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Nov, 2018

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I'm a mum and gran of 3 teen lads whom are between 15 and 21, a daughter 19 and my gorgeous grandson whom is 6 months old. We love trying new things out as a family and together we are quite tech savvy (well the lads are????), I do like to review things on my own too why should I let them in on all the fun lol. I have been reviewing on Amazon for a while now and tried some different things, some of which I probably wouldn't usually but that's half the fun.
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Great quality!

28 Feb, 2023
Great quality geometry set. Everything my teen needs for school. Great price. Quick delivery. Nice sturdy case to keep it all in, have bought many where the case is flimsy and falls apart, t... read more »

Great for a focus.

08 Feb, 2023
I bought this as my older one didn't really cover the seats of my car very well and I was fed up of forking out for valeting. Fits all of my backseats and the mesh that allows my dog to see throug... read more »

Love this lead.

26 Aug, 2021
Bought this originally for my mastiff and I should have checked out the description properly as there was no way this lead would hold him, he pulls on the lead and is much bigger than the maximum weig... read more »

Excellent, my plants love them.

13 Aug, 2021
I bought these as living in the uk doesn't really give my plants the light it needs. I was dubious about purchasing after reading reviews that said the tripod was feeble but I have to disagree,&nb... read more »

Takes a while to get the creases out.

08 Aug, 2021
I have had this rug now a couple of weeks and didn't want to write a review until I knew whether the creases would come out! On delivery it came vacuum packed and the creases were atrocious,... read more »

I’m not an expert but it’s worked for me!

22 Jul, 2021
So not really knowing much other than I could not get a good connection to my home wifi from my bedroom and i would lose signal intermittently on all devices which can be a right nightmare when y... read more »

Soft and silky. Lovely to touch.

12 Jul, 2021
Lovely soft and silky rug, not overly fluffy nor thin. I use this for down the side of my bed, wooden flooring can get so cold and it's perfect for what I need. Good quality and well made. The... read more »

Great leash!

06 Jul, 2021
Very strong, durable and of good quality this lead is great for walking my mastiff and frenchie together without them running around twisting leads, with me worrying my big lad is going to crush my li... read more »


04 Jul, 2021
I bought this as I have a dog aggressive male mastiff whom I walk in the early hours only, to avoid other dogs, and it can be difficult to see where he is in the pitch bl... read more »

Great for my dodgy hands. In no I no n non n I n.

02 Jul, 2021
Well made, compact and does what it's supposed too. Easy to use and doesn't  look feeble also gives my grandson something to do when he wants to help Nanna (with help... read more »

Brilliant for small toilets.

02 Jul, 2021
Bought this for my tiny small downstairs toilet and it's just what I wanted. Well made and sturdy it looks like it will last. Easy to fit to wall just screw bracket and place dispenser on it. Hold... read more »

Love the colour, love the texture, love the rug!

02 Jul, 2021
I bought this for my bedroom to add a bit of warmth to the wooden flooring and I absolutely love everything about it. I love the colour, I love how fluffy it is and I love that there are no bald patch... read more »

Small yet bright!

02 Jul, 2021
Bought these as my mastiff male doesn't like other dogs so we tend to walk him at night when it not busy as most people are sleeping. When I first seen the tiny box they came in I thought I must h... read more »

Lovely design.

02 Jul, 2021
I bought this for my rather small downstairs toilet to keep hand sanitizer in as I had already bought a wall mounted soap dispenser. I bought mainly because of its colour (black) but also because of i... read more »

Lovely and soft

29 Jun, 2021
Bought this for my bedroom floor so the pooches have somewhere warm and soft to place their backsides rather than on my bed but it's that pretty I have now put it in my living room and the dogs ar... read more »

Makes walking much easier.

28 Jun, 2021
So glad I bought this, makes walking my two together so much more easier. Thick and strong unlike others I have purchased, it is well made and looks robust. The leash ends have a bungee... read more »

Loads of compartment to store various

27 Jun, 2021
Great file/organiser plenty of room and compartments for lots of documents. Come with sticky labels as well as inserts. Strong and well built, does not feel flimsy like some.  Now I'm... read more »

Great toilet brush!

27 Jun, 2021
I was a bit sceptical about the fittings that hold this toilet brush to the wall it's a sticky hook and with 3 teen/young men in the house who have a tendency to break anything they touch lol.&nbs... read more »

Great for the hot weather!

21 Jun, 2021
Oh do I love this! I have been buying fans for what seems like forever trying to find one that actually keeps me cool I need to look no further! Even just used as a fan without the the refrigerator/wa... read more »

Great stand!

21 Jun, 2021
Great Laptop stand - modern, great value and lightweight. Minimum packaging (which was pleasing) as instructions printed on box - brilliant idea. So simple to set up as you easily secure legs in place... read more »

Nice size pack, kids like them!

21 Jun, 2021
Bought these for the grandkids for those rainy days in and they are a nice size pack for the price, kids like them keeps them entertained even if it's for a short while. Would recommend. read more »

My son loves this!

21 Jun, 2021
My son uses this whilst travelling to and from uni everyday and he loves it. He thinks the fact he can charge his phone/laptop without hunting through his bag to look for his power bank is a grea... read more »

Great set of well made utensils!

21 Jun, 2021
Absolutely love this set of wooden utensils, well made and strong we have been getting a lot of use out of them withe the warm weather in.  These are not something you pick off the shelf for a... read more »

Great for helping my frenchie with her dry irritated skin.

21 Jun, 2021
I was advised to use this by my vet as it's supposedly good for her healing skin, she suffers with terrible allergies that came from nowhere. I have been using this a while now and it has... read more »

Grandson loves them, great fun for adults too.

27 May, 2021
My grandson loves these binoculars and will spend ages while on walks or in the house just looking out into them making up stories of what he can see (demonstrating imaginative play) and of what... read more »

Great for keeping my hairdryer at hand.

27 May, 2021
I have mobility issues which means I struggle to hold an hairdryer for long periods which usually ends in pain and me giving up. This has been a lifesaver now when my hands are getting tired I sl... read more »

Dad loves it.

