LETION UV Flashlight, 2 in 1 LED Flashlight Built-in UV and White Light,Tactical Flashlight Mini Ultraviolet Urine Detector for Cats, Pet Stains, Bed Bugs, Scorpions
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4.95 / 5   (19 Reviews)


Bright and powerful

22 Jun, 2021
Bright and powerful. So impressed with these little lights I brought more! They are incredibly bright, powerful and battery lasts for ages!  read more »

These are fantastic, my house is spotless!

16 Jun, 2021
I think 2 things of buying these, Why did I do it? and thank God I did. These in UV setting show absolutely every bit of fluff, dust and pet urine, as I found out when I shined it on my rather expensi... read more »

Great torches!

08 Jun, 2021
Great torches. Small and easy to use. They are very bright and have a huge range on the torch. The UV is great for smaller areas.  read more »

Keeping these torches in the car

04 Jun, 2021
Always wanted to keep a torch in the car "just in case" so once we got this set we put torches in the cars.  We also recently visited family member who got a kitten and it was still pee... read more »

Well made with lots of settings

02 Jun, 2021
Very powerful and well made you can also zoom the beam in and out which is a great idea.the uv light works really well and shows you things you never knew where there  read more »

Great product good quality

20 May, 2021
Very bright flashlights. They look like very well made and well designed. I'm quite surprised as they look like some military equipment for some special missions. They are made fully from metal so... read more »

A must have if you have a puppy

12 May, 2021
This small UV flashlight worked perfectly for my needs and was exactly as described. It seems to be pretty sturdy and should last a long time. I have bought it for detecting the surprises my very old... read more »

Gave away

10 May, 2021
Our old neighbours were telling us the other day how they lost torch ???? while trying to stop the dog from chasing rabbit while on the walk. So I was very happy to give these 2 torches to them. They... read more »

LETION UV Torch, 2 in 1 LED Torch UV Light with 500 Lumens 4 Modes Black Light for Pet Detection Fishing Camping

29 Apr, 2021
LETION UV Torch, 2 in 1 LED Torch UV Light with 500 Lumens 4 Modes Black Light for Pet Detection Fishing Camping   ?2 in 1 UV & White Light?: This 2 in 1 uv flashlight owns 4 light m... read more »

UV Flashlight Ultraviolet twin pack Led Torches

28 Apr, 2021
These are more than standard torches, they also have the UV function which you can shine on surfaces and check for pet stains or check coloured glass to see if it contains Uranian. Twin pack with batt... read more »

good lite

27 Apr, 2021
So I thought for the price I paid a little over 6 quid that this was going to be another junk torch from china. I looked at the box and it was nice and tight whilst the printing is not the best I tho... read more »


27 Apr, 2021
Great handy pack of torches to have! Nice size and great quality. The UV is brilliant read more »

Great torches

26 Apr, 2021
Super bright, easy to use, very compact and lightweight. Great price read more »

LETION UV 2 in 1 LED Flashlight

26 Apr, 2021
This is a seriously brilliant little set of torches. I am so impressed by them.  You get 2 torches in the set and I think that represents great value. They are made from waterproof, durable alumi... read more »

Great set of torches!

24 Apr, 2021
I think 2 things of buying these, Why did I do it? and thank God I did. These in UV setting show absolutely every bit of fluff, dust and pet urine, as I found out when I... read more »


22 Apr, 2021
Great little torches with excellent strong light and UV light too. Works really well and I'm very impressed with them.  read more »


22 Apr, 2021
Another fantastic pair of torches form LETION I have purchased many torces from this maker including large and medium ones and these definitely do not disappoint they are fantastic the build quality i... read more »


21 Apr, 2021
very handy and useful small pocket torches, bright and powerful for it's size, giving a good spread of light. Good value, well made and a joy to use. read more »

Für den Preis absolut top, zumal man 2 Taschenlampen mit Batterien bekommt

18 Nov, 2020
Ich habe nach einer Möglichkeit gesucht ein Reparaturharz für die Windschutzscheibe bei einem Auto mit einer UV-Lampe auch bei wenig Sonnenlicht auszuhärten. Diese Taschenlampe von LETI... read more »

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