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Cutlery set

04 Oct, 2021
Excellent value for money! Nice comfortable grip and weight very happy with my purchase xx read more »

USB C fast charge cables

20 Jul, 2021
Pack of three differing sized cables. Excellent idea to have alternative lengths in one pack. Excellent price for the pack.Perfect for my Samsung phone.   read more »

Cushion covers

20 Jul, 2021
4 Bright cheerful cushion covers in soft touch fabric.Patterned on one side and plain on reverse.Lots of colours to add vibrancy to any room. read more »

Silicone toilet brush

05 Jul, 2021
This is my third purchase of this style toilet brush. I am loving this blue colour as it blends beautifully in my downstairs bathroom.These brushes are very easy to use so pliable they fit under toile... read more »

Zipper file bags

05 Jul, 2021
What a very useful pack this is.Six different sizes  so a good mixture saving having to purchase individual packs of multiple sizes. Excellent buy. read more »


28 Jun, 2021
This is one of the prettier garlands I have found. I have since bought an extra two for my wedding arch. Very happy with my purchase. read more »

Reed diffuser

28 Jun, 2021
This is a very pretty diffuser. Not just usual sticks but pretty because of the “flowers” make this look much more ornamental. Beautiful scent so all round a nice thing to have in your hom... read more »

Silicone toilet brush

28 Jun, 2021
This is a very neat unobtrusive toilet brush.can be free standing or fixed very easily to the wall.Its very pliable so easy to clean under the rim and washes clean with very little or no effort. read more »

Bow hair band

27 Jun, 2021
Very comfortable to wear these hair bands are a good buy. Both my girls and myself have used these and they also had  very favourable remarks.  read more »

Silicone toilet brush

27 Jun, 2021
A very neat and stylish toilet brush. Our two girls fought over who would try it first.very light weight and easy to use under the rim of toilet bowl.well pleased with this purchase. read more »

Wooden craft sticks

21 Jun, 2021
My grandson and I spent a fun weekend building colourful aircraft and a hangar with these sticks. We use a glue gun and had a fun weekend. Next order already in for another project in future. read more »

Dried Lavender Bundle

21 Jun, 2021
My love for lavender encouraged me to buy this and I am very happy with my purchase. It came with two bags which I filled with dropped seeds and now have beautiful fragranced wardrobe as well as a lav... read more »

Pearl Embellishments

21 Jun, 2021
a lovely selection of pearl embellishments which we have used for bridal shoes and bridal favours. Exactly as described. We were well pleased. read more »

Lidded ice cube tray

12 Jun, 2021
Really good sized  ice cubes. I also freeze herbs and blended baby food in these. The lid makes it so much easier and safer  for freezing.  read more »

Bucket style beach hat

12 Jun, 2021
I have these in different patterns and find they are comfortable to wear and very easy to launder. read more »

Piping bags and nozzles

06 Jun, 2021
We bought these as a gift for our granddaughter who is a very keen cake maker. She is very happy to receive them and enjoying practicing using different nozzles on cupcakes and trying Birthday cakes n... read more »

Posture back stretcher

06 Jun, 2021
I have suffered back problem and sciatica for many years.I have bought this stretcher and began using it one week ago and even in early stages of using I am feeling the benefit.  read more »

Bucket Hat

06 Jun, 2021
Excellent quality and fit for medium sized head. Reversible and equally smart either side used. Nice purchase. read more »

Take apart Dinosaurs

25 May, 2021
A good value purchase. Four dinosaurs to take apart and rebuild. Screwdrivers and a battery operated drill included in the package which made our grandson very happy. Endless hours of fun for him and... read more »

Metallic marker pens

25 May, 2021
Another excellent buy for my card making.12 different  beautiful colours  all at a very reasonable price. Very happy I made this purchase.  read more »

Rose gold Balloons

25 May, 2021
I am very happy with these balloons. They arrived promptly and once inflated for our daughters birthday they looked very good in display. A very happy purchase. read more »

Mosquito net

17 May, 2021
Perfect fit for both the travel sized pram at my own house plus the coach built pram grandma uses. For such a very good price we are very pleased to have purchased. read more »

