug. Nev... read more »

Long work gloves that protect your wrists too

16 Jan, 2021
These gloves came vaccuum sealed, great idea to save on packaging. The are extra long to protect your wrists as well as your hands. Good fit for the size ordered. Comfortable leather.  Look like... read more »

Joy con Nintendo switch Wireless Controllers

30 Dec, 2020
Joy con Nintendo switch Wireless Controllers, brilliant direct compatible replacement at half the price of the official ones. The kids tell me they work great.  read more »

Powerful extra bright LED Torch

24 Dec, 2020
This led torch is medium size but extra bright. The light throw it gives is really far and with the zoom extended even farther. It's sturdy and seems well built. Very impressed with it.  read more »

Handy Car vacuum cleaner without cables

16 Dec, 2020
The cleaner is rechargeable and useful for using in between major clean ups. Came with some multi function tools. Useful also for kitchen worktop crumbs, floor spills etc. Haven't tried using... read more »

Revision made easy with these cards

16 Dec, 2020
Great help for revision with these colour coded cards that come with connections. Bullit point your key revision needs and have them handy on these cards to review and revise. Good value. read more »

Led light set for the festive season and all year.

05 Dec, 2020
Solar rechargeable set of 200 led lights on a very long 72ft cable, looking lovely wrapped around a tree in the garden, can also be used for many more purposes. They have an on off switch and a settin... read more »

Hair Clippers for all hair styles

05 Dec, 2020
Very happy with these clippers. Run a good length of time on the charge. Come with many different sized cutting combs which clip on and it also arrived with a spare cutting head. Works well and great... read more »

Sensory night light on the ocean waves

18 Nov, 2020
A projection type light works through a usb lead, you need your own plug, illuminates on the ceiling and walls. Has a timer and a remote which requires 2 batteries. Can also be used with music. The li... read more »

Ambience sola garden lights

18 Nov, 2020
Very pretty crazed looking glass effect solar lights which have a warm effect rather than stark white. Good length of cable about 7 metres and come on automatically at dusk. The lights are a bit bigge... read more »

Water powered flosser oral irrigator

11 Nov, 2020
Firstly it arrived quickly and well packaged. It feels sturdy and seems to spray well. Obviously it can't be ultra powerful or it would damage your teeth and gums but it does squirt well and will... read more »

Sanding mouse with bonus sanding sheets

11 Nov, 2020
Hand held sanding mouse tool comes with lots of extra sanding paper and has a dust collector. Works as well as rival top brands at a much cheaper price. Although I always use a mask anyway the Du... read more »

WiFi projector

11 Nov, 2020
Will update this review when It has been used as it is for a gift but can say for now it arrived promptly and safely and was well wrapped. Was drawn to this model because of the WiFi and 500... read more »

A slice of the countryside Wooden Craft Circles

08 Nov, 2020
These are even better than the pictures show. Slim Circles of wood with decorative bark edging. Perfect for place names at a wedding or occasion which is what I will be using them for in the future, o... read more »

Save your breath ... balloons pump

07 Nov, 2020
What can I say it saves your breath and blew 50 balloons up effortlessly, bit noisy to be expected. Functions great. read more »

Heated eye massager with anti aging

07 Nov, 2020
I'm a bit of a sceptic but willing to give things a go. So the unit is light and easy to hold, seems to function well.....will have to wait longer to see how much difference it makes but I do enjo... read more »

Led ring light what every teen wants

07 Nov, 2020
This led light arrived quickly and well packaged. It has 3 colour light modes depending on the ambiance you want to create from softer to brighter.It comes with a handy tripod. Ideal for the you tuber... read more »

Sparkles and shines

30 Oct, 2020
Firstly these acrylic diamonds arrived in a plastic bag safely packaged in an outer box. I was surprised when I felt the weight of the bag. They have many uses like sprinkling around a table, or in ar... read more »

Good controller For The Switch at a great price

21 Oct, 2020
These controllers are a really good cheaper replacement for the nintendo switch. They slot in either side and work just like the originol ones do. They also have a bonus action clamping together to us... read more »

Memory cushion personal keepsake

18 Oct, 2020
I was pleased with my purchase. The print quality was excellent but didn't fill the cushion to the edges which would have been preferable, possibly my fault for picture I added resolutions or the... read more »

Black toilet brush why didn’t they think of this sooner!