27 May, 2021
Strong and sturdy feel like it is going to last a while, he did have a metal one that felt flimsy not with this one. Handmade you can see the effort has gone into it it shows in the quality of the pro... read more »

Do what they are supposed too.

27 May, 2021
Bought these as I purchased a battery charger and have been recently changing all our battery operated devices over to rechargeable batteries which can be costly starting off, so this is a fantas... read more »

Very comfy!

21 May, 2021
I purchased these leggings as I have mobility issues and quite frankly jeans and other tight clothing hurts my joints. These are so comfortable it's like wearing pyjama's without the emba... read more »

Great gadget!

15 May, 2021
This is the third tower I have now purchased the other two being for my teen boys and then wanting one for myself. It arrived quickly and well packaged with clear instructions. On first impressio... read more »

Helps a lot

07 May, 2021
This wrist support has been a god send. For weeks I was being woken up every hour in agony with dead fingers and arm. The pain was so bad I often could have chopped my arm off, I ordered this sup... read more »

Great set of lights.

06 May, 2021
I bought these as I live in a secluded yet busy area which is pitch black at night and wanted a bit of warning if someone approached my property at night. I have placed one near my ring doorbell... read more »

Fab for hanging clothes whilst ironing.

25 Apr, 2021
Bought this as once a week I obliterate my ironing usually spending a few hours doing all the families but never having anywhere to hang as I'm doing it, I fitted one of these to my kitchen wall (... read more »

Work well.

25 Apr, 2021
Bought these for my son whilst he is doing schoolwork via zoom and what great set of headphones they are too. I wouldn't say that they cancel all noise but to be honest it's damn frustrating w... read more »

Love that they have lids.

25 Apr, 2021
Bought these as I bought a mini air conditioner and wanted to put ice in with the water to make it extra cool now the warm weather is coming I did have some already but they don't have lids a... read more »

Brilliant piece of equipment.

25 Apr, 2021
Bought this for my kitchen as someone is usually out there most times of the day needing to use a charger for laptop, phone, tablet. It also means I can put my cordless vac, tools (I'm i... read more »

Really helped.

24 Apr, 2021
Bought these as I am ASD and always thumble with my hands in a public place as I just feel completely awkward, then I feel awkward that I'm thumbling with my fingers making my anxiety twice a... read more »


24 Apr, 2021
Bought this as for my bedside table as by the time you add a tablet charger, laptop charger, phone charger, etc, there is never enough space or power points. This is small and compact but yet you h... read more »

Great set of torches!

24 Apr, 2021
I think 2 things of buying these, Why did I do it? and thank God I did. These in UV setting show absolutely every bit of fluff, dust and pet urine, as I found out when I... read more »

Great for the price.

24 Apr, 2021
Bought these for my 15 year old who just wanted a pair of basic headphones to listen to podcasts via his phone. These are what they say they are, not the greatest sound wise, sometimes can get a littl... read more »

Not for me

24 Apr, 2021
It arrived in lovely packaging which had me quite excited to be opening it but I was to be disappointed. Really not to my taste cheap and tacky looking. Box and gift bag was prettier than the rose and... read more »

Great and easing a congested nose.

24 Apr, 2021
I suffer terribly with nasal congestion after breaking my nose a few years back and that along with asthma makes it hard to breath at time. I bought this to use in a diffuser and it really helps clear... read more »

Fantastic brush!

20 Apr, 2021
Bought this as I have another similar which doesn't quite fit into the eye area, with already knowing how good the brushes themselves are I wanted to try this one due to the smaller pointed c... read more »

Great for baby’s food.

19 Apr, 2021
Bought this as my grandson has now started eating solids and rather than pull out the rather large food processor for a small amount of food every lunchtime I wanted something small and easy. ... read more »

Dogs happy!

18 Apr, 2021
I bought this as I have a very reactive and large Cane x Mastiff who hates other dogs meaning he never has free reign to have a good sniff about, even the sniff of another dog and he's r... read more »

Makes cleaning a lot easier!

18 Apr, 2021
With 3 teen/almost men in the house, one of whom is really furry and will just shave his face anywhere in the wet room without cleaning it, this was much needed! It's pretty easy just put it ro... read more »

Great camera with good quality picture.

17 Apr, 2021
Bought this due to moving back to my home area which has a bit of a higher crime rate than I'm used too, that's my polite way of saying it's a bit rough, what can I say, it's home lol.... read more »

Very portable and a pretty good fan!

17 Apr, 2021
I bought this as now I'm a 'bit' of a mature lady I tend to have episodes of hot flushes meaning I need a good fan to cool me down.  This little unit is fab just fill the top... read more »

Great little diffuser.

17 Apr, 2021
Bought this as its only small so can easily take it to any room in the house. I like wax melts but sometimes the smell can be overpowering so I just wanted something I could use to slightly scent the... read more »

Not very accurate.

17 Apr, 2021
While I would love to give this watch 5 stars because it looks the part it is terrible at counting steps. I stroke the dog 40 steps, shake my hand another 40. While I like to think I am a lot more act... read more »

A little speaker with a powerful sound.

17 Apr, 2021
This digital radio is only small but packs a lot of sound. The retro style makes for a fab addition to my kitchen.  It has three modes to choose from which are indicated by a fe... read more »

Will be my go to brand now.

15 Apr, 2021
  I am no battery guru and couldn't even tell you how a battery works, to me you slot it in and hopefully they work. Not anymore, now I just put more in and recharge the others,... read more »

Easy to set up and use.

15 Apr, 2021
With a new set of BT speakers on order I needed this to play music from my PC through them. You take it out of the packet; plug it in and it is ready in seconds. All that remained was to pair it to... read more »

Grandkids and dogs love it!

15 Apr, 2021
Bought this for my grandchildren not realising that my 3 dogs would have way more fun with it and the grandkids don't get a look in.  Easy to set up and use, literally take it out of the box... read more »

Bright light for such a small torch!