Cupcake stand

17 May, 2021
Excellent stand for cupcakes, sandwiches party foods. We bought this for fairy cake display for our granddaughters birthday, they looked very effective and have since used it for afternoon tea for my... read more »

Fairy string rope lights

07 May, 2021
I bought these lights to use on a tree trunk  in my garden . I am so pleased I did they look really effective in the late evening. Excellent buy . read more »

Double line markers

07 May, 2021
 12 Lovely metallic coloured pens. Perfect for my card making and a beautiful finish. read more »

Head Torch

02 May, 2021
This head torch is super bright! Waterproof and rechargeable it also has 8 different modes.It has become so well used, dog walking, plumbing and we even used it on a camping trip. Cannot praise i... read more »

Exploration kit

28 Apr, 2021
We bought this a a gift for our young nephew who loves all things outdoors. He has used his “explorers kit” nonstop for the last few weeks and he loves his gift. read more »

Mini Chopper

22 Apr, 2021
I bought this as a gift for my niece who is a  mummy to a new born. She is now cooking and preparing fresh healthy  food for her baby. She is very very pleased with how this mini machin... read more »

160w Rotary Tool

22 Apr, 2021
A cracking little tool and kit. Excellent quality and solidly built.Variable speed, ,comfortable grip and solid carrying case. All in all an excellent buy and will buy another as a gift for our s... read more »

Bedee head torch

22 Apr, 2021
KThis is a replacement for my old head torch which I had used for years. It’s as  comfortable to wear as my old one. That’s where similarities ended. This has 7lighting mode... read more »

Rechargeable Torch

13 Apr, 2021
This is a very bright powerful torch. I bought it as it’s rechargeable so very cost effective. 5 different modes and waterproof we are very happy with this purchase. read more »

Burlap ribbons

11 Apr, 2021
I bought these ribbons to tie bride and bridesmaids bouquets for a rustic wedding.They worked beautifully and added to the rustic feel that was desired.They could also work well for crafting... read more »

2pack of snowflake tool.

11 Apr, 2021
I bought this pack as a gift for a cycling friend. I felt it would be better than taking a  bag of tools when cycling. I have had very positive feedback so he must be happy with his gift. read more »

Disposable piping bags

11 Apr, 2021
120 icing bags! What excellent value for money. I find disposable bags much easier for icing. No washing just throw away. Very happy with this purchase. read more »

Led rechargeable torch

03 Apr, 2021
We got tired of buying torch batteries so decided to try these rechargeable ones. We are very pleased we did. These torches are very bright and zoomable.They  are a very handy size for walking ou... read more »

Colourful Craft Buttons

03 Apr, 2021
This is an excellent variety of colours and sizes for crafting. Very happy with this purchase. read more »

Silicone oven mitts

01 Apr, 2021
Lovely cotton lined silicone oven mitts.They are very comfortable and the non slip grip gives reassurance when handling hot dishes. The hanging loop comes in very useful. Nice purchase. read more »

Water guns

28 Mar, 2021
So finally the grandparents got their own water pistols!!  Not quite as big as the grandkids but much more fun than just being the younger ones targets. Excellent buy and great fun even for us pe... read more »

Water pistol

28 Mar, 2021
We bought this for our granddaughter so her elder brother had his bigger water pistol in peace. She loves it and happily joins the “bigger kids fun”.  read more »

Water guns for kids

21 Mar, 2021
We bought these guns for our grandkids. Who donned their waterproof jackets to try them until the warmer weather arrives. The  spray was about 25/30 ft so powerful enough for our youngsters who a... read more »

iPhone charger cables

21 Mar, 2021
At 1.5 metres these cables are more versatile for my husband and myself than standard cables.This makes charging our mobiles much easier. Very pleased we made this purchase. read more »

Replacement Filter for v10

21 Mar, 2021
Good  quality filters, they fit very well and wash well for reuse. All round very good buy. Quite happy with my purchase. read more »

Super bright Bicycle lights

21 Mar, 2021
Excellent bicycle lights. Very bright and lasts 3-4 hrs on brightest. USB charging so very cost effective. Very happy with my purchase. read more »

Water gun

17 Mar, 2021
This was bought for a Grandsons birthday. It holds a very good amount of water and has a very good range for firing. He loves it so must be good . read more »