11 Oct, 2020
Black toilet brush why didn’t they think of this sooner! Great job in dark colour silicone bristles looks much tidier and the holder sticks to the wall well. Easily assembled screw in part, the... read more »

Travel security kit

30 Sep, 2020
Luggage security kit, 2 combination padlocks, 2 combination luggage straps and 2 colourful luggage tags. Perfect for securing your suitcases and travel bags. I thought there was no combination details... read more »

The full kit LEDS stripe light set.

26 Sep, 2020
This kit contains everything you need for the led light experience. Plug with 2 reels - 5 metres in length each of strip lights and connectors plus a very multifunctional remote control. We doubled th... read more »

Stylish cupcake decoration kit

18 Sep, 2020
Handy nozzle and piping bags for icing or creams or mousses etc lots of different design nozzles to experiment with. They come in a compact see through plastic container. The nozzles are stainles... read more »

Noodles n rice no problem

18 Sep, 2020
Pretty impressed how quick the kids get the hang of these training chopsticks. Washable and colourful and easy for little hands to use. Now they can have the whole foodie experience.  read more »

Full dual vibration controller

08 Sep, 2020
This controller has as many features if not more than the original one that came with the console. It's wireless has vibration shock and sound with touch panel. Paired fine with the PS4 and worked... read more »

Fruit and veg for the little chef

08 Sep, 2020
Bundle of pretend fruit and veg for any budding little chefs. Also includes a pretend knife and chopping board and a wee apron. Kids love mimicking what us adults do especially in the kitchen and this... read more »

Be seen with this bright Hoodie

25 Aug, 2020
Cool over head Hoodie. It's not heavy cotton but thinner shiney material, good for skaters, ideal for the in between seasons. Colours are bright and vibrant, you are sure to be noticed! Si... read more »

Funky Nintendo switch wireless controller

10 Aug, 2020
These wireless controllers are great for putting a little distance between the console and your kids eyes. They are a win win, connect nicely with the console and play linked to the tv, no wires to ha... read more »

Smells nice ear wax remover spray

12 Jul, 2020
Well here's to better hearing hopefully after this spray does its job. I like the smell of it and it's pretty easy to apply with the spray top. Feels good in the ear, will take time to soften... read more »

Good power from AA

11 Jul, 2020
Pack of 16 Double A otherwise known as AA batteries from a not so well known brand Poweradd, but compare very competitively with other big brands. Tested full set and there was no duds, gives a 10 yea... read more »

No more pens scattered all over the desk.

05 Jun, 2020
I purchased this under desk or table swivel tray to hold all the bits and bobs that make your work area look really untidy. It simply connects under your desk( easily fitted in a few mins)  and t... read more »

Great kit for home hairdressing

20 May, 2020
Compared to the wired clippers I already own this is very quiet. The clippers are nice and sharp and the charge lasted for 2 haircuts today with still over 60% battery left. I am finding the ligh... read more »

Modern version of the classic toilet brush

20 May, 2020
Love this loo cleaning brush, it is really slim and can be wall hung with the sticky tab enclosed. It suits our very small en-suite and is tidy and discreet hanging at the side of the toilet. The sili... read more »

Cool looking Wireless Controller.

16 Apr, 2020
Firstly, love the colour of this wireless controller, suits boys or girls. The blue tooth is great it stops you from bringing the console too close to your eyes avoiding eye strain. It also works via... read more »

Good value led torch with bonus uv light feature.

15 Mar, 2020
Handy wee torch, fits neatly in the pocket and has really good bright beam. Uv backlight is an added bonus. Works well and batteries last a while so cheap to run. read more »

Fun for parties flying ball

12 Dec, 2019
This flying ball went down a treat at a party, the kids didn't get a look in, the adults were competing to see who could keep control the longest. Cheap and fun, easy charged! read more »

Compact super bright flashlight.

20 Nov, 2019
Got this for breakdowns in the car, hopefully won’t need to use it too much but tested it out, super bright and the distance it lights up is amazing especially when the magnified lens is fully a... read more »

Comprehensive Electronic Screwdriver Kit

03 Nov, 2019
Contains every screwdriver head you have ever seen or thought possible. Electronics are becoming increasingly difficult to repair as manufacturers make them more puzzling to gain access to the inside... read more »

Makes Cake Decorating a Breeze

03 Apr, 2018
Easy spin a round makes decorating so easy. Good and stable. Easy Clean up. Pretty colour. read more »

Gorgeous Pale Blue Cover For The New Galaxy Note 8

21 Sep, 2017
Lovely Slimline Cover fits the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It protects well and isnt too bulky. Nice clear window on the back for the camera lens.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  #Ma... read more »

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