14 Apr, 2021
Bought this torch as a replacement for my older rather large torching that I use to walk the dogs at night and was I surprised even on the lowest setting it is very bright. It feels really w... read more »

No more lost remotes!

13 Apr, 2021
Bought this as I am forever losing my remotes, tablet, chargers, etc, with 2 furry buffoons (dogs) and also the slightly less hairy buffoon (the fella) ram raiding the bed, they end up here there... read more »

Handy to have.

13 Apr, 2021
Bought this due to having a spring clean and putting a lot of clothes into vacuum storage bags, made the job so much easier and quicker. Will also come in handy for inflating the pool this summer.&nb... read more »

Very comfortable.

13 Apr, 2021
Bought this for my frenchie but my mastiff decided to squeeze himself in there and steal it as his own. Really comfortable and soft they both love it. Made well, all stitching and material was of... read more »

Nice size bag of pegs.

12 Apr, 2021
Strong and sturdy not one has snapped as of yet, look like they will last a while. Nice size bag as I need a few with a family of 3 lads. Would recommend. read more »

Surprisingly sturdy.

30 Mar, 2021
I was pretty surprised after buying a couple of these types of bbq's before at how sturdy this one is. I usually buy one every year for when the summer comes in and I can take the dogs walking, me... read more »

Love the colour!

30 Mar, 2021
Bought this after having some hip and back issues and it has helped a lot around the home and garden. Sturdy and easy to fold which is great for when your travelling by car or public transport or... read more »

Absolutely should not be selling this and it is quite frankly dangerous!

27 Mar, 2021
This should not be allowed to be sold. It stays at 0 no matter how much alcohol you drink! Could be quite dangerous if someone did not realise that it does not work. I have read other reviews that sai... read more »

A brilliant extension

12 Mar, 2021
Absolutely love this plug socket! Bought for the side of my bed as that is where many of my devices get charged/plugged in and there was way too many plugs for such an old extension. This extension is... read more »

Great little battery charger.

12 Mar, 2021
Bought this as I got fed up of having to nip to the shops because the kids batteries had gone flat not only was it a pain but cost a fortune!  A great charger which works via usb cable. Easy t... read more »

Fantastic quality!

12 Mar, 2021
I have bought picture mugs before but none have been the quality of this one. The picture is perfectly clear and the design turned out exactly how I asked but still managed to look better than I... read more »

Grandson loves it.

09 Mar, 2021
My grandson loves this star light he always goes to sleep on his own but I wanted to give his bedroom a bit of tranquility and give him something to help soothe him to sleep. He is 12 months old now s... read more »

Simple yet practical.

09 Mar, 2021
Practical and simple does what it supposed to do. Plenty of room. I use mine for make up brushes so they are easy to see and at hand when needed. I like that it comes with a sticky hook that you attac... read more »

Great controller!

06 Mar, 2021
This PS4 controller is fantastic value for money, cheaper than the Sony ones but the quality is still really good. The grips on the controller make it really comfortable to hold and the build quality... read more »

Does what it's supposed too.

03 Mar, 2021
I already have one of these but it wasnt rechargeable and I wanted something that I did not need to remember to buy batteries for. This works pretty well, your hand does have to be quite near the sens... read more »

Saves on washing up!

03 Mar, 2021
Bought these for when my grandson comes to stay and for snacks for when my lads are watching the rugby..  They are a good size, thick not flimsy and hold the food well. They are simple to pu... read more »

Great for getting the grandchild to eat his food!

03 Mar, 2021
Bought these for when my grandson comes to stay and for snacks for when my lads are watching the rugby..  They are a good size, thick not flimsy and hold the food well. They are simple to pu... read more »

Excellent for crafting.

02 Mar, 2021
I have a wired glue gun but wanted a rechargeable one just to make things easier and it has made a lot of difference. Great piece of kit for any home! Heats up fast and battery lasts a while b... read more »

Happy with my purchase.

25 Feb, 2021
These are ideal if like me your forgetful and have to have a place to pin important letters, receipts etc but didnt want to put holes in my wall to hang a pin board. These were easy to place on t... read more »

Strong heavy duty gloves.

25 Feb, 2021
Use these gloves out in the garden and they are brilliant. Thick and robust they were just what I needed. Would recommend. read more »

Great present for my niece.

25 Feb, 2021
Bought these for my niece who is 12 as she has just started showing an interest in baking. She has used it a few times now and is improving. A lovely set which contains everything she will n... read more »

Useful for tablet.

25 Feb, 2021
I bought and use this instead of aching my arms while reading my tablet at night and its proved to be fab for what I bought it for. Folds down so is easily portable and takes no room on bedside table.... read more »

Looks very similar to my sons fruit branded watch!

14 Feb, 2021
This is the 3rd smart watch I have owned. I don't mind buying the more expensive brands for my teens but wanted something cheap, simple and accurate for myself. It's a really nice wa... read more »

Great gadget to have during lockdown.

16 Dec, 2020
Great value for money. You receive multiple drill bits and a huge amount of sanding tubes for one of the attachments. I found it to be a really good drill, easy to operate with the speed adjuster and... read more »

Love how small it folds for portability ease.

12 Dec, 2020
This is a must have if like me you are currently working from home. I have been at my dining room table working with my laptop for weeks now and after a full days work I end up with really bad pa... read more »

Very sturdy and robust.

12 Dec, 2020
Bought this to declutter my boot with 3 teens there is always all sorts being thrown in and never taken out which results usually in a last minute frantic search to find something. It is well mad... read more »

Teeth feel much cleaner after using this.

12 Dec, 2020
Takes a few minutes to get used to but once you get the hang of it, it really cleans your teeth! This oral irrigator is great for gentle cleaning and flossing, great for in between teeth, gets all the... read more »

Exceeded my expectations.

12 Dec, 2020
I bought this watch as a first fitness watch for my son with the aim of improving  and keeping a track on his  fitness and it's already helped these last couple of weeks with him&nb... read more »

Absolutely love it!