Bbq grill

11 Mar, 2021
This is a handy portable bbq smoker grill. Stainless steel with a carrying handle which makes it easy to transport. A nice size for camping trips. read more »

Tower extension strip

11 Mar, 2021
This is a super convenient extension. Extra plug sockets and usb slots all in one neat and very useful tower.This tower also has surge protection. All in all I am very pleased with my purchase. read more »

mini hole punch

09 Mar, 2021
Excellent way to keep people of any age entertained making cards pictures etc. Lots of different shapes, flowers, stars butterflies etc. Handy for those little projects. read more »

Kraft paper food trays

23 Feb, 2021
These disposable food trays are very useful for snack time for the children.No washing up so definitely a winner for me. read more »

Mulberry silk pillow case

23 Feb, 2021
Bought  as a gift for our granddaughter who has naturally curly/wavy hair.She often wakes with it tangled. Since she had this pillow case her hair is much better and less tangled when she wakes. read more »

Resistance Bands

05 Feb, 2021
A lovely set of three resistance bands in three colours for different strengths.i find do my Pilates using these  has increased the benefits of my exercise. read more »

LED solar garden lights

31 Jan, 2021
These lights are used at the bottom level of our garden as we have no electricity supply so far down.They perform  better than we thought they would. Very happy with this reasonably priced purcha... read more »

Peradix hairdressing set

31 Jan, 2021
This is a very useful kit, all in supplied in a handy pouch. I have just trimmed my daughters bangs and found scissors and shawl  of good quality.Happy with purchase. read more »

Cookie cutters

24 Jan, 2021
A very nice set of Easter cookie cutters. 12 Stainless steel. Rabbit ,chick carrot , flower and and egg shapes. Nice for kiddies  cookies. read more »

iPhone charger cables

19 Jan, 2021
excellent purchase ! Long enough to give great flexibility and charge very fast. read more »

Self adhesive rhinestone

19 Jan, 2021
I bought these for my granddaughter who does lots of crafts and card making. They were very well received and good adhesive quality.I have no problem purchasing more as needed. read more »

Led torc

19 Jan, 2021
This is a very handy size torch. It is very bright and zoomable. Good vision to about 500mtrs  excellent buy. read more »

Automatic umbrella

19 Jan, 2021
A very nice quality umbrella. Easy up and down. Lightweight and very comfortable to use. read more »

Work gloves

19 Jan, 2021
Very good quality work gloves. Fit easily into very large mans hand. Very happy with my purchase  read more »

LED rechargeable torch

06 Jan, 2021
This is a very durable torch. Has 5 different  lighting  modes and very easily adjusted. I found it very easy to charge using usb and easy to use. read more »

Paper punch set

05 Jan, 2021
This excellent punch set is so useful . Very sharp clear cuts,butterfly star and heart shapes are very easy to use.Very good for diy  crafts ,card making etc. Happy customer. read more »

4 xmas cushion covers

13 Dec, 2020
Christmas motiffed cushion cover. Hessian style fabric good size.18”x18” with  invisible zippers. Good buy read more »

Koogel xmas gift tags

13 Dec, 2020
nice quality gift tags and string included in pack excellent value for money. read more »

Koogel ruled index cards

13 Dec, 2020
Very nice quality cards which arrived well packaged. 5 different colours so each of our granddaughters subjects covered. read more »

Battery powered string lights

29 Oct, 2020
Lovely lights , very fine wire easily hidden among branches. Very happy with my purchase  read more »

Fashion printed face cover

26 Jul, 2020
A beautiful butterfly pattern on a soft comfortable face cover. It’s washable and adjusts to fit teen or adult  very easily . A lovely purchase. read more »

Sally Fashion marbles

15 Jul, 2020
These were bought as a gift for our grandson who absolutely loved playing with them. Very happy with my purchase  read more »

Nail art

30 Jun, 2020
I bought these initially to give our teenage granddaughters plenty to keep them busy while the country has been in lockdown. I am so pleased I did! They have created some beautiful nail designs a... read more »

Leakproof vomit/urine bags

22 Jun, 2020
I get very travel sick on car and air journeys so after seeing this advert I decided to try them. So pleased I did they are  Excellent!  Gone are the days of bowls on my lap or rolls of peda... read more »

Adjustable no buckle belt

22 Jun, 2020
I bought this style belt a few weeks ago for my husband who found it very comfortable to wear. I decided to try them for myself and really happy I did.. no uncomfortable buckle or lumps showing beneat... read more »

Grooming gloves

18 Jun, 2020
These gloves worked a treat on my puppy.He gets very excited when he see a grooming brush but I managed to get him to be still and relax using these.He enjoyed the relaxed “strokes”. Very... read more »

Tweezer set

17 Jun, 2020
I bought this set for my  teenage granddaughter. She assured me this is an excellent set with some very helpful diagrams on the packaging. read more »

Wireless controller for switch

10 Jun, 2020
I admit to not knowing anything technical about the handset so will go with comments from my 8year grandson who uses this daily since I purchased it for him. “This is excellent grandma”so... read more »

Piping bags and nozzles

10 Jun, 2020
 100 Nice quality disposable piping bags and 6 piping nozzles in the package. I am just beginning to make and decorate cakes for family birthdays etc.Being disposable the bags are excellent I&nbs... read more »

Heart gift tags

10 Jun, 2020
absolutely  a fabulous buy! 100 tags and ribbons! I couldn’t expect anything near this quality or amount for the price. To say I am very happy with my purchase is an understatement . read more »

3pack filters for Dyson

03 Jun, 2020
Excellent value for money. The filters work and fit well and having a triple pack means no more waiting for filter to dry after washing.  read more »

Anti pollution/Dust mask

01 Jun, 2020
Very easy to use and comfortable fit. These came in very handy while catching up on the home maintenance. They were effective  preventing concrete  dust and sanding dust while we were c... read more »

Electric air pump

01 Jun, 2020
Small but very effective air pump.Bought in preparation for our camping trip. We practiced inflating our air bed and the inflatable sofa to test it beforehand.very happy with its performance. As I sai... read more »


19 May, 2020
This belt was a good buy.The elasticated belt helped his jeans fit snuggly. He didn’t use the o ring  making him comfortable. read more »

Travel jewellery box

01 Apr, 2020
This is a very handy sized travel jewellery case/box. It has plenty of hanging storage for necklaces and or bracelets. Rings and other   Jewellery has enough storage for a weekend/holiday. V... read more »

Two way garden hose splitter

24 Feb, 2020
This was one of those items I kept saying “we need one”  and now finally we have one and I wish we had gotten it months ago.It has made life so much easier sharing car washing, drivew... read more »

Reusable humidity absorber

21 Feb, 2020
Our  wardrobes  often smelled of damp /foist. I have used this in one of our robes and already the smell is almost gone. I  am pleased with results and will be buying more. read more »

Cosyonall electric foot file

09 Feb, 2020
UI was very happy with the results after using this foot file. I found it comfortable to use and the different speeds make it easy to control. I can recommend it. read more »

Men’s braided belt

15 Jan, 2020
I bought this for my husband and I must say so far I am very happy. The belt arrived beautifully packaged. He tried it today  and he was very happy with the fit and comfort . It looks very smart... read more »

Battery fairy lights

06 Jan, 2020
A very nice set of battery operated lights. I used these as extras on my tree and very pretty addition they made. 8 different modes makes these a good addition to decorate trees, walls etc. read more »

Travel makeup/travel bag

06 Jan, 2020
This bag is an excellent size for smaller travel cases.roomy enough for all travel essentials but not quite so big as to take up too much space. read more »

True Wireless earbuds

29 Dec, 2019
These were bought as a gift for our nephew. He responds back to say”excellent earbuds “ comfortable to wear, easy to use,and charge in their own magnetic case. They have three sets of ear... read more »

Poweradd wireless earbuds

29 Dec, 2019
These earbuds were a treat for myself and I am very pleased with them. They’re waterproof/sweat proof and very  comfortable to wear. I also like the LED display so always know how much... read more »

Belts for jeans

21 Dec, 2019
Lovely little belts.i bought these as don’t usually wear a belt but thought to “dress up” a bit for evening out. I used the animal print belt with black outfit and it finished my out... read more »

True wireless earbuds

20 Dec, 2019
These are as described in information. Excellent quality and more importantly to me they actually do stay in my ears. Express tips are an added bonus. read more »