04 Dec, 2020
Bought one of these customised cases and it turned out better than expected. I absolutely love it! The picture is clear and the wording was written and placed exactly how I chose. It also has a sli... read more »

Handy to have around.

26 Nov, 2020
I bought this originally for christmas lights and it works perfect. It has a good selection of settings available on the unit itself with an ample amount of different connectors so I am sure it will b... read more »

Works brilliantly.

26 Nov, 2020
This is a great piece of kit to have at home. I heat the wax beans on full (145 degree's) and they are melted and ready within around 10 minutes, I then turn the wax down to 90 to keep it war... read more »

Excellent quality.

26 Nov, 2020
Great quality item which was larger than I expected. With 6 heat settings and 4 timer settings it will suit everyone's needs and preferences. It has a warm fleece cover which feels re... read more »

Lovely colour and quite bright.

15 Nov, 2020
Bought these to jazz up an old christmas decoration I already had but cant bare to part with. They are lovely and bright and really pretty when lit. Basic lights that do what they are supposed... read more »

Heats up fast!

15 Nov, 2020
The heated cushion is easy to attach to the seat and once done looks really nice and not out of place it is also very comfortable to sit on... The operation itself is self-explanatory and really simp... read more »

Fantastic earphones!

15 Nov, 2020
I wanted AirPods, but couldn't justify the price as I only use earphones while walking the dogs. For the money paid I must say I'm impressed. Connection with my iphone was instant and they re... read more »

Easily portable and really good picture.

09 Nov, 2020
Bought this for my son as he wanted to connect his console to it. It was easy to connect his xbox and to connect his android phone without needing any wires. We have also used it with a fire... read more »

Really good quality for the price.

08 Nov, 2020
Bought this for my grandson whom loves his peppa pig and I have to admit I'm impressed. The picture is pretty clear does go a little fuzzy around the edges but this also happens with another... read more »

Can definitely feel it.

03 Nov, 2020
Whether this will help with dark circles etc, is really too early to tell, I have used this now the last couple of days. When i first unpacked and had a little look i tried without cream and soon... read more »

Hubbys going to love it.

03 Nov, 2020
This is a brilliant set of 6 skull glasses and a 1000ml skull decanter. They are well made, look really cool, and I love the checkerboard faceting on the stopper which is a great design feature and ju... read more »

Really impressed with this light!

01 Nov, 2020
I am really impressed with the ring light! it has several different functions of colour and brightness so it's perfect to get whatever type of lighting needed no matter what the indoor lighting is... read more »

Best buy ever for comfort whilst travelling.

01 Nov, 2020
I've never used a travel pillow before and after buying this product I won't travel without it. I brought it with me recently and it made two four hour flights as comfortable as they could be.... read more »

Great gaming headset for a great price

01 Nov, 2020
Have used these for a range of things from listening to music, listening to audio books, as well as playing on consoles (both xbox one and playstation 4). Great headset with really good soun... read more »

Glittery and pretty

01 Nov, 2020
I love this phone case it's really pretty without being too much. The glitter itself isnt in the case itself though which I was a bit disappointed with, its a piece of cut and shaped material that... read more »

Pretty and glittery!

01 Nov, 2020
I love this phone case it's really pretty without being too much. The glitter itself isnt in the case itself though which I was a bit disappointed with, its a piece of cut and shaped material that... read more »

Great product, great price tag.

01 Nov, 2020
Bought these for my youngest son's tv to add some ambience to his room, he is autistic and has sensory issues. They fitted well and when lit make his room glow which he loves.  Easy to app... read more »

Sturdy and well made but no good for my car.

01 Nov, 2020
Unfortunately I could not attach this to my dashboard as it just would not adhere. I did however put it on my window and have now got used to it being there. It is great on my window but I have taken... read more »

Great price.

01 Nov, 2020
I am delighted with the 32GB SDCard but I am not currently able to make a judgement on if it will last as I havent used it for that long. Had no problems with my phone picking it up. I've had... read more »

Fab price for the quantity.

01 Nov, 2020
The amount of salt you get for the price is fantastic, it is a massive bag that will last a while. Well worth the money. Has a nice taste. Would recommend. Will purchase again. read more »

Make my front lawn look nice!

01 Nov, 2020
These lights are absolutely beautiful. Needed them because my front lawn is pitch black at night so just wanted to add some ambience while lighting up the path and that is exactly what they do.... read more »

Keeps losing connection

31 Oct, 2020
Hub has been tested on a macbook pro 2018, just inserted it works perfectly for a while but as soon as the system goes into standby the lan disconnects and to be able to reactivate it you have to... read more »

Easy to use does what it says.

31 Oct, 2020
I think I'm pretty tech savvy but got lost when my son said we needed one of these. I find it easy to use, worked straight from the box. Easily portable and I was able to connect my laptop to my n... read more »

Handy to keep in case needed.

31 Oct, 2020
Simple battery charger with a no frills price tag. Works as it should only had the unfortunate reason to use it twice thankfully but managed to get to the garage both times in order to get my car repa... read more »

Saving milk for little one without doing anything.

31 Oct, 2020
This is great for collecting milk off the alternate breast whilst baby is feeding on the other one. I produce a lot of milk so I just attach this, saves wet tops and an half soaked baby afte... read more »

A great hairdryer.

31 Oct, 2020
I was a bit lucky ordering this as the day before it was delivered my not so trusted dryer of about 12 years of age blew up on me.  The attachments are a great bonus with this hairdr... read more »

Fun do not try while drunk lol

31 Oct, 2020
Bought this for my niece and nephew but obviously myself, the hubby and my grown lads had to try it first, we had to find something to do during lockdown lol.  Anyway we were all use... read more »

Really attractive.

31 Oct, 2020
I was surprised by how big this tent was, it's a really attractive design with some great added touches like the hanging cars. For the price it's really good quality on par with more... read more »

Great picture quality!

30 Oct, 2020
Great product with great camera quality. It is easy to set up, easily portable and practical as it is the perfect size to take anywhere. Amazing product with amazing camera quality. I would definitely... read more »

Lovely soft and fluffy

28 Oct, 2020
Bought this as a side rug so my frenchie can be by my side on the floor without actually being in my lap, she likes to be everywhere I am shes like my shadow. I put it down and shes str... read more »

Fab controller.