Interlocking corn holders

20 Dec, 2019
These are easy to grip and use. Interlocking means they’re easier to store.I am happy with purchase. read more »

Fairy lights

23 Nov, 2019
A dual pack made these lights an excellent buy. cool white lights which are dimmable and have different sequences make for a lovely atmosphere in our home. read more »

Portable charger

23 Nov, 2019
I bought this as a back up for my granddaughters phone as she’s often out traveling. A really neat little unit and gives  exactly what was advertised she’s very happy with this. ... read more »

Morpilot Laminator

17 Nov, 2019
This works  for both hot and cold laminating. I found it very easy to use but more importantly my grandson could get his schoolwork and posters protected. read more »

Manicure tools

15 Nov, 2019
A very nice manicure set . Every item inside the nicely presented case was of excellent quality. read more »

Acrylic paint marker pens

15 Nov, 2019
These are a good buy, they worked beautifully on both glass and rock. Nice colours too. read more »

Wireless usb WiFi adapter

15 Nov, 2019
I bought this as reasonably priced and WiFi I rear half of house is a bit weak. I was very happy with its performance. Very happy with purchase. read more »

Spreadhoodie slipper socks

12 Nov, 2019
I love these socks. I  already have a similar pair so had no problem ordering these and yes I am very happy with the purchase. They are warm and comfortable with the non slip dots on the bottom m... read more »

Raisevern Xmas slipper socks

12 Nov, 2019
Cute ,cosy, comfy and non slip! What more could you want or expect from these well made socks. I suffer with very cold hands and feet so these slipper socks are a boon for padding around the... read more »

Young battery tester

12 Nov, 2019
This tester arrived as promised nicely packaged. More importantly for us was the very easy to understand instructions allowing  us to complete our pre-winter checks on both vehicles. One Bat... read more »

Merry Christmas banner

06 Nov, 2019
 Made from burlap this is a heavier quality than I expected. It appears to be a bit darker in colour than I thought  but an excellent quality banner nonetheless. read more »

Winter Gloves Ski/biking

06 Nov, 2019
I bought these for my son for skiing but he has started using them for his motor cycle.They have kept his hands very warm and dry in this cold miserable weather. The elasticated cuff and a buckled wri... read more »

Heated Gloves for Men/Women

03 Nov, 2019
My son tried  these as soon as they arrived, he wasn’t convinced of how good they would be when I mentioned them to him, but now he has tried them a couple of times he is more tha... read more »

File Racks expanding file organiser

01 Nov, 2019
I am very happy with this purchase. My household documents are all neatly filed in correct order. My(very) old card files were constantly tearing and falling apart. This however is very durable w... read more »

Gocheer precision screwdriver kit

29 Oct, 2019
After seeing my husbands very similar set my son in law asked for this. A very well made set  with a bit for everything he could possibly need. Very well made and stored in its own “li... read more »

Magnetic precision screwdriver set

29 Oct, 2019
My husband is very impressed with this precision screwdriver set.He has wanted a set like this set for a while, so a Birthday was a good excuse to buy it for him. The magnetic tips are particularly he... read more »

Extra large dog cooling mat

28 Oct, 2019
Excellent quality and size . Our border collie can fully stretch out on this mat. It does exactly as advertised it cools instantly. Very happy with purchase. read more »

Halloween Banner

27 Oct, 2019
I bought this for my grandsons Halloween display and very happy with the quality.He  spent the afternoon  threading the letters etc onto the cord provided and enjoyed doing it. Lovely H... read more »

Eyebrow grooming kit

20 Oct, 2019
This grooming set arrived in a neat travel case.There is everything inside to groom and shape my eyebrows.I found the tweezers especially very good. All in all a very handy travel kit and fair va... read more »

Sungait vintage round sunglasses

18 Oct, 2019
A lovely comfortable to wear pair of sunglasses. The quality is much better than expected for the price I paid. They sit very well on my face and although sturdy they aren’t heavy... read more »

Ice cube maker

16 Oct, 2019
Great  to have ice without running to the supermarket. I have mine on my utility room worktop.I had previously bought ziplock bags ready to put cubes into freezer ready for party. Great idea and... read more »