27 Oct, 2020
Bought this after a bit humming and ahhing and not really expecting much, but i was happily suprised as I usually buy the playstation official controllers which have cost me lots more. My lads ar... read more »

Small enough for my handbag..

26 Oct, 2020
Bought this as with the times the way they are thought I could put my hand sanitiser as well hand lotion, antibac wash and face cream in one bottle and place it in my handbag and its fab. 4 x... read more »

Fun for children and adults.

26 Oct, 2020
Bought this for my grandson and I dont know who gets more fun out of it, me or him. Whenever he plays with it the child in me springs out and I'm ashamed to say I steal his beloved toy not to his... read more »

Really pretty!

26 Oct, 2020
Bought these to finish off a lamp my daughter wanted for her bedroom and they are great. Batteries last ages and saves having to find yet another socket. Has 8 different modes to suit every mood an... read more »

Feet feel lovely.

26 Oct, 2020
I bought this as my feet become dry especially in the winter months. It has left them feeling soft and smooth instead of tight and itchy.  Would recommend this product. read more »

Works great.

24 Oct, 2020
I have two of these one larger and this one, the larger I use for handwashing and this one for hand sanitizer and it works fab.  A modern and stylish look it fits in anywhere. Stainless s... read more »

Great little sander!

24 Oct, 2020
LOVE this product! I bought this after checking out a few, I was NOT disapointed! Its an amazing little sander, its fast and gets into the parts i need to get into. Im sanding down a 1940s wooden bed... read more »

Bought for pc works as expected.

22 Oct, 2020
Bought for pc and it's exactly what I was expecting. Comfortable to hold and easy to use I like that I can use it with my tablet, phone etc too. Strong and robust hopefully it will stand the... read more »

Great design with added sun protection

22 Oct, 2020
Bought this for my grandson who loves it. Has a detachable sun roof which wont be needed for a while with this british weather but it looks like it would cover him well in an outdoor pool. ... read more »

Really declutter console shelf.

21 Oct, 2020
Bought this as you could store the playstation as well as the controllers and upto 16 games and I got fed up of my sons console shelf being cluttered.  This is fab and I love that you can char... read more »

Everything a man needs for his growing beard.

20 Oct, 2020
Bought this for my teen lad who has been growing his beard for a few months and has now started a skin care regime. This product was great for him as it came with a derma roller that looked manly rath... read more »

Not sure who had more fun the adults or the child.

20 Oct, 2020
Bought this for my grandson thinking he would have a quick play and it would be stuck in the drawer and to my surprise he loves it and plays with it daily. Sturdy and strong compared to some I'... read more »

Will save a lot of anxiety from my old boy

19 Oct, 2020
Bought this as my jack russel hates having his nails done at the vets. Hes an old boy now and really grumpy, he doesnt walk far now and they grow long rather quickly, i used these for a few... read more »

Really pretty when lit.

19 Oct, 2020
Bought this to finish off a christmas scene and it looks lovely. Its really pretty and the batteries last for ages. Would recommend.   read more »

Better than a nylon bristle brush.

19 Oct, 2020
Great toilet brush. Was weary at first as I thought there was no way a silicone brush could clean as well but it did and does. Seems more hygienic than a standard bristle brush and easy to kee... read more »

Very pretty when lit.

17 Oct, 2020
Bought these to light up a tree out the garden for christmas save using mains ones but me being me couldnt wait ????‍♀️. I was a bit dubious with it being solar powered that it wouldnt light for l... read more »

A must have for doing make up.

13 Oct, 2020
Great lights. Stick well. Can have as bright or dim as needed. Make make up application easier. Would recommend. read more »

Great controller.

13 Oct, 2020
Usually but the ps4 official controllers but thought I would try a cheaper controller expecting to be disappointed. Well I'm happy to say I wasnt great controller and for a much better price. W... read more »

All you need for your manky feet lol

13 Oct, 2020
Bought these because I have a.edical condition which makes my feet very dry and itchy. Everything is in this set there is nothing more you will need. Great price for a complete set and now my fee... read more »

Nice set of earphones on par with more expensive brands.

13 Oct, 2020
Clean crisp sound. Nice design. Comfortable to wear and a great price. What's not to recommend.   read more »

Good as a screwdriver not so much as a drill

13 Oct, 2020
I bought his with the intentions of using it as a screwdriver and with my drill cleaning tools ss I wanted something more lightweight than my usual drill and it serves its purpose well for that hence... read more »

Just what i expected.

13 Oct, 2020
Lovely set of coat hooks. Well made and stylish looking. Does what it was intended for and looks nice. Great price too. Would recommend. read more »

Love the shower loofah

13 Oct, 2020
Loved the shower loofah just made me feel so much fresher and my skin a looked and felt a lot better. Didnt like the back brush quite so much just felt it was too soft to be exfoliating. Kids... read more »

Good quality wires.

13 Oct, 2020
Good quality wires. Wasnt what I wanted they were far to short but that will teach me to read properly before ordering definitely not the sellers or the products fault Have used and they seem... read more »

Good quality bags.

13 Oct, 2020
Good quality bags. The amount you get for the price is fab. Dont break easily like some I've used. Would recommend. read more »

Cute little figurines.

13 Oct, 2020
Bought these for my granddaughters fairy garden for the festive season. They are cute, small yet very well made. Shes going to love them. Would recommend. read more »

Somewhere to hide my midnight munch!

13 Oct, 2020
Bought this because I am terrible for cluttering the bed while watching tv resulting in having to put everything off before I go to sleep. This is fab keeps my remotes, iPad, phone and even all my sec... read more »

Very sharp scissors.

13 Oct, 2020
Bought these as my trusted old ones were sadly not so trusted and were almost totally useless. I dont think I realised how badly I needed new ones until I used these. Made tasks more simple by a mile.... read more »

Just as pictured.

13 Oct, 2020
Bought these for the christmas season which if your anything like me begins the day after Bonfire night ????‍♀️ anyway the material is nice and thick and waterproof. Love the nutcracker design can... read more »

Tidied up the wires around my home.

02 Oct, 2020
Bought these as I was fed up of wired getting tangled together and they do what I wanted them to do. Can be a bit fiddly when first used but soon loosens up a little when used a few times. Ove... read more »

One gadget I never knew I needed but now wouldnt be without!

02 Oct, 2020
Ordered this to lay some vinyl tiles as I have medical issues with my hands which makes it difficult to hold standard scissors or a Stanley knife and it worked a treat, made laying them so much more e... read more »

It's a game changer in my household

21 Aug, 2020
I bought this product thinking I would be wasting money on yet another pet hair product that is almost useless on furniture, beds, clothes, etc. Was I wrong! My fella is a dog on the bed kind of... read more »

Great little controller

17 Aug, 2020
Great for small and big hands this compact controller is quirky and colourful. He loves the screenshot button and being able to show off his latest scores to his friends. Connected easily and was s... read more »

Smaller than a usual brush and neatly stores on the wall..

15 Aug, 2020
Love the fact that this brush comes with a sticky tab that attaches the unit to the wall to store the brush, been up now a few weeks and hasnt budged or fallen down. Made from silicone it's a b... read more »

Nice set with almost everything you'll need.

15 Aug, 2020
Bought this set as I bought new pans and didn't  want to use my steel ones on them I stead opting for silicone ones. Comes with almost everything you will need for cooking food.. Grea... read more »

Makes preparing food effortless.

15 Aug, 2020
Bought this as I have problems with my hands and preparing food can be time consuming and painful. I have used this for a variety of fruit and vegetables and it's worked great on every one.... read more »

Easy to use

15 Aug, 2020
I bought these to try as every other false eyelashes I've purchased including glue and magnetic ones I have tried and failed to apply ???? I actually managed to apply these and got them to st... read more »

Great quality

15 Aug, 2020
Bought this knife as my older ones (which I've had years) needed replacing and wow what a difference! Didnt realise how past it my old 0nives were until I used this. Sharp and pretty lightweigh... read more »

Great for my frenchie.

15 Aug, 2020
Bought these bowls as snack bowls for my frenchie. We live in a 4 storey house and her bowls being on the bottom level isnt always practical so I wanted something that looked discreet yet practical so... read more »

Great value.

13 Aug, 2020
Bought these as my 4 teenagers are terrible for wanting and getting white trainers dirty much to my dismay ????.  The bags fit a pair of size 10 trainers in easily and are padded enough t... read more »

Nice quality

07 Aug, 2020
Nice quality socks. Fit as they should. Keeps feet cool and less sweating. Would recommend. read more »

I love it.

07 Aug, 2020
Bought this during lockdown to try and keep myself entertained  Got loads of games all the old ones us grannies used to play none of these controllers that have a mind of their own either, jus... read more »

Nice little jewelry box.

07 Aug, 2020
Good quality. Nice design. Small and compact for travelling. Would recommend. read more »

Everything you need to keep little one safe and hands where they shouldnt be.

07 Aug, 2020
Bought this for my daughter to baby proof her home. I was amazed by the amount of stuff you get for a great price. Bought separately it does and has cost a lot more. Would recommend this product! read more »

Easy way to get fur from your pooch especially when they dont like being brushed

07 Aug, 2020
Bought these for my mastiff, frenchie and jack russel. They work for all 3 breeds. My mastiff is scared of his own shadow and hates being brushed so was pleasantly surprised while he sat there and see... read more »

Nice set of spoons.

07 Aug, 2020
Bought these for when the kids have ice cream. They love the novelty and being able to drink the melted ice cream rather than fish around with the spoon for it. Quirky and colourful great addition... read more »

Sturdy and holds mops/brushes securely.

07 Aug, 2020
Bought this to replace my old one which wouldnt hold the brushes and mops securely. These hold firm so no more being hit in the back with flying cleaning tools. The hooks are a nice added to... read more »

Keeps dogs entertained for a while!

04 Aug, 2020
Bought these for my mastiff and frenchie as a bit of entertainment. The frenchie had it clean within about 20 minutes and the mastiff is just to lazy to put lots of effort it, so didn't get h... read more »

Been using for weeks now and skin feels a lot healthier.

05 Mar, 2020
Been using this a few weeks now as I wanted to really try it before leaving a review. My face feels and looks a lot healthier than it was and isnt so patchy in colour. Definitely a lot softer! Great f... read more »

Pretty when lit at night.

05 Mar, 2020
Bought these to add a bit if light in the garden at night, really pretty when dark and lit. Great length. 8 different modes ranging from constantly on, to sparkling, to flashing. Nice price. Would rec... read more »

Great value.

05 Mar, 2020
Use these for doing school runs (we all need a bit of caffeine in the morning), travelling back and forth to work, etc. Great travel cups would have given 5 stars if it wasnt for the straw, I cant bar... read more »

Nice little wallet

27 Dec, 2019
Bought for my father as he likes the pocket type wallets and he loves it. It's well made, smallish size which is great when being carried in pockets. Holds 4 cards in holder. Would recommend. read more »

Great buy.

19 Dec, 2019
Just what I needed. With most devices now being charged by usb charging cables I didn’t have enough points even with two triple usb plugs plugged in. I now use this saving me space and running r... read more »

Bright for small lights

19 Dec, 2019
Good lights. Don’t look like they would be very bright because they are so small being led, was pleasantly surprised because they are bright and look very pretty. Would recommend. read more »

Good grinder.

19 Dec, 2019
Does what it’s supposed too. Better than a lot of my other more expensive ones. Wanted to leave a few weeks of use before review as I seen a few saying it broke. Mine has been fine and has had l... read more »

Great buy.

19 Dec, 2019
Bought for my son who lives on his phone and was worried about him looking at a small screen all the time. He uses this now. Volume is good and so easy to use. Would recommend. read more »

Great for repairs.