Morpilot juicer/cold press

16 Oct, 2019
This is my first ever cold press juicer . Does exactly as it says .Its quiet to use and I found operating and cleaning straight forward.I have only used it a couple of times so far but... read more »

Morpilot sous vide

12 Oct, 2019
Wanted one of these for a while and finally got one.Great! Vacuum sealed my food , placed it in tank of water as per instructions and left it to slow cook. Food was beautifully cooked and fu... read more »

Cool Lunch Bag

09 Oct, 2019
A good sized lunch bag . Big enough for sandwich/salad box, a couple of canned or bottled drinks a yogurt  tub and a orange,banana and chocolate bar. So I find it perfect for our grown up gr... read more »

Halloween balloons

04 Oct, 2019
Excellent value for money. 100 balloons will decorate our play area and our home ready for Halloween party. read more »

Hair curler

01 Oct, 2019
I bought this hair curler as gift to my daughter who was very happy with the curler. Her her was beautifully curled and shining after using it and she feels it performed better than the curler she had... read more »

Small burlap bags

28 Sep, 2019
I bought these bags to make an advent style calendar for our young grandson. They are ideal for the small gifts I intend to place inside. read more »

Wine bottles string lights

21 Sep, 2019
 I Bought these for my granddaughter going to uni. No plug in lights allowed so popped these into empty wine and gin bottles and she has a lovely lit display in her flat. Excellent results and go... read more »

Morpilot Dyson replacement battery

20 Sep, 2019
bought this as a replacement/backup battery. Very happy as it performed very well. read more »

Women’s letter print jumper

19 Sep, 2019
This is a lightweight sweatshirt type fabric with a little bit of stretch. Very comfortable and warm. read more »

EBL digital thermometer

19 Sep, 2019
A no frills thermometer which was very easy to use and read.  read more »

Arino scented candle gift set

16 Sep, 2019
This is a pretty gift set,lovely aromas  and a perfect gift for my friend. read more »

Digital Frame

10 Sep, 2019
very clear pictures and does everything A’s was advertised so very happy with purchase. read more »

Senwow Dash Camera

10 Sep, 2019
This Dash Cam does exactly as it is advertised. Very easy to install and use. Happy with purchase  read more »

Dog grooming brush

04 Sep, 2019
This is by far the best  dog grooming brush I have bought so easy to use and clean. read more »

Queenty desktop air purifier

04 Sep, 2019
This was bought for my granddaughter for going to university. However she has tried it at home and says it’s working at reducing effects of her allergies after only two days. read more »

Cooling Towel

04 Sep, 2019
Bought for my grandson for training and football and he highly recommends it. read more »

Veroyi dash cam

04 Sep, 2019
Excellent picture quality and very easily installed in only a few minutes. read more »

Dog bandana

04 Sep, 2019
A very cute bandana and looks fantastic on our dog.  read more »

Hot air brush

04 Sep, 2019
An excellent hot air brush, dried and styled my hair very quickly. I am very happy with my purchase.  read more »

Akaso E7000pro

01 Sep, 2019
This action camera comes beautifully presented and would make for an ideal gift. picture quality is first class given the price. i do like the touchscreen which is very responsive  read more »

Akaso v50 elite

01 Sep, 2019
My son found this to be an excellent camera.Very stable video with great sound quality and superb picture quality.Brilliant gift. read more »

chiffon patchwork top

29 Aug, 2019
This is a pretty and comfortable summer weight top. I wear a cami underneath as it being chiffon it’s quite see through. But yes I like it. read more »

Ranipobo cooler/warmer car cup holder

25 Aug, 2019
I couldn’t have bought this at a better time! Gorgeous bank holiday weather ,I plugged it into my car immediately it arrived, and a short while later my can of Pepsi was happily cooling. So yes... read more »

Zeseam bandeau bra

24 Aug, 2019
comfortable to wear nice fit and happy with the garment  read more »

Queenty air purifier for bedroom

14 Aug, 2019
This is a surprisingly quiet little machine, with hepa filter so is excellent for dust allergies. read more »