19 Dec, 2019
Bought this to replace my iPhone 7 screen. I know some come with replacements but the my are small and fiddly and I have fingers with a mind of their own. Having this set made it so much easier. Has l... read more »

Easy to use.

19 Dec, 2019
Bough this to laminate important photos and it did what I wanted. Easy to use and laminates well. Would recommend. read more »

Nice and thick woollen material

19 Dec, 2019
These stockings are a lovely thick woollen material. Nice size and look pretty above the fireplace. Would recommend. read more »

Looks great when on.

19 Dec, 2019
Love these. Adhered well to the wall and at 10 metres give me plenty of length to work with. Comes with remote to change brightness, colour, sequence, etc. Great lights would recommend. read more »

Fantastic set

19 Dec, 2019
Great set with everything you need for your eyebrows. Ended up buying another for my daughter. Would recommend  read more »

Easy to connect.

22 Nov, 2019
easy to connect unlike some I’ve had, took just a few minutes. Love the changing colours and being able to dim and brighten it depending on lighting and mood. Great buy. Would recommend. read more »

Does what it says

22 Nov, 2019
A compact 3 port charging plug that does what it says. Charges my phone and tablet as well as my watch all at the same time and also charges them pretty fast. Would recommend.  read more »

Nice material.

22 Nov, 2019
bought these for my son and he says they are comfortable and fit well. Wash well and keep their shape. Good buy. read more »

Great screen!

22 Nov, 2019
This is the second screen I’ve bought to go with my projector and this one is by far more superior quality. Doesn’t crease and the sticky hooks that come with it are great if you don&rsquo... read more »

Great if your in a rush

22 Nov, 2019
Bought these for tidying up my eyebrows when I’m in a rush. Easy to use and doesn’t take off half your eyebrow by accident read more »

Small and compact, easy to carry with you.

22 Nov, 2019
after buying 3 other power banks I wanted something smaller and not so heavy to keep in my bag/pocket for when out and about. Holds enough power to charge my phone (I have charged my iPhone 7 twi... read more »

Teen loves it.

22 Nov, 2019
Bought this for a teen who thinks ear pods are better to wear than a hat. He begrudgingly tried it and now loves it.  Easy to connect via Bluetooth and sound isn’t bad either. Just wha... read more »

Great wireless charger.

22 Nov, 2019
Does exactly what it says. Charges my phone relatively fast and easy to see the screen while on charging. Fits larger phones. Great price too.  read more »

Good for smaller dogs too

22 Nov, 2019
This says it’s for cats but I bought one for my frenchie. She really likes it, it’s holds 3 litres of water which is great if I’m going out for a few hours. This has a reasonabl... read more »

No good for mastiff type fur

18 Nov, 2019
Bought this for my mastiff and french bulldog but it’s no good for either. Given it 3 stars as it will probably be good for pets with long fur but not for short fur. The comb itself is well made... read more »

Best knives I own!

08 Oct, 2019
so I purchased these knives always looking for something to make life a bit easier and these have done the what they are supposed to. Been using for a few weeks and they are by far the sharpest knives... read more »

Great little headphones

08 Oct, 2019
bought these as I was I need of a wireless set of headphones. Charge lasts a good while and then you simply pop them back into the case to charge again. Sound is great and they are also comfortable&nb... read more »

Small and stylish

08 Oct, 2019
Bought this for my bedroom as I like to listen to music while I’m going to sleep. It’s small and stylish and the sound is great, especially for the price you pay. The lights on the to... read more »

Works great with iPhone XR

24 Aug, 2019
got this for my iPhone XR and it works great. It really is as simple as taking it out of the packaging, plugging it in and popping your phone on top to charge! I have a thick heavy duty case on mine a... read more »

Room for all essentials

24 Aug, 2019
bought this to take into hospital there was plenty of room for all the essentials and extras. The hook is a handy feature especially while using the wet room. For the price this is a great buy! Would... read more »

Not worth buying

30 Jul, 2019
This is the second rechargeable fan I have purchased and I was really hoping this one would be as good as my other, I was severely disappointed. This one does not give out any cold air where as m... read more »

Attractive and each one unique

30 Jul, 2019
When these arrived the weight on the parcel surprised me. Nice looking holders and every one is unique in colour and shape. They are quite heavy and make an attractive display. read more »

Great for kids pics or appointment cards/letters

30 Jul, 2019
These are great little clips there are plenty in a pack too. The suction to the fridge is really strong been using for a couple of weeks now and none have broke or moved in the slightest. They also do... read more »

Lightweight and sturdy

25 Jul, 2019
Bought this intending to use it with my fire tablet but it was too big so used it for my iPad. Great design and sturdy when supporting the tablet only issue is you cannot use a case with the stan... read more »

Really sturdy.

25 Jul, 2019
Been using this for a couple of weeks now and it's a great little holder. Perfect if you use your phone for directions as I do. Adheres to the dashboard really well not flimsy or shaky at all. Bet... read more »

Makes laundry softer

21 May, 2019
Used these a few times now and they make washing especially towels a lot softer. Added a few drops of essential oil onto balls and leaves a lovely scent. Definitely a good buy will be ordering more. read more »

Exceeded expectations

20 May, 2019
Bought this because i was fed up of losing my lighters. Great little buy as long as you remember to charge it (i know im not very clever) works well and does what its supposed to. Best thing... read more »

Easy to set up

20 May, 2019
I bought another bulb which did not want to connect so thought i would give this one a go. This one was easy turned the broadband to 2.4ghz and it connected within seconds.  If your broadband... read more »

Not really any good for large dogs.

20 May, 2019
Bought this for my cane corso it looked terrible he ended up looking like a giraffe. Used it for my jack russel tho and it looked super cute. Good buy if your not putting it on a mini horse. read more »

Ideal for changing watch straps.

20 May, 2019
I bought this as i needed to change my late dads watch straps. Made the job effortless and easy and always handy to keep in the drawer for future use. Nice little buy  read more »

Really bright.