Jewellery hanging bag

11 Aug, 2019
We use this for storing hair bobbles and ornaments it hangs nicely on hook on bedroom door. read more »

Patent leather skinny belt

11 Aug, 2019
Easily adjustable belt comfortable to wear and looks very nice on several outfits . read more »


11 Aug, 2019
Currently wearing a pair of these no show socks. Very comfortable with nice heel grip to keep them fitted nicely. Very happy with purchase. read more »

Silken Foot peeling mask

27 Jul, 2019
Tried this for very first time and it worked great. My feet are finally summer ready. read more »

Pretty Ring

24 Jul, 2019
A very pretty heart design ring. Adjustable to fit  easily making a lovely gift for my granddaughter read more »

Morpilot automatic air pump

20 Jul, 2019
Bought to inflate airbeds for camping. Worked well and beds up in no time.sturdy little machine  read more »

Morpilot LED/UV torch

19 Jul, 2019
A brilliant handy torch. Perfect for my handbag and giving excellent light quality with adjustable focus. read more »

Poweradd Bluetooth speaker

10 Jul, 2019
Exactly what we needed! A powerful speaker with excellent sound and bass quality with the added bonus of being waterproof. Very happy with my purchase. read more »

Liderstar kite

10 Jul, 2019
Bought this for our grandson who absolutely loves it. It took a little while to teach him to use correctly but is now very happily enjoying being a kite flyer. read more »

Mulitmeter Morpilot

10 Jul, 2019
A sturdy ,well made ,multimeter which has provided very accurate  readings. read more »

Easy grip kick board

02 Jul, 2019
I got this to help get our grandson into swimming pool after a scare. He was much more confident using it so happily back into the pool. Supplied with a drawstring bag which is very useful. read more »

Senwow pill organiser

22 Jun, 2019
exactly what I needed to make taking medication easier for traveling and knowing what I had taken. Small enough to pop into handbag and easy enough to handle. read more »

Trailing kids swimming goggles

09 Jun, 2019
Comfortable fit for our grandson he had no fogging or water leakage while wearing. read more »

Poweradd Rnergycell portable charger

01 Jun, 2019
Charges very quickly , nice size works well and exactly what I needed. read more »

Starts easily

28 May, 2019
Just a big power bank with jump clamps that does exactly what it’s meant too, it started our 2.0l diesel read more »

Akaso Brave6 action camera

28 May, 2019
A great camera and first time using voice control on an action camera, which make life much easier. Pictures exceptionally clear overall an excellent buy. read more »

Wireless doorbell receivers

24 May, 2019
very happy with this doorbell and two receivers. Very neat, easy to install and use.Even had mini screwdriver included in the kit.  read more »


13 May, 2019
as a starter action camera this comes in really nice packaging but more importantly it’s very user friendly and easy to set up and use. Great photo and video quality read more »

G favour laptop backpack

12 May, 2019
just what our grandson needed he is very happy with quality  read more »

Motility epilator

09 May, 2019
Bought as a gift and  had excellent feedback  read more »

Akso Brave 4 4K 20MP

30 Apr, 2019
Excellent pictures,sound and video quality. Very happy with this camera. read more »


28 Apr, 2019
 I purchased this as a gift and had very positive feedback. read more »

Salad servers

28 Apr, 2019
Arrived quickly, very pleased with the quality . read more »

Nice fit

01 Sep, 2018
really nice fit and would expect it to cost more than it did.    #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #DFXIU read more »

5 star

01 Sep, 2018
i have used these constantly for a few weeks now and they work and look a dream, great price too   #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #IDDOMUM read more »


01 Sep, 2018
Super system that was easy to put together and connect, clear screen great sound and reliable   #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #powerexra read more »

Very bright and perfect for me, great

01 Sep, 2018
really happy with these lights, they feel great, to use, are bright and classy   RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #interscoop read more »

Outstanding value

28 Aug, 2018
deels semi professional clay kit, very mealeable and the end result has a solid look and feel about it   i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #rubikliss read more »


28 Aug, 2018
Very nicely made and put together jigsaw puzzle, feels really durable and our little boy has used it daily for a long time    #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. ... read more »

Soft and comfortable

19 Aug, 2018
Really nice cozy throw, colours are beautiful and soft. its a good size and works really well on the bed or sofa    #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored iii. #MYLUNE HOME read more »

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