20 May, 2019
Quite bright for little lights on a copper wire. Bought for my daughters bedroom and they are great. Even ordered a second set.  read more »

Really sharp took teenage boys a little getting used to.

20 May, 2019
With a 19 and 16 yr old i wanted them to be able to have a clean shave. Took them a couple of times of nicking themselves but now they are fab with it. Doesnt cause as much of a shaving rash as other... read more »

Love the different tunes!

20 May, 2019
Does exactly what it says. We live in a 4 storey so needed something loud and this definitely is. Great little buy would buy again.  read more »

Lovely little kit.

20 May, 2019
This came in a lovely little box so its easy to grab and use with everything all together. They are well made and not flimsy like a lot of toe clipping sets ive bought.in the past. Would definite... read more »

Fun for adults and kids

06 Dec, 2018
Had a funny hour with the kids trying to make some balloon animals, good price to keep them amused on wet days. Don't make a mess either which is always a bonus. Good little buy kids loved it plus... read more »

Does what it says

06 Dec, 2018
Bought to be used with my electric toothbrush. Does what it says.  read more »

Bought for a teenager and she loves it

25 Nov, 2018
Bought this for my teenage daughter and she loves it. Leaves her face feeling and looking clean and fresh. Would recommend. read more »

Newbie to diamond art and this is a must!

25 Nov, 2018
Finding all the bits and packets of colours was completely putting me off, now I've got this though I'm organised and love doing it for the price and amount of bits you get in it, it's a f... read more »

Small but colorful

24 Nov, 2018
My son is autistic and loves this.. To get it to play to the beat if the music you need the aux wire which luckily I already had but to be honest just for the nightlight which you can have on any of t... read more »

Nice and sleek looks more expensive than it is.

23 Nov, 2018
I love this lighter. If your like me and you forget what you need to the shop then kick yourself coz you forgot a lighter,then this is for you. I like the fact there isn't a flame. All in all grea... read more »

Not cheap and nasty lovely quality.

23 Nov, 2018
Bought this as I loved the colours, it's a great size and the quality great. Nice that it comes with the hooks so I don't have to buy then separately. Nice purchase. read more »

thick in width and nicely padded.

22 Nov, 2018
Bought this for my cane corso. It's thick in width and very nicely padded.. beats the one I paid double for in the pet shop by miles.. fantastic buy! read more »

Even tho they are disposable they are very durable.

21 Nov, 2018
Bought these for wearing while I'm spray painting my house and even tho they are disposable they are made very well and the material they are made of is very durable so one masks lasts a few uses... read more »

Fab headset!

21 Nov, 2018
Son loves this headset! Says its better by far than the named brand ones he usually has.. Absolute bargain for the price! read more »

Lovely soft shawl.

21 Nov, 2018
I absolutely love this shawl. Nice colour, big enough to wrap around a couple of times if it's extra nippy out. If your anything like me and can't stand anything chunky and heavy round your ne... read more »

Really soft and comfortable.

21 Nov, 2018
This scarf is comfortable. Big enough to wrap around a couple of times to keep me extra warm on those chilly mornings. Great if like me you can't stand anything heavy and chunky around my neck! Fa... read more »

Are as described.

21 Nov, 2018
Great for holding my work bag, coat, etc on a work morning saves having to reach into the bag until I find what I'm looking for.  read more »

Saves fighting to get loads of cubes out of a normal tray

21 Nov, 2018
Adds a bit of fun to the kids drinks, easier than fighting with an ice cube tray to get enough out for one drink. Would recommend. read more »

Bought these for batch cooking.

21 Nov, 2018
Bought these for batch cooking and freezing. They are rather thin and don't think they will last many uses but for the price and quantity I still feel it's a good buy even if I only get 3-4 us... read more »

Haven't used yet. Seems durable.

21 Nov, 2018
Bought this for when the weather warms up so won't be using until then. Have taken it out of packaging and checked it over. Material seems durable all the bits are there to hang it. For the price... read more »

Works with my Amazon echo dot.

21 Nov, 2018
Bought this to go with my Amazon Echo Dot. Works great going to buy more for my other rooms. read more »

Lovely soft material, sizing as expected.

21 Nov, 2018
I was surprised to how soft this hoodie is. Lovely material fit as expected. Good buy. read more »

Lovely set of earphones!

19 Nov, 2018
These came today and I was not disappointed! I've had branded sets that don't sound as good. Came in lovely packaging and look more expensive than they actually are. Will be buying more as pre... read more »

It's quite a small drone but has a fab picture.

19 Nov, 2018
When I first opened the box and seen how small the drone was I thought I'd made a massive mistake buying it but after taking it out, charging and flying it I changed my mind. It's easy to take... read more »

Lovely bit of kit, my son loves it.

19 Nov, 2018
Bought this for my son who usually uses branded name disposables or a electric shaver. Took him a while to get used to it and learn how to use it but once he got the hang of it, it has become his go t... read more »

Nice does its job.

17 Nov, 2018
With this cold weather I now use this most nights makes my early mornings a lot easier without having to wait for the window to de-ice.. Really easy to put on takes a couple of minutes at most.. Mater... read more »

Best make up bag I've ever owned!

17 Nov, 2018
I've owned a quite a few make up bags and end up throwing them out because of hacking to empty everything in them to get what you actually need. This bag tho is fabulous holds most of my make up a... read more »

Bought them for my partner but are to feminine for him but fab buy for me!

09 Nov, 2018
Lovely warm gloves, fit perfect, very soft and comftable and work great with my phone screen! Did originally buy for my partner as it states unisex but he wouldn't wear them as they do look rather... read more »

Just as good as the named brands I have been buying for years

06 Nov, 2018
Bought these for my son after spending much more money on named brands. I'm useless with this but he's 16 and loves his consoles and reported back that they are great and just as good as the n... read more »

These are a fantastic buy. Would definitely recommend!

06 Nov, 2018
These are really comfortable with the memory foam and fit nicely on the eyes. The added bonus of having earphones in them is fantastic if like me you can't sleep without some sort of noise or find... read more »

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